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At goal.... and vacation

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I have continued to exercise religiously. I have NOT been tracking exercise calories OR food calories though. And my weight is creeping up. I am right at goal which is a couple pounds over where I like to be to feel 'comfortable' with the number on the scale. And it's not just a 'don't pay attention to the scale' issue as I do feel like my size 2P pants are a tad tight (not 'too tight' but I'm no longer worried that someday I may need to go smaller!) and my percent body fat is up over 19% again.

I'm about to go on an unexpected vacation. At goal. Where I will have no say in how my food is prepared. So..... I will be as careful as I can with food and hit the gym as many days as possible. And come back, I hope, re-motivated to track food and exercise.

I've thought a lot about why I've spent the last month or so not tracking. Some of it, yes, is to see if I can maintain without tracking (apparently not). Some of it is just not caring enough (winter blues). Some of it is that maintaining is boring and gaining a few pounds gives me a few pounds to lose. I just hope I can stop *that* attitude before it's too many pounds and that I can lose them again!

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RUN_BAKE_BLOG 4/12/2012 1:07PM

    Enjoy your vacation and despite the food prep...just stick to portion control and get some of those calories burned.
Relax and enjoy!

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SEATTLESIMS 4/12/2012 12:00PM

    Well, have a wonderful vacation and good luck with the food choices.
Winter blues should be falling away as spring has sprung! Granted, Spring in the Pac NW can still be moody, but I'm encouraged.
Hang in there, you will find the right balance!

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 4/12/2012 6:10AM

    Hope you have a great time on vacation!

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Really not up for recapping or new goals....

Sunday, April 01, 2012

I'm here but really just muddling through.

April 1... should mean recapping and setting new goals.... only I know I didn't do so hot last month and don't feel like beating myself up.

I'm starting April just a hair over the weight range I set for March but still under goal weight. I AM still below goal weight and happy about that.

I am starting April with body fat up a bit. I really have no idea why. I was really working out hard doing a tough metabolic workout. It just didn't do what I expected to do. I AM still under 20% body fat averaging handheld and scale measurements. I'm working intensely with my trainer and moving back towards strength training (away from the metabolic thing with all the jumping that I dislike so much). I enjoy the kind of workout we've been doing lately much more than the metabolic circuit I was doing for most of March.

I AM still working out 4 times a week and loving it.

I AM still cooking healthy meals and loving it.

I AM still rewarding myself for sticking with it... especially since in a lot of ways I am no longer 'working' at it. It's amazing to me that I can maintain without a concerted effort.

I AM going to keep at it. Maybe I'll return to the hyper-focus of 2011 or maybe this is the right path for me. Maintaining is so much more complex than I thought it would be. In my skinny days I didn't really maintain. I was either 'on a diet' or 'splurging'. It was like a roller coaster. At this point in my life I want to smooth things out and I think that may involve learning to be comfortable with a less intense focus on all things 'body' related.

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CLCINNOVA 4/3/2012 8:48AM

  I'm pulling for you, T! May you find the path that fits best with the rest of your life and keeps you feeling good about yourself. You have been an inspiration to me!

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JENNYR0506 4/1/2012 8:30PM

    Boy those skinny days are long gone aren't they. How easy it was to 'maintain' my weight before I had a weight problem and how hard or at least complicated it seems now. Easy before kids and before 50!

Hang in there! We all seem to be in the same leaky boat this winter/spring. Maybe the summer will bring renewed vigor - we just have to get there!


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    Yep that roller coaster gets exhausting and you can't maintain it for long without burning out.
Maintaining is a whole separate journey from losing. I have about a 5 pound range that I typically stay in. If I get super strict it will dip lower, but I can't do that for very long. There are many foods that I enjoy. I find that I can cut them out for a bit but not long term. I also find that I don't really want to cut them out and I like eating them:) I also find it very easy to stay in this range and not have to work out like a maniac like I used to. I also have no interest in getting to the weight or size I was.
I am glad you maintaining and are finding it to be relatively easy:)

Hope you have a great week!

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Saturday was my birthday. My son showed me a fortune from a fortune cookie that morning 'Everything in moderation, even moderation' and I took it as my theme for the weekend. I let myself splurge and I had a great splurge :-) I weighed in this morning up a few pounds but I suspect I'll be right back where I was Saturday morning by next Saturday morning. I weigh less than I did last Monday so I don't even feel like I did any 'damage'.

We celebrated my birthday at The Melting Pot. My first time ever and, oh my, it was wonderful. All the way around it was a wonderful meal. Very, very happy with that splurge. We continued it by picking up a bottle of my favorite of the wines in my wine flight to enjoy back at home :-)

Yesterday we celebrated again since my son was off on a camping trip Saturday. We went to Not Your Average Joe's for lunch and then off to see The Hunger Games. I ordered an entree that I have thoroughly enjoyed in the past but, alas, my taste buds have changed and it was just too sweet this time. I should have gone with the ultimate splurge of the mustard crusted chicken! Live and learn. I had plenty of bread and a beer so by the time it came to order my free desert (I got a coupon for a free entree and a free desert for my birthday from them!), I was just too full and, instead of just eating one anyway because it was 'free', I passed on desert. After the movie we had chocolate peanut butter fondue back at home though with lots of fresh fruit, pound cake, and marshmallow treats. Like I said, a weekend-long splurge.

Today I'm back at it though. A nice healthy breakfast and a good long spell at the gym. It felt good to workout. Now that I'm doing Centergy on Monday mornings I am realizing just how stiff I am after a weekend of not working out. Really must think about a BW or yoga or stretching routine for the weekend.

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CAKEMAKERMOM 3/26/2012 3:47PM

    Sounds like you had a great birthday weekend! emoticon

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 3/26/2012 2:28PM

    Happy Belated Birthday!
Glad you had a great time!

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JENNYR0506 3/26/2012 2:08PM

    Happy Birthday!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon


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  Congrats on the dessert will power! But I think that splurging sometimes keep you sane. I know plenty of people who have gone crazy and ended up binging on junk food because they were so deprived for so long.

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MRSJ953 3/26/2012 2:02PM

  Happy belated birthday.
It's great that you had an awesome weekend and started right back on being healthy.
What is Centergy? emoticon

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Trying to Spark

Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm still not really sparking. Trying. I get up every day and peter out through the day. I get 'up' every Monday and peter out through the week. But this year I *am* trying. I really thought all the exercise was going to cure my winter blues. It didn't. I think they may be less than in past years but they are still there and, honestly, they feel worse because my usual energy level is SO high.

My weight has creeped up a little. Maybe. It's so hard to tell these days. For months I was rock solid 122.6-123.8. I almost never went out of that range. Then pre-Christmas I dipped too low and I seem to be on a roller coaster every since. I'm now swinging between 122 and 125. Maybe that's normal as I don't control every bite and the timing of every meal but it's disconcerting. Even at 125 my clothes fit just fine. Heck I'm in size 2 there isn't anything more I can wish for in terms of clothes. Too hung up on the numbers maybe?

Anyway.... I'm still around, still at 50+ pounds lost, still at the gym 4 days a week. Just not feeling the excitement about it all that I once was.

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 3/19/2012 6:59PM

    I think that's normal. You reached your goal:)

You need a new challenge!

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'Clean' carboloading?

Monday, March 12, 2012

I worked up a new exercise plan with my trainer that I hope will allow me to continue to do cardio (which I *enjoy* and which I think helps with my mood) and gain muscle (from the intense metabolic circuit workout he built me). He said that with body fat as low as mine and a diet as clean as mine I was probably not gaining muscle simply because all my cardio was eating away all the muscle my strength training built. (on balance of course) So.... he said I should eat more carbs the night before I do cardo. I've tried that the last two Sundays and - woah - does it lead to a shock on the scale Monday morning. BUT I know it's water - water in my muscles so they can store all the glycogen I need for the cardio AND water 'everywhere' because I am puffy on Monday (face/eyes, fingers, just in general). This morning I had 2 huge mugs of coffee, a decent protein-rich breakfast, a bunch of water with my workout, and a protein bar.... and lost a pound and a half. There were a lot of bathroom trips in there!

So..... obviously runners are not running to the bathroom all the time when the carboload. They couldn't run a race! There must be a better way to carboload that loads your muscles with glycogen without a large retention of water in general.

Any one have any pointers for me? I haven't introduced a big carbo load for Wednesday (in advance of my Thursday cardio) because of this water retention issue. I think last Wednesday I added 1/2 a potato to my meal. Maybe I'm overdoing the carbs on Sunday and half a potato is a FINE amount of carbs for this purpose?

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RUNDARCYRUN 3/13/2012 6:32AM

    I am an avid runner, and I don't believe in carb loading at all. In fact, my normal diet is usually lower in carbs, and I don't change it drastically when I race. I bought/read a book recently on running for women (can't think of the exact title right now, and since we are in the process of moving, it's been packed away! emoticon), and it stated that, in studies between men and women, carb-loading did not do anything for women's performance, and that our bodies burn more fat than carbs, than a man's does. Of course, I'm not trying to tell you what to do or anything, but it might be something to consider, that maybe it's not as vital as the running community might make it sound. Hope you find a balance that works for you, and maybe doesn't make you retain so much water!! All the best!

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 3/13/2012 6:11AM

    This is why I stay off the scale. Eating carbs makes you retain water. Water helps your muscles so they don't cramp up. Chances are you will be burning off whatever you eat the night before. I do the same thing before running. I eat my "breakfast" the night before usually 2-3 hours before going to bed. I don't weigh myself the next day because I know the scale is going to be up. I know I also don't drink enough water while I run. I don't drink any because I can't stand the sloshing sound it makes in my stomach. I am learning that I am going to have to drink more to stay hydrated otherwise my muscles are going to cramp.

You will find out what works for you. Try talking to your trainer also.

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DAWNFIRE72 3/12/2012 11:19PM

    I have no advice on the carb loading. When I was swimming competitively I used to eat macaroni with parmisan cheese the morning of my competition (usually about 3 hours prior). We also used to drink a lot of Gatorade and milk.

Good luck in finding the balance you need to do both the strength training as well as the cardio.

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