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Food allergens and positive thinking....

Thursday, March 08, 2012

When my arthritis and fibromyalgia were at their worst, the best thing I did was thank God for what I COULD DO, NOT BEMOAN ALL THE THINGS i COULDN'T DO. That worked pretty well for me and I intend to have a similar mindset regarding food allergens.

I cannot be complaining about all the things I can't or shouldn't eat but figure out what I CAN EAT AND VIABLE SUBSTITUTIONS.

I have already thought of two substitutes for milk in my coffee: goat's milk and coconut milk. I could also put these on my cereal (gluten free cereal).

I am having the meeting with the dietician from Lifetime next Tuesday and in the meantime I am trying to elminate the 9 foods from my diet. I managed to make a buckwheat pancake (gluten free flour) without eggs and it tasted pretty good, but will have to find a recipe instead of experimenting...as the result was a bit disappointing. My green smoothie this morning had parsley, lettuce, goji berry juice concentrate, 2 bananas, 2 apples and 1 tbs of orange rind powder, plus stevia, olive oil and water. It tasted good but I do see a definite lack of protein in the breakfast so am planning to eat cod for lunch. I do have a nice supply of Kind bars which are gluten free but need to read all the other ingredients before eating them.

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MSLZZY 3/8/2012 3:58PM

    Lots to research but you have a good start. I have fresh
goat's milk daily. Sure wish you were closer because you
could certainly use the extra. Have a great day! HUGS!

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Results of food sensitivities have come back... 9 items to eliminate...

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I have a low intolerance to 9 common food allergens: Whole eggs, green beans, cow milk, wheat, onions, soybean, peanut, baker's yeast, pork. I thought I might be sensitive to beef but it may be just the hormones and other chemicals in the feed given to beef, but looking at the tested foods, beef is not included as it is not one of the 25 most common food allergens.

I obviously do not have full blown allergies to these, like to bee pollen (anaphylaxis) or I probably wouldn't be alive.

The fact that I am sensitive to these foods will make an elimination diet to assess my reactions quite complicated.

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MCGS62 3/7/2012 4:02PM

    WoW that eliminates almost all of my diet!!!

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MSLZZY 3/7/2012 2:17PM

    Quite a combination of allergies. It will definitely take time
to figure out how to deal with this. Research it all and see
what comes next. Maybe a nutritionist can help you.

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One of the best smoothies yet!!! Lots of ingredients and taste wonderful!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ingredients today:

Kelp, 1/2 tsp
Kale, 1 cup (spines removed)
Avocado, 1/2 of small one
Banana, 1 medium
Apple, small Pink Lady (cored)
Brocolli, 1 cup (cooked)
Goji berry juice, 2 tbs
Low fat unflavored yogurt, 1 cup
Olive oil, 2 tsp
Orange rind powder, 1 tbs
Lime unsweetened drink mix, 1 pkt

I was a little leery as to the flavor, but did need to add at least 1 cup of water and it tastes very good!!! I realized after I mixed it that I left out the protein so will add 1 scoop of powdered egg whites to the second half before I drink it.

Shopped till I dropped yesterday as there were sales and I seem to be having problems with so many of my clothes either being too big or too small.

Catherine's big sale was 40% off everything in the store(including clearance) and I might go back today.. I was able to score 3 pairs of my favorite pants in different colors for $10 a pair, plus tops and nightwear, including a beautiful off-white zip up robe which I needed at ridiculously low prices.

Most of my clothes are black pants with various colored tops and I am rather tired of the monochromatic theme.

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MCGS62 2/27/2012 8:43AM

    That's better for the smoothie -- what ingredient do you think made the kelp more palatable?

congrats on expanding the color pallet on your wardrobe too!

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ARTJAC 2/26/2012 9:49PM


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MSLZZY 2/26/2012 12:38PM

    Great for you! New clothes are always a way to pick up
your spirits in the dreary winter. Your smoothie sounds
interesting. One of these days, I have to give these a try.

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JENNNY135 2/26/2012 11:37AM

    Looks like an interesting combination but will give it a try. Congrats on the cloth shopping.

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1 tsp of kelp overpowered 1 qt of smoothie!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Today I used about 1/2 tsp and could not taste it but used goji berry concentrate (found hiding in my fridge on the bottom shelf). I also found 2 cups of small yellow tomatoes, 1 banana, 1 scoop of soy protein isolate, 3 pkg of stevia, and 2 cups of kale with stem and spine removed. This drink is quite good. Also added a pkt of pineapple flavored unsweetened drink mix which helped alot as I am low on fruit.

I gladly drank this entire quart smoothie (yesterday had to throw out part of my smoothie as the kelp overpowered the other flavors). I recall saying to myself, "What is this? Swamp water?"


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MCGS62 2/27/2012 8:39AM

    Oh I hate when that happens.. We have an india grocery new to my area and I am kind of a flavor explorer
I have found out the hard way that some flavors have to be used sparingly--- I have a really funny story about this but not for public view -late when I have some time.

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MFTAGGFREEZE 2/26/2012 6:06AM

    Good to know.

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KNEYRUS 2/25/2012 10:53AM

    awee, this happens! I try to add kelp only to vegetable/green soup smoothies, this way it usually just adds salty flavor and goes very well with avocado and veggies. I like my fruit smoothies with just greens though. Keep on trying!

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MSLZZY 2/25/2012 10:16AM

    Dosn't sound tasty but glad you found a way to make
it better today. HUGS!

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ORGANIC811LFRV 2/25/2012 9:35AM

    We all go through green smoothie failure. It's part and parcel of the journey. Live and learn.

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Green smoothie..new ingredients today, kelp, etc.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Believe it or not I found 2 1-lb pkg of powdered kelp in my cupboards I had forgotten about. I am starting adding this to my smoothies and have put only 1 tsp in my 1 qt smoothie today. The other ingredients are 1 tsp of orange peel (also found in the back of my upboards), 2 cups of kale, 1 banana, 1 small pink lady apple, 1 cup natural soy milk, 2 pkts of stevia. It probably could have used some other fruit but don't have others on hand. Another addition was some spearmint.

Anyone know about eating nettles? I read if you dry them they are edible.

If I clean out my cupboards this weekend it should be interesting what else I find in there. I did find something that I didn't know what it was cause the label was unreadable so I threw that away!!!

Happy Friday everyone!

P.S. Had blood draw for 25 most common food allergens yesterday. They took 3 vials of blood. They said it would probably be back in a week.

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DARA52 2/24/2012 11:45PM

    Hi! Just realized we are on 2 teams together. 50+ Fit and Fab and the Green Smoothie team. Spark is a small world. I tried grapefruit today with kale, lemon juice, coconut water and a date. It was pretty refreshing. The coconut water made it not so tart. I also had a carrot juice smoothie at Jamba Juice this morning on the way to work. I really liked it. More carrots please!

Thanks for sharing!

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GRAMMACATHY 2/24/2012 4:43PM

    Sounds yummy. I am juicing for ten days and then will wean back to healthy foods. Kale and cucumbers and apples are the base for it.

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MCGS62 2/24/2012 10:37AM

    I don't know what a nettle is the smoothie sounds good.

I use a peeler to remove the orange zest and store it in my freezer- it is one of my favorite aromatic ingredients.

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MSLZZY 2/24/2012 9:45AM

    Good luck on the allergy testing. Your smoothies sound so
interesting. Who knows what you will find in those cupboards.
Something good, I hope

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