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walked 2 miles yesterday....

Friday, April 03, 2009

Feet got cramps and are still sore today. I think it might be partly my new shoes. I noticed the right heel slipped a lot and that foot hurt the most. I am going to try different shoes today and see if that helps. I walked over an hour as my speed went down with the discomfort. I used to be able to walk 3 miles per hour (on treadmill) and this was walking outdoors with at least one steep hill. Today I will try the treadmill as we are expecting some not so nice weather.

Hubby and I are going to a classical music concert tonight so will have to put off swimming the third time this week until tomorrow.


Went swimming on Monday, too.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Then I got lazy and tired (but have been getting up at 4:30 to make up time I took off from work to see dentist on Monday. Today is Thursday and definitely will swim after work or after dinner as I have the choice on the schedule at the new gym today.

My snacks are a little out of whack from yesterday as instead of eating a portion I ate a medium sized bag of flat earth chips which are also high in sodium. I have to quit buying them unless I can find the snack packs that I originally found at Costco, but they quit carrying them. (sigh)...

I did eat a healthy dinner of whiting cooked with spinach and carrots and have a second portion to bring for lunch today. (That will keep me out of the Global Market at lunchtime, which is a restaurant area in my building where I work and has about 25 restaurants, mostly with unhealthy, large portions of ethnic foods.)

Also, I plan to walk at least 30 minutes in addition to swimming 30 minutes today.


Went swimming on Sunday at new gym...

Monday, March 30, 2009

I really like my new swimming pool... 84 degrees feels great, no shock getting in and I am sure I will go more often. The hours are a little restricted compared to my previous gym, but there are lap times when few people are there and no kids. The main things I will miss are the whirlpool and steam room but I know I will love the $60 a month less expense will be a boon to my budget. I swam 15 minutes and walked 15 minutes in the pool and met a nice gal there who was a regular and I will probably see again. That was nice. (At my other gym, most people didn't talk to anyone.) Anyhow, I will be able to go 3 times a week with no problem. There is an indoor track for walking for when our Minnesota weather makes outdoor walking uncomfortable. emoticon

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FLASUN 3/30/2009 2:46PM

    Wish I could be there with you Teddy! I haven't been in my bathing suit or swimming in ages!! No one with pools around me, don't like swimming at beach anymore. Even saving $$$ is an extra! Enjoy!! emoticon Janice

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SCIENCE_WRITER 3/30/2009 12:48PM

  It's more important that you're comfortable and happy where and when you work out, and I'm glad you found that!

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MNCYCLIST 3/30/2009 8:56AM

    Good for you! I pray the Lord will give you success with your new plan!

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Walked 2 miles today...feet sore, though

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I don't know what kind of shoes to wear anymore....I am still getting used to the arch supports doctor gave (sold for $52) me. Bought some new shoes but am breaking those in, too. One of these days my feet won't hurt...

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SCIENCE_WRITER 3/29/2009 10:09AM

  Not sure where you've been shopping for shoes, but if you haven't gone to a dedicated walking or running store, PLEASE do. A good walking or running store will have people trained to identify problems with your stride/gait and help you choose the correct shoe to properly support you.

Also, I don't know where your feet are sore, but my heels tend to get sore if my shoes are even the slightest bit worn. (Probably because I step very heavily, almost to the point of stomping.) I once got a pair of sneakers that had an "air cushion" in the heels, thinking that the extra shock absorption would help. But because of my weight, all it really did was put even LESS support into the heel, and I had horrible shooting pains in my legs after a few weeks of wearing them. Sadly, it took me another couple of weeks to figure out that it WAS the shoes, so I was in quite a bit of pain before I threw those suckers out.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that it would probably help if you had someone observe your gait/stride and identify problems with it. They might even be able to tell you why certain other shoes would make it worse...

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FLASUN 3/29/2009 8:59AM

    emoticon 2 miles!! Thats really awesome Teddy! I wonder sometimes how many miles I'm walking with my DH on Saturday Nights? I should wear a pedometer to find out. We walked and danced for 4 hours straight! My toes are really hurting today! Wish I could find a good pair of shoes also! Have a great Sunday! Janice emoticon

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BIGT_56 3/28/2009 11:13PM

My feet used to give me a lot of trouble when I walked. I had just about given up on exercise altogether when I discovered bike riding again. I found that it didn't hurt my feet to ride a bike. I discovered that the more I rode the less my feet hurt any time.
One of my problems is "plantar fasciitis" or what most people call heel spurs. I also have tendonitis in the top of my right foot. Until I got it I didn't know you could get that in your feet. I had a really hard time adjusting to the supports the doctor gave me. They don't fit very well into tennis shoes. I finally gave up on using them.
If that is what you have, there are some exercises to help keep the tendon stretched out. One really good one is to stand with just your toes on a step and then let your heels drop down. Do this several times during the day . I think that bike riding does something similar to that. Pushing the pedals around stretches out the tendon really well.
I hope your feet get to feeling better. When your feet hurt, it makes everything else hurt.


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50SGRANNY 3/28/2009 8:02PM

On the two miles! Bummer that your feet hurt though. I need new shoes too, because my feet hurt whenever I walk outside. Congrats on all the walking you've been doing!

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That's it..writing down every bite I eat now...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I weighed in at 224 today and had to buy a size 16 pants. I was size 14 and 180 lb 2 years ago and want to be there again. The only way I know I can do this is write down what I eat, plan ahead what I am eating, no cheating and exercise at least 3 times a week.

I am very disappointed I have gotten this heavy again and I have to quit making excuses.

I am sure all my physical problems (teeth excluded) will get better just from losing even 20 pounds, but plan to get to 180 again, even though it is not my ideal weight.

For now, I will set a goal of losing 2 lb a week for the next 10 weeks. I know I can do it, just have to quit giving in to those snacking and overeating urges and "forgetting" to write down what I eat. emoticon emoticon


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