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Thursday, April 02, 2009

So I took my mom to her Doc appt. today and went went for lunch. Great I know she loves Mexican food and I always fall for the cheese enchiladas with beans and rice. And I was sooooooo hungry! But I chose the healthier side if there is one of the mexican food. I had what was equivilant to combo fajitas without the flour tortillas ( i did manage to sneak in a couple corn ones) I logged everything down thinking I just blew it today and even though I need to have a very light dinner I really didn't do that horrible! So Im proud I haven't weighed myself yet or put a before picture on here because I am so self conscious but I think I will have my friend Erin help me I was looking at her pictures today and was inspired!

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ERINLY 4/2/2009 3:45PM

    Haha. I like that subtlty. You know I'll help you! :-)

I always have a hard time at mexican restaraunts, too. And it's SUCH a pain to log restaraunt food... But it's totally worth it to know where you stand in terms of daily allowance.

So, I'm bummed because I am not losing AN OUNCE. Bleh. But I feel good-- not bummed out or anything. Actually, I feel really good. I have to remember that the losing weight thing is second to the not feeling like crappola and not dreading the day. I had a really new feeling last night-- I'd woken up at 4 am and worked out, went to work and was productive, went to CostCo (and spent too much money-- haha) with my mom, came home and ran a little, then hung out with Adam and watched some TV. At 11 pm, it was bedtime... I was lying there and for the first time I can remember in my adult life, I was bummed to be going to sleep. I didn't want the day to end.

AND-- I didn't smoke! Yay!

So, you got anything going on this weekend? We're pretty free Saturday evening. Maybe we could go bowling or something. I mean, that would be fun... and it's active!

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So what do I do when I am bored? Eat 3 jolly ranchers!! ok I know its not TERRIBLE, but I've been staring at the bag in the office for 2 days now and the smell was driving me insane. When I'm at work and there is lack of it I am so tempted to eat the delicious goodies here. I have to remind myself that its not worth the calories and look forward to my healthy snack and or dinner. I figure writing about why I eat is therapy and helps for me to see why I do what I do. And WHY WHY WHY do I do sooooo good all day long and then right before bed I eat some chocolate chips and a glass of milk? It's almost like a rebellion thing. I wasn't deprived but somehow I FELT like I was and that If I did so good all day long then I deserved the chocolate damnit!!! Man our minds are sooooo weird and fascinating. Its just food. But it rules me.

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    You're not alone - we live in a very food oriented society.

I don't know why, but it is time to change things.

You can do this, we are all going to tackle this beast together!

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ERINLY 3/31/2009 6:22PM

    I do that, too. Totally! But I've started a "cut-off," like a last food before bed thing. If I tell myself, "Okay, you're done for today," I can avoid that chocolate cookies before bed.

Oh-- and I take a thing of cucumbers and bell peppers to work so I can snack when I'm bored without feeling guilty. And both of those are really cheap. They last for about a week after you cup them up and put them in gladware.

P.s. I looooooooooove you! :-)

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