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Sleeping Beauty

Friday, June 05, 2009

What a lady! Sleeps her life away and *muah!* her Prince Charming comes along, falls in love and they live happily ever after (well, once the witch is dead).

Seems to me that beauty had more sense than we give her credit for. I enjoyed my first full night of sleep in about two weeks last night. Yep. I punched a whole 8 and 1/2 hours in snooze land. I have been getting back into my running training which puts me out on the road 3-4 times a week. It has always been a hard transition to go from any activity to running and this year was no exception for me.

But, I must say that this morning I feel refreshed. I was supposed to run yesterday and took the day off and rested. The minor aches and twinges that I had been feeling seem to have dissipated throughout the night. I feel light and breezy and actually am looking forward to my next run.

I think we all need to take to heart Sleeping Beauty's advice: get your beauty rest and good things will follow!


Chasing the Former Me

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Well, as we are well into the Spring season and Summer is taunting with the ideas of pina coladas, bbqs, and laying in the sun I am running. Running is an activity I started a few years ago when a new job's location isolated me from my usual activities and friends. Bored and somewhat restless, I started running and running and running. Before long, I was logging 30km or more a week.

Since then, I have trained and run in a relay race (13.2 km!!), moved twice and shifted my perspective on running. It is now an activity that has to fit into a very tight schedule full of responsibilities and personal traps. I have many ties with my community, fantastic spouse (non-runner), great friends, and a large family. Some days, the thought of running rather than plopping down on the sofa to catch another episode of Battlestar Galactic is torturous (Dont' tell me how the show ends! I'm only on Season 4 episode 13!!). As was the case last night, I didn't get out to run until 8 pm. A prime time to let myself wind down and call it a day. But, I dragged my butt to the door and got out all the while longing for the days when I looked forward to running.

So, it always seems that I am chasing the much more dedicated and determined version of me when I lived elsewhere. Being logical...that got me thinking.

The pressures and obligations we add into our life shifts our life-balance to accommodate. There is only so much of us to go around and yet we continuously add other roles to our life. Family, friends, community and work all compete with each other to gain purchase in a limited time-frame. Where do WE fit?

This is nothing new. Women's health magazines constantly run articles on how to incorporate "me time" into hectic and overwhelming schedules. There are many women out there that have next to no time. With two labs and a husband, my home life is full! I have nothing but respect and admiration for mothers who take care of so much in the run of a day. My training partner has a five month old who loves to watch us torture each other with circuit training while he lays happily in the middle!

SO, if we all know that we have to take time for ourselves and create balance in our lives...why are so many of us chasing some out-dated or never-seen version of ourselves? Why are we not content with what we already have: life, family, friends, work, exercise, healthy living, community, pets, children..............

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live a day without nagging myself to go faster, be better, or push harder. When and where did women learn to be so hard on themselves? I'm starting to realize that I'm missing something in my chase to be someone I used to be.

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KD.GREENTHUMB 6/15/2009 12:36PM

    hey tera,

the last two paragraphs of this blog are so profound . . . it took my breath away to read them and it sent a rush of images of every woman i love in my life through my mind

5 years from now i certainly don't want ANY of us to be chasing after the woman we are at this very moment in time

you've thrown out a real LIFE preserver

thank you for the reflection . . .

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Lessons from a Lab

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Well, it has been some time since I have come here and noted what I am doing and how I am doing it. It seems I only pop in here to note big changes, and there has been a very significant shift in my perspective...and it is all because of my Labrador retriever.

In October of 2008, I found myself to be overworked, stressed and somewhat lonesome due to new work responsibilities. I never had time for my friends, family called to make sure I was still around and I noticed that my hubby and I were two people that were over-committed. What made me think getting ANOTHER Labrador retriever was the answer, I will never know.

I had pleasantly forgotten the troubles of training a puppy, since Thunder (our yellow) was 5 years old. But how quickly I remembered when the wee pup cried all night and did it's business all over! But, CoCo was perfect in every way. She required attention, was overly affectionate, and filled up a gap in my life that I needed to fill.

We noticed that CoCo was limping and favoring her right hind leg over the left about two months ago. There was nothing serious and it only happened once or twice. When it seemed that every day she was sore, we restricted her activity (out of fear and ignorance) and made a vet appointment. We were informed that she had hip dysplasia on both hind hips, moreso and the left. This was two weeks ago.

We are unable to afford the VERY expensive surgery to have her hips replaced. That was a tough realization. She is an affectionate and laid back kind of dog--no 'Marley' tendencies other than the odd preoccupation with socks and a run-in with a silk duvet cover that I will not allow to ruin her good name! She is my buddy and I was heartbroken that I couldn't 'save' her. It was somewhere between sobbing on her shoulder and drying my tears that I realized that she would have the only kind of support we could provide: love.

I remembered the vet did say that with regular activity, weight loss (yep, her 66 pounds was 20% too much), and some supplements she would be able to live with less pain. We have restricted CoCo's food, Thunder's too for good measure as she was looking a little tubby. We got her started on some supplements. And, trust me when I say: it is nothing but pure love that gets me out of bed at 6 am to walk my dogs. We have walked together every day since her vet appointment; this Friday will be the two week mark.

CoCo is moving very well. She hasn't been stiff in the morning since we started and she is very excited about getting out for her morning walks. Thunder has taken it upon herself (as the older dog) to represent the two of them at 6 in the morning; certainly, it must take some bravery as I am not much of a morning person! CoCo somehow understands that the supplements are necessary as she never seems to mind but doesn't seem to care for them.

I have gained more energy in the past week and a half than I thought possible. I am getting to work a bit earlier, and I am prepared to face my day. My hubby and I switch days (he is even less a morning person than I!), but yesterday morning we walked together. I have always struggled with committing to exercise. My friends and family are surprised that I am still walking her in the mornings--they seem to think that I could leave it for later, while I know she needs the attention consistently.

I know that I will be up every day at 6 am to walk my dogs. It is good for them and it is good for me. I am grateful to have such wonderful companions that take care of me as much as I try to take care of them. And, while it isn't the surgery that would make CoCo pain free for the rest of her life, it is all that I have to give...well that, and a whole lotta love.

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KD.GREENTHUMB 5/30/2009 11:57PM

    oh - i am fighting back (and losing . . . ) the tears!

i know your dear companions are so very loyal and loving - your kindness and care mean EVERYTHING to them . . .
many owners would not be up the challenge . . .

i think you and your hubby have huge hearts and a brave constitution to get up so early for your pup-pals every single day!

i hope your doggies' fitness improves steadily
best wishes

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2010TRIATHLETE 5/26/2009 10:49AM

    Aw! That is such a touching story! I'm sure she is very appreciative of the supplements & the walks. It sounds like both dogs are very excited about them each morning. Sometimes the best support we can give is love & I think you're doing a fantastic job! And you & your husband are reaping some healthy benefits, too.

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I am...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am very good at:

baking, smiling, talking, running, dancing, thinking, caring, pausing when I need to take a breath, motivating others, planning, organizing, dreaming, creating art, writing (well, sort of!), laughing, relaxing, skiing, taking time with friends, slowing down, speeding up, knowing when enough is enough, cleaning, cooking, supporting, acknowledging success in myself and others, multitasking, single-tasking, sorting, inspiring, kicking, loving me for who I am and not obsessing with who I am not.


Thinking before we eat

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I wonder if we all paused to consider just how much food we waste, would we change how we eat? For example, on Saturday night, my husband called and said that he invited 7 people over for an impromtu BBQ--they were brining something for the grill. I jumped into action and put on 5 lbs of potatos and started chopping onions and mushrooms for the sides. But, then I decided, since the oven was warm, that I would put on appetizers for everyone too. Lots of food.

Four of the seven showed and there was more than enough food. In fact, there was too much food. I know now that I put out enough food for 10 people. Everyone ate until they couldn't eat anymore and I had left-overs.

We finally ate the last of the potatoes yesterday (chopped, tossed in EVOO and garlic and roasted in the oven). The mushrooms and onions were warmed and eaten the next day with left over BBQ...but, why was I compelled to put on so much food???

Even restaurants give out a shocking amount of food. I cannot remember the last time I went out for a meal and ate everything I ordered. And, I always get an appetizer...which is unnecessary considering the size of a regular meal.

It was nice to see that there are individuals out there that think that our meals are no longer 'regular'. The owner of a restaurant in Vancouver, BC has some interesting points to make in the Globe and Mail: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/sto

Check out the article. It might change how you react the next time you have guests over for a meal, you may reconsider how much you really need to serve.


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