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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 17 - Same Old, Same Old

Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 17: Do you have any meals/snacks that you repeat over and over? What are they?

I sure do. It keeps things easy!

I always have a 14 oz of coffee with 1 oz half and half and a splenda.
Then I have a stable of 'usual' breakfasts:
1. 4 oz plain fat-free greek yogurt, 4 oz frozen berries or peaches (thawed on high in the microwave for 1 minute), 1 packet splenda, a bunch of cinnamon, 13g of toasted wheat germ. When I need to add some calories I might do some kashi cereal instead of the wheat germ or an extra piece of fruit.
2. 1 c egg whites, a bunch of chopped spinach, cooked up together. Topped with 1/4 c chunky salsa. Plus a couple pieces of fruit. If I need to up my calories I add a whole egg or some low-fat cheese.
3. 45g vanilla whey, 3 oz frozen berries, 1/2 banana, a bunch of cinnamon, 6 oz of milk - protein shake.
4. CLIF builder bar and a piece of fruit.

Post workout snack is almost always a CLIF builder bar. When I need to cut some calories I do 1/2 or come home and make a vanilla whey shake instead.

1. Sandwich: WW potato bread of WW bulkie roll, 4oz thin and trim lunch meat, lettuce/spinach/arugula, sliced tomato. Plus a piece of fruit and a serving of raw veggies.
2. Salad: big bowl of lettuce/arugula/spinach. 4 oz thin and trim lunch meat, shredded carrots, grape tomatoes. If I need extra calories I add some cheese (light blue or goat). I'm usually full but if I'm not I'll add a piece of fruit.
3. 2 cans of tuna, 2 oz greek yogurt, 1 Tbsp light salad dressing, chopped celery and onion - tuna salad. Sometimes I eat it on WASA bread, sometimes on low-carb lavash, sometimes without bread. Plus a piece of fruit.

1. piece of fruit and a cheese stick
2. my other half of the CLIF bar if I only had 1/2 earlier
3. homebaked small whole grain muffin and a cheese stick or piece of fruit

Tuesdays - almost always turkey tacos
Thursdays - almost always salmon, green veg (like brocolli), orange veg (like winter squash)
The other days vary quite a bit but at some point (cool weather) I will start roasting a chicken 1x a week. I try to do 'fun food on Friday.'

Skinny cow truffle bar or ice cream sandwich or cone and sometimes a coffee. Very rarely I will choose a glass of wine over ice cream but that is ever more rare these days.

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CODEMAULER 9/17/2012 8:23PM

    I hadn't thought of Greek yogurt in tuna salad, but I'll bet it ROCKS!!

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MOONSTORMER 9/17/2012 4:01PM

    Sounds good! emoticon

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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 16 - Eating Well

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 16. Do you follow an eating 'plan'? (Vegetarian, paleo, South Beach, Atkins, yada yada yada) How has this helped you live a healthier life?

I eat as cleanly as possible given I shop in a mainstream grocery store. On my spark page I call my way of eating a combination of South Beach Phase 3 and Clean Eating. Good carbs, good fats, lean protein. I try to limit salt. I don't eat fried foods. I like to call it 'Eating Well' but that has no meaning to anyone but me.

I eat almost 100% whole grain - except I splurge on white bakery bread and pizza dough for splurge meals.

I avoid HFCS but I don't avoid table sugar. I don't eat much of it but I don't read labels and put things back on the shelf for having sugar the way I do if they have HFCS.

I eat almost 100% lean proteins - except for when I splurge on supreme pizza. I make a dinner meal plan every week. I try to serve: Poultry at least twice. Pork at least once. Salmon once. White fish or shell fish once. Beef no more than twice. Vegetarian here and there.

I eat a ton of fruit and veggies. Mostly fresh, occasionally frozen (berries, chopped spinach, winter squash), almost never canned (niblets corn).

I eat good fats and a fair amount of them. We spend a lot of money on olive oil!

I try to limit my salt but I splurge there too.

I've made lots of baby steps over years of cleaning up how we eat. I've done a lot of reading - South Beach, Omnivore's Dilemma, South Beach Wake-Up Call, Fast Food Nation, lots of issues of Clean Eating and Eating Well. I try NOT to be perfectionist about how I eat because it just makes me crazy but baby steps and consistency have gotten me quite far!

I tracked everything I ate for a long time. I eat about 40% of my calories in protein, 30% in fat, and 30% in carb. I notice that when the protein comes down and the carb goes up my body fat goes up. 40/30/30 gives me what I want in terms of how I feel and how I look. My blood chemistry was excellent even before I started losing weight. My blood chemistry was excellent at goal. In December I'll find out if 40/30/30 is still agreeing with my blood chemistry. My fear is that all that protein (lean as it may be) will end up not good for me but.... so far...... high protein, good carbs, good fats is a good fit for me.

And my running update:
Running for 2012:
100.75 miles + 3.0 miles = 103.75
7 days until my next 5K.

This was an outdoor run. 3 1/2 loops around a loop that is just under a mile. (I don't know how far under but based on my times I'm guessing it's about 0.9 mi.) When I was running it in the spring (before the heat of the summer) I was doing 3 loops in 27-28 minutes. Today I did 3 in 24:45. Very happy about that. Don't much like what running outside does to my lungs but so long as I don't do it very often, I think I'll be OK. One more thing to put on my list of things to talk to the doctor about in December. I don't really have an 'attack' but my lungs feel cottony after. I may need a non-rescue inhaler to use after running.

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ANDASI 9/17/2012 8:13AM


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SWEDE_SU 9/17/2012 6:37AM

    clean eating is so important - you have a good plan going there that seems to work! congrats on the running, it is fantastic to see that improvement!

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MOONSTORMER 9/17/2012 1:51AM

    fantastic eating plan!

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GOSPARK45 9/16/2012 7:17PM

    You have a really good food plan. I hope to get there some day. I've improved a lot. Eat well a lot, but have conflicts with hubby. Sometimes trying to get me to eat such fattening things. He still doesn't get that he doesn't have to be as careful as I do.

Wow that's a lot of miles. Good for you.

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KONOHA-NIN 9/16/2012 4:59PM

    I love how you're able to be healthy, but still flexible about your eating! Perfectionism and rigidity can be kind of unhealthy in their own ways if they get too extreme, right? And congrats on your running! (sorry to hear about the outdoors aggravating your lungs, though)

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LOGOULD 9/16/2012 3:43PM

    Congratulations on the impressive improvement in your running - must be all that good nutrition and healthy eating! I thought I was eating healthy, but, it looks like maybe I could kick it up a notch.

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CODEMAULER 9/16/2012 12:08PM

    Sounds like Smart Eating to me (and pretty similar to what we do around here). The Hubster has a culinary arts degree and he always seems to find a different way to serve up our routine food choices.

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ONEKIDSMOM 9/16/2012 11:50AM

    To consistency and baby steps! Thanks.

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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 15 - Looking for ideas

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 15. What is your favorite weight loss, fitness, or wellness blog (or website or magazine) outside of sparkpeople?

I asked this one because I *don't* read any other weight loss, fitness, or wellness blogs regularly. Sparkpeople is the only online wellness site I visit regularly.

I do get a few magazines.

My favorite is Eating Well. I think they take a nice reasonable approach to eating. There are no rigid rules. The recipes are tasty. Nothing is so weird I would be hesitant to serve it to my family. I feel good recommending this one, even to 'newbies' on the road to healthy eating.

I also subscribe to Clean Eating Magazine. The clean eating rules can be a tad rigid. (And misguided, IMO. They were all agave-crazy for a bit and, IMO, agave is worse than table sugar.) The recipes I've tried are tasty. But some of them are downright weird. And some of them are just such a stretch that I don't bother. I'd rather just splurge every once in a while for a more traditional preparation of something than go to extreme lengths for a clean version of a food that just shouldn't be 'clean'. (cookies and cakes come to mind)

I also get Fitness magazine. Eh. TONS of fluff. But I do find some useful workouts.

I long ago let my Cooking Light subscription lapse. IMO, it should be called 'Cooking Lighter'. Most of the time the recipes were still too high carb or too high calorie for me.

I'm looking forward to reading other people's responses. Actually, I need to read responses for most of the week. This week has been INTENSE for our family! We're a 'family dinner together every night' type family and we had our first meal together since Tuesday today!

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HAPPYSOUL91 9/16/2012 9:13AM

    I also like Eating Well the best. I have subscribed to weight watchers since the 70's and while it has changed, still enjoy reading the success stories and getting ideas.

On-line I am a member to Dr. Fuhrman's site and also Dr. Amen's site.

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    I hit Spark recipes more often than not for ideas.
When my family does get together we are pretty plain eaters; meat, veggie and starch. I don't have much time to cook but pre-planned marinated foods add zing.

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CODEMAULER 9/15/2012 8:27PM

    I frequent a number of cooking blogs, and we cook pretty simple and light. We also watch cooking shows together and get some ideas that way. It helps that it's just too of us and I'm not a picky eater.


Lest you think I spend all my time reading / watching, I use an RSS feed. For me it's the Google homepage, but there are others. I've bookmarked some interesting sites and I 'scan' the updates to see if there's anything that catches my eyes.

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DOGLADY13 9/15/2012 6:22PM

    I like to read Mark Bittman in the NY Times. I have his How to Cook Everything Vegetarian (I use it all the time). I also like to read Michael Pollan - The Omnivore's Dilemma, Food Rules and my favorite, The Botany of Desire.

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ONEKIDSMOM 9/15/2012 6:22PM

    When you catch up, you'll see several of us in the same shoes... emoticon loyal Sparkers, and not much time for other sites.

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Light Popcorn has Got to GO!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

DD has a sleep study last night. We planned snacks for a movie but she ended up going straight to sleep. I, however, had purposely under eaten to be able to have popcorn with her. I was hungry so I ate the popcorn. Not a binge, just my snack. And I woke with a fuzzy head and a raw stomach. Food hangover. They are so weird. Last time I had popcorn it was popped with olive oil and I had no issues. I'm a tad concerned that the light popcorn that didn't cause any issues last year is having this affect on me. I'm done with light popcorn though.

I think I need to ask for a glucose tolerance test when I see the doc.

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    Too much of a semi-good thing!

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TANYAP71 9/15/2012 11:29AM

    This isn't microwave popcorn. It's popped corn from the snack aisle. Ingredients are very simple/real but it is vey high carb.

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CODEMAULER 9/15/2012 11:04AM

    You never know what else is in there, sadly. I hope that you are feeling better soon!

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SWEDE_SU 9/15/2012 10:28AM

    popcorn used to be my one favorite snack, i've popped it on the stove in a bit of olive oil, but the last few times i made it, i've felt like i had a hole in my stomach afterwards, and i finally decided that the way it made me feel was not worth the taste and crunch going down. it's been a long time since the last time i made popcorn.... though my mind still likes it, my stomach says otherwise.

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62NVON 9/15/2012 9:16AM

    After reading about the chemicals used for microwave popcorn, I ditched it. I now pop kernels in a brown bag in the microwave, then drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with garlic salt. it's delicious and I know exactly what is in it.

Sorry you had odd reaction. =(

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JILLITA55 9/15/2012 9:09AM

    I air pop my pocorn. no falvors or oil.

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This is life, right?

Friday, September 14, 2012

My daughter needs a sleep study. Honestly, she's probably needed one her whole life but no one suggested we do one until last January. She was in the midst of a bad school year and I just could not deal with one more thing that wasn't absolutely necessary. So I didn't call to schedule it until this week. And they called back (with new orders because the old ones had expired - not a surprise) today wanting us to go in tonight.

This is the kind of thing we deal with. Sleep studies aren't exactly run-of-the-mill medical adventures. And we got, oh, 8 hours notice. But I couldn't pass up the chance to do it on a Friday night when she is TIRED from a week of school and doesn't have to go to school the next day. Bag is packed. Movies rented. I packed food and drinks - HEALTHY food and drinks - for snacks with the movies and for breakfast because we won't get home until after breakfast. I rearranged our plans for tonight and we are just rolling with it.

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MOONSTORMER 9/15/2012 4:22AM

    hope that the sleep study helps!

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FEMISLIM 9/14/2012 10:50PM

    All the best. Remain blessed!

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ONEKIDSMOM 9/14/2012 7:26PM

    Here's to getting all the pieces of your weekend (including the sleep study) juggled.

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