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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I gained about 5 lbs overnight this past weekend. Yesterday I had lost 4 of those and today the scale showed another 1 lb loss. I get a bit panickly feeling when I get close to 250 (I was actually over that for 1 day). I used to weigh about 280 or more (I had quit weighing myself at one point). I lost 100 lbs in 18 months about 4-5 years ago and am disappointed that I have regained most of that loss.

I always feel better when I weigh less. Lately, my back, legs, knees, feet and just about everything else have been hurting. I am sure the added weight is the main problem.

My New Year's resolution is to get back on the ball and watch those portion sizes. Hope to have some good results soon.,,,and remember it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change!!! emoticon


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ELAINESHAFF 12/21/2010 10:29PM

    I have been struggling the same way that you are. At least I have not gone over the 200 mark. I must recommit to my lifestyle change with more determination than I have had for the past few months.

Portion control will be my focus next year and I think that is my focus next year.

We can and will do this.

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RANDOMKINDNESS 12/21/2010 4:50PM

  Mine goes up and down because of food sensitivities and food allergies. Frustrating. But, you sound like you're totally motivated to keep the weight loss happening - and keeping it off this time. emoticon

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CANOGAPARKGAL 12/21/2010 2:28PM

    I'm glad your up went down again. Don't be too hard on yourself - you've had a lot of stress lately. And hooray for hurting less. emoticon

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ALMOSTRETIREDRN 12/21/2010 12:47PM

    My journey is similar to yours with a sustained weight loss about 6 years ago. I felt good without the usual aches and pains, but then weight crept back on. I've gained about 80% of that original loss. We can do this. We are adults and can take control of our lives. Even if my husband does have candy bars all over the house and thinks I look fine....5'3 and 230 pounds is not fine, it is painful and tiring. Keep up your resolve!! We CAN maintain.

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GAILRUU 12/21/2010 10:55AM

    I feel much better since I lost weight. My knees, hips and feet are pain free and I have much more energy. I have been a yo-yo dieter so long that it is hard for me to believe that I can actually maintain my lower weight, but I am hoping that I have actually learned something this time and I have eliminated sweets and snacks from my house which has been very helpful.

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RAINBOWFALLS 12/21/2010 10:15AM

    Me Too!

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MCGS62 12/21/2010 8:16AM

    Don't upset yourself.
This is a lot like the stock market the line zig zags across the page, but if you step back, hopefully, you will see your investment gradually climbing.
With sparkpeople it is the same concept but the zig zag line will, in general, be falling.

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LINDYPAINTS 12/21/2010 6:59AM

    You sound just like me, I know that everything hurts less when I weigh less!
Good luck, you are doing well!

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Mittens found at Dick's & Ebay....lost weight suddenly gained over weekend...

Monday, December 20, 2010

I now have a new pair of mittens and the lining is nice and fluffy.... they are almost too warm....but I know we have more cold weather ahead and they will be perfect!!! My early Xmas present from hubby. I also found a pair for half the price on Ebay and ordered those for a back-up. (I will keep those in my car for emergency.)

I was afraid to get on the scale this a.m. but glad I did. Over the weekend at one point I was up to over 250 lbs. This morning I am down to 245.4. I will probably be weighing myself daily for awhile to keep tabs on water/sodium retention. I have a yearly physical next week and will print out my chart from sparkpeople to show the doctor how much my weight fluctuates. My nurse case manager thinks it is not normal to gain and lose 5 or more lbs overnight like I do quite regularly. I take 2 diuretics but perhaps I need a stronger one. Also, I do admit sometimes this occurs after having even a small meal at a restaurant which tend to be high in sodium. Today I will push water, as I know that can help "flush out" the excess sodium. It is Monday and am grateful this is a 4-day work week and next week will only be a 3-day work week cause I have the 30th off because of 2 doctor appointments that couldn't be scheduled late in the day. I am having my fasting cholesterol checked at 1:00 in the afternoon and decided not to work if I can't have breakfast.

Have a great week everybody!!! emoticon

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ALMOSTRETIREDRN 12/21/2010 12:55PM

    I agree with MCGS62. Drinking more water than your body is used to can effect your retention. An increase in sodium can also have an effect if your body has adjusted to a routine lower sodium level.

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TEDDYTEDDY 12/20/2010 7:38PM

    Someone asked what brand of mittens: Hotfingers....they were $30 at Dicks and $16 including shipping on Ebay. emoticon

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RAINBOWFALLS 12/20/2010 6:43PM

    Enjoy your time off. I am looking forward to a short week this week.

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CATLADY52 12/20/2010 5:48PM

    I'm with you on the fasting for a doctor's appointment. My doctor has blood draws every Wedneday morning. It does make things nice. emoticon

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RUNNER4LIFE08 12/20/2010 11:22AM

    Those mittens sound nice! What brand is it?

Good luck at your doctor appointments!

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MCGS62 12/20/2010 9:54AM

    Get a new nurse! If you are drinking the 8 cups of water a day that sparkpeople reccommend, it may change more than that. You may also have to avoid long car trips for a while.

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Good sleep again...shopping for mittens...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

One day this past week I lost one of my favorite (and warm mittens). No one turned it into lost and found so I have to buy another pair as the weather is still frightful, last week got about 18-20 inches of snow and Monday and Tuesday are expecting another 6 inches or so. I have been wearing an extra pair of my hubby's gloves but want some nice leather mittens again. I had those for about 3 years and they were broken in well....I looked on line and they are bit pricey. We are going to Dicks Sporting Goods and that will be my Christmas present from my hubby.

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PHEBESS 12/19/2010 9:31PM

    I love mittens! They're so difficult to find, everyone thinks adults should wear gloves - but mittens are so much warmer!

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MILLISMA 12/19/2010 8:48PM

    I love the mittens with the "leather" palm. Even wear them to drive. Hope you found the ones you wanted.

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CHALLENGER15 12/19/2010 3:39PM

    I like gifts like that!

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MCGS62 12/19/2010 2:25PM

    Oh yeah Gota have gloves!

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PATTYKLAVER 12/19/2010 2:10PM

    I wish you luck in finding a pair. I'm like you - I get attached to something comfortable and I hate to have to give it up and get another. I hope your weather improves.

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CATLADY52 12/19/2010 1:02PM

    Hope you can find what you want. Although the old saying "Cold hands mean a warm heart" could apply. But you would have frozen hands with your weather. Stay warm!

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9, no maybe 10 hours of sleep!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A bit broken when I woke up at 2:30 and ate a whole mango....put on my sleep mask which I didn't have on when I went to sleep and when I finally got up at 8:30 a.m. I had a sore tongue as I had forgotten to put in my mouth guard (bruxism)...tonight will wear all the accoutrements I need in addition to my CPAP machine.

I thought I should have my hubby take a picture of me wearing my night gear (CPAP, chin strap, eye mask and mouth guard) but do I really want to know what it looks like? I do know it will probably be very warm in the summertime.


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MILLISMA 12/18/2010 5:24PM

    Better to be warm and be safe. My husband wouldn't go be tested for sleep apnea and I lost him 2 years ago. I know it must be a pain but it's well worth it.

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TEDDYTEDDY 12/18/2010 4:08PM

    Yes, I do sleep much better with all this equipment on. Last night, however, I forgot to check the humidifier (distilled water) before I went to bed so I woke up at least twice last night and had a very dried up nose.

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CATLADY52 12/18/2010 1:44PM

    emoticon After getting all the equipment on, how do you sleep?

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MCGS62 12/18/2010 1:25PM

    emoticon don't dream of lutefisk emoticon

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TURTLETALK 12/18/2010 10:17AM

    I look at my DH in his CPAP garb every night and I thank my lucky stars that technology has allowed us both to get a good night's sleep. Happy weekend!

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Lutefisk Lament
Charlie Boone & Roger Erickson FROM WCCO in Minnesnapolis, Minnesnowda
(there is an MP3 online with them reading it)...it was written by someone else who seldom gets credit and has given up on his copyright).....

'Twas the night before Christmas with things all a bustle
As Mama got set for the Christmas Eve tussle.
Aunts, uncles and cousins would soon be arriving
With stomachs all ready for Christmas Eve dining.
While I sat alone with a feeling of dread,
As visions of lutefisk danced in my head.
The thought of the smell made my eyeballs start burning.
The thought of the taste set my stomach to churning.
For I'm one of those who good Swedes rebuff:
A Scandahoovian boy who can't stand the stuff.

Each year, however, I played at the game
to spare mama and papa the undying shame.
I must bear up bravely, I can't take the risk of relatives knowing I hate lutefisk.
I know they would spurn me, my presents withhold,
if the unthinkable, unspeakable truth they were told.
Then out in the yard I heard such a clatter,
I jumped up to see what was the matter.
There in the snow, all in a jumble,
three of my uncles had taken a tumble.

My aunts, as usual, gave them "what for",
and soon they were up and through the door.
Then with talk, and more cheer,
an hour was passed as Mama finished the Christmas repast.
From out in the kitchen an odor came stealing,
that fairly set my senses to reeling.
The smell of lutefisk creeped down the hall
and wilted a plant in a pot on the wall.
The others reacted as though they were smitten,
while the aroma laid low my small helpless kitten.
Uncles Oscar and Lars said, "Oh, that smells yummy,"
and Kermit's eyes glittered while he patted his tummy.

The scent skipped off the ceiling and bounced off the door,
and the bird in the cuckoo clock fell on the floor.
Mama announced dinner by ringing a bell.
They pushed to the table with a yump and a yell.
I lifted my eyes to heaven and sighed,
and a rose on the wallpaper withered and died.
With wooden legs I found my chair
and sat in silence with an unseeing stare.
Most of the food was already in place;
there remained only to fill the lutefisks space.
Then Mama came proudly with a bowl on a trivet.
You would have thought the crown jewels were in it.

She placed it carefully down and took her seat,
and Papa said Grace before we could eat.
It seemed to me, with my whirling head,
the shortest prayer he ever had said.
Then Mama lifted the cover on the steaming dish,
and I was face to face with the quivering fish.
"Me first," I heard Uncle Kermit call,
while I watched the paint peel off the wall.

The plates were passed for Papa to fill.
I waited in agony between fever and chill.
He would dip in the spoon and hold it up high.
As it oozed on the plates, I thought I would die.
Then came my plate, and to my feverish brain
there seemed enough lutefisk to derail a train.
It looked like a mountain of congealing glue:
oddly transparent, yet discolored, the hue.
With butter and cream sauce I tried to conceal it;
I salted and peppered, but the smell still revealed it.
I drummed up my courage, I tried to be bold.
Mama reminds me, "Eat, before it gets cold."

I decided to face it, "Uff da," I sighed.
"Uff da, indeed," my stomach replied.
Then I summoned that resolve for which every breed is known.
My hand took the fork as with a mind of its own.
And with reckless abandon that lutefisk I ate,
within twenty seconds I'd cleaned my plate.
Uncle Kermit flashed me an ear-to-ear grin,
as butter and cream sauce dripped from his chin.
Then to my great shock, he whispered in my ear:
"I'm sure glad this is over for another year!"

It was then I learned a great and wonderful truth,
that Swedes and Norwegians, from old men to youth,
must each pay their dues to have the great joy
of being known as a good Scandahoovian boy.

And so to you all, as you face the great test:
Happy Christmas to you, and to you all the best.

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MCGS62 12/18/2010 1:20PM

    WOW !!Im glad I grew up in an Italian neighborhood!
Never mind on that recipe.

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FRECKALYMC 12/17/2010 3:13PM

    HILARIOUS!!! uffff DAH!

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KANSASROSE67 12/17/2010 1:50PM

    Love this! I know lots of Swedes and will be sharing this.

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CAROLJEAN64 12/17/2010 1:25PM

    I am so blessed as a Swede. Lutefisk was not my dad's favorite at all and it was NOT transferred from his home to ours. I still serve a traditional Christmas Eve meal using recipes from my great grandmother, but certain things - lutefisk, pickled pigs feet, veal sylta and head cheese have gone by the wayside. I miss the sylta and head cheese, but I can't find them in the Italian/German town I live in.

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RAINBOWFALLS 12/17/2010 1:07PM

    I love it! Thanks for sharing

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MILLISMA 12/17/2010 12:44PM

    I love this. I am not Swedish but joined the Swedish Museum in Philly a few years ago and now have joined the auxiliary. The one thing I have not been able to try is the lutefisk. I will have to copy this and give it to my girlfriend who is Swedish!

Thanks for making me laugh!

Mary Anne

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