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11 hours of sleep with lots of "nightmares" (REM)

Thursday, November 04, 2010

I dreamed I was married to my first husband (the deer poacher) and he shot 5 deer in one day (in my dream) and it seemed this dream (or was it a nightmare?) went on and on.....

I went to bed extra early and my back is pretty sore after 11 hours there. But as I am slowly regaining consciousness I think it was a good thing since the two previous nights were pretty restless.

I plan to go to the gym and swim tonight and that should help the stiffness I am feeling now. Thank goodness it is Thursday and then only one more day until the weekend.

I think I will ask for a week off towards the beginning of December. That will be a great time to have off as I might avoid some driving in the snow. emoticon

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TEDDYTEDDY 11/4/2010 4:21PM

    Hope2be said sometimes dreams send us messages...actually sometimes they are just re-hashing of our waking life....after I thought about it, the day before I had told my friend at work how when our cat on the farm caught a lot of mice, he would line them up in a row to show us what he had caught. In my dream my ex-husband had brought the deer in the house and lined them up in a spare bedroom and showed them to me. I find this parallel quite amusing if nothing else.....


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MSLZZY 11/4/2010 8:17AM

    Hope your day goes better. HUGS!

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HOPE2BE 11/4/2010 7:12AM

    Sorry to hear you've been having nightmares. I believe that there are messages being sent to us in dreams. I try to analyze mine. What we sometimes look at like a nightmare is really something that is logical. Glad to hear you maybe getting some time off in Dec. I too like not having to drive in snow.

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Oh, Sleep, it is a gentle thing beloved from pole to pole....

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I had a teacher who made us memorize almost the whole Rime of the Ancient Mariner (so why don't I know how to spell "Rime...Ryme...Rhyme???"

I woke up about 2:00 a.m. and didn't have on my CPAP mask and realized I had forgotten to add water to the machine for a few days and yes, it was empty of distilled water. I added some and put on the mask again and slept pretty well for 3 more hours. (I don't remember taking the mask off but apparently was having trouble breathing with no moisture in there.)
Today I again would like to take a day off work but am forcing myself to go in spite of my devilish side saying, "Call in sick, call in sick." Today is hump day and I know I can do it. I have a ton of work piled up on my desk again and the day does go pretty fast. Just hope I can be more productive today than yesterday. Sharing a printer with people who take things off and put them in the bins I don't expect them to be in has been one of my problems this week. (I lost things and found things and couldn't seem to keep it straight...I think I lost an hour trying to figure out at least a dozen charts I was working on.....but today I know to get up frequently to check the printer. (It twill be good exercise, also!!!)

Some of the work I am required to do is just mindless (in my opinion) but I do need to stay alert so I don't make errors in people's charts. Getting up to get prints frequently should help me stay alert and help loosen up my stiff knees. emoticon

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CATLADY52 11/3/2010 6:58PM

    I know what you mean. Both chores. Hope you sleep well tonight.

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CANOGAPARKGAL 11/3/2010 2:26PM

    You will make it through the hump day. You've figured out how to work with the others, and a good side benefit is more exercise. Hooray! emoticon

Hope things go more smoothly at work, as the others "catch up" to your style and output. You're one of the people who quietly make the world go around. emoticon

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GAILRUU 11/3/2010 8:35AM

    I hope the day goes well for you in spite of a lack of sleep!

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PATRICIA441 11/3/2010 7:34AM

  Sleep, so many of us have such a hard time getting a good night's sleep. Hope your day goes well. Sending you positive ((((vibes))) to stay awake!!

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NWLIFESRC 11/3/2010 6:56AM

    have a great day

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MSLZZY 11/3/2010 6:55AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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I think I need a vacation....

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I have been in the habit of waking up quite often and can't seem to get over it even with the CPAP machine...last night I must have woken up 10 times at least....I would love to go back to bed but have to leave the house in 30 minutes to get to work on time. I am looking forward to two long weekends coming up....4 day weekend for Thanksgiving and a 4 day weekend for New Years. Sometime soon I would love to just take a week off and not even go anywhere special...just hang around and sleep late, go to the gym, organize my house and throw away a bunch of stuff..... I'll have to figure out a good time to do that.... emoticon

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LAVENDERLILY 11/2/2010 7:12PM

    Since I retired you would think that I had loads of time! WRONG!
There is always something to keep me from doing what I would prefer. I guess there is never enough time. We just have to prioritize and make time for ourselves. emoticon

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CANOGAPARKGAL 11/2/2010 3:54PM

    The best thing about those 4-day holidays is that almost everybody else has them off, so there's not a big pile up in your IN box when you get back.

I hope you get a week off for yourself soon, also. emoticon

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MARPET44 11/2/2010 2:56PM

    I remember when I worked, wanting to take a vacation just to work at cleaning up the house. I think you really need a time out for yourself. The sleepless night sound so familiar. My doctor prescribed a mild anti-depressant and after one week of taking it I can now get 7-9 hours of sleep at night. It is so great. I also have more energy now. emoticon

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KIMOTHY77 11/2/2010 7:00AM

    I, too, have that wish. I wish that I can get a day to clean, take it easy and have no where to go:)

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All Saints Day: November 1, 2010

Monday, November 01, 2010

Is it really 2010? OMG...I remember when I was a kid in the 1950s and we talked about how old we would be in 2000....and here we are in 2010 and I am nearly the sole the survivor of my family of origin. My one surviving sister is still hanging onto life by a thread and is back to the hospital again with an infection of unknown origin. Her daughter has been struggling with her ups and downs most of this year in addition to her own battle with mastectomies less than a year ago.

I am back to wondering when the phone call will come.... but trying not to think about it too much as it is upsetting.

Today at work my coworker is supposed to return (again!!!!) after being out most of September and all of October. It would be nice to give the message machine part of the job back to her. Lately it seems all I have been doing is "putting out fires" and trying to placate the angry attorneys who are under pressure to get their clients' bills from injuries going to court soon. Also, in the past two weeks we have changed the way we track our requests for them and we also have had 5 new people trained in to do this work and they don't always get it quite right which causes more problems. I have spent a lot of time looking for things in "all the wrong places" and have experienced a fair amount of frustration when I can't find what I am looking for. I also have uncovered errors and probably have become "unpopular" with some of my coworkers when I do that, but eventually everyone should get the hang of it. I remember when I learned to do my job and it took at least 3 to 6 months to get to a decent understanding of the process.

So here's hoping that things at work will "get back to normal" soon.


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CANOGAPARKGAL 11/1/2010 4:04PM

    I agree with you that it takes about 6 months before someone becomes productive in their new job - depending on both the person and the job of course. Hope things smooth out for YOU now.

So sorry about your sister. And so glad you are working on your health here at Spark. emoticon emoticon

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MARITAK 11/1/2010 7:38AM


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ONESPOTLEFT 11/1/2010 7:00AM

    I too collect the woes of the office and have to repair the damage of others who have no work ethic. I try to focus on the positive at work and ignore the people that are annoying because I need my job such as it is.

I have been outcast by my family but that is a blessing too. I garden a lot because it is mindless and I find peace pulling weeds and growing things

have a blessed day

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Happy Halloween

Sunday, October 31, 2010

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I can hardly believe it is the end of October already.... It seems this year just started even though so many things have happened.

I spent half of my day yesterday wondering if those boxes I shipped by overnight train to my daughter ever got there. After I tried to call her 5 times and sent her 3 emails I just gave up and decided she had more important thingsto do than to call me with a report....

I hope she is having fun going to Halloween parties, etc. She is thrilled that her boyfriend is back in town after being gone for about 2 months this time. So I am trying to be understanding...afterall...I'm just her mother.....(I say with exasperation!!!!)

emoticon emoticon

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TEDDYTEDDY 10/31/2010 4:54PM

    Finally got call and packages arrived safe and sound to my daughter's town by train. That train was in an accident in Indiana before it got to St. Paul. It ran into a fire truck there. Then in Williston, ND it was slowed down by a previous fatal accident of a cargo train with an oil tanker truck....so the train was late but no damage to the shipment. At least it did get there and everything was okay. emoticon

Now I am looking forward to seeing pictures of her Halloween costume as a mermaid.....and I hope she has lots of fun tonight. emoticon

P.S. Remind myself not to travel by train!!!! emoticon

Comment edited on: 11/1/2010 6:50:24 AM

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CATLADY52 10/31/2010 12:56PM

    Have patience, children are always children. Sometimes you wonder if they can remember their own names. emoticon

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MARITAK 10/31/2010 7:49AM

  I sure understand being "just the mother". emoticon

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MARPET44 10/31/2010 7:04AM

    October seems to have just flown by. emoticon Next thing you know Christmas will be here. But we will just take it one day at a time. Happy Halloween.

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