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Where'd the turkey go?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Well, Thanksgiving is upon us, and some of us will be shopping for that bird. I'm not planning on doing any cooking this year, as I've been invited elsewhere. I know that I will receive a turkey from my boss, as he gives every employee one, every year. I'm not looking forward to even carrying it home.

I've lost more than the equivalent of that turkey. Merely picking it up will be a reminder of what it used to feel like to carry that around 24/7. Then again, it will also remind me of the one I still have to lose. Now that's motivation for you!

I was going to give it away, since I have nobody to cook it for, and I certainly won't eat it all. But now I'm thinking I may keep it. It takes a long time for a turkey to defrost. If I just took it out of the freezer for 10 minutes per day and used it in some way for strength training, perhaps I can get a double benefit from it. Exercise AND motivation.

Really, I'm just kidding. The turkey will be of much more benefit to a family in need, or a shelter. I live in the far north suburbs of Chicago. If anyone knows where this turkey can be put to (it's intended) use, please let me know via sparkmail.

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HEALTHIERLYNN 11/17/2007 12:22AM

    Tchaaa! Love the blog.....too funny!!

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MEGABOMB 11/16/2007 3:41PM

    Hi, I just stumbled across your blog in the new posts listings. I *love* the thought that you've already lost a turkey! It's hilarious to picture you (ok, I don't really know what you look like, so picturing anyone) carrying around a frozen turkey as their extra weight. Thanks for the smile! Good luck with your goals and happy thanksgiving.

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Uh Oh, I've learned to eat

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I've learned to eat again. It used to be difficult to force myself to eat enough to bring my calorie intake up to 800, but now I'm finding it easier. I've even gone over the recommended 1200 a few times. The trouble is, it's getting harder to maintain the proper balance now.

I'm finding that my choices usually have me ending up with too much fat overall, or too many carbs, then I find something to eat just to balance that out, even though I'm not necessarily hungry. Maybe I'm getting too hung up on the balance, I don't know. With my inability to eat wheat products, things are much more difficult and it's very easy to go way over on either the fat side or the carb side (or both).

I thought that I had reached a plateau for a couple of weeks, but then I noticed that my friend played a trick on me. I don't own a scale, so I use his. He told me a long time ago that if I weighed less than he did, he would marry me. I'm not interested in him that way at all, and if I were, that superficial comment would have killed it anyway.

Anyway, I asked him a couple of weeks ago what he weighed (140). He asked why, and I reminded him of what he had said, and told him I wanted to stay at least 5 pounds higher than him because there was no way I wanted to marry him.

I noticed this week, that for some reason, he had adjusted the scale to read 5 pounds higher. I'm not really sure how I should take that. Should I take that as a really mean trick, or should I take it that he WANTS me to lose more than he weighs, and be unaware of it?

No telling what he's up to. I'll just keep my finding to myself and deduct the 5 pounds from what the scale shows. I'll stop moving the marker that's mine too. Now he'll never know where I'm at.

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STALEYFARMS 11/9/2007 7:30AM

    Gracious! That does sound complicated! Oh well, it's always good to have a back up as the years go by!

That stinks about the wheat. What are you eating, if I may ask. Somehow I'm maintaining a very good balance (according to Spark recommendations, anyhow) but I've really tried to change my outlook. I was watching a lot of The Biggest Loser and one of the things that struck me was one of the trainers talking about not eating a lot of things you can't pronounce because that meant you were eating a lot of preservatives. So I typically have one cup of coffee with Simply Smart Half and Half and 2 tablespoons of sugar on my way to work. Then during mid morning I have cottage cheese with either jam or mandarin oranges, then either a Progresso indiviudal soup or a Cambell's Soup to Go and some fruit or raw veg for lunch, then a 100 calorie snack on the ride home and then a frozen entree that has no preservatives (like the Kashi ones). Usually that leaves enough calorie room for a glass of milk and a cookie or small brownie. If you'd like to brainstorm together on how to keep the calories up to a good level and your fat/carb levels within range, let me know. I'm certainly no expert, but sometimes the average joe knows a little bit more about "reality" eating than the experts.

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One down, one to go

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Well, I've been a member here for just over 1 month and I've already carved off a whole one of those turkeys I mentioned, with seemingly little effort.

Eliminating Coke from my diet was the secret in my case. I shouldn't say eliminating...all I did was substitute Coke Zero. I'm still an addict, and have to work on eliminating it altogether.

The loss has slowed down now, and since I'm at least consistently eating 800-900 calories, and managing to balance fairly well most of the time, I think I'm ready to start an exercise program. I'm getting saggy, and that's more gross than the excess weight.

My delay has been due to a number of things. A sharp decrease in energy due to the drop in calories for one thing. Also, I was afraid of injuring myself. With very little "fuel" to burn, and almost no protein intake to help build muscle, I didn't need a doctor to tell me to take it easy. I have been working on stretching a bit every day though, getting myself ready.

I'm just not an eater. I have to force myself to eat what little I do. Perhaps with exercise, my appetite will improve and it won't be so difficult to get the nutrition I need.

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STALEYFARMS 11/7/2007 1:04PM


I just wanted to say how similar your story is to mine - I'm 42 and one day I just realized that this wasn't who I used to be. I was Pepsi addict, not Coke, but an addict none the less. Pepsi with breakfast, as a snack, with lunch, etc. About a six pack a day. I've learned to make friends with water and limit my soda (Diet Coke w/ Splenda) to one meal a day since I don't like the aftertaste of diet and need food to go along. If you'd like to correspond, check in or chat, I'd love to have someone of my generation to talk to! Plus you stole my "Taco" answer!!! So you must be alright!

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