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My Hometown, Flooded

Friday, September 09, 2011

I grew up in Binghamton, NY. Many parts of the city and surrounding areas flooded Wednesday night into Thursday night. The water is beginning to recede but the news and pictures are heartbreaking. Those places, that town, those people (collectively) built me. They made me who I am. And now they are hurting and, from afar, I hurt too.

The hospital I was born in... flooded right up to the flood walls they put in after the last flood in 2006 (the only 2 big floods in my life time of memories).

The home I was raised in.... in a mandatory evacuation zone, although hopefully not flooded.

The library I had my first job in... flooded.

The street my HS/college boyfriend lived on when we were dating... flooded, really badly.

The mall I shopped in... flooded.

The restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner... flooded.

The florist who did our wedding flowers... flooded.

The hotel I spent my wedding night in... flooded.

TMI Alert. The hotel our daughter was conceived in... flooded.

The restaurant we were going to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary in... flooded.

The grocery store closest to my parents' home, their beautician's shop, my favorite pizza place, many places important to my parents who still live in the area (but who are up high and safe through it all).... flooded.

I know the people there are strong. Life isn't really easy there. Life there makes you strong. But, enough already, enough. Let my people go home. Let them start to recover. Give them a break :-(

Edited to add.....
1 more memory flooded: The hotel DH and I went to celebrate our first NYE together.
And, sadly, lives flooded too.... a family member had their basement (finished) and first floor flooded, higher than the kitchen counters :-( A friend's business was flooded. Several friends had flooding at their homes. Other that I know have had water in their unfinished basements, workplaces flooded, and lives otherwise interrupted. It's so very sad.

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 9/10/2011 2:51PM

    My husband's family is from that area and my parents are south about 60 miles and they too are faced with flood damage. The stores, just like you mentioned, are all flooded. It's crazy. Hopefully things let up soon.

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TANYAP71 9/9/2011 8:25PM

    Thank you all. Just found out my dad's cousin & his wife 'lost everything' :-( they ad such a beautiful home. They are safe though. Have to focus on that.

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CHARLOTTE1947 9/9/2011 7:54PM

    I'm so sorry. My sister is flooded too in Harrisburg, PA. She was planning on hitting the road today to visit me in Alabama, (where we've had some rough weather this year too), but now she must stay to assess the damage when the city lets her back in her house. So sad . . .

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5KIDS4MEJESS 9/9/2011 4:47PM

    When we were out and about yesterday one of the roads we had to ride on was massively flooded and you could tell it was only getting higher(we're in NW NJ). We were ok because we have a large truck that's up off the ground, but even I got scared at one point when the water was about 2-3 inches above the bottom of the door. Most of the houses on that road were flooded, there was one that looked like it was in the middle of a lake and another had the homeowner outside canoeing up the driveway to get his mail(the kids thought that was amusing, but hoped out loud he would be ok). I kicked myself later for not taking photos or video, but it was just so astonishing to me that I didn't even think of it, all I could think about was if we could help anyone, but everyone turned us down although a couple said we should come back today and ask again lol. We are some of the lucky ones that are on high ground, but I can definitely sympathize with your pain and hope everything in your hometown can return to normal(or normal enough) very soon. emoticon Hugs!

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MRE1956 9/9/2011 11:44AM

    I'm from a NOTORIOUSLY flood-prone area in NJ so I totally understand what you're going through......

If I NEVER see another damned river in my life, I'll be satisfied.....


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Turning into one of 'those' people

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Yesterday I was under my calorie budget by hundreds of calories - about 500 IIRC. I used to wonder how ANYONE could have trouble eating enough. But then I have a day like yesterday where I had a smaller than usual breakfast for no real reason, my typical snack, forgot to eat lunch so my afternoon snack was hearty but not enough to make up for it, and then dinner was late and I wasn't hungry for a bedtime snack. And then... poof 500 calories unused.

And today hasn't been any better because I forgot lunch. Again. I think my post workout high-protein snack (shake or bar) is interfering with my appetite at lunch time. And if I don't eat lunch by 1:15 it will morph into my afternoon snack because I'm on the go midafternoon.

I partially make up for days like this on the weekend but I probably need to put a little more effort into eating more calories earlier in the day so I'm more naturally out of calories by the time dinner's over.

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MICRAELIE 9/8/2011 9:02AM

    What an interesting process. I also find that getting preoccupied with "living" sometimes has the side effect of food taking a lesser role. I think that's good. I admire how in touch you are with your body and its needs, and how faithfully you track your nutrition in Spark. I'm finally seeing this time what an incredible benefit that is.

Thanks for sharing your experience. This is very helpful for me, someone still on the beginning (relatively speaking) of my journey.


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    :) Yes I agree there are days I just don't feel like eating or I eat more at dinner/dessert and use some of those calories for breakfast the next day.
Usually everything balances out, but I am burning a ton by adding more classes at the gym in the evening which would explain why I am more hungry in the evening.

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TANYAP71 9/7/2011 8:54PM

    still going to be 500+ under today. I've consumed 1500 calories. had my 5 a day, had my 100+g protein. I even had ice cream (skinny cow) and a small glass of wine. I am full. I am done.

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TANYAP71 9/7/2011 5:46PM

    I am SO used to NOT eating back my exercise calories that eating them back is, apparently, going to take some getting used to. That's rather cool given how much I ate before I started tracking calories and how very hungry I was last fall. My appetite really did adjust to what I was eating ... not that my BODY did (as I still lost weight). Perhaps one more piece of the 'why I managed to be successful this time when I never was before'.... learning how to give your body what it needs to not be hungry while you lose weight?

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ALLIB22 9/7/2011 5:24PM

  lol i always feel so good but so bad when i'm under like that. then you have to try and push yourself to fill up your calorie count. some days it just happens and others i'm waaay over lol

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So far, so good.... AND a bra problem.

Monday, September 05, 2011

I dropped over 2 pounds in a day Thursday into Friday which put me under my goal weight for September (2 pounds lost) which makes this my first attempt at maintaining my weight.

So far, so good. I've been eating back all my exercise calories (give or take 200, I'm not going to eat if I'm full!). I've also been splurging with the holiday weekend (alcohol every day). My weight is back up a tad (which is OK!) but my BF% is down boosting my target weight back to 126-129. I *really* hope to maintain (hopefully gain) my lean body mass through this approach. This bodes well. This is the closest I have come to my target range (just under 4 pounds until I hit the top).

Now for the vain stuff (because, yes, I am in vain territory going after as low a BF% as I am)....
My back is sort of crazy right now. I can definitely tell that fat is coming off my back. My lower back definitely looks hard and my upper back has decent definition but doesn't look hard yet.
My abs are coming along. The fat is coming off so very slowly but it IS coming off. My belly button has seemed much too low and it's starting to creep upwards. (Weird.). I can feel the muscle in my lower abs and it doesn't take nearly as much digging around these days LOL! No six pack for me but there is a pronounced vertical line there.
My thigh fat is finally, finally beginning to vamoose. They still house most of my visible fat but I am starting to see some definition in the back (not just the front).
My butt is starting, ever so slowly, to lift and round. I have never, ever, ever, ever had a butt before. It's a baby butt but it's for real. It's the thing I am 3rd proudest of on this journey to fitness (the things that top it are finally getting weight off and getting fit without reinjuring my arm injury).

Now for the problem.....
My bras are getting too big... and it's not the cup. I went and tried the next cup size down and it was definitely too small. I'm in a 32C and it looks like I need a 30C but I looked for them in stores this weekend and didn't see such a thing. That seems a tad ridiculous. I'm NOT that thin. Surely there are many C-cup women as thin as I am. So what gives???? I don't just need new 32C bras. I bought one Friday and I already have to use first hook and can't make it any tighter and STILL it rides up in the back... which is so NOT what this 40+ mom who breastfed for almost 3 years between 2 kids needs!!!. I am perplexed.

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TANYAP71 9/6/2011 12:14PM

    Thank you Jess! I popped into VS and didn't see 30C but when I came home I saw that they measure weird (not under the breast but up and around) so my size may be different there. It's probably worth a trip back because they are much more affordable than the specialty store.

Thank you for the compliments. I really did have some crazy workout days for a while. I enjoyed them and it really did make exercise a habit for me. The first hour in the gym goes so fast these days. It still seems strange for me to go to the gym for just 30' but it's also important to figure out what I can 'get away with' and keep the body I want because, eventually, life will get in the way of an hour+ a day gym habit. Last spring I was spending 7-8 hours a week in the gym. Right now my plan is less than 6 hours a week and 1 of those hours is centergy which is more for relaxation/stress management than exercise (for me).

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5KIDS4MEJESS 9/6/2011 9:31AM

    Wow you're doing so awesome!! Congrats on seeing that vertical line, I know it's exciting!! As for the bra sizing, I was having some trouble with that too and so went to the mall and got sized in three different stores. Victoria's Secret was the most attentive, the girl measured me and then stood outside of the dressing room bringing me bras to try and checking the fit for me, letting me know how it looked and why certain things were happening. Turns out that some of my "underarm fat" was boobs that weren't fitting into the cup lol. It was the first time I've ever done anything like that, but she was very professional and helpful, and anything you like that they don't have in your size can be ordered right there. I found bras that fit perfectly and are comfortable(for now lol). The bras I got were only $25 each, which i figured was good enough since I know I'm going to need a smaller band soon. Good luck finding something, a nice fitting bra is mandatory! Way to go on sticking to everything you've been doing! You're such an inspiration to me. Every time I want to skip my exercise I think of your long hard workouts and I know I can do 20 minutes lol. emoticon

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TANYAP71 9/6/2011 5:41AM

    Moonstormer.... I did that last February... 36D. I had no idea! I went back in June... 34C. Bought a few clearance 32C bras and have slowly been working my way to the tightest hook and shortest straps. I don't remember 30Cs on the clearance rack but I bet they have them in the store (now that I know they exist). Non-clearance bras at the specialty store are so expensive but my anniversary is coming so I think I'll splurge on 1 set of new matching bra and panties!

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MOONSTORMER 9/6/2011 12:10AM

    congrats on your progress - you're doing so well! maybe head to a local lingerie shop with women who will actually measure you. it's amazing what that tape measure says about the size bras we should actually be wearing....

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TANYAP71 9/5/2011 4:38PM

    Thank you both!

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    Try Walcoal (this is the brand)...they make "tiny back" bras. This is what the woman who fitted me referred to them as:)
These bras are sold at Macy's and I just bought my latest from Amazon.

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LONGWINDINRD 9/5/2011 3:29PM


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Going for a BALANCED calorie budget for a week. Yikes!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

On 9/1 I set a goal of losing 2 pounds in September and of not dropping lower than that unless it came WITHOUT dropping lean body mass. So, what happens? I wake up on 9/2 over 2 pounds lighter. No idea why. Just mysteriously down multiple pounds in a day.

That means that September has now become my first month of maintaining my weight which, as I've mentioned many times, is scary stuff for me. I don't do well standing still. I like to work TOWARDS something.

So... we'll see how it goes. The first thing I'm focusing on is eating back all my exercise calories and eating all the calories loseit.com 'allows me'. I've NEVER eaten back all my calories. One, because I've always been afraid that my exercise calories were overestimated. Two, because my trainer told me that eating all my exercise calories back was counter productive so long as I was trying to lose weight. So.... I've got a HRM which means my exercise calories ARE correct AND I am NOT trying to lose weight which means my trainer's advice does not apply. VERY VERY nervous about working towards a BALANCED calorie budget but I AM going to give it a go next week. (I'll be under budget this week because I can't healthily eat an extra 1800 calories today and tomorrow... at least I don't think I can.)

This is scary stuff. I have ALWAYS been the kind of person who, fearful of running out, socks some away for a rainy day - money, stuff, calories, whatever. Now I need to live on the edge! (Obviously I spent many years living as if I could eat as much as I wanted all the time and not at all fearful of running out of calories. This is totally different!)


August's a wrap. On to September!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

August Recap:
1. Maintain at 140.0 or below, EVEN INCLUDING VACATION.
SUCCESS! I had the scale on vacation so not only was I NOT 140 when we got home, I was not 140 during vacation.
2. Drop body fat from approximately 24% to approximately 23%. I'd be happy to be having consistent readings in the 22.5-23.5% range at the end of the month. A smaller drop than in past months because of VACATION.
SUCCESS! I am seeing occasional readings below 23.0%. Today happened to be 23.1%. I am comfortable saying I am smack in the middle of my goal range.
3. Take the scale and the body fat monitor on VACATION to keep me accountable to myself.
YES! I am glad that I did. Mostly because it prodded me to eat clean after days of eating poorly and push push push the water. I had a much worse time with water retention than I did calories. One day I was swollen enough to bring back the nerve symptoms from my injury!
4. Work out for a minimum of 30' EVERY DAY on our next VACATION. Even if I have to take off by myself because there is no other option. Get moving, get sweating, and don't feel embarrassed or like a pain for needing to do this for MYSELF.
FAIL! Not that I didn't come prepared but I discovered that our cottage was not conducive to the BW or resistance band workouts I brought. I also found that the terrain was so flat that 30' of walking burned so few calories it wasn't worth the hassle figuring out when a 30' absence wouldn't mess with family activities. So.... I walked on the beach while the family played and I walked and I walked and I walked. We didn't go to the beach every day so I didn't walk every day but I certainly averaged over 60' (3+ miles) per day.
5. Vanquish the guilt I feel for NEEDING healthy food to eat and time for exercise when my husband just wants to eat other food and sit around. If he needs THAT and I need THIS, we will just have to deal with the fact that there will be times I am off doing my own thing.
PARTIAL SUCCESS. I felt no guilt at all about taking off on my walks. Zero. But those plans for 30' everyday? It seemed like every time I tried I was in someone's way or they were interrupting me or I was delaying our plans to do something. This is why I go to the gym and don't exercise at home so I shouldn't be surprised it carried over to vacation.

In September I will:
1. Lose 2 pounds. This should put me at 132. My calculations have had my final goal weight (body fat of 18-20%) as 126-129 for a while now so this goal should compliment, not detract from changing my body composition.
2. Drop body fat from approximately 23% to approximately 22%. Based on my calculations, if I lost ONLY fat this month I'd be at 22% at 132 pounds.
[1a&2a. NOT drop below 131 unless it is a 'fat only' loss. ie, if I'm not GAINING lean body mass, I do NOT want to go below 131.]
3. Do ALL my Base Phase workouts as scheduled in The Female Body Breakthrough. No adding stuff. No doing them in another order. No crazy cardio Tuesdays. (MWF= Base Phase workouts. T=30' cardio. Th=Centergy. S/S = off/centergy/family activity.)
4. Eat a minimum of 100 g of protein every day. Aim for 130+ grams.
5. Make an appointment with my trainer to get instruction on how to use the squat rack, how to do pushups, and how best to gain lean body mass.

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DZSWEETIE2005 9/1/2011 8:40AM

    Good job in August!! You will own September too!


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MOONSTORMER 9/1/2011 8:35AM

    well done! you rocked august and you are going to do great in september!

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