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missed yesterday, stable but tired

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Not really on purpose, I just have developed a cold and was tired so took care of things at home, Kens still in Sheridan, checked in here a little and off to bed early! Yesterday was ok, paid State Farm for Kens insurance so at least thats handled. He said he'll give me more money a month to help, we'll see. But, getting it handled has left me feeling better about it. He'll be home today, I really dont know how I feel about that. Its nice to have the help at home, but then again I kind of enjoy being alone. Oh well, I'll just get to bed early again, I eat better that way anyway. I hope I can talk myself into staying at work all day. Its boring and I still feel crappy cold wise. At least the sun is shining and all of the snow and ice has pretty much melted off the streets from Tuesdays storm.


well, all i have to say is short

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I had a great day, Ken went out of town to work, and even though its snowing and cold, I felt good.

Then, not. I found out he didnt pay a 600 dollar bill for insurance. They had to call me since I'm the policy holder. Due 11-17. I guess I shouldnt trust him and be MOM and the controller all the time. I wish someday he could just take care of me.

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DAGNETAGGERT 12/4/2008 10:43AM

    Sometimes it takes awhile for the man to learn how to take care of us. Just keep talking with him...let him know he betrayed your trust. And discuss whether or not he is willing to accept the responsibility of taking care of the bills. Does he take care of you in other ways?

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BRENWILL 12/3/2008 8:19PM

    Hi friend...it's not the circumstances, it's how you REACT to the circumstances! Don't let this mess U up....U R gonna be alright! I guarantee it! :) Take care!
P.S. I know what U mean, but I have learned thru years of experience that I am the only person that won't let me down! Sad..huh?

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12-1-08 Back to work...Monday

Monday, December 01, 2008

I actually feel pretty good today for having 4 days off. I'm not groggy or tired, I'm in a good mood, strange for me. Maybe getting up each day off and doing something, even little has helped me. Maybe only having to deal with Eric(boss) half the day was part of it! Slowly getting back into the routine. I need the routine. Calories are good so far, not much room for any night eating, so if I can make it through the entire night, it will be a successful calories day.


day4...off work

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back to work tomorrow. In some ways I'm glad because I eat soooo much better, but, I have had such a relaxing 4 days off with nobody bugging me, or being a downer like they can be at work. I ate like a pig last night, I actually knew what I was doing, but just didnt care. I pretty much cleaned out the leftovers. Theres one piece of pie that I'm going to wrap up and Ken can take it to work with him. I'm going to concentrate on getting everything ready for the week for us today. I have to have things organized or I'll go manic or into depression. I've learned that about myself. It will be hard enough getting back into the work schedule since I've slept way more than normal. I just have to stay positive and maybe monday wont be so hard. I hate mondays. This is sunday and Andrea hasnt come to see her dad. I'm wondering if she'll show up today. I hope so for him, but I might just have to be napping or something. She doesnt like me, and I hate faking that I dont know it. I'm feeling good right now, even have showered for the 4th day, made it all four days without blowing off an entire day. Yay...its a first for me. Maybe thats progress...

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BRENWILL 12/3/2008 8:16PM

    Hi my friend....I was just reading your blogs and I cna't believe another thing we have in common...I also have a stepdaughter who doesn't like me (well, actually, she hates me is more like it) but that just blew me away! We R so much alike it is weird....R U sure U're not my child? LOL Later...

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DAGNETAGGERT 12/1/2008 12:27AM

    I'm glad you splurged last night...sometimes one needs to go a little crazy. It sounds like you are going to start the week right though, which is great! Take a deep breath before you go in to work and smile to yourself before you start the day. I'm glad you enjoyed your break!

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well, day 3 of being off work

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ok, so I've gotten up and accomplished something everyday since I've been off. Even have taken a shower everyday. I havent even come close to getting the list I made done and I didnt finish some things I started yesterday like I said I would, but finished them today plus some more cleaning. I guess I have finished everything I started today, so I'm sitting here wondering if I should even attempt to log my calories. Over again, not too much of any one thing, just grazing. Thats kind of how its been all 3 days. Oh well,its looking like I'm bagging it until monday. I'll still try, but I'm not going to stress over it. I can feel the depression sneaking in a little, probably because of not getting outside with the dogs more than anything. Took a nap today and I should realize thats when I loose all ambition. Its 7:15 pm now and I'm just kind of blah.


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