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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

sum idiots stole my sisters bikes and other people's things!!! they are so dumb. we found 2 of their bikes but the last 1 was a very nice 1 they must have kept it for themselves i have an idea who did it i wanna go steal their pride!!! they wouldnt like it if sum1 stole their things. they were taking things and putting them around town. we found the girls' bikes at the bark and a block over from my house. we seen another kids bike hanging on a telephone pole. it just makes me sick.

any way. i walked a mile yesterday. i might stay up all night and see if i can find the culprits by walking around town. im thinking about ordering a pizza but im going to eat 2 pieces and thats it!!! i need to do squats and crunches or something to get rid of my butt and stomach.


My Goal Is To Get To 258 Again...

Monday, June 06, 2011

I wana get healthy for a baby. i walked some today but i dont feel it was enough. idk if i even did a mile. ill find out. im extremely tired. i tried to lay down with Les but i was to anxious. This baby thing has my mind going crazy. its like when i wanted to lose for six flags. now iv really gotta work my ass off. cuz holding the weight i have now plus a baby would be hard on my back. i need to go to the dr and get a "check up" plus i have this bite or rash on my leg and 2 on my bum. i wonder if i can lose 10lbs this month. i just might do my vids again (if i get to them). iv been like busy or always occupied with something else. im thinking everytime my fiance is asleep for work ill go for a walk. ill take my time. maybe ill get some thoughts of what i want to do in life. i need to make a goal list for every week then for every month. idk what to say im tired right now lol

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BIJAGIRL 6/6/2011 11:03PM

    Hey, I saw your post and had to say if you want it, you'll get there. I'd love to connect more, are you on facebook? http://www.Facebook.com/bijagirl.

Good luck and remember that it's all baby steps, girl!!


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+4 lbs:(

Sunday, June 05, 2011

this is a wake up call. idk what happened to me. i just havent been doing what i want to. i need to start walking again. i want to have a baby so if gotta do something and watch what i eat again. yesterday i went swimming with my sisters. i havent been on SP that much either. maybe thats what i need to do to get motivated. be on here more.

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__IZZA__ 6/5/2011 7:32PM

    I definitely find that it goes better for me the more I am on SP. I want to be one of the success stories, I want to post progress, that's how SP motivates me.

It's great that you went swimming, maybe that can be part of your exercise routine?
And it's great to get into the habit of eating healthy if you are going to have a baby. I agree with previous poster that it might be good to focus on one thing first, that can make it easier to stick with it. Good luck!

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STILLOUT2LUNCH 6/5/2011 11:27AM

    Hey, kiddo. Sounds like your focus is all over the place right now. Try and think of one thing you want to start doing and concentrate on doing that one thing. Maybe it's drinking more water or maybe it's walking every day. Whatever you decide work on that one thing for a whole week and keep track of your progress. Then next week re-evaluate and either continue on developing your ability if the first thing or if you have it pretty well down, add something else.

When we try to do too much at once we get so overwhelmed and frustrated. We see how many things we failed at doing instead of seeing what positive things we accomplished. By focusing on only one thing at a time we can really see improvement and feel a true sense that we can do this.

Also, spend time reading others' stories and accomplishments. It can be so encouraging to see that so many have overcome so much by just sticking to it. None of us will get there without going backwards at times and even gaining weight when we least want to. I gained 5 lbs one week that took me 4 weeks to get back off. But, I DID get it off and kept going.

Let me know if this helped and feel free to contact me whenever you need to vent or whatever. I care what happens.
Cheryl stillout2lunch

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Saturday, June 04, 2011

well i ate too much chinese...didnt walk(well maybe some walking around walmart and stores) i ate so much that i thought i was going to puke or faint. and i couldnt breath. well here some news. my fiance and i are going to try and have a baby... i know im young but i really want one and he wants one. atleast im not like most teens and not even plan it. hes almost 30 hes going to be 27 the 13th. im ready for it. hes going to be working while im working on my weight. this is my motivator. i havent been walking. and when i think of having a baby i think oh no ill get bigger then what i was so ill get my bum and moving.



Friday, June 03, 2011

Thats what im doing tomorrow. i havent been walking at all. And i know iv gained weight. And i know i can lose it again if i get my a$$ up and do it. even if im tired sore or just dnt want to do it. i havent really been motivated. my plans were to walk everyday this summer. i was talking my fiance into buying a wii so i can get zumba for it or just dance game. my diet hasnt been great either. i haven been on SP as much as i used to either. well im going to get off here ill be back on later tomorrow/today to get my point and try to get motivated. im a leader so i have to show the people we can do it!!!


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