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To the Gym!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well, yesterday ended up slightly better than I thought! On my way out of interview 1, I received a voicemail from another company I'd applied for, expressing interest in my resume. At least people are biting - it isn't like there is nothing out there. Apparently I am making somewhat of an impression towards these people (sigh of relief) because you do worry about that kind of stuff. After not being in the market for 3 years, you sort of lose touch with a "good resume" and whatnot. Luckily, I've always had a copy of mine saved on the computer.

Anyway, made it to the gym yesterday and had a surprisingly exhilirating work out. I must have needed it. I'm sore today, but definitely motivated to go and work out. I didn't sleep too well last night so I was up quite often, but I managed to sleep in a little longer (til 8:40) so now, I'm good to go.

I went to Jewel yesterday and I'm a little bitter at their "budget buys". Okay, so maybe the banana looked perfect on the outside, but the inside bottom 1/3 of it was all brown and mushy - needless to say, I didn't eat it. But, when I saw the date on the yogurt I was 1/2 into, the other half didn't get eaten. "Best by 5/6/09" I really hope that the rest of the yogurts don't say that, or I'm taking them back to Jewel for replacements. I really hope I have the receipts. $.44 a piece, but that's a snack for three days!! I find myself a little worried about even the most mundane things. You never know what's going to happen, so you gotta make sure to save every penny...

Laundry is organized and ready to be washed, just gotta make my way to the good ol' laundromat after the gym, and then the rest of the day is up in the air. I wanted to wash the floors but that means I'd have to buy hardwood floor wash, and i just don't really want to spend the money on it today. Oh well.

My Bengal is looking at me with expectant eyes right now and I'm feeling a little guilty for still sitting in my bed working on a blog entry in place of working out :-P Til later....

Have a Spark-Filled Day -

All my Love!


Day 1 Again? Starting anew.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And I don't mean my SparkPeople blog. Of course, with the tides turning and my getting life back into place, only God could see it in his heart to deliver me yet another setback.

*insert drum roll*

LAID OFF. After almost 3 years at the company I have been with since Day 1 in Chicago, they made the "executive decision" to downsize the company and my position was not eliminated but given to someone who'd been there longer than I have. I'm not too too bitter, but you know - I worked damn hard since day 1 and I never expected this to happen.

So, along with the millions of other citizens, I've submitted my resume to Careerbuilder.com, Monster.com, and to various other recruiters in the Chicago area. Luckily, I have ONE interview today, and that is with Addison Search downtown. Hopefully something transpires of this, but of course, the inevitable happened...

POST LAY-OFF (5/15/09)
I deemed it necessary to go ahead and eat whatever junk I could find, and I just HAD to buy the 24 pack of Bud Light for 11.99 - BUDGET BUY! Ironically, I looked for these types of deals prior to being laid off, but for some reason, the word budget seems to be sticking out at me like a neon light at a 24 hour strip joint. Is someone trying to tell me something? Okay, so I haven't always had the best budget, but I've ALWAYS made sure my bills were paid, ontime and my rent covered. Can't say that I have had much in the way of leftover to save after my expense for fun, but hey - I was invincible right? W-R-O-N-G. :(

Since then, I've been looking forward to the opportunity to get in to the gym and to have some free time, but in the week following my lay-off, they had me do something called the "transition"...

This week was absolute hell. Talk about having to transition your roles to other people. Roles you have spent 60 hours per week mastering and making better. It stings! Now, the two girls I gave my roles to are perfectly nice, wonderful and a joy to work with...one of them even took me into her home when I moved here for the first couple days and my apartment wasn't ready. Guess that's how I repay her. "Here's my job". Sigh.

The other girl has been there for 1/3 of the time that I have. THAT - I'm a little less inclined to be so pleased about, especially when the market segment she received was the ONLY segment in the ENTIRE company that was profiting. /slap across the face.

Of course I got the "it has nothing to do with you as an individual, and you couldn't have done your job better" spiel...I personally don't buy into it.

At least I got a 2 months' severance provided my roles were transitioned well. Believe me - I made sure that they were to a T.

But, last week was comprised of beer, beer, pizza, junk, beer, lazy, WoW, beer, sleep. And exercise only on Friday of last week which I had off already!

Here we are, and I am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed a la 7 in the manana. I actually was up at 6 because I had to go to FedEx Kinko's (for the second time - don't ask) to pick up my resume that I had printed up there. Thankfully they had it this time, and I stopped for a (much undeserved) Mint Condition Cooler from Caribou Coffee. OK OK at least I ordered a SMALL, LIGHT with NO WHIPPED CREAM. Coulda been the works.

My plan for today is to:
A) finish this blog entry
B) take a nice shower
C) primp myself for this interview (and attempt to hide the almost 15 lbs I've put on of the 50 lbs I lost since 2006-07)
D) nail the interview
E) work out at FFC ( which I spontaneously purchased prior to being laid off grr)
F) toss all the junk in the apartment (as much as I can since I AM on a budget)
G) take a 2nd shower post work-out
H) hit Jewel for some budget friendly goods (PBJ, tuna fish galore, odds & ends)
I) peruse Careerbuilder, Monster.com, LinkedIN, BrightFuse, Facebook etc... for jobs
J) TAKE THE GARBAGE DOWN - - I should just do that now. SIGH.
K) maybe post back here.

So, it is with a heavy heart I close the blog, but at least you all know I haven't been slacking; rather, been hit with some difficulties.

BTW...I'll add the cliché - if you know of anyone that's hiring, please - send them my way or at least hand me the information. I'd be most grateful.

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TRICIA12585 5/27/2009 11:56PM

    By your unconsciousness or unnoticeable intention--you truly inspired me today! More often then not, I read all too cheery and some-what fairytale-ish blog that get repetitive. Your blog lit a fire in me to realize that there are other people out there struggling just as I am. Not everyone else's life is perfect--but rather "real." I too sympathize with your ups and downs, but it cheered me up to see that you live by priorities, as I do. I appreciate your honesty and the bravery for letting it all out in the public forum of a blog--no shame/no regrets! Keep up the great work and I support all you do!

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    I'll give you another cliche, but one that hold true: "when one door closes, another will open..."

I loved reading your blog. I'm sympathize and EMPATHIZE on your being laid off after three years and have your job go to someone else. I was there nine years ago at a job after they downsized. But blessings do have a way of revealing themselves. Obviously, you need to be elsewhere. So I commend you for having such a great, HONEST attitude about it. That will get you through. If I may and I don't know what you do, you might want to consider contracting yourself out. I have done that from time to time (and still do). I figure while the agencies are swamped with resumes, you can cut right through the chase and approach a company directly and negotiate a three-month stint. If they like the arrangement or you, they may opt to hire you on or you can stay on as a consultant. Just one idea to switch up the employment game (submitting, waiting, interviewing, waiting, re-submitting, second-interviewing, etc.).

Overall, continue your progress and your work on you. You need YOU right now.

Stay encouraged and congrats on creating a list of DOBALE goals for yourself.

God bless!

jay emoticon

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Progress: 1 - - Fat Days: 0

Friday, May 15, 2009

While I have not been working out nearly as much as I ought to be (too much factors in to this right now to get into), I have been diligently tracking my food intake and watching what I eat trying to cut calories wherever possible. Instead of soda, I've been indulging in a Venti Sweet Black Iced Tea from Starbuck in the morning. That also, and instead of coffee...so I think my sweet tooth is pretty much fixed by that.

Hopefully I continue this trend and add in the gym in the mornings. I went on Tuesday and had a great PT session.

Happy Weekend to ALL of you!


Urgh!! Frustrations

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

As I embark on the commitment to self-betterment and devotion to all things better than they are now, I keep hitting the bumps that tend to drag you down. I have been making the goal in my mind to blog daily and update always about the dieting trials and tribulations, but have been so wrapped up in work, home life, love life and more that the entering of calories and tracking process have slipped from my agenda.

Anyone have tips on this? I'm thinking that I might keep a journal through the week of what I eat and how much and then at the end of the weekend (say Sunday night), enter everything in that I've had. Potentially do the same thing for fitness. I'm finding that I don't have the time and/or energy to keep up with yet another thing in my life. But, I want to make my healthy lifestyle a priority. Does anybody seem to have a resolution to these challenges?

I do, however, intend to check in on my fellow Sparkers on a daily basis, reply to comments and posts as well as read articles that I fancy.

Always looking for a helping hand -

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WENDEECOURTNEY 5/13/2009 10:54AM

    Keep a journal of food, workouts and how you feel that day. I think that might give you a little insight and give you some ideas as to why you are hitting bumps.

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Happy Friday to All

Friday, May 01, 2009

Best of Fridays to all of you. This weekend should be one to remember. I am participating in Jason's moms drive called the Ride Janie Ride Foundation. It is a not-for-profit company that raises money to help offset the costs incurred by immense medical expenses due to various types of blood cancers. His mom actually had a stem cell transplant in 2007 and God Bless her it saved her life. What a wonderful, beautiful, inspirational woman.

I am very excited about joining in on that and participating in such a great event. ridejanieride.org for those of you interested in the beauty of the program.

In other news...I'm hoping that this weekend will prove positive in terms of self-control and well-being with eating. I do plan to indulge in a few alcoholic beverages this weekend and I just need to remember progress in mind. Making it to the gym on Tues, Wed, and Thurs of this week is more than I can say for the past two months of my life.

So...on the road again, just can't wait to get down the road again!

Success in mind, Health in mind for a better, confident ME!

I hope you all have a fantastic and wonderful weekend. Enjoy it. If you slip up, remember that no one is perfect. You can accomplish anything you want to with the right mindset.

All my Love,

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HEATHER6284 5/1/2009 4:34PM

    That's a great cause. Good luck and have fun!
And be careful!!

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