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Turned off the alarm and slept an extra 2 hours today...where is my W?

Saturday, August 07, 2010

I think I was tired....so when I got up and it was raining I sparked, etc on the computer before deciding to go to the farmer's market by myself. I used my old lady grocery cart and managed very well. I took it as some "me time" and left my husband home in spite of his pouting.

I am sparking again and made the mortgage payment on line and worked a bit on my e-stress class through my employer and health insurance company. I actually showed some progress in terms of problem solving to reduce my stress both at home and at work and am quite pleased with that.

I have decided to go to the gym this afternoon and the sun is coming out so the outdoor pool should be open. Before I do that I will do the recumbent bike for 10 minutes and walk 1/4 around the block and back. Hopefully in September I should be able to make it all the way around the block (it is about 1/2 mile). I am having some muscle spasm in the thigh where I had the muscle injury and if it doesn't feel much better in another week I am going to have the surgeon look at it again. It certainly is slow to get better and I am still doing stairs one at a time (up with the good and down with the bad).

I am having a hard time typing this morning as the W on my laptop keyboard has quit working and I took the key cover off and using that letter has been slowing me down. (Hopefully that is the only thing that will break this week, and I will have to bring it to the Chipheads (they are a local computer repair place who are cheaper than Geek Squad).


It works but takes extra concentration......wwwww emoticon

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CATLADY52 8/7/2010 5:35PM

    Good for you, taking some 'ME' time. emoticon

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FRAN0426 8/7/2010 4:53PM

    Me time is good, you can go at your own pace and do what you want. Sure know the down with the good, up with the bad.

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JESSYBLU 8/7/2010 2:11PM

    Well good for you for getting in some "me time" and making progress on your stress course. Hope your leg feels better soon, and that your W starts to work soon.

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Good sleep again, thank goodness...

Friday, August 06, 2010

I hated to turn off the alarm this morning...it is across the room and I have to get up to turn it off or I might fall back to sleep on mornings like this. I did sleep well and woke up only once during the night. Before I went to bed my knee and thigh were quite painful but I did not take a pain pill to help with sleep and I'm glad I didn't....

I have to pack a decent lunch today as yesterday's lunch was purchased from the grocery store where I work and after I ate it I found the calorie count on a veggie roll up sandwich was about 480 calories. I should have found the calories and then eaten only half of it but hindsight is always 20/20. Today I will make my own sandwich and bring some of those lovely fresh beets I cooked last night to eat with my yam slices and salmon burger. I think I will have another salmon burger for my sandiwch today. That was pretty darn good.... emoticon

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LAVENDERLILY 8/6/2010 2:46PM

    A good nights sleep is such a blessing. Keep up the good work. emoticon

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CATLADY52 8/6/2010 11:21AM

    Your lunch sounds great. emoticon

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 8/6/2010 7:42AM

    Glad you were able to get some good sleep again. emoticon emoticon
Sounds like you will be enjoying a great lunch today. YUMMY!!!

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Sleep was good again...calorie watching not so good...

Thursday, August 05, 2010

I forgot to track my food yesterday even though I have a notebook in my purse. Work has been very busy and it seems I barely have time for my breaks and I am doing a lot of snacking not having a regular lunch. I am taking an online class about stress and I need to do the lesson today after work. I am sure stress is part of my problem so I need to concentrate on continuing that class. It is offered through my health insurance company and my employer and I have until the end of September to finish it and will be rewarded with a $200 gift certificate (I always chose Target since I shop there a lot) and will be given a $300 reduction in out of pocket exepenses next year on my health insurance. So far this year I earned $75 in certificates for getting my vitamin D tested, having the flu shot and having a dental check-up. It is a program called fittingly, "Be Fit."

Time for my coffee and then 10 minutes on the recumbent bike. I think tomorrow I will get up a half hour earlier and get a short walk in before work, also, since the afternoons have been too muggy and warm to walk. I also plan to go to the pool this afternoon. I did not do much activity yesterday and can feel more stiffness in my knees than usual due to that inactivity. emoticon

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MUSIC66 8/5/2010 9:59PM

    sorry you are in pain.

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TEDDYTEDDY 8/5/2010 7:20PM

    I got bad pains in my thigh where the muscle was torn a few weeks ago and so decided to stay home this evening. Right now I have an ice pack on my thigh. emoticon

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CATLADY52 8/5/2010 4:18PM

    Are you getting stressed about the course on handling stress? Or, is life giving you more stress in general? emoticon Just aim a bit lower.

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NANCYRUBIO 8/5/2010 9:42AM

    Sounds like you are stressing out over your stress. Put priorties in order. Also, give yourself a break.

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PATTYKLAVER 8/5/2010 8:46AM

    I'm glad you're taking the stress class and working out. You do seem like you have a stressful lifestyle. Is there a way to delegate some of what you do or to stop doing it completely? I know first hand the effects of stress and don't wish that on anyone! Make sure you get into the habit of logging in your foor, though - it does make a difference. Good Luck!

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Over on calories yesterday...good sleep last night...

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I told the therapist how uncomfortable I was the night before last trying sleep with leg straight and she suggested a small pillows under my knee. I decided on a rolled up towel and it was just enough to get comfortable and thank goodness had a good night's sleep last night. Now I am trying to hurry up and be on time for work.

Yesterday's calories were about 300 over the range I need to lose weight/.....the main problem was a high calorie panini I ate on the run on the way to therapy. Today I will pack a measured peanut butter sandwich and I wll be working a full 8 hours today for the first time since my knee surgery. I will also throw in a cucumber, an apple and an orange. I will stay away from the candy bar cube where snacks are sold.


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DJS-DEBBIE 8/4/2010 1:11AM

    Glad you got some rest!

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MS5835 8/3/2010 9:55AM

    Glad to hear you finally got a good nights sleep. Have a good day!

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LIBRARIANM0M 8/3/2010 8:11AM

    Good for you for planning your meals and snacks. When I do this, I stay on target. It will work for you, too. It is when I forget or think I don't have time to plan that I don't do as well.

Throw away the rear-view mirror and move on.


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Yesterday's nutrition was close to range...

Monday, August 02, 2010

I went over by a few calories, but had quite a lovely piece of sea bass that weighed approximately 14 ounces and was not only delicious but quite filling.

Today am continuing to track.... emoticon

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NJMATTICE 8/2/2010 9:28AM

    emoticon a big cheesy smile, right back at ya. Keep working it!

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PATTYKLAVER 8/2/2010 8:46AM

    Sounds like great planning! Good for you!

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HOPE2BE 8/2/2010 7:40AM

    Yes!! That's the way to do it.

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