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Today I will let nothing stop me from going to the gym...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yesterday I went shopping instead of going to the gym. But 2 great things were purchased...new shoes (my feet were killing me and I was limping) that are fantastic...almost instant relief.........I was wearing the wrong shoes all week and it caught up with me.

The other great thing was picking up my prescription driving glasses/sunglasses. I can't believe how great it is to be "in focus." I think I will start to wear them all the time. The only bummer is having to change glasses every time I want to see up close, like reading or computer. I am tempted to try bifocals once again but remember I had a problem with them before. I know I will probably still want computer glasses as they are not quite as strong as a reading glass. I have so many different strengths of off the shelf glasses it is hard to keep them all straight (especially when the strength is written so small).

Anyhow, I feel that driving will be easier now and I drove after dark, too, and that seemed much better with the new glasses on.

This week I plan to go swimming and exercising today and tomorrow...on Monday I will swim in the therapy pool after work and on Tuesday I plan to go to the gym and work out and do exercises in the whirlpool.

Wednesday is the day I have to go to the neurologist with hubby and as one would expect, he is not happy about that. I hope they find nothing wrong with him and I can feel less guilty about "taking care of myself," for a change.... emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MSLZZY 12/16/2009 7:12AM

    You might have to color code your glasses LOL!

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BIGT_56 12/14/2009 6:37AM

    Glad you that you got to the gym. It is way too easy to put other things and other peoples needs before ours. I think we are all guilty of that.
It is wonderful when you can find the shoes that make your feet comfy...makes exercising so much more enjoyable.

I hope all goes well at the dr. for your hubby!


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FLASUN 12/13/2009 9:09PM

    Teddy, glad to hear about getting the right shoes for ya! Wish I could find a pair to do my 3.5 hrs walking and dancing. My blister on my toe is finally healing. Good for you for getting to the gym! Good you got glasses that work better for ya also! You do have to think about yourself, you are very important!!! emoticon Janice

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TEDDYTEDDY 12/13/2009 6:46PM

    I actually did make it to the gym... and feel gr----eat!!! emoticon

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JANET_ATKINSON 12/13/2009 10:06AM

    Go Teddy! I also find that making sure my gym bag is packed and near the door helps get me to the gym. If it's in my car when I'm out during the day, it's just one more motivator for me to get to the gym.

And isn't it great to have new shoes?!

Your comment about feeling guilty for taking care of yourself: you've got to take care of YOU so that you can be healthy to take care of others!

BTW - hope all goes well with your husband's appointment.

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TBONE13 12/13/2009 9:03AM

  Great plan, Good Luck!!

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BOO-SHAY 12/13/2009 8:56AM

    Taking care of yourself and taking a day off is important too. Sounds like you have a plan for your exercise. Great job!

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Feeling rested...started by exercising before walking this morning.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I did some "loosening up" exercises before I got out of bed this morning. Leg lifts, knee bends and ankle flexing. I racked up 8 minutes of exercising before my feet hit the floor and I think it really helped. I usually am shocked when my feet touch the floor cause I am so stiff from sleeping. Surprisingly I woke up only a few times with sore knees (still recuperating from knee replacement and the other knee is getting worse and needs to be replaced, too). This next coupl of weeks should keep me out of trouble and I really want to make it to the gym almost daily cause I need to work on keeping limber especially with this cold weather we are having. Yesterday I was so stiff I only exercised in the whirlpool at the gym and then called it quits. I managed to walk up the big stairs coming out of the locker room. (I swear those are some steep ones!!!). Here's to staying on track with exercising and eating healthy. Carpal tunnel and trigger thumb surgery are scheduled for December 29th.

Was going to visit sister in Duluth (150 miles north of here) at Christmas but the rooms we could have stayed in have been booked up for the holidays for 5 months. I decided we can see her while I am on leave from work after my surgery. It will be easier to find a room up there in January than at Christmas. She still would like company no matter when and I keep in touch on the phone with her as much as possible.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon


same old ****

Friday, December 11, 2009

Guess I just am asking for a few prayers to get me through this hard time and I will send update next week when I know more... emoticon

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JENNNVA 12/11/2009 9:40AM

    You are in my prayers! Keep us posted. emoticon emoticon

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BZYBOYSMOM 12/11/2009 9:31AM

    YOu are in my prayers my friend! Phew, what a week you have had!

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Can I fake it till I make it?

Saturday, December 05, 2009

One saying in AA is "to thine own self be true." This appears to be the opposite of "fake it till you make it" which I believe is also an AA saying though probably not an "official" one.

I find myself faking it a lot lately, at home, at work. I want to be honest but also need to protect myself and others from being hurt emotionally or financially.

Is there a way to feel good about being assertive? I haven't had much practice at it and perhaps I need some counseling for this cause I feel very ambiguous and unclear about a great number of issues... emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BIGT_56 12/5/2009 5:53PM

    I wish I knew the answer to that question too, Teddy. In my head I know just what I am going to say to someone and then I just crumble when the time comes. I feel that is part of my need to eat. I internalize my true feelings. I eat to feel better about feeling mad at myself for not speaking up. I am so busy worrying about other people's feelings that I lose track of my own.


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Exercising after work leaves hubby feeling abandoned...

Thursday, December 03, 2009

I really need to do exercises and the best place is the gym, especially in the pools. This involves swimming before or after work. Last night I didn't get home until 7:00 p.m. and was in bed by 8:00 and this has been frequent. The schedule at my new gym will be even later for the aerobics swim classes 2 nights a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When I get home that late I just want to crash and hubby who is retired and alone all day wants to talk and I just want to go to sleep. I don't see a solution since I am working all day and the swimming doesn't start until 5 or 6 in the evening and in order to get to work on time I have to be up by 5:30 at the latest.

On the days I swim before work I have to get up at 4:30 and so I am in bed by 8:00, also.

I wouldn't be so engrossed with the gym and swimming but both my knees have been really sore and stiff lately and I know I haven't been doing enough exercise. I need to work on quads and glutes strengthening also as I have problems getting up from the floor. One day last week I slipped in my bedroom and it seemed to be quite awhile before I could get up again, so I know those muscles are weak.

Trying to explain this to hubby just doesn't work...he thinks everything in the world revolves around him.... and I guess I am seeing everything from my perspective, also.

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IHEARTMY2GIRLS 12/3/2009 11:25PM

    Just wondering, since he's retired and doesn't have a set schedule it would seem like getting up REALLY early and joining you might work cuz he can cat nap during the day. OR..how about making some plans before or right after meet for coffee or a leisurely walk (as mentioned above). OR...finding a different type of exercise that he'd be more interested in. I belong to a specialty gym run by PT's and they have a LOT of people rehabing from surgeries. The machines they have are all specifically designed to prevent repetitive wear and tear, my favorite is the recumbent elliptical, sitting down and optional if you do the arms at the same time. There are MANY male retirees who socialize more than exercise PLUS it makes me feel young and in pretty good shape physically but that's only because the average age is probably around 70 (I'm 51) but still people my age with hip, knee replacements etc.

I'm new here and thought I'd just give my two cents!!
I hope you come up with a solution for both of you but not matter what you come up with it MUST INCLUDE YOU TAKING CARE OF YOUR BODY AND WELL BEING.

I wish you all the best.
~~~ M.


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CATLADY52 12/3/2009 7:01PM

    My late husband didn't want to be involved with exercise or eating healthy but he didn't mind my exercising and trying to eat healthy.

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ITSABOUTME2407 12/3/2009 12:16PM

    oh I too can so relate!!
I love my husband to death and always invite him but he has no interest in exercise and doesn't want me to either yet... he is the first to make comments about the way I look but.. the last to give me any support it is tough but I have to agree with the others ..invite him but regardless of his decisions take care of u
wishing u only the best ..trish emoticon

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WORKINGSTIFF 12/3/2009 8:43AM

    Again, I second the motion. Invite your husband to come along. That or find some leg exercises you can do at home-in front of him-so that he can see that you need the benefit from those exercises. You could talk with him while you work out. But keep letting him know that your workouts are vital to your health (and safety!).

Or try setting up a "date night" with him to make up for the time you're away. Make if feel special, and maybe he'll not be so hesitant about giving you the time you need.

It must be a collective "man thing." They all feel neglected when the focus isn't on them...

Is your husband unable to find activities for himself during the day? A big part of the problem is that if he's home alone all day, he's lonely and wants your company. If he's physically able, you should encourage him to get involved with something that is just for him.

Comment edited on: 12/3/2009 8:44:59 AM

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MOTOMOMOF2 12/3/2009 8:38AM

    I can relate too. I just keep going on my plan because the alternative is to not be around at all

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MATTRIXMSP 12/3/2009 8:29AM

    Is there anyway he could go to the gym too? Maybe he could catch the exercise bug too. Good luck!

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MSWEEZER 12/3/2009 8:03AM

    Sorry your DH feels this way. Trying to get him to join you is a great idea. I'm fortunate as my DH understands that my time (and exercise) is important for my well-being. He's invited to walk with me and occasion does so but he's pretty much fine entertaining himself. Whew!!

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    I can really relate to that problem. I work away a lot, so on the weeks that I am at home, hubby isn't very happy if I want to spend our evenings exercising. My way round it was to get my husband to come on my walks with me. That way we can have a chat whilst exercising (just about) and everyone is happy.

Would your husband consider coming with you? You never know, he might enjoy and sees the benefits in it.

Anyway, keep up the good work and do what is best for you. emoticon

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