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Fabulous Friday

Friday, November 30, 2007

I woke up feeling so great today. Then I was on the I'm great thread reading through today's post and that just made me feel greater. I've had a very productive day at work, which is great. TWO friends called me today and they are in great moods too.

I hope everyone has a spectacular weekend!

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CIAMOM 11/30/2007 4:52PM

    I'm so glad your week ended on a positive note! Have a GREAT weekend! :)

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Sparky Mambo's too

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

“This is me workin’ out and rockin’ to the 80s in honor of my 80s Music Lovers teammates during Week 5 of November!!

Yesterday, I figured I'd take Sparky on a field trip. Mondays I go to a friend's house to watch football and I usually stay all night. It's a real long drive home, but only 10 minutes from work (as opposed to 45 from home). I figured I'd get my workout in before my friend came home from work. I usually cook dinner, and chose to bake a ham so that I wouldn't have to watch it or anything and could work out.

Well, I didn't realize that he was off yesterday, so he was there. Of course he wondered what the turkey was for and I told him that Sparky was my workout partner, to which I got a strange look, so I had to explain it all to him.

Needless to say, I didn't get my workout in, but during half time I DID decide to dance. He and I have duplicate iTunes databases, so Flashdance and La Bamba (Paul's challenge) were no problem. I asked him to get up and dance with me, but he felt like being a lump, so I got Sparky, and whooped it up.

He now thinks I am insane for dancing with a frozen turkey, and snapped a picture with his phone. Presumably to prove to other people that I am insane. He was playing DJ for me, to switch from one song to the next, and then he chose "I Want A New Drug" by Huey Lewis. I think he was trying to make a point. Then came "All She Wants To Do Is Dance" and "I Think We're Alone Now" only he was changing the words to "GOOD THING we're alone now". I stopped long enough to change the song to "Get On Your Feet", and put Sparky away, and he finally did. It's not like anything was happening on the football game. Dancing is contagious. You really can't just sit and watch someone without at least tapping your feet and doing a little wiggle yourself.

Or maybe he just felt sorry for me having to dance with a frozen turkey when there was a perfectly warm live one sitting there.

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HEALTHIERLYNN 12/4/2007 2:08AM

    Oh my gosh, Tracy that is hilarious!! Great pic and a really funny story!! Keep dancin', Girl!

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CIAMOM 11/30/2007 4:53PM

    I love this picture! :)

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Put it back? No way!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

An earlier blog entry referred to losing the equivalent of a Thanksgiving Turkey. Well, I brought my turkey gift home from work yesterday. It's a 13 pounder, so I've actually lost the equivalent of almost 2 of those.

I jokingly blogged about using it for strength training, so today I figured, just for laughs, why not?

So, I get in position for some situps, and drag this thing onto my chest. (I seem to have lost a whole bunch from that area anyway.)

Did I really carry all of this (and then some) around with me every day? How did I move?

That turkey is staying in the freezer. It will be brought out for approx. 10 minutes per day. It can't possibly defrost in that amount of time. It will never be cooked or eaten. It has now become my motivator, my workout buddy if you will.

It motivates me because it serves as a visual reminder of what I lost (or should I say gained. Perspective is everything). It will serve as a physical reminder when I take it out and lift it. I must think of new and interesting ways to incorporate it into my strength training. Plus it's COLD! That motivates me to push extra hard for those particular exercises to get them done quicker!

Since we are going to become workout buddies, I guess I'll have to name it. How's Sparky sound?

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TCEDEROTH 11/25/2007 8:07PM

    Yeah Lynn, I thought about it. My "This is me and sparky workin out...etc" pic for the week. Just have to get someone to take the picture for me. I'm the only one here these days.

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HEALTHIERLYNN 11/25/2007 11:57AM

    Tchaaa! Way too funny! I love the idea and Sparky sounds like an appropriate name....I'm thinking you need to post a picture of you and Sparky working out together... ;-)

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Advice for the eve before Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So I decided to finally get in on a challenge along with the fantastic folks in the 80's Music SparkTeam. I chose a daily challenge posted by Paul under Paul's Pushes and Prods.

The challenge? 100 fewer calories than your recommended, 15-20 minutes more exercise, and 9 glasses of water.

Well, I drank 8 glasses of water this afternoon after accepting the challenge. Bad enough thing to do when a normal commute home is 30-45 minutes. But on the day before Thanksgiving? Am I nuts? Here's the advice, don't ever do that.

The commute home took 2 hours today, and needless to say, I had to GO!!! I raced in the door, ran up the stairs, (nope, not counting that as exercise) into the bathroom, unfastening my belt while on the way.

The amazing thing? I unzipped, but forgot to unbutton my jeans. And they came down anyway. Easily.

Life is good!

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EDDIEMAE 11/22/2007 9:51AM

    Too Funny!
Have a GREAT Thanksgiving and good luck with the challenges!!

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What the H@#& ?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

OK, when I started SP I KNOW I weighed in at 194 #. I had been to the doctor just a month before, had been doing NOTHING about weight loss at all. So that's what I put down as my starting weight. I wanted to lose 50 lbs by the end of January (144).

I mentioned in a previous blog entry that I don't own a scale and was using a friend's. Then I notcied that he kept changing the starting weight (it's an analog scale). Whether to be mean or not, I don't know, and it doesn't matter. So I just went by the final number, less the starting number.

Progess overall has been steady. I was a huge Coca Cola addict and stopping that had immediate effects. I weighed myself Sunday a.m. at his place to punish myself for Saturday night (drinking...lots) and the damage appeared to be only a few pounds.

Today I decided to go out and buy a scale of my own. I got a nifty digital one that supposedly measures body fat, body water and bone mass as well. I had a 20% off coupon for any one item so figured, what the heck?

I got on the scale and it read 142.2!!!! No way!!! I couldn't be BELOW my goal already, could I?

OK, I've calmed down now. I got back on the scale before hitting "post" and re-did it. 165. Twice, just to be sure. Up 5 lbs from my last weigh in, but hey, it's my own fault. Saturday night had to have some consequences. I won't mention how far over my calorie intake I went, but let's just say it's almost 3x the norm for me. That, plus it being "that time", I don't feel too awful. At least the headache's gone now :)

The moral of this story?
Make sure there's nothing under the scale when you get on it. Darn cat toys....


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