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The power of our own thoughts - and inspiration quote 2/7

Monday, June 20, 2011

You have powers you never dreamed of. You can do things you never thought you could do. There are no limitations in what you can do except the limitations of your own mind.
- Darwin P. Kingsley

When I was 17, I was diagnosised with Hereditary Sensory Neuropathy. It's a degenerative disease. At the time, I was just using my thumb & forefinger like a pincher and the pain in my legs prevented me from walking more than a block or so. The neurologist told me that I would be in a wheelchair, without use of my hands, by the time I was 25. By the time I was 20, I had become significantly more disabled. I used handicapped parking and had very little practical use of my hands.

Then, an invitation to see a guest speaker at the university changed my life. Judith Snow came and told her life story... and her story changed mine. She told of how all her life she'd heard that she would die by the time she was 18. Sure enough, in her 18th year, she started to die. In hospice, she met a friend who said "Judith, you don't have to die if you don't want to." She decided not to die... and not only is still alive, but has had a huge influence in this world. Her work advocating for the rights of people with disabilities has had a profound impact and I encourage you to check her out:

This morning, I stumbled across her photo and contact information on the web. I started bawling in front of my computer & felt compelled to write to her and thank her for the impact she's had on my life. I want to include part of that letter with you here...

"When you told that story, I felt it in my soul. I had an epiphany of my own. I thought "if Judith can choose not to die, I can choose not to be in a wheel chair."

I left that lecture theatre a changed person. I understood in my heart that what we BELIEVE has a profound impact on all levels of our life, including the physical. We might not be able to cure our disease or remove our disability - but we have a huge say in how it affects our lives.

I started by refusing to believe the doctors' predictions. I went back to physical therapy and put my heart into it. Within a year, I was able to regain about 75% mobility in my hands. Two years later (after learning techniques on mental pain management), I stopped taking the heavy-duty pain killers with the heavy-duty side effects. And when I hit my 25th birthday still on my feet, it was validation.

I stayed in a holding pattern with my disability for 15 years or so. I was able to manage almost all of life's daily tasks with minor accomodations. Life, children, career all took my time & attention... and like many other women, I started to put my own needs on the back burner. I spent less time on my own health & I ended up gaining so much weight that it became more disabling than my actual disability. I developed diabetes & low-functioning thryroid - and those became additional barriers to losing weight.

Fast forward to March 2010. Now our kids are grown & out of the house. I took stock of my life and found it wanting. Although 45lbs down from my heaviest, I was still almost 100 lbs overweight. My life was so small because I was letting my body define it.

Once again, I heard your voice in my head. If Judith doesn't have to die... then what excuse do I have not do SOMETHING to change my own reality? I started by refusing to believe that I was stuck. Refusing to believe that I wasn't capable of doing something - anything - to make a change.

I made one little change and another and another. Always keeping the spirit of your words in the forefront - whatever obstacles I have, they don't have to define me. Most of my limits are of my own creation. All I have to do is start to make a change and let it unfold in front of me.

Here we are June 2011 & you wouldn't even recognize me from the woman I was 2 years ago. I have surpassed my wildest dreams with my physical activity. I can run - yes RUN! - 5K. I bike the 20k return trip to town several times a week. I amaze myself. I have realized that I have no idea what I'm actually capable of... but I can't wait to find out.

It's funny, when people see where I'm at now they think that maybe I was misdiagnosised... but I still have the disease. I still don't feel hot & cold. I still break bones without feeling it. I still can't write with a pen or use a can opener. I still have constant pain in my hands & feet - but only truly feel it when I stop to notice. I still have the disease... but the power of my thoughts and beliefs have meant that I'm able to push beyond where others thought I could go. Even where I thought I could go. I can choose to live in a way that makes the most of what I AM able to do.... and WOW - that turned out to be a lot! "

So now you know my story.... When you catch yourself saying, I can't lose this weight because... I want you to consider the power of your own thoughts and beliefs. Understand that your obstacles are real - but they do not have to define you. You are capable of more than you can even dream.

I can't help myself... I have to end with another quote:

"We are what we think. All that we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world." Budda

Updated June 21: I recieved a response from Judith to my email, thanking me for writing to her. Included in her response is a request that she's putting out in the world. Judith relies on miracles in her daily life & if anyone out there can help her, I hope you do. Judith would like to travel to the Calgary area around August 13th for her niece's wedding, but can't afford the cost. If you know of anyone, in Alberta, who could hire this POWERFUL motivational speaker, please pass on the contact information below.

Judith Snow, MA
Skype: avalanche0809
E-mail: avalanche0809@gmail.com

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SHEILA8383 11/27/2011 5:52PM

    Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

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COLUMBINE2 10/25/2011 9:24PM

    Fantastic life story! Wow....you have accomplished so much. Congrats and thanks so much for sharing your experiences, obstacles and tremendous successes!

My dh is in pain all the time and has had multiple surgeries, but remains in pain. Can you tell me how to find "the techniques for mental pain management"?

Thanks in advance.

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BRAVEHEART4ME 7/10/2011 4:58PM

  Very inspirational!

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JELLI-LEAN 6/28/2011 6:36PM

    Thanks for sharing your transformation into the life you want to live!

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CHANGE4THEBEST 6/27/2011 5:41PM


Thank you for taking the time to write your blog. Great quotes!
Its soo true, uncertainty, fear of failure can prevent us from striving forward.

Keep up the good work and have a great week ahead.

emoticon emoticon

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    What an inspirational story. You really have regained your life, one step at a time. If anybody out there is overwhelmed by the weight loss task in front of them, they should read your story and realize it can be done. It won't happen overnight but neither did the weight gain. Small changes every day lead to big differences over time--your are proof of that. Congrats on being named a popular blog--I hope everyone reads your motivational tale.

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HELEN_BRU 6/25/2011 2:54PM

    Wonderful story and so happy for you. Just shows what can be accomplished.

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ROJAKHAN 6/25/2011 10:54AM


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BLOOMING52 6/24/2011 7:34PM


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LADYANDREA2012 6/23/2011 10:29PM

    This is a lovely Blog. You inspire me to overcome all obstacles, that maybe I am choosing to believe. Like you, I have develop diabetes, and a slow thyroid. It has been very hard to loose weight. It has taken me a year to lose 20 pounds, but your story inspire me to keep on keeping on going.

(((((((A BIG HUG))))))))

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SM-ARTGIRL 6/23/2011 8:19PM

You are a blessing- inspiring, courageous woman.
I am so glad you heard Judith Snow speak at a time when you needed encouragement the most and that you connected here at sparks so I can read your uplifting story.
From your words I really get that I can challenge assumptions that people make, even experts ha ha!! Above all, that I can flourish, not just exist!

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    What an inspirational story! I'll be checking out your sparks page too.

Barbara emoticon

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REJ7777 6/23/2011 5:43PM

    What an inspiring blog!

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KIMHALLMARK 6/23/2011 4:35PM

    THANK YOU A HUNDRED TIMES, PLUS MORE. YOUR WORDS (oops caps on) of inspiration are tremendous. Thank you again.
a dozen emoticon for you. God Bless

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EMILYBBB 6/23/2011 3:21PM

    Great blog! An inspiration!

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REBELBLITZ 6/23/2011 1:35PM


Every day is a gift and you choose to receive the gift.

Cheryl emoticon

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CHRISTEN1030 6/23/2011 11:53AM

    Thank you for sharing. I really needed this today!

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ERLYWA 6/23/2011 9:21AM

    I have been whining this week that some temporary hip pain from a race I did last Saturday is keeping me from training this week, and it's getting me down, frustrating me, holding me back from training for my 5 mile race in 18 days, blah, blah, blah....

Reading your blog has made me have a complete turnaround. I am a little embarassed at my whining, b/c you and Judy have over come SO MUCH MORE than some temporary hip pain!

Thank you for the much needed perspective. Your story is absolutely inspiring. You will be in my thoughts now during every race or training during which I feel like giving up.

Thank you for being such a gift!
I have added you as a sparkfriend :)

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ROBIN518 6/23/2011 7:09AM

  I will think of this when my brain tells me it aint gonna work you wont be able to shed 100 pounds, Ill think of YOU!

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STACIBUK 6/23/2011 5:12AM

  You are such an inspiration to everybody! I vow never to sweat the small stuff again!

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MYAKAYAH 6/23/2011 12:26AM

    This was quite inspirational to me. I have always believed with a strong mind one can accomplish just about anything they want.~

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DWILCZKO 6/23/2011 12:24AM


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UNICORN212 6/22/2011 11:29PM

    Wow. I am speechless, and fighting tears. You are awesome.

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SHIHJABO 6/22/2011 10:54PM

    wow, so encouraging. I'm going to remember this when I have those " no can do" moments.

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DRLAMA 6/22/2011 10:24PM

  beautiful, inspirational, i will take pause and remember you. thank-you!

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JENNY421 6/22/2011 10:00PM

  i also really enjoyed reading your blog today! very inspiring and motivating!

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SLIMTHICK2 6/22/2011 8:42PM

    I enjoyed your blog, I do feel inspired to continue my journey. All the best to you. emoticon

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CCINVA 6/22/2011 8:02PM

  I am new to Spark People and this is the type of inspiration that helps to keep everyone motivated. Thank you for blog post today.

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TJBLEWIS 6/22/2011 7:55PM

    Thank you for sharing. This is what I needed to hear today.

Report Inappropriate Comment
RIQUEWOLF 6/22/2011 7:41PM

  Thanx for Posting - It helps Keep Hope ALIVE !!! :)

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ZAINABB 6/22/2011 6:00PM


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ANNIE1114 6/22/2011 5:50PM

  All I can say is wow! I am very inspired by your story.

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    Wonderful post, thank you for sharing it.


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LUEYGIRL 6/22/2011 4:57PM

    "Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours."
Richard Bach

Thanks for reminding me of what I can accomplish.

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MSCRIGLER 6/22/2011 4:41PM

  Wow...great story. Very motivational.

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    Excellent post

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AISEAROFIN 6/22/2011 4:18PM

  Great blog. Thanks for your words. When I am doubting me I will remember "the obstacles don't define me!" FANTASTIC!!!

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GRAMPIAN 6/22/2011 4:15PM

  Very inspiring. emoticon

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BILLYJANE2 6/22/2011 4:08PM

    Like my Grandmother always said "Attitude is everything". Thank you for your story!

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RRAYNA143 6/22/2011 3:51PM

    I love your worlds and how you were able to pass through your obstacles. Your story gave me hope. Thanks for sharing it.


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TONI2011 6/22/2011 2:56PM


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BILLIEJUANITA 6/22/2011 2:19PM

    Wonderful Blog.

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SUZANNA_XX 6/22/2011 2:14PM

    Wow! Your experience & determination really sparked me!

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GRANDMABABA 6/22/2011 1:48PM

    Great blog. thanks for sharing.

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MSDHARMA 6/22/2011 12:19PM

    Great blog. I believe 100% in the power of thought. It's great to see that you have harnessed that power and don't let anything slow you down.

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G-MA65 6/22/2011 12:07PM

  I love inspirational stories and yours is a great one! These are some things that inspire me to try to do better at life , not only losing weight but being kinder to myself and others. A human being can alter his life by changing his attitude.
The secret to getting ahead is getting started.
Self-discipline is the key to personal greatness.
Self-discipline is explained this way: Do what you should do , when you should do it, Whether you feel like it or not.
Keep up the good work and may your life just get richer and more joyful the longer you live.

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BLKBLTWMN 6/22/2011 11:43AM


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WATCH_HER_GO 6/22/2011 11:23AM

    I'm so glad you shared this story. I had no idea this was part of your life. It truly is eye opening and very inspirational.

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MACEWOMAN 6/22/2011 11:18AM

    I'm printing your blog, so I can reread it often. There are a also few people I know that would benefit greatly from reading it. Thanks for sharing your story. emoticon

Comment edited on: 6/22/2011 11:22:14 AM

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SUNGBIRD2000 6/22/2011 11:06AM

    wow! what an amazing story!!! thanks so much for sharing!

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Inspiration Quote 1 of 7 - Risk! Risk Anything!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

This week my sunny gal challenge is to post and blog about an inspirational quote. One each day this week. To start us off, one of my very favourites:

Risk! Risk anything! Care no more for the opinions of others, for those voices. Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth. by Kate Mansfield

This is the quote I put up on my very first SP inspired motivation collage. The first time I read, I felt as if it touched something deep inside. It speaks to me on so many different levels.

Too much of my life had been spent caring for the opinions of others... and always I was never quite good enough, even when I excelled. "Those voices" represent my inner critic, so much harsher than anyone else would be. I had to learn how to turn it off. To stop creating the opinions of other in my own head.

The hardest thing on earth for me... For so long I was ruled by perfectionism. The hardest thing has been to purposely allow for imperfection and allow myself to try things that I'm fairly certain I won't be good at. By pushing through the fears, I've really grown as a person & learned so much about what I'm truly capable of.

Act for yourself. ... reminds me that it is MY responsibility to make these changes. Only I can put in the miles. Only I can make each healthy choice in each moment.

Face the truth.... Sometimes I'm tempted to lie to myself. I say "this doesn't really count" or "maybe I don't feel well enough to do X" or "you're not really capable to doing that". Face the truth has been a bit of a mantra. Keeping me accountable to myself.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KATV865 6/22/2011 8:17AM

    Perfectionism is awful. Face the truth that you are who you are and although you can change and constantly improve, you will never be perfect.
(Being perfect would be perfectly boring, because there would be nowhere to go from there!!)

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EDWINA172 6/20/2011 9:50PM

    Gosh! I needed to read this. This is me. Thank you.

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DOGMOMMA2THREE 6/20/2011 5:24PM

    From a recovering perfectionist - thank you!!!!

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KANSASROSE67 6/20/2011 3:25PM

    I'm a recovering perfectionist too. Allowing myself to try things I know I won't be good at...that's huge. Thanks for putting it into words for me!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LOTUSFLOWER 6/20/2011 11:59AM

    I LOVE this!!! Gave me chills. Thank you!

Report Inappropriate Comment
HOLLYS_NEW_LIFE 6/20/2011 9:44AM

    THIS is a great blog! Love it!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MIZCATHI 6/20/2011 5:31AM

    I'm not the only one - yay! You are awesome, and have a great voice.

Report Inappropriate Comment
JLITT62 6/20/2011 5:26AM

    Excellent reminders all around!

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MICHSTATE 6/20/2011 2:45AM

    Face the truth!!!!! That is what I am working on now!!!! I have tracked more honestly than ever before for the last 5 days, and it feels great!!!! I was at my goal last night of 1700 calories and I grabbed 8 almonds to eat. Before, I wouldn't have even thought to record them, but made myself track them, because it was the truth!!!!!:-)

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KSGROTHE 6/20/2011 1:50AM

    emoticon blog! It sounds like you have really made some good progress! I have trouble with risk myself.

Keep up the good work! You're doing great!

- Karen

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    I like this blog. It's real, and it's positive, and you are obviously moving FORWARD! Excellent! emoticon

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    Oh what an amazing blog!

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UNICORN212 6/19/2011 9:49PM

    I have to say that you are better than "good enough" - you are awesome!

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Change in plans.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My 28 day plan has been thrown out of wack. I designed the schedule to accommodate my body's changing needs throughout my monthly cycle. Today is supposed to mark the beginning of PMS week. The week where I add 300 cal/day & do high intensity workouts, taking advantage of the higher BMR of PMS week. The week where I have sweet and salty treats planned for every day.

Only this isn't PMS week because TOM started last night, a full 7-10 days early. What? What is going on body?

Apparently PMS happened Thursday when I woke up starving & spotty like a teenager... and Friday when I got in a big fight with hubby about his smoking & had an extremely hard time not compulsive snacking... and yesterday when FEAST day was spent in a haze of eating foods I don't normally indulge in. The smores were divine. Turns out I don't like bacon anymore.

I did see the PMS signs - I just didn't believe them & didn't want to accomodate them. I had a schedule & I was sticking to it. Dammit. But I hardly think I should continue on with my PMS +300 calorie plan. My plan for TOM was rest & recovery. Should I move to that week? Probably. Even though I'm not quite ready for a rest week.

Aaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhh. I HATE changing a schedule once it's set. Now I'm all discombobulated. Love that word. Long words comfort me when I have to deal with stressful changes. Strange, I know. We all have our quirks.

I'm just going to have to think about the changes for a little bit. Take Dog for her long walk & that will help me figure it out.

On a slightly different topic.... yesterday's weigh in.... down 3.5 lbs last week. In the previous 10 weeks, I'd lost 4.5 lbs total. Yeah calorie cycling!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LESLIES537 6/21/2011 11:20AM

    Congrats on the 3.5 lb loss!! Bye bye Mr. Plateau!! emoticon emoticon

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JEMPOWER 6/19/2011 9:35PM

    I have a tendency to tell myself I'm not good enough. Especially since I've been applying for jobs. I sometimes talk myself out of applying for a job instead of applying for a job. So, I hear what you're saying.

Thank you for pointing this out.


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JEMPOWER 6/19/2011 4:23PM

    Good Word! It's hard to pay attention to our body when we have mathematically figured out our cycle. But, I think you're on the right track. Think about how you have done so well with your weight and exercising.

Getting in tune to your body is pretty important and you're doing a good job.Good Luck with your plan.


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    awww I hate changing a schedule too, but our bodies seem to have a different idea in mind don't they? HUGS! Woohoo huge loss!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LIBBYFITZ 6/19/2011 11:16AM

Yoo hoo to the weight loss!!!!

emoticonHow frustrating for you! A good long walk sound like an ideal way to think about the next step! emoticon

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BRAVENEWGRL 6/19/2011 10:59AM

    OMG i so feel you on this one! I've had cramps for days and I keep thinking today is the day. But nooooooooooo. And I have a hot date on Saturday and so help me I"m gonna be angry if I'm bloated and crabby!

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MICHSTATE 6/19/2011 9:46AM

    The human body is quite amazing isn't it?!?!? Just not always on schedule!!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment

    Great job on the weight loss this week.

Listen to your body and make a couple of adjustments. I know it is tough, I hate to change a schedule too because it throws a monkey wrench in everything.

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HOLLYS_NEW_LIFE 6/19/2011 9:26AM

    I HATE having to change things once I think I have them figured out, ugh! However, maybe "kind of" going with the flow (yuck, no pun intended) will help you stay on track, because this calorie cycling REALLY seems to be working for you. That's SO great, by the way. After being stuck for so long and then finding something that works, is like a breath of fresh air!

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JLITT62 6/19/2011 9:26AM

    Good grief! What's up with us? I already knew I was perimenopausal, my periods haven't been regular for a while, but this one is totally different. Since I'll be 50 in a little over half a yr, I'm really hoping menopause won't be as late for me as it was for my mom (56!).

Don't know what to tell you about your plan - thinking maybe you need to make a plan for me!


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MIZCATHI 6/19/2011 9:13AM

    You're doing great! Allow yourself to fee discombobulated today. The walk sounds like the perfect solution. Just change your schedule to the TOM week - this journey is about flexibility, too, right?!

Report Inappropriate Comment

    I was just thinking to myself when I read that word: "I LOVE the word!" "discombobulated", and then the next words I read were, "I love that word!" emoticon

You made it through that craziness, and now, just think! You've passed the yucky "period" (play on words, there!) of your cycle this month, and don't have to think about it any more! emoticon

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Food Swap for Lemon Meringe Pie (FEF Challenge)

Friday, June 17, 2011

My grandma was one of the best bakers I've ever known. She didn't use written recipes or even measuring cups. It was always "add until it looks right". At family dinners, she would serve the most decadent desserts - and lemon meringe pie was my favourite out of them all.

So for today's food swap, I'm going to give you the recipe for a Lemon Chiffon Pie that has a wonderful lemony taste and is good enough to serve to company - with only 140 cal per serving! 8 servings per pie.

Lemon Chiffon Pie (from Splenda Recipes cookbook)

140 cal, 18g Carb, 6g Fat, 6 Protien. WWpts=3

1 graham cracker crust

1/3 cup water
1 envelope unlfavoured gelatin

1 lg egg + 2 lg egg yolks beaten
3/4 c splenda
1/2 c fresh squeezed lemon juice (about 2 lemons)
1 tbsp grated lemon rind

2 lg egg whites
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
3 tbsp splenda

1 cup light whipped cream, thawed

1. Place ater in small heavy saucepan & sprinkle gelatin on top. Let sit 3 min to soften.

2. Whisk in 1lg egg, 2 egg yolks, 3/4 cup splenda, lemon juice & lemon rind.

3. Stirring constantly with a wodden spoon, cook over medium heat until thickened & spoon is coated. Pour mixture into a large boawl & refridgerate 45-60 minutes.

4. In a large bowl, whip 2 lg egg whites & cream of tartar until foamy. Beat, adding 3 tbsp splenda gradually. Beat until peaks are stiff & glossy.

5. Using rubber spatula, gently fold the egg white mixture into the gelatin/egg yolk mixture. Then fold in whipped topping. Spoon into crust and refridgerate at least 3 hours.

This recipes is so delicious that it's completely worth the time and effort to make! Enjoy!

For the doing something for myself portion of the challenge - this was more difficult for me. You see, unlike most woman, I have an abundance of time to do with what I please... as long as it doesn't cost any money! Every day, I get to do those little things - read, chat with friends, cook somethign special, meditate - that make me feel good and fill up my emotional basket. For the challenge, I wanted to do something a little different, but it took me all week to figure it out.... what did I do?

I cleaned out my closet! Everything that does not fit or doesn't look good... is gone. 5 bags worth of clothes. As I tried on item after item, I was thinking of how easy it was. I remember when I used to break into a sweat just changing clothes . It was always about finding something that would hide my flaws (ha ha ha ha... like people couldn't tell I was fat!) and not about what really pleased me. Now, for the first time in 20 years, I'm realizing that I could define my own sense of "style", based on what I think looks GOOD, rather than what doesn't look too bad. Another exciting possibility opening up before me....

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MIZCATHI 6/18/2011 6:39AM

    I am missing everything about the 7.5 months I was unemployed! I never lacked for anything to do. But for some reason I never took to cooking much, though I am fairly good at it. I think it's because I associate the act to eating it all! The pie sounds yummy, though, and it would be a good addition to an event.

I have had the opportunity several times to try on all my clothes and then bag them up. It is a very gratifying experience. I love my clothes right now, and as soon as I get back on the losing track again, bagging up these size 14's will be the biggest thrill of all.

You look wonderful, and of course your Mom made a positive comment to your pics!

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LIBBYFITZ 6/17/2011 1:33PM

    I love Lemon Meringue pie! So will copy this to my word doc and try it out when I get back to Aus. emoticon

emoticon On the cleaning out your wardrobe! emoticon emoticon I just love the dress/top and cardigan you wore for your latest profile photo. Those colours suit you with your beautiful dark hair! emoticon

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HOLDINGMYOWN 6/17/2011 12:01PM

    HiYa Deanna~~
Was chuckling here about your last paragraph where you got rid of 5 bags of clothes! When I first started on my journey and started to lose some weight...I washed and folded all the clothes that were getting too big to wear...and tucked them away nicely "Just in Case" ~lol
As time went on and other clothes got too big~ I started giving them to people I knew who were 'bigger" than me ( and it was a long time before that I could say that one! )
About two weeks ago I was digging in my back closet looking for some of the summer bed sheets I use in the trailer. And Lo' & Behold I come across a bag of clothes!! It was the one I had first tucked away~~way back last summer! There were both mine and hubby's in the bag. hubby even had jeans in there that I don't think he even wore!
My niece's hubby has about 17 in his family!! And some of his brothers are as short as my hubby! ~lol~ And he has a SIL who is even bigger than I had been! Since a lot of my clothes in that bag were "stretchy" things...I am sure she will be able to use them!
So now have a FULL bag of clothes going with my this weekend to my home town to "GIVE AWAY!"
When packing the trailer with my clothes~ I said to hubby: Upstairs in my closet there are still some clothes there that would fit me if I gained about 20 Lbs back! Hubby says:~ If you gain back 20 Lbs~ What you need is a good kick in the BUM!
(he did not say bum~lol )

It is a emoticon feeling isn't it emoticon

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SGTSUNNY 6/17/2011 11:57AM

    I am with you on the clothes issue, I used to do the same thing. Or just wear something because it fit! Not because I liked it or it looked good. It is weird being able to buy clothes for completely different reasons now! Weird in a good way! Freedom!

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KSGROTHE 6/17/2011 11:13AM

    Great recipe! And emoticon on cleaning out your closet!

- Karen

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    I LOVE Lemon merengue mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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LESLIES537 6/17/2011 10:31AM

    That pie sounds amazing! I wonder if I could make that or if it would just come out one big blob lol I may try it out, though! emoticon for sharing!

Way to go on the closet cleaning!! That's a unique idea on how to treat yourself! Uniquely awesome! emoticon 5 bags?! WOW! Bye bye fat clothes....hello stylish and skinny clothes! emoticon

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    Oh, man, I LOVE the closet story! Just love it! Yes, I am noticing that even if some of the things I used to wear still "could" fit me and not look "too" big, it's no longer ANYthing I would wear any more! I don't NEED to "hide" myself under loose, figure-hiding clothes! OFF they went into the "GOODBYE" box, and that's just plain wonderful! emoticon

So very proud of you! You are rocking this healthy lifestyle! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MICHSTATE 6/17/2011 9:05AM

    The best thing about cleaning out your closet is that you have room for more SMALLER sized clothes!!!!:-)

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Just a little more on calorie cycling

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Since my last blog, a few people have asked me for more information about calorie cycling. I am definitely not an expert - I just started to try it 11 days ago. So instead of going long myself, I thought I'd post some of the links that got me staarted.

Before I do though....in my opinion, calorie cycling is not necessary for most people. Calorie cycling is an advanced weight loss technique. Before you move to the "advanced" techniques, it's best to focus on developing CONSISTENCY in the following healthy habits:
adequate water,
appropriate portion sizes,
choosing nutrient-dense foods,
eliminating most processed foods,
regular exercise,
adequate sleep and
stress-relief practices.

It's also a good idea to become consistent about food & exercise tracking. If you're going to calorie cycling, you have to know the calories eaten & burned every single day. I spend at least an hour (or more!) a day tracking my food & exercise and planning my meals for nutrient-density. So understand that calorie cycling can be time consuming.

OK, so if I haven't scared you off yet.... here's some info to help you with creating a calorie cycling plan of your own:

Calorie Calculator - Daily Calorie Needs (note: your height should be your actual height + 1 inch heels)

What is Calorie Cycling & How Does It Work (This is a good overview, though I think their numbers are too moderate)

A lot of the information I found was at www.romanfitnesssystems.com. He's young & brash & uses colourful language... but he's good at explaining the nuts & bolts of things. Here's a few pages that were particularly useful:

Romanís Nuts and Bolts Checklist for How (And When) To cheat

Calorie Calculations for Body Re-Compositioning

Are Your Cheat Days Cheat-y Enough?


On a completely different topic... a few days ago I posted about my anxiety when my mum asked for a recent picture. How I got a little squirrelly imagining how critical she'd be & then realizing that I was just creating all this stress & craziness for myself. Well, I sent off those photos & my mum's email response (in entirety, she's not one to gush): "These are perfect! Thanks. " So there you go. I WAS driving myself crazy over nothing. Glad a put a halt to it when I did.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

IUHRYTR 6/18/2011 8:53PM

    So much we worry about never turns out as bad as we expected. I bet your mother was thrilled to see the new you. -- Lou

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SKFEREBEE 6/17/2011 9:45AM

    Thanks for all the information. Hope I don't need it, but if I do I'll have you to thank!

...and what's not to like about your picture! emoticon

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FRECKS96 6/16/2011 8:38PM

    So happy your mom liked the pics! I'm not sure I'm quite ready for CC yet, but when I am it's nice to have the references ready. Thanks!

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MICHSTATE 6/16/2011 5:58PM

    Your original blog prompted me to look into calorie cycling. I am not sure how you can do those fast days though!!!! I was trying to eat under 1400 yesterday and couldn't do it, so switched to the 4 day rotation plan. I hope we both have success !!!!!

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HOLLYS_NEW_LIFE 6/16/2011 5:57PM

    Thanks for the info, I'm not quite there yet, but it's good to know.

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TRUE-NESS 6/16/2011 5:56PM

    There is also a Spark People team on Calorie Cycling. I wouldn't join it for "support" as it's not really an interactive type of team. But, for those who are interested, you could join it for information or just visit the team forum for the information. It explains calorie cycling and has links to the different approaches to it as well. Hope that's helpful to the next few comment posters. :-)

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LESLIES537 6/16/2011 5:34PM

    Great info!! I will be looking into this some more when I get the time. Thanks for sharing! emoticon

Your mum said they were "perfect?" SCORE!! emoticon emoticon

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NEVRA26 6/16/2011 4:53PM

    Thanks for all the wonderful info!! Very helpful! Of course your mom loved your pictures! She knows she has a very beautiful daughter (inside and out!)! :)

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    Thanks for the information! I now know more about it, and I wanted to!

SO GLAD your Mom loved the photos! At risk of being disrespectful, I'd have been tempted to say she's CRAZY if she hadn't loved it! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LIBBYFITZ 6/16/2011 4:40PM

    emoticonfor all that extra info re calorie cycling.

So glad your mother was suitably impressed with your "new you" emoticon emoticon

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