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May Goals - from halfway through May

Monday, May 09, 2011

May Goals: (updated 24th May)

- join T.O.W.N. (take off weight naturally) - COMPLETED
- join physicalaimz (group training) - COMPLETED
- go on shake diet until packets run out. ~ 10 days worth. only other food to be consumed = veggies, soup, occasional proteins. i figure its a good opportunity to detox and break the cycle of bad food habits. - IN PROGRESS. HAVE TWEEKED THIS TO SUBSTITUTE A BREAKFAST SHAKE TO A BREAKFAST BAR BECAUSE I HATE MILK IN THE MORNINGS
- hire bike for exercise at home - DELIVERED TODAY!
- once shakes are finished, buy some pre-prepared lite n easy dinners/lunches for disorganised "i have nothing to eat, so i must buy fast food" moments. - WAITING TO COMPLETE THE ABOVE
- attend 2 group classes per week minimum (looking at monday evening and saturday morning at this stage) - HAVE ONLY BEEN ONCE PER WEEK SO FAR


Yay! Injuries almost healed!

Monday, May 09, 2011

I'm sooooo, so close to being able to exercise properly again! can't wait! have to make sure i don't overdo it and go backwards though cause i'm so excited. emoticon

I have my first weigh in a the local weight loss group next Tuesday. i'm looking forward to the accountability and to some competitiveness. (i find competition very motivating!) looking forward to kicking some weight loss butt!

Still not sure which way to go with food choices. I have a great knowledge base but no will power. i've heard a rumour its like a muscle. the more times i say 'no, don't eat that' and follow through with it, the easier it will get. just so tired of failing with my food choices. its very demoralising.


Averaging a blog a month so far!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

well... that's not very sparkish of me at all! i haven't changed or grown much at all this year. haven't shrunken either which is a problem. emoticon

i'm thinking of looking into lite and easy where they drop off a certain number of pre-made meals per week so i don't have to cook and prepare things. i just never get around to it. i don't know if i should just try harder (which hasn't worked, i hate cooking when i get home from a day of work, and i hate cooking ahead on weekends cause i never want to eat what i've cooked anyway)

starting to feel much better after getting my teeth out too. everythings getting back to normal.

hope i can dream big and have the courage and self discipline to follow my dreams!

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EATNBOOGERS 4/15/2011 12:22AM

    What about the spark menus on the tracker? I know you'd have to cook, but would it be more interesting?

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Yay! back on my feet after 2 weeks with the flu!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The only bonus of being sick for 2 weeks is that i lost some weight! haha. nah, not really. i'm sure its mainly just dehydration...

i'm off on holidays in a week and looking forward to some new sights and memories. it should be gorgeous where we're headed.

I suffered some very serious low self esteem and frustration with losing weight in february. its not even the weigh in results i just wish that i could do a better job of the whole thing! i know its not meant to be easy but shouldn't i be able to get things together better than i have been? i'm a lazy person and a disorganised person. these are possibly the worst combination of character traits for losing weight i think! plus i am trying to raise the bar of expectations for myself with the idea that it will make me reach higher. or is it really just making me fall harder when i can't get it together?

when i make the bad choice and settle for the bad choices over and over again? losing weight is not just a habit changing endeavour (struggle? war? slugfest?) it is a character changing endeavour. i would guess this is the same for everyone since so much of changing is mental and emotional. its hard and very overwhelming for me to realise that the character traits that hold me back from achieving (or even working towards ) my weight loss goals are just as much a hindrance to other areas of my life too and other goals.

i have a very great fear of reaching for higher ground as i've always felt that when i tried, life did its best to smack me back down to my lowly place. perhaps this is a skewed version that i need to pull apart and consider. perhaps i just need to gather my courage and proceed, regardless of any consequences i fear? maybe life will surprise me and not knock me down? maybe i'll achieve my goal and begin to set a new pattern for the rest of my life?


i'm doing TERRIBLE on my weight loss journey!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Boohoo. I'm so upset. I haven't done much right at all the last 3 weeks. i've only exercised twice and even when i have made healthy food for work i have ignored it and bought junk food and ended up throwing out the healthy food cause it went off because i ignored it for so long! how awful! emoticon

sigh... i don't have any excuses either. this year is the perfect opportunity for me. if i miss it... no one to blame but me. i predict i'll get to my wedding in november and feel as fat and undesirable as i do now.

i don't have any study to distract me. all i have is work to take away my time. not sure where to find my weight loss mojo again. maybe a good nights sleep and a plan will help.

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WYOBZM 2/27/2011 9:13AM

    emoticon Hope you got that good night's sleep in.
emoticon Time to set your goals and make them a PRIORITY!!!!!
emoticon emoticon Get those goals written down. Make your plan for this week SPECIFIC!

emoticon We'll be here to cheer you on so DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

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2LABS2LOVE 2/26/2011 4:37PM

    emoticonohhhh bridal nerves...the worst...but let's do this together one baby step at a time...make one change for tomorrow....only one and then feel that success!


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WILDRICE99 2/26/2011 2:46PM

    Well Teague, you've got less than nine months until your wedding. Now, you can procrastinate and wait until a month before to lose the weight, or you can get started now. I suggest now...'cause you will have plenty of other things on your mind when spring rolls around.

Reset all your goals...exercise, weight loss, time frame...start fresh. I would suggest your weight loss goal date to be in September. That way, you can get fitted for your dress. And most importantly, GET MOVING!!! November will be here before you know it...trust me!

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MSKIPPER43 2/26/2011 1:52AM

    Well U said it that u don't have any excuses. I can;t even help u out with that!!!! But let me ask u something, if the lottery office said u had one the lottery would u take time to pick it up.... OF COURSE U WOULD!!!! U have to make exercise a part of your wxhedule just like going to the lotttery office or going to work. The weather is starting to get warm... plant a flower bed, clean out a closet to make room for new clothes, walk aroung Wal-Mart, etc U do not have to do traditional exercises but you can still do things that cause u to exert yourself. U sound like u think that dieting is this miserable-diet food eating-torture test. Heck no wonder u can't stick with it. Make a small change. Why not try to eat a FRESH fruit salad or a green salad made with any other lettuce than iceburg before you actuallly sit down to eat your meals. Tonight I had an apple that I had sliced before I are chicken and dumplings. They were not low cal by any means but I ate maybe a half bowl because I filled up on that cut up apple. I use the Wii and me and my hubby bowl on it. I also like the mushroom thing and the hula hoop thing I am horrible at but I have been able to go from doing 6 to being able to do 80+ and let me tell u I sweat. I do 30 minutes at a time on the Wii and they have biking, walking, canoing, skiiing, etc that cause u to get up and move but are not the same as exercise. My favorite things are are the Wii fit and I like the boxing,the obstacle course, and the Kung-fu.

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TIBURONA 2/26/2011 1:48AM

    The good thing about a journey is that you can always walk another way. Forgive yourself and get on another path. A good start would be just observing what you are doing, good or bad. Track your food and exercise and then start with some small tweaks...you don't have to get to the end of the road in one leap, right?

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