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Broke through the plateau

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Week 9 (6/24/13): 126.2

I've been losing weight again! It seems that once I broke through that plateau I have started losing a lot again. I'm back on track it seems, losing 1.9lb a week, which is healthy. I believe that once my body got used to running, it stopped retaining water post-workout - I can feel it in that my joints don't feel so swollen post-running, even after long runs, and my recovery time is quicker now.

I'm also really excited to start training for my marathon! The training program starts in 2 weeks (it's a 4-month-long training program, designed for women). It'll be my first trail marathon - the other two were road races, so this one will be challenging. I plan to do some hill work and speed work, as well as cross training and strength training.

So, at this point I feel very close to goal weight! However, I'm going to pay more attention to how my body feels and looks than to weight. Right now I do notice that I'm slimmer overall, but that there's areas that still have a lot of excess that I want to get rid of. I'm working on doing regular ab and arm work in addition to my cardio, and that is seeming to help.

So, starting this weekend there is a string of three weekends in which I have a lot going on - two trips away and one with people coming to stay. During all these times I won't be able to control what I eat the way that I usually do. It will be stressful but I'm hoping to be able to eat smartly and not go over points. I'll update on how those trips went, and also I'll keep updating my weight every week!

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HOTPINKCAMARO49 6/25/2013 11:32PM

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I gained

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week 8 (6/17/13): 131.3

I just wrote a loong blog post....and sparkpeople had some malfunction and lost it. Grr. So, here's another attempt.

So, this week I gained weight. I know why, at least. First, I did 3 long runs throughout the week - 10 miles, 8.5 miles, and 15 miles. I know that my muscles were swollen and I had a lot of water retention.

Second, it's that time of the month. Blech. Even more water retention.

Third, I ate like a pig. This was due both to having run so much, and thus being ravenous, and also because I had to go to two events with food- the first a potluck, where I tried a bit of everything, and the second a bbq, where I stuck to only a few things but still had to estimate WW points. Also, I have to limit myself on the peanut butter. When I run alot I reaaally crave peanut butter and bananas. I have now limited myself to one banana a day, and have recently purchased PB2, which is super delicious and so much lower in points! I just had some right now, mixed in greek yogurt, and ate it as kind of a dip with a pb2 1-point cookie. Sooo yummy!

Luckily, this week I (fingers crossed) likely broke through my plateau/weight gain setback and I think I'm back to losing weight again. We'll see at this week's Monday weigh-in. Plus I got a lot of compliments this week - people have been telling me that they've really noticed my weight loss recently. I'm beginning to notice it myself - of course I also notice that I still look puffy. But I'm seeing it reducing slowly. My cheeks have always been chubby - even when I had zero fat on the rest of my body in HS as a cross country runner - so I have to remember that.

If I lose this week, I'll be on my way to reaching goal hopefully by August, which would be great! Then it will be maintenance, which, honestly, I'm dreading since that mode has NEVER worked for me before - I've NEVER YET maintained my goal weight, not for even a week. This time I'm determined to make it happen.

One last thing - even though running seems to make me gain weight, I really can't help it - I want to train for another marathon. In fact, I've already picked one out - it happens at the end of October. I've also already got two people who plan to run it with me. So, I guess I'm doing it. I will be sure to pick a training plan that mixes it up a lot, with sprints and such, and that allows me to do a lot of cross training (at least 2x a week). I am super excited to start training. I've mentioned this before, but I must say it again: I LOVE LOVE LOVE running!!!! Those of you who are runners understand - it's so addictive! There's nothing like it in the world. I wish I could run all day to my favorite music and never get tired.

Fingers crossed for this coming Monday's weigh-in! Hopefully I lose!

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JO88BAKO 6/22/2013 12:32AM

    It is frustrating when you lose a long post. I'm glad you are not giving up. Hope your next weigh in will make you happy

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Monthly bloat

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hm, another negatively-toned blog entry. Oh, well. The reason for tis one is because I feel bloated and pretty sure the scale isn't going to go down this week for my Monday weigh-in. I went to a potluck where I pretty much pigged out (within my points range, but that was estimated). Since then I've felt bloated, which isn't helped by Aunt Flo (when will she come already?? I need to keep better track.)

On a more positive note, I had an absolutely awesome run yesterday. I definitely got the runner's high and felt so powerful and energetic. When I got back home I continued to blast my music and was super energetic all night - but today I felt so tired! I forced myself to run 4 miles today, and am going to hopefully be able to do some exercise tomorrow morning. However, I do consider myself re-addicted to running, which is great, except I need to be careful of my knees and feet and not overdo it too much right now. It's very tempting to make that my only form of exercise, since I pretty much despise all other forms of physical activity, but that's not very practical.

I'm also at that weird stage of weight loss - pretty much halfway through - where my clothes don't fit me very well. I have a bunch of clothes that are too big for me, and a bunch of clothes too small from me (saved from my last weight loss success). So, I'm basically wearing shirts that are way baggy on me, and my jeans are just strange-looking on me. I keep hinting at people to nominate me for What Not to Wear when I lose all my weight, but I"m not even sure that show exists anymore :-)

Oh, my last weigh - in is below...Monday's will follow.

Week 7: 128.8

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TAWVRY 6/16/2013 11:36AM

    Hi Bravelute,

I'm not quite at maintenance yet, but already thinking about how it will be. I definitely plan on packing up some of the impractically baggy stuff...I do not plan on being that big again. Thanks for the encouragement! By the way I love the harp!!! I work at a hospital and a harpist (?) plays in the waiting room and I love the sound.

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BRAVELUTE 6/16/2013 9:20AM

    You'll feel better if you pack up the baggy stuff. And put on something that shows you off.

And if you're in this for life this time, bless someone else with the clothes that are too big. Move em on out!! Maybe a slimmer closet will help to motivate you.

It looks like you are very close to goal. Congratulations. It is going to happen!! Again. For the last time!!

Are you looking at maintenance already?

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Original blog date: 6/9/13 - Not Feeling it Today

Saturday, June 15, 2013

(warning: ranting below)

I'm so exhausted. I had to go to a party last night with my boyfriend's co-workers and their friends, none of whom I knew. They were nice enough but it was the first time I'd been out in a while. Since I usually don't drink or eat out (too hard to stay OP) I never go out anymore - too stressful. At this party I had 1.5 beers and had a hangover the next day. But the worst was that I felt like the fattest person at the party. I was so encouraged by my progress until I actually ventured out into the world and saw all the naturally skinny girls.

Anyway, what contributed to my bad mood was also the fact that Aunt Flo is coming soon (you know what I mean, girls) and I ended up running 10 miles yesterday, very fast, and was therefore super exhausted at the party. Plus everyone there was a software engineer and so they argued about programming languages - super fun conversation for me who knows nothing about programming...

And now, the next day, I'm sleepy and ravenous (I just at a PB&banana sandwich that cost me 8 points, right after eating a 6-point salad) and I'm trying to psyche myself up into doing some type of exercise. I'd love to go on another run but it's disgusting outside (not raining, but super cold and foggy). I just downed an espresso to try to wake myself up enough to brave the bad weather.

Anyway, I haven't really posted my progress and I always think it's interesting when bloggers do that, so I'll start posting on my weigh-in day, which is Monday. For now I'll write down my progress thus far.

Starting weight/Week 1: 142
Week 2: 139.2
Week 3: 137
Week 4: 135.7
Week 5: 133.7
Week 6: 131

So, the numbers are definitely going down but I still feel puffy. I wonder if it's some kind of bloat from the impending Aunt Flo.

Sorry about the ranting. Hopefully my weigh-in day post tomorrow will be more positive. Today's just a rotten day.


Original blog date: 6/6/13 - Someone Finally Noticed

Saturday, June 15, 2013

I've been on WW for around 6 weeks now, and I'm halfway to my goal weight, meaning I've lost about 10 lbs. Finally someone noticed that I've been getting somewhat more....svelte? Less ample? Not as puffy?

While that's encouraging, I'm now at the point where I'm not so sure losing 20 lbs or so would be enough. I see the people around me and I look at myself and I see a little porker. I can't imagine that losing only 10 more lbs would make me look significantly better. There's still a lot of lumps poking out everywhere, and I still have jowls that I am determined to get rid of.

The good thing is, I feel like I am not being as crazy about my weight loss this time around, as I have been the other 4 or so times I tried WW. I think that in the past I was kind of punishing myself for ever getting to the point that I had to even go on a diet. This time, while I still hate that I got this way, I am approaching it as more of a long term lifestyle change than as torture. I'm paying attention to my hunger signals and find that I don't crave junk as much - in fact I'm on a major kale kick right now. I also don't cringe at the thought of having to consistently exercise and mindfully eat for the rest of my life.

Also, I find that I'm enjoying exercise - a big reason why is that I get all amped up with my favorite music (currently that's Daft Punk's new album) and I find that I look forward to working out.

So, we'll see how I feel when I've lost 10 more lbs - perhaps all the extra lumps and my jowls weigh exactly 10 lbs, and by the time I hit my goal weight I'll really be svelte and no puffs will remain.

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CHIBIKARATE 6/15/2013 1:25AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon you will know when you feel right in your clothes hugz

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