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Slept 10 hours last night...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

At this point I can recommend ZZZquil. It is working for me. I did not check with my doctor first but I don't think it is anything dangerous as the package says non-habit forming. But to be on the safe side I will check with my pharmacy and clinic. Until then I will try sleeping without it. emoticon

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 8/1/2012 6:52AM


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QUORNDAWG 8/1/2012 12:40AM

    From the same company that makes Nyquil. I just pop a melatonin when I need some assistance in this area. Or watch a political debate...

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MSLZZY 7/30/2012 7:58AM


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MERRYMARY42 7/29/2012 7:40PM

    never heard of it, but if it works and all can't see the harm in it, but I have let myself rely on fiber capsules for so long, that I have to take them, so, beware of that, it seems like I have not had trouble sleeping for about 3 months now, not sure, must have been the stress that was in my life the first 4 months of the year. I just never got a good nights sleep. and it is so important

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Slept about 11 hours last night...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Got up twice during night but otherwise slept well.

I was a little restless and slept about 3 hours without my CPAP on which is new for me. It oh, now my button for a letter is missing... Will have to search for that letter or find another keyboard....LOL emoticon

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TURNERHEATHER4 7/28/2012 11:56AM

    That's a lot of sleep lol I average 6 hours wish I could get 8!

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MOMMABEAR1987 7/28/2012 11:45AM

  I wish. I'm lucky to get the normal 8 hours most nights.

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No trouble sleeping last night....

Friday, July 27, 2012

First of all, I did NOT have my t.v. on....not by choice. I usually fall asleep with the t.v. on and it wakes me up occasionally (espcially if I forget to set the timer to turn it off). I had a problem turning the t.v. on and this morning I discovered the satellite box in my room was unplugged. I have read that sleeping with the t.v. on is a bad idea and after this night of blissful sleep, I totally agree.

Second of all, I tried a new sleep aid called Zquil or ZZZquil. A liquid concoction that actually worked.

I woke up from a sound sleep when the alarm went off (after 7 hours).

First time I have tried a sleep aid (package says it is not habit forming). I think I will try it again tonight with no t.v. on and when I can sleep in. I think allowing myself only 7 hours until the alarm went off was a bit of a mistake. It will be interesting how long I will sleep with no alarm.

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MSLZZY 7/27/2012 7:19AM

    Hope you continue to sleep well. We have no tv in the
room or I am sure DH would have it on all night.
Take care-hugs!

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NJJ-EXERCISE30 7/27/2012 7:01AM


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Trouble getting to sleep....

Monday, July 23, 2012

So there I was...went to bed about 9:30 and laid awake until 1:00 a.m. Alarm went off at 5:40 (reset from 5:15 in middle of the night). When morning came, I could have easily turned over and slept 4 more hours, but have to leave the house in about 15 minutes. Bummer!

I tried going to sleep with music but the New Age music was not relaxing as it usually is. Finally found a news program and was able to go to sleep.

I am tired of hearing about the theatre killings and hope they don't spend all the news reportig time talking and rehashing the details. Enough, already....

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SUSANBEAMON 7/23/2012 1:13PM

  Know what you mean, anytime I have to get up earlier than usual and go to bed earlier to compensate, I lay there trying to get to sleep. Beyond organizing my schedule so that my sleep stays regular, I have no solution to the problem.

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NJJ-EXERCISE30 7/23/2012 7:40AM

    emoticon emoticon

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MSLZZY 7/23/2012 7:32AM


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Good Grief!!! Modern technology!!! Planned obsolescence.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I found out that my old camera (about 5 years old) cannot run on my new computer with Windows 7. What this means is not only do I ned a new printer but also a new digital camera.

I have salvaged the chip from the camera to upload the few pictures I have on the camera and now I am wondering if there are different size chips....

Oh, bother! I now have 3 defunct digital cameras that are probably only good for the junk heap.

I will have to spend about $150 for a new camera and perhaps $75 for a new printer in order to get going for auctions on Ebay. What a drag! I will have to wait until my next payday before I will be able to pay cash (I have too much on the credit cards to increase that).

My tummy problem is much better today but I am still leery of eating certain foods. I recall one new food I ate before the stomach problems and that was rice crackers with seaweed which i probably over imbibed on cause they tasted so good. I am surprised it took 2 days to get over that but it is the most likely culprit at this point.

Today is Saturday (already) and I have less than 2 more days of freedom (back to work on Monday, and not looking forward to that). At least I can spend some time cleaning my kitchen today and will focus on other things tomorrow. A week's vacation really is not very long. Perhaps I will save my PTO until I can take a 2 week vacation next time. emoticon

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QUORNDAWG 7/22/2012 9:44AM

    Does your whole camera need to be connected to your computer, or does it have a removable disc/card?

You can get several-in-one card readers that plug into a computer through a USB port. The most recent one I bought reads a card from a camera I bought 10 years ago, and also reads the CF of my digtial SLR I bought 6 years ago as well as the new camera my wife recently got.

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MSLZZY 7/22/2012 8:20AM

    Who would have guessed? Hope your tummy troubles are
over. A week's vacation would be nice but self-employed
means working every day. Maybe sneak away for a day
in September.

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FRAN0426 7/21/2012 3:44PM

    The companies sure love changing technology so fast just to make us need to buy and replace stuff before we need or want to.
I hear you with the stomach problems---in the same boat right now and afraid to eat fruits and raw veggies at present. Hope we both can get back to normal quickly.

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SUGARSMOM2 7/21/2012 12:46PM

  yes they keep changing so we have to buy new and improved things that cost way to much for the average person to keep up with on average income.. the only thing for sure is if it chances then we need a new one .

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KKKAREN 7/21/2012 10:07AM

    I hate when electronics fade before we do. I still have an old flip phone and am wondering when it will be discontinued. Oh well progress.

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