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A different approach

Friday, October 03, 2014

Having been not on the healthy lifestyle journey for a year now I am wanting to get back on track again as I have been feeling unhealthy, sick, unmotivated and lethargic.

I want to continue my journey with establishing new habits. But only small ones. I need to build success and confidence to provide momentum for continuing the journey. Small amounts of sucess are like fuel for the car on my journey of change.

Working on the principle of establishing habits through the loop of 'cue, reward, routine'.

I will be spending a lot of time trying to remove expectations of what i think i should be doing and focus on DOING anything. I won't even be setting goals of 'x' number of minutes of exercise per day, 'x' numbers of calories... this is all going to start with a fortnight of journalling. i just need to reaquaint myself with myself, my reasons, roadbloack, foundations and self knowledge.

There are long term goals but i will stay hush hush about them for now so they don't put pressure on me and make me feel like i will fail. While I am journaling i will work on establishing first the habit of journaling which isn't a long term commitment unless i feel it will have ongoing rewards for me by setting up a cue for the journaling.

I am moving house soon and will be living by myself. i'm looking forward to being able to put whatever i like around the house, being in control of the pantry and fridge and not feeling embarrassed if i have silly things like star charts on the fridge to track my progress in creating habits. i might even end up with a spare room to exercise in!

when i do get towards exercise my focus will be on rebuilding the foundations of my health and mobility. undoing all the damage that is being done by a sedentary lifestyle and desk job. it won't be focused on intensity or duration or distance.

the journaling is also a way of discovering and documenting positive reasons to continue this challenge. at the moment i am being pushed by negative energy about myself and the way i feel. to make this sustainable i need to find something better than that. i just don't know what a positive could be. i know i'm meant to want it for me, so i feel better and have more energy but that doesn't inspire me. do i like clothes enough to want to fit into my favourites again? no. am i competitive enough to want to be the best or be challenged in a race? no. do i want to be healthier so my family will be proud of me and not look at me funny when i wear 'fat clothes'? maybe. but that sounds like a negative motivator too.

as you can see some of the above questions are reasons why i think journalling will be helpful. after all... doesn't the word journalling come from journey?



Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Now that i'm back from holidays i am thinking forward again and determining my next steps and small wins to meet my goal of losing 10 kilos by the end of this year. The holiday was great, I had fun, did heaps of walking (sore feet everyday!), ate fairly well, avoided alcohol and didn't put on any weight. So all positives there.

In analysing what I have learnt so far here is my toolkit of resources to get me to my goal this year:
- primal recipes and eating
- basic bodyweight exercises
- intermittent fasting (IF)
- my local gym
- my walking buddy
- rewarding myself / celebrate small wins
- sparkpeople teams
- the 80/20 rule / not letting perfect be the enemy of good

Now that i've made a nice little summary of what i can use, the next steps i am going to focus on are:
- walking at least around the block 6 times per week (every night after work) to establish the habit. the easier i make it and the more road blocks i remove the likelier the habit is to stick!
- making lunch for work

After that habits to look at are:
- gym twice per week
- longer walk
- meal planning
- running program

The most important thing to remember in changing habits for me is that 'I CAN DO IT'! Self belief seems to be a critical factor for me. Maybe its the same for everyone. I often over think and over analyse information and don't act because i don't REALLY think that i can change. And if someone else says something then i fall way off the wagon. sad but true.


phew.... a bit exhausted people!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good afternoon friends, romans, countrymen... Hope everyone is enjoying themselves and looking forward to the weekend? i'm probably just being extra keen because today is Thursday which means i don't have to wait as long as my American peeps.

Also, i'll get a bit of a head start on the weekend tonight with a nice dinner and movie. going to go see fast and furious 6 at the cinemas. should be fun, with dinner at an italian restaurant beforehand. if i get time i'm also going to see if i can exchange a computer game i bought last week that didn't work on my pc. cross my fingers... not sure what their exchange policy is as it is unwrapped and i guess with computer games people could be dodgy and load them on their pc and then return them. but i'm not, so... maybe they will be nice to me.

i had about 5 vials of blood taken out for blood tests this morning... blech! so i might have a late lunch as i had a toasted sandwich mid morning and dinner will be a little later than usual due to the aforementioned going out. i have a mini chicken roast and brussel sprouts for lunch. nice and healthy. and tasty... the butcher pre-makes the mini roasts. this one is a marinated honey soy one. making myself hungry now so i might go eat it! emoticon

weight loss has stalled the last 2 months. i'm at about 6.5kg's lost this year. i'd like to get down to the 75kg mark before i head off on holidays at the end of this month. that's about 3.5kg's to go.

take care everyone! keep on sparking!


1675 miles along the trans american trail - where are we now?!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hi Team,

Good work on people still walking and logging their hours. I'm thinking with the number of people on the team site everyone is on holidays over summer or they are bored with the challenge. If the latter i'm not surprised. Stop into the daily chatter thread to post ideas for a new challenge for July if you would like something else as a challenge!

So... where in the USA are we now? We ARE in Kansas Dorothy! Eureka, Greenwood County to be specific. I saw on the map that it is close to Wichita which I have heard of before because it's in movies (like Twister). Looks like we are getting close to the halfway mark crossing the continent.

and i found an old photo and a newer one which have the same building in them. cool! emoticon

It looks like a mainly pastural community with plenty of outdoors activities. They are near the Verdigris river.

Make the most of the nice weather and get in some walking (maybe even running) miles! It's horrible and rainy here in Australia. Been a bit cold and soggy the last couple of weeks.

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wow... almost halfway through June

Friday, June 07, 2013

Ooops!! My bad! i haven't done any exercise or food prep since June started. I'd hate to throw away all my good work this year so far. my food has been nutritionally poor whilst not being excessively unhealthy either. i'm holding steady at 6kg's lost so far this year. yay me!

we're off for a walk tomorrow which will be a start and i ned to get some little increments of exercise added back in. on my agenda for the weekend is to finish up some research i'm doing to write up a short stomach workout. i have a list of exercises and i just need to put them in order, get some photos of each (sparkpeople has some good exercise encyclopedia facilities that i like) and pick 10 of them to do twice a week. really short workout. i'm aiming to keep it at 10-15 mins but with a fairly high intensity.

i've started off my cooking this week with chicken tortillas, a leek and potatoe soup. i'm going to try a paleo breakfast recipe too this weekend. its like little egg muffins. i'm intrigued.


other than coasting for the last 2 weeks i've had some health issues too. been a bit sick in the stomach and its made me very tired. hopefully that is on the way out and i can get on with rebuilding some energy with good nutrition and hopefully some decent sleep which has also been absent. i feel like i could do with a really good does of shovelling dirt around the backyard or something so i can sleep. i think i need some intense exercise to work off some stress levels and get some good endorphins.

adios amigos!

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