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Day 1 at Curves gym

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Tonight I will start my exercise at Curves. Have been doing cardio at home with stationary bike & just have not got into strength training. This will be my motivation for doing ST & be out of the house. Or else the TV & couch will be "calling" me!!! Not to say the snacks at home! Brother just came back from outstation with lots of fried snacks!!! So the plan is have dinner as soon as I get home, walk the dogs & out of the house by 7pm to get to the gym. Do my exercise & get back home. Watch some tv & call it a night!!!

Hope to be in shape like in the picture - 1 year from now or before!!!

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BONNYNBLITHE04 12/30/2011 7:34PM

    Mine closed on Dec. 23 -- I have six months of membership left so I will be driving to another center five miles away.

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ARNETTELEE 11/8/2011 2:33AM

  our curves closed this year....bad economy....so sad

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Overcome fear!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I decided to drive to a shopping centre [about 1 km away from office] during lunch yesterday. Fear of getting lost on the way back was one of the reasons it took me more than a year to do it. Anyway, I got lost on the way back since it was not the same way I drove. It looked much easier on the google map! Somehow, got back to office in one piece. It was such an eye opener!

We don't do so many things because we fear something even when it comes to weight loss & a healthier lifestyle! We should just try it & if it does not fit in with our lifestyles, try something else. Easier said than done!

Oh btw, am not planning to drive to that shopping centre anytime soon cos sale is on & massive jam. Will do it again next week. After sale period is over!!! Can get some walking done during lunch hour!!!


Updates of rewarding good behaviour!

Monday, June 20, 2011

I am happy to report that my scale showed 74.9kg after weeks of staying between 75.1 - 75.3 kgs!!! Didn't really believe the figure so checked my weight 2 more times, just to be sure. The number 74.9 kept coming back up. I thought I could scream for joy!!! I'm glad I stuck to my "good behaviours" 75% of the time!!!

Oh btw, I did meet up with some friends on Sat & ate 1 pc of chocolate cake & had 1 cup of white coffee for tea - celebrating birthdays! Did not go for 2nds even tho it was very tempting. Had a family get together on Sunday & choose my meal wisely!!!

Walked my dogs on Sat & Sun for 30 minutes - did not do other cardio besides washing my car.

One of the reasons, I'm so happy to see the weigh loss cos I stuck with it!!! U can do it too!!! emoticon emoticon

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EXENEC 6/20/2011 4:42AM

  Congratulations! Nice job.

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Rewarding good behaviour

Thursday, June 02, 2011

I read an article on SP to reward good behaviour that leads to weight loss instead of just depending on a scale. So, I joined some challenges today to stay on track with my good behaviour.

1. drink 8 glasses of water a day - seems easier on work day at the office & not on weekends when I'm home. Need to work on that.
2. exercise 5 mornings in a row. Have been doing 10 minutes of cardio every morning. So far so good. No problem getting up early cos I need to feed the dogs b4 I go to work.
3. sleep well for 7 - 8 hours a night. Seem to have difficulty getting well rested these days cos I'm so disorganised. Can get cranky the next day when I don't get enough sleep.

Will reward myself when I reach 10 days for the above 3 challenges. Will add a new challenge when these 3 are routine for me. Plan to get a pair of cool sunglasses at the end of the 10 days.

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ASHLEYKAT 6/2/2011 9:33AM

    Awesome plan! You can do it! I've had some success with weekend water by getting 2 glasses in when I first wake up.

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Health is wealth!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last evening, my ex neighbor called me to inform that her elder sister will be taken off the ventilator today. Chances of her still being alive is very slim. Docs have given up hope & family have already made funeral arrangements.

She has been ill with bone cancer & has been in hospital from 1st May. She was one person who was fairly active & watched what she ate. Hardly saw her ill. She has been battling cancer from 1994. Kept it a secret from close friends. Her sister told me that Yam [elder sister] wants to stop all medication, chemo, etc & is ready to go. She is very tired & does not want to be in pain anymore.

So, those of you who have good health, please value it & take good care of yourselves [a good reminder to myself too!]. Those of you who are battling any disease, hope you take better care of yourselves!!!

Will be taking half day off today to visit my ex neighbors family.

It does not matter how long we live but more important is how well we lived!!!

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ASHLEYKAT 5/24/2011 9:28AM

    That's a very true sentiment.
I'm sorry for you and your friend and her family. emoticon

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