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Starting Day 3

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Well, I begin my day with a random injury of sorts. My right index fingernail is infected or something, so daily activities have become a bit more challenging because it hurts to even touch it. I end up with the weirdest things happening to me.

Onto the good news....on Friday I received reiki and acupuncture treatment. After talking with my "advisor," about my struggles and discussing everything I felt so much better about everything and even felt immediately healthier. I am also going to start some herbs to help with everything. However, I am giving my body a detox. I am not taking anything until all these other medications (prednizone, antibiotics) out of my system.

today is day 3 of restarting my weight loss journey. I started on Sunday with a meal and workout plan. Sunday was Zumba and meal prep and plan. Monday was walk/jog training and personal training. Today is going to be walk with the dogs. So far I have 3 days of staying within calories and working out under my belt. I feel so much more positive. Now, if only these weird injuries and medical things would stay away.

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SOKKERNUT 5/5/2014 4:03PM

    emoticon Keep it up emoticon

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SNOWYOGA 4/9/2014 9:31PM

    This sounds great! But if I can ask please share more on what your doing I have given up all my meds and are also trying from the health food store The doctors and pharmacist's won't talk to you about anything and what you can take with what, so I would like any help you might have Thank you

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ABETTERJILL 4/8/2014 2:21PM

    Lacey, It's awesome that you're getting outside help. I hope your finger heals up quickly!

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Will I ever be successful??

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Wow! Am I ever disappointed in myself! I am close to 230 pounds the 2012-2013 school year being beyond stressful. Then summer came and I ended up having to take care of a 3 month old all summer while his mother was in the hospital for almost the entire summer. So I ate what was convenient and didn't care. This school year has been less stressful, but somehow I still haven't figured out how to quit eating junk, sweet, etc. foods.

So I was trying to get back on track by restarting with the 21 Day Fix by BeachBody. It did okay for about a week, but doing specific food counting was stressing me out more, as well as getting up for their workouts each morning. 30 minutes isn't alot to ask, but everyday...ahh...it's alot to commit to right away. So I burned myself out. Then I decided I wanted to do a combination of just counting calories and varying workouts. Anyway, I was diagnosed with tenosynovitis in my wrist and was put on predizone. That steroid is making me so hungry. That medicine then made my immune system non-existant and I now have an upper respirtory infection and haven't had a good night's sleep in 3 days. I can't workout because of the constant coughing and no energy.

I am so frustrated...I start and then bam...something happens. I am hoping that I can get restarted this weekend. I have an appointment with my personal trainer on Saturday. Hopefully everything will be better enough to go. I don't even know how I got so far off course. I just had to order bigger jeans because I don't have any that fit and I have been wearing nice yoga pants to work because my dress pants don't fit. I just feel gross and frustrated. GRRRR....

My acupuncturist and reiki lady is coming Friday night, so hopefully between her and the meds everything will get back to normal soon!

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CHERIJ16 4/3/2014 9:33AM

    Take each day minute by minute, step by step, and don't look back. Remember this is your journey of a lifetime. emoticon

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FITMARY 4/3/2014 9:21AM

    It really, really helped me to commit to "Just 10 Minutes" of exercise a day. Anyone, even I, can find TEN minutes. And of course once I started my 10 minutes, I would frequently do more. But no matter what "Just 10 Minutes"! Maybe it would help you?
Good luck!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PATSYB7 4/3/2014 7:16AM

    Each day is a new beginning. Keep Sparking--you'll get there.
emoticon emoticon

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SUE5007 4/2/2014 3:51PM

    emoticon I hate that feeling of having to start over. But try to think of it not as starting over, but as starting again. Each time we have more knowledge and experience. It will pay off. Keep up the hard work.

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Life's Paths

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I received an email from my grandpa not too long ago that included these photos and more (Which was completely unusual because he usually sends me dirty jokes). It got me thinking about my weight loss journey.

Many days are an uphill battle, but it's worth the fight to get to the top!

Many times it feels like I am living on the edge and could fall off at any moment. There is always temptation, like cake, donuts, and cookies that call my name! I'm a stress and binge eater...and most of the time it's like being on the edge of a cliff trying not to fall off, but I take each day as it comes!

Each day is filled with choices. Am I gonna eat the donut in front of me or will I walk away and grab a glass of water or healthy snack instead? Will I hit the gym or sit on the couch?

The weight loss journey to a healthy lifestyle is a long and winding path. I have been up and down with the same 10-20 pounds over the last few years because I do well for awhile and then I fall off the wagon. I have to stick to the path to get all 40-50 pounds off and keep them off with a healthy lifestyle.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Each day and each healthy decision I make gets me closer to my goal!

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SUNNYDAZE9 1/25/2012 8:20PM

    Love the blog and the pics!

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JAZZMINE 1/25/2012 6:46PM

    Great Blog! Thanks for the motivation!


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IMOM4GIRLS 1/25/2012 12:13PM

    I love it! Great Pics and so true for a lot of us here!

I also love that Grandpa sends you dirty jokes! He sounds like a riot!

Have a great day. Make good choices. We will both see the light at the end of our tunnels soon!


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DETERMINED_SOUL 1/25/2012 10:38AM

    That is great! A picture really can say so many things to us.

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LATTELEE 1/25/2012 10:31AM


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