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down 1 lb 1st week of 9 week challenge at Lifetime

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hey!!! It's better than gaining or staying the same...I had a different breakfast this morning. I made a smoothie with Napa cabbage, sweet red and yellow peppers, papaya, apple, soy protein powder, flaxseed (ground), low fat plain yogurt and water. I checked my breakfast on the nutrition page and it is 50% carbs, low fat and high protein. I am pleased as this was very satisfying and I was inspired by Dr. Oz who had a guest who sells high speed blenders to make these (which was not mentioned on Dr. Oz's show)...but it made me think about how easy it would be to make breakfast in the blender (mine is a pretty good one but my drink was a little lumpy but palatable. I think next time I will put in more water.

I had a recipe for a smoothie made with raw collards but it sounded hard to swallow unless I had a super high speed machine like that person I can't remember the name of.(.Googled it was Montel Williams)....so I steamed a serving in my bamboo steamer on top of a pot of water and I think it will mush down in the blender now. Collards are a really healthy green and as I recall they are easy to grow. I might grow some this summer. They are one of those greens that you cut off and they keep producing until AFTER the first frost.

My surgeon who is going to do the herniorrhaphy in March suggested I take stool softeners to keep from straining but I think eating lots of veggies would be better. So we will see if this helps. My surgery is scheduled for March 2nd. I have only 3 weeks. I am glad it is scheduled as I am now having discomfort in the middle area (epigastric) where the hernia is. It is large enough that it will be an open procedure with mesh.

I plan to go for food allergy testing the same day as my preop exam and take that day off work since I cannot eat for 12 hours before the blood test for allergies. Will blog about my results and hopefully I won't be allergic to a lot of the top 25 food allergens.

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SUSIEPH1 2/11/2012 6:47PM

    Love your smoothies!!
so quick and easy to make and packed full of Vitamins and Minerals ..
Congratulations on your weight loss too .
Hugs Susie emoticon emoticon

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MSLZZY 2/11/2012 3:45PM

    Your smoothies sound interesting and tasty. I would think the
extra fiber will be just as beneficial as stool softeners so see
what happens. Congrats on the 1 pound loss. It is a step in the
right direction. HUGS!

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Weighed in for 90 day challenge at LifeTime Fitness today....

Saturday, February 04, 2012

So my new weights will include about 2-1/2 lb of clothing.

I got checked in by a gal I know cause I work with her mother and her husband. She was very nice and I briefly went over all my health issues and problems with losing and gaining weight.

She thought I may have food allergies and I agree and scheduled a metabolic blood test with results for the 25 most common food allergens. I know I am allergic to cottonseed oil (tested back when I was 18) but that is not a common allergy. It may be an inherited allergy as my daughter has recently discovered why she has problems eating certain foods at Greek restaurants (they stretch the olive oil with cottonseed oil) so that explains why she is unable to eat Greek salads and some other items at those ethnic restaurants.

Steph, my check-in person, found it interesting that when I did lose weight I noticed the weeks when I ate beef I had trouble losing weight but when I avoided beef and had mostly fish I found it much easier to lose weight. She said quite a few people are allergic to eggs and chicken. It will be nice to know if I am allergic to wheat or any of the other common allergens. That bloodwork will be done at a clinic owned by my healthcare company and I will get an hour consultation to go over the results with the dietician at the gym. It costs a little over $300 but I think it will be worth it, especially if I find out some food to avoid and that should help me lose weight, also.

We have been having unseasonably warm weather lately and I feel like I am having my usual spring allergies with a sensitivity to molds and whatever is in the air in the spring. I have been stuffed up and also have a runny nose and a slight cough. This also makes me feel somewhat sluggish and I have been sleeping a lot lately, about 10 to 11 hours a night. emoticon emoticon And sneezing a lot, too!!!

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MSLZZY 2/5/2012 6:42PM

    Good luck! HUGS!

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ARTJAC 2/4/2012 9:37PM

    look foward to hearing about the results of your tests take care

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SUSIEPH1 2/4/2012 8:01PM

    Will look forward to hearing what you are allergic too ! I can't eat much meat ... much better with fish too .. also quite a few others foods too ..
Hope your seasonal allergies pass soon ! .
Hugs Susie

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A bit of a scare with flashing lights and floaters in one eye...

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I had an eye exam and checked out okay but, of course, had to read up on the internet about this condition.

My eye doctor said at this point it is just part of the natural aging process (thanks alot!).

He said to get checked again if I get a lot of the floaters (I had one that was ring-shaped, called a Weiss ring floater, and those come from the back of the eye). If there alot of these ring floaters it could produce a tear (or be a sign of a tear?) ... I am a but confused about the process, but I promised to return right away if I was having more severe problems.

I read that 10% of people with Weiss ring floaters get retinal tears and 50% of people who get retinal tears get retinal detachment which is difficult to treat and sometimes causes irreversible blindness.

So I will just "keep an eye" on my eyes and follow-up with any changes that happen.

I worry about my eyes as both my older sisters were legally blind when they died.

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ARTJAC 2/1/2012 10:33PM

    sorry to hear about your eyes

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MSLZZY 2/1/2012 10:05PM

    I didn't know this so thanks for sharing. I hope you have
no other episodes of this. HUGS!

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    thank you for an education, you shared something for all of us to think about. hopes that you dont get any more problems with your eyes

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CTUPTON 2/1/2012 9:24PM

    You are the second person in 3 days to mention this. My friend waited from Fri. to Mon. to go to the eye doctor and he chewed her out. Luckily, hers was not a big cause for concern but if the retina was detached, she would have the same symptoms. I am happy for you that it will be OK. Getting older is not for the faint-hearted! chris

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SUSIEPH1 2/1/2012 8:25PM

    Sorry to hear about this .. Hope you can get this sorted !!

hugs Susie emoticon emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 2/1/2012 6:50PM

    Oh my! Sorry to hear about that! Wishing you the best.

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Healthy salad for lunch (I made it myself)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Romaine, avocado, red tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, 9 small olives, 1 large cucumber. Dressing about 3 tb superfruit berry vinaigrette (made with olive oil).

I did not count the calories.

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ARTJAC 2/1/2012 1:50AM


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MSLZZY 1/31/2012 2:55PM

    Did you save some for me? LOL! Sounds delicious!

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PICKIE98 1/31/2012 1:51PM

    Ooooh!! that Does sound yummy!! I have blueberry dressing now..

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SUSIEPH1 1/31/2012 1:01PM

    sounds good and healthy!!
Hugs emoticon

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And another thing...decimals and fractions and the food tracker

Monday, January 30, 2012

I remember most of my fractions vs decimals but I have heard complaints with difficulties figuring these out with the food tracker.
To help here are some that I use a lot:
Perhaps you could make a list of these and tape them to your computer screen if this is a problem for you:

1/2 = .5
1/4 = .25
1/3 = .33
1/8 = .125
1/10 = .10

Hope this is useful for the mathematically challenged...(me included).

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TEDDYTEDDY 1/30/2012 12:51PM

    My brain is more in tune with words and not numbers....

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MSLZZY 1/30/2012 10:20AM

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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NANCYRUBIO 1/30/2012 8:01AM

    Well your table is correct--it is easy to keep in our brains or isn't your brain interested?

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