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Quick update - What a Week!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

I've been out of the loop since Monday night. My 15-year-old Margaret, who NEVER gets sick, got sick Monday. She said she didn't feel like going to school, but I honestly thought she was having menstral cramps, so I sent her. Later she had a fever and stomach pains. My hubby took her to Baptist ER. I had a chemistry class to get to, but I asked if I needed to skip it. He said no, but they were still there when class was over so I went there. We were there until after midnight, and the Dr. took a CAT scan of her abdomen to rule out appendicitis. He said she was fine, the pain was probably an ovarian cyst, and to see her regular doctor in the morning.

So I decided to stay home with her Tuesday, to catch up on sleep and make the appt. However, we got a call from Baptist ER, saying they found something else & we should come back. Margaret was admitted Tuesday night, and her appendicts came out Wed. morning. And I've been there ever since, coming home tonigt to once again get some sleep. My hubby is staying with her tonight. She's running a fever, and staying there until the fever goes away. I'm sure I'll be back up there tomorrow. Needless to say, I've been eating on the run & not exactly exercising. I'm sure Margaret will be okay - she's in good hands, but a Mom can't help but be worried. I just wanted to check in with everyone - haven't fallen off the Earth, just been taking care of my daughter.


WOW! 904 fitness minutes!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Really happy to see that - nearly reached my goal of 1,000 fitness minutes for the month of January (pats self on back). Lots of walking and some Pilates, and I FINALLY got back on the treadmill last Saturday for some running! emoticon My back is finally getting better emoticon

Also lost a little weight, about 3 1/2 lbs for the month so far. emoticon Not as much as I'd like, but any weight loss is GOOD! emoticon

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KSANDIEGO 1/25/2012 11:33AM

    Hey congrats! Doesn't it feel good to see that fitness tracker reach that many minutes? I loved getting my fitness trophy - high five girl! Keep it up and next month go for the 1,500 minutes!

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LJCANNON 1/25/2012 10:08AM

    emoticonGlad that your back is improving!! And CONGRATULATIONS on the Pounds Off!!

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610 Fitness Minutes!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WhooHoo!!! I am well on my way to get in 1,000 fitness minutes this month, my January mini-goal! emoticon I haven't been able to run lately due to back strain (which is getting better), but I've been getting in walks and some time on the elliptical. Plus, I'm taking a 2-hour per week Pilates course where I work! emoticon

Now, if I can just drop a few more pounds... emoticon

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OKIEGIRL75 1/19/2012 8:50AM

    Way to go!!! You'll be at your mini goal in no time.

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SANFORMRN 1/17/2012 6:00PM

  Great!! Pat yourself on the back and keep it up!

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Ate like a piggy-pig - Binge trouble!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I think I have a definite binge mentality. Yesterday I commented on another blog about chocolate - yes, it's a big weakness of mine (go figure!), and I was bragging a little about keeping the binges down by munching on dark chocolate. I did confess that, if I got around cookies and brownies I had problems, though. So what happened? My hubby & I are both interested in pursuing Nursing as a second career, and we went to this seminar on the program offered at OCU (where I work). And of course they had pizza, which was bad enough, and also a HUGE plate of chocolate chip cookies and brownies! emoticon

Now, I've been following this "Carb Lovers' Diet" for about 1 1/2 weeks now, and am/was down 3 lbs or so. This diet does NOT allow you to eat unlimited quantities of pizza, cookies & brownies - and I don't know what happened last night! I suddenly switched to the "seefood" diet, like RAARRRR! I ended up eating 2 LARGE slices of pizza, 2 brownies, and a chocolate chip cookie emoticon Needless to say, I didn't feel much like exercising when I got home.

Surprisingly, the scale didn't budge this morning, still at 139.75. And today there was a staff breakfast, and I DID skip the biscuits & gravy (fortunately there were no sweet rolls), and had some cantalope. I'm having soup for lunch and a veggie burger for dinner, with some elliptical minutes for dessert! emoticon Wish me luck!


Day two - down and then some!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Another new year, another new diet - although I'm still reading through (and implementing) stage 2 of the SparkDiet. So far I'm liking this "Carb Lover's" diet and think I could stay with this. The rest of the family, not so sure. After 2 days I'm down 2 1/2 lbs. Unfortunately, I'm also down with a back injury. I had to pick up the mail at work, which after such a long break there was a literal TON of mail. The dolly's tires were a little low, and I had to push this thing up a ramp into the building. Probably a minor sprain, went to the Doctor & he found no slipped or herniated discs, which is the good news. But the BAD news is, there's really not much to do except take it easy, take ibuprofen & use hot/cold packs. In other words, no running this week! emoticon So much for my plan to rack up 1000 fitness minutes this month - bummer!

But at least I didn't let the pain derail my diet - I didn't "binge" to make myself feel better. I DID have some chocolate with the ibuprofen, but only a couple of pieces of Dove dark chocolate. And although I didn't feel like standing at the stove grilling the salmon last night, I just heated a can of Progresso soup for dinner. I'll definitely cook the salmon tonight, though - hate to waste money! emoticon

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2KITTIES 1/5/2012 7:59PM

    Ugh! Hope you're feeling better soon! Way to keep up the positive attitude tho. Just a temporary set back and you'll be back up and running soon.

I'm interested to hear more about the Carb Lovers diet-is that the official name?

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BRETT_DAY1981 1/4/2012 5:36PM

    Sounds like you are on the right track! Too bad about the injury. I know how you feel. I had two discs replaced in my back and understand the pain. Just take it easy. Use heating pads in the morning to warm those muscles up, and then ice packs before bed to take the inflammation down.

Keep up with using the food trackers and you will be well on your way! Using Sparkpeople I have lost 44.2lbs since October 14th 2011, and that is with me suffering with RSD too! Anything is possible!

Wishing you tons of success in 2012

All the best,

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