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Purging Ceremony

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I posted this in a message thread (Purging Ceremony -
x14079831 ) for the team "Quirk World" and thought I'd share it here too:
The actual closet emptying was done all at once, but the disposal was done in two stages.

Moving was the perfect time for cleaning out my closet and dressers. It left me with literally nothing but what I had bought in the previous couple of weeks, but that's not the issue here.

I packed the clothes up anyway to save for my BFF Anita, who incidentally, joined Sparks shortly after I did, but "doesn't have the time" to keep up with it. She has been on a pretty tough schedule, so we hadn't seen each other for a couple of months. She had been a size 16, and when I got down to 14, I went closet shopping at her place. I've changed up and down over the last few years. Extreme changes from one way to the other and back again. Details in a past blog if you're interested, but again, not the issue here. My old clothes ranged in size from 14 to 20. I'm currently a 10, but hanging on to the 12's until I can fill out my wardrobe a bit more.

Well, I found out that my mother has now gotten down to a size 18. (She was diagnosed with diabetes, so HAD to finally diet) This is significant. She used to be over 350 lbs. and I am so happy for her. My sister came to town with my niece & nephew over spring break, so we went through all of the clothes to determine what my mother would like, and I sent them back with sis. My niece also snagged some of the jeans.

Anita finally was able to carve out some time for us to get together. Actually, she made the time so she could drive me to a Dr. appointment. It was great because we hadn't seen each other in too long. Afterwards, at my place, we went through the clothes that were left. None of the 16's fit her. Very few of the 18's did, and all of the 20's but even those were a bit snug. Most of these were summer clothes that I had bought at the end of the season last year and probably only wore once or twice, so she got some great stuff. Heck, she had even helped in picking some of it out.

Lordy, how I ramble. Anyway, the fact that she had blindly gotten up to a size 20 from a size 16, in the same amount of time that I got from a size 20 to a size 10, really opened her eyes.

She has decided once and for all that she is going to do something about it. She may not have "the time" to keep up with tracking her food etc., but I currently do. So I am tracking for her. She calls me several times a day and tells me what she's eaten and I log her food for her and stuff. I quiz her about any exercise she may have done without even realizing it and log it for her. We were talking about me helping her out when I lost my job, but then I injured my back, so wasn't able to. Hopefully, I can get back to a decent level of mobility soon so that I can ease her pressures with her company, and she can have more time, and be able to work out with me.

Anyway, my purging was able to benefit my mother and my niece, who really can't afford to go and buy new clothes, and opened my BFF's eyes, who can afford new clothes, but can't afford to continue the unhealthy lifestyle.

So now, two of the people I love the most in this world, are both on track for a healthier lifestyle.

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CIAMOM 4/18/2008 12:16PM

    You're spreading the spark, girl! Woo hoo!! :)

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GRUMPYGRAMS 4/17/2008 11:27PM

    Wow Tracy--this was a good blog. I'm so happy that your mom has lost so much weight. I bet she feels much better! That is so great. As for Anita, what a great example you've been for her. Hopefully, she'll now "see the light", & stay on track. I know with your support--she can't help but succeed!!

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THINMOM5 4/16/2008 11:56PM

    Wow. What a great friend you are. And how nice that you've set such a good example for everyone. Good job!! :)

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BONDGIRL72 4/16/2008 3:42PM

  what a great friend you are!! I hope your inspiration helps your family and friends!

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DETERMINED_ME 4/16/2008 2:25PM

    Wow, that is so wonderful! I hope this helps your friend.

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FLUFFYDADDY67 4/16/2008 1:42PM

    what an absolutely inspiring and wonderful story!!! thank you for sharing again Tracy!

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Procrastinating for Points

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Either it's the boredom getting to me, or a sense of morbidity regarding my mortality. In any case, it's been over 20 years since I updated my address book. Not the one in the cell phone, or the email client. Those aren't complete anyway. I mean the handwritten paper one that everyone used to keep "back in the day". I got to thinking that if anything happened to me, my son wouldn't have a clue where to look for information on relatives, friends etc. that he doesn't normally have contact with. In this day of email and free or unlimited long distance, address books have become almost obsolete. I almost thought about throwing it away, but that's when I had the thought of my son maybe needing it some day.

So I sat down and started making phone calls and updating.

I purchased this phone book way back in the early 80's, right after high school. It's even personalized with my name on the front. It has clear pages to insert address cards so that you don't have the problem of scratching out and writing over and having to buy a new one every so often because there is no more room. You just add pages and cards as necessary. Real nifty.

First I had to go through and pull out all of the cards for people I no longer (or no longer choose to) have contact with, people who have have passed away, or that I've lost touch with and have no way to find them, old jobs, businesses that I no longer patronize, etc.

The book was empty after that. There was only one address card that was still good. My church, except that the pastors have changed over the years and I had to update that info.

If you ever want to get a bit nostalgic, go through your address book. I was amazed at the number of people that were in my life back then and are no longer. Some people I couldn't even remember who they were. Unsettling. If they were important enough to get into my address book, you'd think I'd remember who they were.

So anyway, the address book has been with me since the early 80's, it was filled with people and places that I knew in the 80's, and hadn't been updated since approximately 1988. I'm thinking that this just may qualify for points. Even though I'm not actually in the photo, it represents me from that time, and I spent all of today with my mind back there because of it.

“I'm lovin' the 80s ~ Week 2 of April!!"

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HEALTHIERLYNN 4/15/2008 8:04PM

    Ha, I love it, Tracy! It's definitely worthy of points and I'm crossing my fingers that my name made it in your book! :-)

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TCEDEROTH 4/14/2008 9:58PM

    Ironically, it was talking with some old high school chums during the week that prompted me to get the address book out in the first place. Funny how they weren't even in the book, but the others we were reminiscing about were, and no longer reachable. The old chums are definitely in the updated version.

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THINMOM5 4/14/2008 8:33PM

    I think this should totally count for points (which reminds me...) and I loved this entry. It makes me want to get in touch with some people I haven't thought about in awhile. :)

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TCEDEROTH 4/14/2008 12:30AM

    Now that I'm finished, I find that it's even fuller than it was before. Amazing since it was empty after I went through it, with the one exception of my church. I've apparently made more friends in my last 20 years than I did in the first 20. That's a good thing to think about, no?

And the thing is, the majority of the names in there now have been my friends for at least half of the past 20 years, some the whole 20. The ones I emptied out had only been around for a few years at best.

Old friends are the best kind. I look forward to calling you old friend Paul.

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FLUFFYDADDY67 4/13/2008 10:32PM


What a wonderful post. It made me think about my roots and things back in the day. Thank you so much for sharing! Thank you for the nostalgia trip.

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Points Under the Wire

Monday, April 07, 2008

“I'm lovin' the 80s ~ Week 1 of April!!"

Points, points, points.

This was taken at a wedding in early 1983. The guy in the picture has been pictured in a previous blog entry. He's the one that I still haven't technically broken up with to this day, and jokingly refer to as "the other boyfriend". Maybe it was his polka skills that have kept me attached all these years. Or his Barry Manilow impression.

Could that possibly be an alcoholic beverage in front of me? I wasn't quite 19 then, but probably.

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GRUMPYGRAMS 4/7/2008 9:10PM

    Great picture Tracy! Yep--it was the 80's--his hair is parted down the middle! Once in awhile I'll see a guy with a middle part, & it makes me just want to mess it all up--it's soooooo out now. You both look pretty happy--hmmmm....could it be from those drinks in front of you?!?! LOL!

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THINMOM5 4/7/2008 7:33PM

    What a cutie you are! And it can't hurt to have a boyfriend in reserve, right? ;)

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CIAMOM 4/7/2008 5:00PM

    So pretty you were/are, Tracy! And what a cute couple the two of you made (/make?)! ;)

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FLUFFYDADDY67 4/7/2008 3:16PM

    OK now I have to put one of my graduation pictures on my blog. Just as beautiful then as you are now, inside and out! Thank you for being a friend!

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I crossed the Border

Friday, April 04, 2008

First let me attempt to justify myself by saying that with only a few exceptions, I have been cooped up inside, all by myself, with little or no human contact or external sensory input for almost 3 weeks. (My son's visit doesn't count).

I had a doctor appointment today and a friend drove me there. He's actually Johnny's neighbor, so now he's mine too I guess. He recently had knee surgery and has only been able to be out and about for a few days now himself. He "needed to practice" driving again (Yikes). Anyway, he's been a very good neighbor, and friend for both of us. He wouldn't take any gas money, even though the appointment was a long distance away, and I insisted on buying lunch afterwards.

It was already 1:00, it was going to take an hour to get home, and I had breakfast at 5 am. The appointment was in my old neighborhood, and I know all of the restaurants and wanted to treat him to a nice lunch. By the time we left the appointment, we both needed a place where we could sit/stand at a tall stool rather than in a booth or a low table. Yes, somewhere with a bar. But don't worry, this isn't about a 3 martini lunch.

Our choices with this criteria were: Opa, a greek restaurant, not good. Olive Garden, not good for me as I can't have pasta. Max & Erma's or On The Border.

Mexican sounded good to both of us so On The Border it was. I'm actually under my goal and have been tryng to get it a little closer, so the chips and salsa didn't really scare me. Even if I hadn't kept it to a minimum to save room for my meal (those chips are addicting), it would have been alright. Or so I thought.

They have on their menu, specific lighter, healthier options that even show calories, fat grams etc. right there on the menu. Did I even look there? Of course I did. For less than 5 seconds. What I really wanted was their ultimate fajitas, but my Spark flared a little and I went over to the salads instead. I ordered the Sizzling Steak Fajita Salad. Still got my fajita, just without the tortillas, and had it on a salad! How bad can it be when it's a salad, right? I need to indulge myself. It's been 3 WEEKS since I've been out! Really, more than that.

Bad, bad, bad idea. It turns out I would have been better off with the Ultimate Fajitas. By the time I add in the Honey Mustard Salad dressing, and the chips (which were already eaten) I ended up with a whopping 1470 calories for just that one meal today. I actually would have saved myself 300 calories by going the "unhealthy" route. Both meals' fat content was about 2/3, and I knew that was going to be high from from the steak and guacamole, and cheese. But, I also couldn't have eaten the whole thing if I had gotten the Ultimate Fajitas, saving even more calories.

I sure hope this pain treatment I received works so I can get a full night's sleep tonight. For the past couple of weeks I've been awake and feeding approximately 20 hours a day. I was very proud of myself for staying in range and maintaining my weight with all of the eating I was doing. I wasn't really overeating, it was just that the extended waking hours had mealtimes kind of screwed up is all. But I cannot afford to continue eating today, that's for sure. When breakfast is figured in, I've already consumed almost 300 calories over my max. And even if I felt I could work out, I'm not allowed to even attempt it for 3 days.

I guess it just goes to show that even if you THINK you're making better choices, that's not always the case. They even TOLD me what the better options were right on the menu, and I chose to ignore it. What was I thinking?

So yep, I crossed the border. But my defection has been made public and this vacation is officially over.

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THINMOM5 4/4/2008 8:37PM

    LOL. I've been burned by "healthy" salads too. And honestly, you did better than I would have. If I'm gonna have mexican food, it's probably going to be cheese enchiladas. Yu-um! Anyway, I really hope you get feeling better soon. It must be so frustrating to be cooped up like that. Take care!

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Unstructured Stomach-ache

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

* WARNING * Boredom blog ahead

My life has been pretty unstructured the last couple of weeks, since this past Friday in particular. Consequently, I am eating more than usual these past few days. It seems that every trip into the kitchen, I’m eating something. Snacking the day and evening away instead of eating a regular meal.

My son is a known boredom eater, and since he was here on Spring Break last week, in a new place, with no friends nearby and unable to drive anywhere, I figured I’d better stock up. He actually prefers good food to junk most of the time, so that wasn’t a problem, and there was still a lot of good stuff when he left. There’s not much in the way of unhealthy food here, so I’m not really worried about that. I’m staying within range and obviously pacing it back off anyway, since I’ve not had a problem maintaining my weight. Apparently, I am becoming a boredom eater as well.

One thing I had done, was make some taco meat and freeze it. I had used part of the seasoning packet to make a taco dip that I had had a craving for a couple weeks ago, so just used up the rest of it. He never ate any of it, and I spotted it in the freezer on one of my now frequent roots for food.

So I had tacos for lunch. Not too bad, except…

My stomach has gotten used to very small but very frequent feedings, all with very little fat. The calorie content in this meal alone is more than I’ve taken in for three or four of my current “feeding times.”

So my unstructured eating habits have resulted in a stomach-ache. Ugh. And just when things were shaping up to be a good day.

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CIAMOM 4/2/2008 1:47AM

    I definitely have a tendency to be a boredom eater - I think a lot of people do. You probably just haven't had time to be bored until recently! Good thing you're doing it with healthy foods. Sorry about the tummy ache, though. Hope it's feeling better!

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GRUMPYGRAMS 4/1/2008 3:42PM

    Hi Tracy. Sorry that you have a tummy ache on top of your back problem! I hope you're starting to feel better.

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