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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So my last blog entry talked about feeling like I'd broken a rib. Well, Sunday I was at Church and had this real severe coughing fit, and literally felt something POP! The pain was so severe I really thought I'd broken a rib. I went to Mercy After Hrs to get an x-ray, and the P.A. diagnosed me with Shingles! Okay, I don't have a rash and I'm not running a fever, but there's just so much CRAP in my lungs and lots of pain in the ribcage, which is definitely a symptom. emoticon

I'm SO sick of being sick, I almost don't care what it is! I just want to get better, be able to walk or something. And it's hard to diet when all I want is comfort food, especially chocolate for the PAIN! Right now I feel like I've been stabbed in the back with an icepick. Plus the painkillers make me sleepy and I don't feel like doing anything anyway. emoticon I actually had to DROP my Pilates class today, because there's no way I can lay on my back and do those exercises. If this keeps up, I'll be dropping Chemistry as well. emoticon And THAT will screw up my plans bigtime!

Sorry, just have to whine about this for awhile. emoticon

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CATHERINE116 3/19/2012 11:16AM

  UGH. Shingles bite. I had those a couple of years ago. It manifested on my neck. It was PAINFUL!

I hope you are feeling much better very soon!

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WESTIEGAL1 3/14/2012 11:34AM

    I'm so sorry. I'm glad that the pain has lessened for you. I hope it continues to improve. If not, I'd say a second opinion is in order.

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TBOURLON 3/14/2012 9:32AM

    Thanks. I still haven't seen a rash, so it's been suggested that it may be costochondritis(?) - whatever that is. Today I'm a little better, not coughing up nearly as much crap and the ribs just feel achy instead of that sharp, burning pain. I'm still taking the meds, though. emoticon

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DEBK0923 3/13/2012 4:33PM

    When I had shingles I had blisters on my right side, for they go outward on your body. I had pain around the blisters and my side was numb, didn't run a temp, no coughing. If I were you either see someone else or wait the 10 days

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Single-trouble goal

Friday, March 09, 2012

So I read the motivational e-mail, which dealt with setbacks. Well, between the Chemsitry course and getting the flu, I have really fallen off the exercise wagon - not to mention diet. All I want to do is focus on portion control and eating THE RIGHT STUFF: emoticon emoticon emoticon But when I don't feel well I want comfort food, so my diet has been looking more like this: emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

So that's my "Single-Trouble goal," to get OFF the junk food and back into the healthy food, that can rebuild my health to begin with. But for starters, I think I will look for healthier, lower-cal versions of some of that comfort food. For instance, I have a pretty decent recipe for some lower-cal cupcakes, and I could have a Boca Cheeseburger with baked sweet potato fries. Still need to watch the total calories, though - the weight's not coming off if I don't! emoticon emoticon

I'm probably not recovered enough to start running again, in fact I've been coughing so hard it literally feels like I broke a rib! emoticon I'm sure it's just a sprain, but it's really PAINFUL! So, starting today and for the next 2 weeks I want to get in a minimum 30 minutes of walking, at roughly 3.5 mph. emoticon So there's my single-trouble goal, subbing healthier & lower-cal versions of comfort food, and my Fast-Break goal, walking 30 min. a day. Weird to start something like this on a Friday, but there's no time better than now, is there? emoticon


Chemistry is taking over my LIFE!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

So I've got this idea that I want to go into Nursing, and in order to do that I need to take some science prerequisites. This semester my hubby agreed to pay for the Chemistry course, and right now I almost wish he hadn't! I spent the entire weekend studying for tonight's test, didn't get much done in the way of exercise and almost NO housework - and BOY, can you tell! Plus, my older girl's stepkids were over yesterday for a few hours, but did I get to play with them? NOOOOO, I had to STUDY!!! emoticon

And of course my diet's been crappy lately, which helps explain why my weight is up 2 lbs. emoticon I BETTER do well on this test tonight!


Can I still do 1,000 fitness minutes?

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Good question! Last week I was MIA with my daughter being in the Hospital, and unless you count the few times I took the stairs instead of waiting on the elevator I got pretty much ZERO minutes of exercise. So, I completely missed Week One of a short month, and WOW, have I fallen in the SparkOKC ratings! I was around 14 for most of January; now I've fallen so far behind I'm barely in the top 100! emoticon

But I'm back at it today, with about 50 minutes of Pilates this morning and a total of 40 minutes walking on my breaks! emoticon I'll be grocery shopping tonight (not sure that counts as exercise, emoticon) and have a late night class tomorrow, so will probably only get in 30-40 minutes walking time. But I'm trying for an hour a day the rest of the week! I CAN do this! emoticon

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2KITTIES 2/7/2012 9:50PM

    Absolutely you can! I hope everything is better with your daughter?

Stay warm!! emoticon

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Quick update - What a Week!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

I've been out of the loop since Monday night. My 15-year-old Margaret, who NEVER gets sick, got sick Monday. She said she didn't feel like going to school, but I honestly thought she was having menstral cramps, so I sent her. Later she had a fever and stomach pains. My hubby took her to Baptist ER. I had a chemistry class to get to, but I asked if I needed to skip it. He said no, but they were still there when class was over so I went there. We were there until after midnight, and the Dr. took a CAT scan of her abdomen to rule out appendicitis. He said she was fine, the pain was probably an ovarian cyst, and to see her regular doctor in the morning.

So I decided to stay home with her Tuesday, to catch up on sleep and make the appt. However, we got a call from Baptist ER, saying they found something else & we should come back. Margaret was admitted Tuesday night, and her appendicts came out Wed. morning. And I've been there ever since, coming home tonigt to once again get some sleep. My hubby is staying with her tonight. She's running a fever, and staying there until the fever goes away. I'm sure I'll be back up there tomorrow. Needless to say, I've been eating on the run & not exactly exercising. I'm sure Margaret will be okay - she's in good hands, but a Mom can't help but be worried. I just wanted to check in with everyone - haven't fallen off the Earth, just been taking care of my daughter.


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