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3mi in 32:23

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

My goal for May is to run 5K in 30' or less. Today I did 3 miles in 32:23. That's another minute shaved off. I'm getting close enough that I'm going to do 3.11 mi for time now. That's REALLY 5K. 3 mi was 'close enough' but it's not anymore.

Today's 3mi (plus cool down) brings me to 20 miles.

My back is still hurting. I did some foam rolling and I'll do some more later. I'm really mad at myself for not noticing I was hurting it - either in the yard or at the gym.

Weight is right about goal. Trying not to stress about it. Goal *is* goal. I'd like to go on my next cruise 5 pounds under goal so I can eat and drink whatever strikes my fancy but I'm not going to feel deprived between now and then to do it. If I go in at goal, I go in at goal. I'll just have to careful about keeping calories in check. Worked last time. Of course, the food wasn't nearly as good as I expect it will be on the next cruise.

First 5K race in 4 days. I can NOT believe I am running. (Seriously! I find it easier to jog at 5.0MPH than to walk at 4.5MPH so now I jog/run instead of walk/run my intervals.)

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SEATTLESIMS 5/8/2012 12:37PM

    Yes, loved that part of learning to run, where it becomes easier to jog that speed than walk it!
Enjoy your day!

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Ugh. My back.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Weighted side lunges did me in today. I was putting the weights all the way to the floor. Unfortunately, I think that I was rounding my back to do it. Lower back hurts now. I did make adjustments but too late to avoid pain today. Stupid move. I sometimes have a heard time telling the difference between working a muscle and hurting myself! Went from my whole body workout circuit (2x) to Centergy. I was hoping centergy would help my back but it didn't. Burned a lot of calories between the 2 back-to-back workouts and feel good enough to do all my household chores. I really hope my back feels better tomorrow!

The weekend was nice. We celebrated Cinco de Mayo. I overdid it in the food department - all healthy ('clean') foods but too much. Weighed in higher than I wanted to this morning but my morning was such that I suspect tomorrow will be a reasonable weighin. Yesterday I finally got back to doing some yard work. Yard work was the ONLY thing my orthopedic surgeon told me to avoid when he released me in April 2011. I figure I can't avoid it forever. I'll take it slow! My husband is doing the bulk of the yard work and it's really starting to shape up again out there. I love how everything looks all mulched :-)

Signed up for 2 5Ks yesterday. One is this weekend so that I can get my first 5K behind me. The other is here in town in September. That one should keep me running. Between the two races... who knows... all depends on how the first one goes, I guess. If it's fun maybe I'll do one a month. Otherwise I can make up my own 5K and time myself and just work on beating myself.



Sunday, May 06, 2012

Went to the park and ran/walked 4.7K in 27:15. That's with my son slowing me down in te first lap (1/3) before I left him behind in the second lap. That's on track for 29:00 for a 5K. Toss in some walking with the family at the end and I'll call it 3 mi. That brings me to 17 miles.

I'm thinking I'll do 3 or 4 laps each weekend to track my time. Definitely going to start looking for local 5Ks. Great distance for me.

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    GREAT NEWS!!!!

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NADS1959 5/6/2012 1:58PM

    5 k is a great distance cause the end is always in site. good work and good luck!

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Happy Friday and Personal Training for a Tween

Friday, May 04, 2012

Even after splurging on 2 pieces of ice cream cake in honor of my eldest's half birthday, I was only up 1/2 pound of the 2 that disappeared. I KNOW that's water (they were within my calorie budget for the day) and it was super yummy.

I did the lower body workout from my trainer today. I had to look up most of the moves using google because it's been 2 weeks since he ran through it with me and I'd forgotten. GREAT workout. I don't usually like using the TRX system but the 3 moves in today's workout were great AND I really felt like using the TRX added to the move. It burned a decent number of calories too. So far none of his workouts (aside from the metabolic ones that include a lot of explosive movements/jumping/etc) burn calories like the ones in The Female Body Breakthrough but so far none of his workouts have hurt me either.

Looking forward to the weekend. Grocery shopped to make Chipotle-style barbacoa burritos (bowl for me!) for Cinco de Mayo and hit the mmmmmMocha Truffle jackpot. Restrained myself and only brought home 3 boxes though. Put them in the deep freeze so my daughter won't eat them all on me!

Speaking of my daughter..... she has scoliosis which was treated successfully with bracing. She's now been out-of-brace for almost 2 years after 7+ years of night-time bracing. All that bracing left her core weak and her adolescent growth spurt left her hamstrings tight so she did physical therapy for a while. That never really clicked with her. She didn't like going to PT and she was highly resistant to the 'home program'. Back in February we switched her from physical therapy to personal training with my trainer (at home since she's too young for the gym). THAT has gone much better. She still has to be told to work out and she doesn't always get in all her workouts but she gets in WAY more than she ever did when her 'workouts' were called a 'home program' and her PT was the more medical Physical Therapy versus the more sport Physical Training. She's progressing nicely and it's really weird to watch her doing moves that I had to work up to. She feels stronger, looks leaner, and I think it's given her more self-confidence. Sometimes I roll eyes at myself 'I can NOT be-LIEVE you hired a trainer for your tween' but when I look at the benefits and realize that it costs LESS than her kung fu lessons cost her (which she NEVER ONCE carried over to activity outside of the lessons) I stop the eye rolling and just feel grateful that we can afford to do this for her.

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    :) AWESOME news!
Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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Well, look at that....

Thursday, May 03, 2012

I stop beating myself up mentally and wake up 2 pounds lighter. A weight off my shoulders because I decided to be good to myself? Relaxing and letting my body do it's thing instead of stressing? Who knows! And I'm bound to mess it up a bit when I splurge on ice cream cake to celebrate my son's half birthday. I sure was glad to see the scale move though and that big movement backs up my suspicion that this has more to do with hydration and my GI tract being off than it has to do with gaining 3 pounds of fat.

Another 5K on the treadmill today - walking 4.0 MPH for 0.25 miles then running 6.2-6.4 MPH for 0.5 miles. Finished 5K at 33:45. Walked 3.4 or so miles in total but I'll call it 3.25. That brings me to 14.5 mi. :-)

There's a new centergy release and it's interesting. Mixing it up always shows me that I'm not quite as strong as I think I am and it seems each new release highlights that there's work to be done in a different area than I felt needed work at the beginning of the previous release. They do a good job of mixing it up.

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DAWNFIRE72 5/3/2012 11:18PM

    Maybe stressing out was causing part of the problem. Keep up the great work!!

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