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Stopping the Punishment

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

I gave up ice cream for Lent. After Lent was over my weight was right at goal (up a few pounds from where I had comfortably sat for months pre-Lent) and I was mad at myself. So... I made a rule, no ice cream for me unless I was under that pre-Lent weight. And I've been there once since. And I've spent a lot of time feeling down on myself because of it.

No more of that. I have lost 50 pounds gosh darn it. I am fit. I am strong. Why the HECK am I beating myself up for being 'at' goal instead of under it? That's 'old me' and I thought I was past all that!

While I was punishing myself my daughter ate all 5 of my remaining mocha skinny cow truffle ice creams. Wah!!!!!!! They are 'slimited' edition and I haven't found another box. So I had a peanut butter chocolate ice cream sandwich last night.

Edited to add numbers and a tiny update:
I did a treadmill interval 5K on Tuesday in 35:40. Looking to shave that down to 30 minutes this month by running faster and increasing the distance run in the running intervals.) Those 3 mi brings me to 11.25 mi since I started tracking. (I'll drop that 0.25 one of these days!)

Grocery shopped today and found 1 lonely box of mmmmmmocha truffle bars hidden behind the cookie and cream ones (which I'm not fond of). Yay!
So.... no more punishing myself. Now I will reward myself (like I had grown accustomed to while reaching goal). If I eat well and stay under budget, I will allow myself a treat after dinner so long as it fits in the budget.

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DAWNFIRE72 5/2/2012 10:31PM

    I'm glad that you have decided to stop punishing yourself over not being under goal. I know how hard that can be, I still find myself doing punishment for "infractions" of maintaining.

Good luck and try to ignore the scale and focus on how good you feel and look. emoticon

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    Life is too short to deprive and beat ourselves up, right?
You are right:
You are strong!
You are fit!
You can outlift most people!
You will soon be able to outrun most!
I would rather be able to run far and have sculpted muscles than fit into a size X or weight___.
You have done a ton for your health! Enjoy the next part: becoming an awesome runner:)

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Going in the wrong direction?

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

First numbers.....
A 3 mi hike with the family on Sunday brings me to 8.25mi in 1 week.
Weight is 126.4 (I think... whatever it is it's slightly over goal.)
Body fat is just over 20%

Where I'm at .....
Just over goal and body fat over 20% is definitely NOT where I want to be! I just don't know what is up. I'm back to tracking calories. I've only got one day and maybe I eat less when I'm tracking but my intake was not bad yesterday. And I gained (I know, I know... it's one day). I just wish I could figure out why my weight is up nearly 3 pounds in a week after I did so well on the cruise. It's disheartening and confusing and making me mentally beat myself up. I have REALLY pushed myself working out since i got back since I had 4 sessions with my trainer to use up before he left the gym. I have basically been sore for 10 days. Maybe it's water/inflammation from being sore? I am also puffy as can be, despite tons of water. Again, maybe it's water? My other concern is that perhaps I came back from vacation dehydrated (not retaining water at all) and now that I am better hydrated the real weight gain from the trip is evident. Whatever it is, I hope the numbers - both of them - start trending down SOON because I am not happy with this.

On a brighter note, I went to the running store and was fitted for running shoes yesterday. It was not the involved process I expected. She basically just had me walk in my socks and told me what shoes to get. She did 'let' me run on the treadmill in them for a few minutes but I think I'd have needed longer than that to notice anything I didn't like. She's the pro though (they only have 2 people listed on the website and she's one of them) so I assume she knows what kind of attention I need if I'm a beginner looking at 2-3 5Ks on a treadmill per week. Probably not a whole lot!

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Water weight I am sure.

Sounds like an exciting experience with the shoe fitting. Glad you found a pair you like! It makes a huge difference!

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Numbers, numbers, numbers

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Since I love numbers so much, I guess I'll track my miles run. I don't have a pedometer or smartphone so I guess if I'm off the treadmill I'll be doing my best to estimate. So far, I'm just running on the treadmill (well, doing intervals of walking and running because I do interval cardio).

Tues 2.25
Wed + 2.25 = 4.5
Fri +.75 = 5.25

Goal is 6-9mi per week.

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 4/28/2012 8:13PM

    Should have also mentioned to you that I cannot run back to back days. Don't get discouraged if you find that you cannot run as well as or as fast as you did the day before.

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ELRIDDICK 4/28/2012 12:06PM

  Thanks for sharing

Comment edited on: 4/28/2012 12:06:29 PM

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I have futzed around enough! May Goals

Friday, April 27, 2012

I ended my Female Body Breakthrough workouts in February and, knowing I had an elbow injury and something up with my lower back, dialed back the intensity. Then my trainer decided to leave the gym so I started working pretty intensely with him so I could use up the training sessions I had purchased (which were supposed to last me all year - ouch!). Only problem with that? His workouts are so intense that I can't workout on top of them so I had a LOT of 30' workouts on days when I'd normally have done 60'. And, lazy me, I stopped tracking my food and exercise calories just to see how it would go.

So here I am... it's almost May. My weight is A-OK. I'm actually pretty happy with being at goal (sometimes a tad over, often 1-2 pounds under) given how lax I've been. BUT I'm not OK with my percent body fat and the loss of definition than came with putting some fat back on. I, apparently, have a very small window where I am happy with my definition. I feel 'soft' at goal. I look bony (ribs) at 5 pounds under goal.

Today was the last of my training sessions. I did a workout and used the last session as a planning session. I have 2 pairs of whole body workouts and 1 lower body workout. Instructions for a whole body stretching routine and foam rolling guidance. And 'orders' to run. I think we put together a good plan. The overarching goal is to get back into peak shape (body fat under 19% by dropping fat/weight), with trimmer thighs and a more solid middle.

Over the next 2 months (maybe less if things start to feel too easy), I will push myself to get to the point where I can cycle through each workout twice in an hour, progressing with weight as needed. As part of my plans to lose some weight and drop some 'belly' fat, I'm also going to work towards walking/running 5Ks in intervals in less and less time. Right now I'm at 2.2 mi in 30'. My first goal is to get to 3 mi (5K) in 45' and then to start shaving time by making the running intervals faster/longer distances.

So..... it might not be May yet but I have my May goals :-)
1. Body fat under 19%
2. Weight under 124
3. Drop inches from core and thighs.
4. Run 5K in intervals in 36'

Anyone have input on the running goal? We never did set a number for this... just that my starting goal didn't seem ambitious enough to be a goal for the end of May. I just pulled 36' out of the air.... 12' miles on average.

Typing 'aloud'...... Right now I walk 1/2 of my distance and run 1/2 of my distance. I think I should work towards walking 1/3 of it and running 2/3 of it. (1) Is that reasonable? If it is, I walk at 4MPH so I'll have to run 2 miles in 21 minutes. That's 5.7MPH for the running. Right now I run some intervals at 5.5MPH (which is not tough) and some at 6.0MPH (which is a tiny bit tough). I *think* the speed goal is doable.... just not sure I can handle running intervals that are 1/2 mi long! (so maybe I should do 0.2mi an 0.4mi intervals?)

And one more question..... at what point should I invest in running shoes? I only own cross training shoes. I have one pair I don't like to run in (asics gel-plexus) and one pair I do like to run in (Nike Free TR Fit Winter Training Shoe - http://www.sneakers4u.com/Nike-Free-TR-Fit
px). Neither are running shoes because I was 'never going to run'. hahaha

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 4/28/2012 8:07PM

    Get fitted for the running shoes. I only use mine for running. I have a pair of cross trainers that I use for all my gym classes.
Also as far as your running goals go: I think they should be what is comfortable for you. Push when you can, walk when you have to. The walk/run strategy is a great way to train no matter what your goal.

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CLCINNOVA 4/28/2012 10:08AM

  Your goals sound great and, as usual, I admire how thoughtful you are about this process and what you want and how you are going to get it.

I'd go get a gait analysis right away if you have back problems at all. The right shoes will prevent problems. I just got new ones this week -- I "overpronate."

As far as the running, and as someone into week 7 of c25k for the second time, it is my HO that doing something that feels "too easy" and working up is going to provide a much more sustainable running experience. You don't have to start with 90 second/60 second run/walk intervals but it is amazing how "easy" it is if you work up to it. I think if I were in your shoes and wanted to continue running intervals (as opposed to running a solid 5K like my goal) I would look at the goal (36 minutes) and do something like repeat run 6 minutes/walk 90 seconds (which gets to you exactly 36 minutes) and keep doing that -- you should see your distance increase over time. Keep the intervals the same but increase your speed and distance over time. If you get bored you could alternate with something like 9-2-14-2-9 R-W-R-W-R. emoticon

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ANISSA331 4/27/2012 11:50AM

    sounds like you have some awesome goals. i am NO help with running shoes, i despise running lol. i do it only when i have to....

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Successful maintenance while cruising!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I did it! I went on a cruise (5 nights), enjoyed myself to the fullest, splurged as I saw fit.... and came home just 0.8 pound up. After one full day at home that was gone. After another another 1.2 was gone. I'm now at my lowest weight in a month and I am hopeful that I have kicked the doldrums I was in as winter turned to spring.

On the cruise - I ate a clean breakfast, as best a lunch as I could (I'd have preferred a salad and fish but had to settle for whatever protein I could find most days), and let loose in the afternoon and evening (often going with the healthy dinner option simply because it truly was most appealing). At dessert at least once a day. Drank a lot (alcohol AND water, absolutely no beer as that does nasty things to my body). NEVER set foot in an elevator until disembarkation when we all had a lot of bags to manage. Went to the gym 3x but just for 300 calories of cardio each time. This compares to my last cruise on the same ship where I gained 7 pounds in 9 days, some of which stuck around a long time. I *really* do not feel like I splurged any more on that trip than this. I think my ideas about what constitutes splurging have simply changed.

So.... now I'm home and will be on my next cruise in 11 weeks. (And this is on a ship with AMAZING food! And we have a premium alcohol package. And no kids along. I will likely gain on this one!)

Between now and then I am going to focus on my lower body (whole body some days, lower body others) and on attempts to shed body fat (as that has crept up). My trainer has worked up a pile of workouts with me in the last few weeks and we're going to set out a plan for now through the cruise next Friday. He is really encouraging me to shake things up for cardio - spinning or running. There's no spinning at my gym and I really don't want to change gyms or add a punch card to some place with spinning so I'm going to - gasp - give running a try. I want to do strength 3x a week, pilates 2x a week, and work in the running. It might get a bit intense but I'm up for it!

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 4/22/2012 8:07AM

    Glad you had a great time! What ports did you visit?

Can't wait to read about your first experience with running:)

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