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Hole in My Heart

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It has only been 5 days since I stuck my youngest on a plane headed to Europe but I feel like someone has kicked me in the gut. There is definitely an emptiness with him gone. I think everyone in the family feels it. The teenager has been spending time actually talking to me and went out to dinner with DH and I on Saturday night. I think he really misses his younger brother too. I am so happy that he is having a great time on his trip. He is having the chance of a lifetime. Being with my parents I know that he is safe and I am so glad that he isn't home sick..but my mother's heart is sad none the less.

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MSEMBERSTORM 9/2/2013 11:18PM

    Big hugs!!!!! I so understand! I bet he is homesick he just wont admit it! Smother him with hugs when he returns!!!

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NEWTINK 8/30/2013 4:36PM


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IAMLION 8/28/2013 11:09AM

    emoticon to you my friend! emoticon plus an extra one!

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From Duff to Diva With Love

Friday, August 09, 2013

come check out the newest team!



New Team New Leader

Friday, August 09, 2013

So my feelings were a little hurt that I got bumped as a team leader. But I understand why. I was struggling and non existent with checking in. I get it. I found a team of 1 that was not active. I submitted a request to become the new team leader and have changed it up a bit. I like tattoos but know that you can only talk about them so much..so this team is called 'from duff to diva with love'. I am hoping it becomes a place where women who are struggling with motivation can come hang out to give and get advice to help them emoticon This team is also just what I need to keep me accountable with checking in everyday!

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MSEMBERSTORM 8/25/2013 2:22PM


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PATTYKLAVER 8/22/2013 9:28AM

    You found some motivation - good for you. And I think this team is exactly what I need right now. Gotta get my motivation going again!

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IAMLION 8/16/2013 11:49AM

    emoticon & emoticon

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Emotionally struggling

Thursday, August 08, 2013

I have never been one to need my families reassurance of love, but lately I have been feeling really alone. My kids are getting older and there is no more cuddle time with mom. My husband works alot and we never talk for more than a few minutes each day. I miss being hugged and I miss being needed. I have never had a lot of friends but the one person outside of my family that I could pick up the phone and call day or night has drastically changed and moved on. Besides my sister and my mom there are no female friends that I feel comfortable talking to or being myself with. I just feel sad. I am not comfortable with communicating my needs to others as I do not want to be perceived as whining, clinging or needy. After 18 years I guess my husband and I have fallen into a comfortable place that has gotten to comfortable. I know that I am alot heavier but I don't feel attractive and I feel like he doesn't find me attractive anymore either. I needed to get this out and vent I guess. Now it's time to pull on the big girl panties and stop the pity party.
On a happier note. I have been back to Spark 3 days. Logging my food, water and exercise. Feels really good! There is no other way than to log log log! I would try to judge what I was eating but seeing it in my log makes it real and keeps me accountable! It will be a Spark filled day today!

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TAT2EDCARE_BEAR 8/26/2013 10:26AM

    yous are all so awesome! thanks bunches for your kind words! msember you rock!

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MSEMBERSTORM 8/25/2013 2:22PM

    Hugs! I am so sorry you are going thru this. This is so much more common than one would think. Hollar at me anytime!

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DAUGHTEROFTWIN 8/14/2013 10:42AM

    Welcome back to Spark!!! I can completely relate to what you're feeling. I am very similar in personality. In the past 6 months, I've taken affirmative actions to find new people, make real connections and actively combat the loneliness. It has been difficult because it goes against the grain of my personality to reach out. However, the rewards are worth it. Several of those people have been here on Spark.

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TAT2EDCARE_BEAR 8/9/2013 1:23PM

    Thank you both for your kind words! emoticon

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SUEPERWOMAN 8/8/2013 9:30AM

I totally understand how you feel !!!!!!!!

Concentrate on just being your best self, eating well and exercising. You will find, I think, that as you get healthier, you will feel better emotionally, too.

I'm here for you if you want to chat.

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EVIE4NOW 8/8/2013 8:43AM

  Don't wait to be hugged, initiate it. I am a firm believer that a hug a day is as important as an apple a day. It's hard when a bff walks away, but take the time to find a new bff. There are others out there that are needy in that way, and you may be their need. Won't know until you try.

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The foods that I didn't eat.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

8/6/13 - Zucchini Bread
8/7/13 - Ice cream and Nachos (had a bowl of shredded wheat instead)

The Foods that I DIDN'T Eat. A tool to keep me motivated.
Thursday, March 06, 2008

This is a blog in progress and a tool to keep me motivated!

3/5/07 - a doughnut (offered by a coworker)
3/6/08 - dark chocolate covered pretzels (offered by a coworker)
- chocolate chip cookie (offered by my 10 year old)
3/17/08 - dark chocolate covered pretzels (offered by a coworker who didn't figure it out on the 6th)
3/25/08 - long john with maple icing. (they were sitting out on the counter at work, i am sure they are dry or stale which wouldn't have stopped me a month ago from indulging but now since SP I was able to wrinkle my nose and walk away!)
3-27-08 - cinnamon sugar and raisin bagel chips
4-2-08 - Butter Pecan Tarts
4-6-08 - Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
4-8-08 - Holy Trinity Faushnauts
4-24-08 - Leftovers from a customer luncheon. Included tuna salad wraps, potato salad, macaroni salad, chips with dip and COOKIES. YEAH ME for saying NO THANK YOU!

Have got to get back on track with using this tool!
9/30/09..i wanted a cookie real bad and i talked myself out of it..drank some water and moved on..letting the cookie lay. yeah me!
10/26/09 - icecream
10/28/09- sticky bunes, doughnuts and cake! coworker brought in treats for his birthday. don't want them don't need them..i said no!

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TAT2EDCARE_BEAR 8/9/2013 1:25PM

    yes do try it and let me know if it helps you! it gives you something to feel good about when all you want to do is eat a cookie or icecream or whatever

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MSEMBERSTORM 8/7/2013 8:48PM

    Excellent and an awesome idea!

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NKING1982 8/6/2013 9:41AM

    Wow great job! This is a really good idea, i think i might try it

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