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Not wanting to Cook

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Usually I am a motivated cooker and love to fuss in the kitchen. In the last two weeks,whether it is the humidity, busy, or abundance of raw fresh stuff, just not feeling the fun. Maybe it is cooking for one.. regardless plugging on, and alcohol free.
I have bad news on last blood work, counts low, and hopefully not needing a transfusion.
Repeating tests Thursday and headed to Cleve Clinic for my quarterly check. Praying no
problems, just no time in my life for a setback.

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MAW_OH 6/26/2014 11:16AM

    Prayers going out to you, for your good health. emoticon

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USMAWIFE 6/24/2014 8:35PM

    I love to cook but when it gets hot, forget it.. I would rather live on smoothies and water

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Facing my Future

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

i've survived 6 difficult, emotionally stressful, weeks, some of which was self induced. Recognizing that I can make mistakes, not wallowing in self-pity, praying for understanding all is within me. I recovered from the weight gain, and am 3 pounds below my last May weight. I am 4.9 pounds from 200 total weight loss and focused, clean, and moving on. The
bruise on my hip is still very bad and sleep restless but much better with an improvement every day. I am once again excited to move forward, and optimistic for what the future may hold. I read today that 60 is the new 40. Wow would that be nice.

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CLASSYLADYMAY 6/11/2014 11:05AM

    Awesome !! So happy for you !! Things can get better just takes time. Hugs for you !!

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KNEEMAKER 6/10/2014 11:58PM

  Wow you have done so very well. I wish I could be like you. Hopefully I will reach my goals someday. I wish you well and hope you keep on keeping on. In addition, may God continue to Bless you with all that you desire. emoticon

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Finding my path.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

I am doing ok, following my recovery plan, May is history and I am dropping the temp regain pounds very quickly. I had a serious tall outside my home a week ago Thursday. The hematoma on my left hip and leg is huge, probably the size of 2 basketballs and the bruise on my left shoulder is about the size of a cantaloupe. I fell not by tripping or slipping, but by hitting my shoulder when I bent down and stood up and knocking myself backward. I have not fallen since 2011 in the hospital. The good news is that it did not take a crane and an army of people to erect me. 190 pounds does make a difference.
I am sleeping poorly as I am a left side sleeper and cannot stand the pain of pressure. Doctors say I am fine but my ego is the worst bruise. lol. My Granddaughter got engaged today, lovely couple and stunning diamond. I surely am not needing a diamond again, but would love to care about someone I think. Now I surely covered the topics today. Saturday night is quiet on this mountain and I am happy with this beautiful mid-70 weather and Lake Erie close by.

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ADIRONDACKMOM 6/24/2014 7:22AM

    MY HEART GOES OUT FOR YOU DEAR-- I too fell and my life has been changed forever because of it.... all for the better which has started ME on a weight loss journey! YOU HAVE COME SUCH A LONG WAY LOOSING SO MUCH AND YOU DIDN'T LET A HUGE FALL STOP YOU! Wow!!!! After reading your blogs I am so impressed by your fortitude to continue moving forward! God bless you-- You inspire me!


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Washing May Out of My Hair!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

After struggling through the month of May, and still not 100 per cent, can't hear in right ear and on two antibiotics, I now know that May was destined to challenge me. I have been confident, bordering on overconfident, went backwards 4 pounds but I am puffy and truly believe it is water gain. Although I have been lax at log in, I carry with me Spark thoughts daily, I will not give up my progress, and allow food to control my life. More particularly, I will not allow relationships to overshaddow my goals and I will not regress to random drinking.
Although not an alcoholic and go days and months without drinking, I am a social animal and recognize the potential to overeat when I drink, bourbon.
It is a good day.... worked at desk, then showered, did my nails, hair, ate low end of range, did minimal exercise, as my balance is off; but all tolled, my faith and The grace of God is watching over me. Tomorrow I am taking my cracked Ipad for repair, another story, having breakfast with a friend, and babysitting for my Grandaughter. Love to all of you who sent me the messages on my last Blog, giving me encouragement and lots to think about.

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ADIRONDACKMOM 6/24/2014 7:18AM

    Wow! You are AMAZING!


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Regaining my sanity...

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

During my Mom's 12 day visit, I met with some challenges and found myself attempting to cook for her, for myself, and in that time landed a new client that turned out to be 2 new clients. I spent 65 hours tied to my desk, was not sleeping great, cat tortured Mom during this visit, and then went right into prep for the 90th birthday celebration this past Sunday, cooking up a storm. I began having nosebleeds, not good with anemia, and got a referral for cauterization. Then, developed the worst sinus infection, swollen eyes, and then my feet began to swell, a combination of overtired, excess sodium, processed meats, several glasses of party wine, and having my feet down at the desk without enough breaks. The swelling precipitated knee pain and I can barely walk. Now throw in my daughter in law blowing up her very nice car, requiring engine work, needing a ride to/from work, and that about sums up my fiasco. Oh yes, and my Granddaughter is getting off the bus here 2 days a week, and needs fed, homework guidance, etc. On Monday am I got up 4.6 pounds heavier, swollen, and miserable. I used my mirror thing....you don't control me, I control you! Personal visualization and have come on track. I am voiding every 20-45 minutes, antibiotics done, off Tylenol, upped water to 10, cut caffeine in 1/2, sleeping 9 hrs, breaking from desk every hour, and food on track. I broke a 109 day login streak totally upsetting me, but I get it. Life tested me and I did not make good decisions. It's been months since I caved, and don't plan on the events repeating themselves. Tomorrow is day 4 in the return of sanity and good judgement. I am optimistic about reaching the -200 lost very soon.

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TEAROSE22 6/7/2014 7:46PM

    I thank you all for the motivating words. I am recovering from my lapse of sanity, I am on track.

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GRANDY-N-TN 5/27/2014 2:03PM

    Hi, TEAROSE22. Let me join Survivor61 in congratulating you in getting back on track. I just finished with three days of two hour steroid infusions for Neuropathy and I am so swollen in my legs and feet. But I am going to stay on track. I have to weigh on Thursday and I just hope the this fluid build up is gone by then. I am Singinglady47(Judy) Leader of Keep Walking With Jesus team. Give us a look. We would to be here for you. Anyway, I am proud of the success that you have had and also the way you have come back from that little side step. But it sounds like so much was going on and we all have times like that. God bless you today and always. Hugs, Judy.


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SURVIVOR61 5/27/2014 12:21PM

    Congrat's for getting back on track!! You are headed in the right direction to getting Healthy and Team IndyGirl is an Awesome team for support!! If you would like a little more support of the spiritual kind drop by team "KEEP WALKING WITH JESUS" we would love to be there for you. Our team leader weighed in at 357 Lbs. and has reached her weight loss goal of 121 Lbs. Check out "singinglady47" spark page to read about her success story. She is my mentor and the Leader and creator of this team. You are a very beautiful Lady and you deserve to be Healthy and Happy. God Bless You, I'll pray for your continued success, my sister. So proud of all that you have accomplished. Keep Pushing!!
Love Always in Christ Jesus your sister

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    Life throws us curve balls -- so swing! -- and hit it out of the park! emoticon

Always remember that Y*O*U are emoticon

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JIACOLO 5/7/2014 11:13PM

    As unsettling as it was with your mom's visit, please find time to enjoy having her here with you. The memories you have may need to last a lifetime.

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