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Monday, March 12, 2012

I haven't been around much and haven't shared our unexpected vacation news. We decided to take a cruise over the kids' next school break. We invited both sets of grandparents along. One set took us up on the offer and is cruising with us. Should be a very nice time for all :-) Gives me something to look forward to and more reason to work on maintenance. I'm tempted to lose weight because we'll be cruising and I know it will be hard to control calories and water retention but I've done that for holidays repeatedly and I'm just not sure it's a great approach. I'll try this the other way - live 'normally' until the cruise and deal with any damage afterwards, if necessary.

Pulling myself through the days these days. I've definitely lost my spark. Not my dedication to exercise, eating well, etc. I'm still at the gym 4 times a week, still maintaining my loss. Just not with the same enthusiasm as before. Come one spring and grilling weather and hiking weather and sunshine!

My new workout clothes from Kohl's arrived very quickly and I rounded them out with a few more items from TJMaxx this weekend. Love the new built-in cup bras/tops at TJMaxx. I am enjoying my new workout clothes very much. I could wear workout clothes all day.... except that would be sort of weird!

My one year anniversary at my gym is in 3 days. It's been an amazing year! Going to the gym is ABSOLUTELY an engrained habit at this point. I really miss it - even on the weekends - when I don't go.

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 3/13/2012 6:03AM

    I agree with some of the other comments...losing the spark after reaching "Goal weight". I found myself thinking "you got to X size...now what?" That's when I started running. I wanted a different challenge. Something that had nothing to do with the scale or clothes.

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DAWNFIRE72 3/12/2012 11:30PM

    I wonder if it has to do with reaching "goal" and maintaining your weight. I know I have been struggling with being excited by the idea of working out it is simply part of day.

I also think that the rainy weather here is also contributing to the somewhat bad mood I've been in.

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5KIDS4MEJESS 3/12/2012 11:53AM

    I know what you mean about losing your spark. I've been feeling the same way recently, but I think you're right about the good weather helping. It's been getting nice and warm down here for the last couple of weeks and I've been feeling alot more motivated to get outside and that has led to more motivation to get other exercise done. Maybe if you use some new music for your workouts? Or maybe get some new music that you love but only listen to during your workouts to make you more eager, more "sparky"? I love that you got some new workout clothes and you like them :-). I see people walking around in workout gear all the time around here. Some of them probably work out, but others I think just like how the clothes fit/feel lol. I also read your carbloading problem, and although I don't have any advice, it is great inspiration. I can't wait to have that problem! emoticon You're emoticon

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Retail Therapy

Friday, March 02, 2012

I was having a bad day today.....

My daughter came to me during all the morning craziness to say she couldn't find her guppy. He was dead :-( All the water parameters look good (but we are still NOT fully cycled so the fish are always stressed) but we lost a fish... MY fish... my ONLY fish. I was bummed and not happy with having to do water tests and a huge partial water change during the morning routine. I'm still bummed that we lost him. He was beautiful.

Then I had to deal with all the snow on the van. Which had turned to ice underneath. So we could only get the driver's door open... neither slider. I was so cold and wet and frustrated by the time I got DD to school. I turned around, came home, and let the van run for half an hour until I could get all the snow off (even from the top because I HATE when it comes flying off the back or slides down the windshield).

Then I hit the redbox... no movie I wanted to see.... and the sporting good store which now doesn't open until 10.

So I hit the gym. Not Dunkin. Not Starbucks. The gym. Ahhhhhhhh. 30' on the elliptical and I felt better.

Hit the sporting good store but, again, NOTHING I liked in terms of long bras and no capris/bermudas in my size for under $50.

Popped over the the grocery store and decided tomorrow would be appetizer night... baked lamb samosas, baked lowfat crab rangoon, and a low-fat warm spinach dip with raw veggies (baby peppers, carrot chips, pea pods) and nacho chips. Hopefully we can find a good movie tomorrow. Might toss a game or two into the evening.

Decided that a treat would feel REALLY good so I decided to NOT wait for my birthday for new workout clothes (that there's a very good chance noone would get for me anyway because they are 'boring' to people who don't exercise). I've been at the gym almost a year and aside from replacing what got too big I haven't retired any workout clothes. I ordered 3 long bras/tops and 3 coordinating bottoms from Kohl's. Got free shipping and 20% off so it's better than going to the store! They'll arrive for my one year gym-iversary :-)

I'm so glad that when I went to the grocery store I didn't buy ice cream or sweets or fattening stuff... just stuck with the plan to make a spread of healthy appetizers for an at-home date night. The gym clothes are a lot more expensive (in the short run anway) than crappy food but if I get some birthday money they'll be partially paid for and if not... well... I guess I got my March maintenance reward a few weeks early!

Wish I could hotlink pictures to my blog. It's too much work to download them from kohl's and then upload them to sparkpeople.

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5KIDS4MEJESS 3/5/2012 8:38AM

    I love this blog!! I especially love how you didn't get any ice cream or other "goodies" at the store!! You are such a great inspiration for me that I feel guilty when I haven't been and then I come back and look at your blogs lol. I'm going to use this blog to help me stay on track this week. "Tanya wouldn't buy that, why am I considering it?" I am so happy for your new workout clothes yay!! and at a discount too!! yay!! Happy Early Birthday to yooouuuu!! emoticon

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DAWNFIRE72 3/2/2012 10:27PM

    Enjoy the new workout gear when it arrives.

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    Sounds like a pretty good ending:)
Enjoy your early birthday present!

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RUN_BAKE_BLOG 3/2/2012 6:04PM

    I think your day ended fabulously!
You definitely had a tough mountain to climb, but you came out on top and


On the new workout clothes!
emoticonHappy Birthday to you! emoticon

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March-ing Forward

Thursday, March 01, 2012

February was not the best month for me. It never is and, as one should expect, meeting my weight loss goals didn't magically change my life :-) I met some goals, didn't meet others, and am marching onwards.
1. Finish phase 4 of the female body breakthrough and meet with Dave before the end of the month to discuss a muscle building plan. --- Done. I didn't see a whole lot of change (although I haven't taken measurements in forever so maybe I just don't SEE it) in this last phase. I definitely feel ready for a change and my new workout should be a nice change.
2. Maintain in the 120-124 range (no change). I joined the Springiest Maintainers challenge and my allowed range is slightly wider than this (122 plus or minus 3%). --- Yep. Fairly easily. Never went above or below. Saw a-l-l sorts of numbers in the range though.
3. Add muscle. Don't add fat. (I don't have the numbers right in front of me but I do have numbers for each.) --- Nope. I maintained. Muscle is about the same. Fat is about the same. I just can't seem to find the magic combination of exercise, diet, and supplement to add muscle or shed more fat.
4. Get each kid to prepare at least one healthy dish. --- ABSOLUTELY NOT. With as off as I felt all month I'm just proud of MYSELF for managing to get so many healthy dishes on the table myself.
5. Finish at least one scrapbook layout. --- NOPE. It's all just sitting there on the desk behind me but, again, with as off as I've felt all month I am not surprised and not upset.
6. Go OUT on a date with DH. --- Yes :-) We went out to dinner. We've also done a lot of family dates. I have gotten over my fear of restaurants. One week I think I ate out 5 times. It happened to be the week I was near the top of my range but managed just fine!

I am doing well with my 2012 goals. Half of them feel like established habits now: I am maintaining my BF% under 20. I still working towards 18%. I am maintaining my weight loss. I am logging food and exercise. I am continuing to reward myself for maintaining my weight loss (sparkly shoes and purse this month). I am staying active with sparkpeople and loseit.
I've made progress on 2 other goals. My daughter now works with my trainer 1x a week and needs to do her workout at home 2x a week. I now supervise that, joining in where I can (without overdoing things - her workouts are TOUGH). This fits my goal to exercise with someone in the family regularly. AND I got my navel piercing. I guess that one is permanently checked off!
That leaves 4 goals yet to address or yet to address fully. I need to work more on healthy meal planning and prep with the family and get back on top of the housework. The house isn't in as good a shape as it was at the beginning of February. I am working on it and having my trainer show up to work with my daughter forces me to not let things slide too much! I still haven't opened my knife skills book and I haven't made much time for my hobbies lately.

So... what's up for March? Well, I'm going to keep it simple this month. I want it to end with me feeling a little more accomplished than this month!
1. Maintain below 124.
2. Lower body fat. As we move towards summer and 2 cruise vacations I want to be leaner.
3. Take pictures on the 1 year anniversary of joining the gym. I wish I had taken pictures when I joined but I didn't realize what I was getting myself into!
4. Go out on another date with DH.

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    Have you tried planning your meals for the week? You could put each meal on a calendar with who is responsible for what part of the meal..veggie chopping, chicken baking, etc.

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JENNYR0506 3/1/2012 11:04PM

    Great Goals! They all seem under YOUR control - except possibly the body fat - hope you find the key to this one this month!


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Onward to total body circuit work :-)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I met with my trainer today and we talked a bit about goals. I really don't have any except to keep on changing things up as things get too easy and keep on doing the things I like. I suppose that's an odd goal but, aside from tweaking things about my body, that's where I'm at and I am happy with that.

He looked over my workouts for the last few months, we talked about what I liked about them and didn't like about them, what I'd be open to doing. Then he did a bit of TRX work with me to see where I was at in terms of strength, balanced development. He's going to work up a 12-15 component total body workout for me. That gives me the length workout I like, the constant movement from exercise to exercise (to keep my heart rate up), and the challenge I want. He'll work in moves to work on my problem areas as well.

He showed me how to use the foam roller. I can do that at the gym or at home. He'll give me some stretches to do at the gym after I work out.

We talked a bit about nutrition. He agreed that 2000 calories seems reasonable for me so I'll keep my calorie intake up. He thought the 150g of protein recommended by the other trainer was overkill. Good thing because I can do 125-130g (average) but going higher makes me feel like I am shoving protein in my face just to hit some number (not because I'm hungry). He doesn't think that my failure to gain muscle is related to not eating the right foods.

We talked about cardio. I very much want to keep doing cardio because I LIKE it. We talked about what would be best for my goal of gaining muscle, getting leaner legs, working my core. He said I can do 1-2 30' sessions a week but I should be sure to carbo-load - a good dose of carbs no less than 2 hours before the session (the night before for a morning session, in the morning for an evening session). I may be such small glycogen stores that I am digesting away any muscle I add when I do these cardio sessions. I am happy to give this a go. I love pasta as much as the next person and my family will be delighted!

I liked this session a LOT. Before I did The Female Body Breakthrough I felt like my sessions were instructive but not necessarily necessary in conjunction with the book. After wrapping up the book I felt like I needed 'more' and didn't really see how just picking another book (The New Rules of Lifting for Women) or a workout program for my ipod was going to step things up sufficiently. I think a personalized total body workout will do that very well!

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SHARON10002 3/12/2012 12:03PM

    I am finding this blog interesting as I have been concentrating my efforts on strength training these last 6 weeks. It is my goal to become leaner so that my body will burn more fat all the time, and that will help get this excess weight off of me. I have done some cardio, but it has been minimal, as I had read exactly what your trainer told you. Are you training for anything special? Do you have any pointers for me? I have been doing ST five days a week; upper body 2x, lower body 2x, and whole body 1x a week. I use the weight machines the cable cross machine, and the Smith Weight Bench. I'm going back to read your blog for today, 3/12 once again to try to understand it. Thanks for your comments in advance. . .

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JENNYR0506 3/1/2012 10:46AM

    It sounds like your meeting went well. A lot of your blogs have so many question marks in them. It's nice to see you on a firm path to meet your goals! I hope everything works out the way you want!


(BTW: I don't understand a word you say but I am happy for you and support you 100% LOL!)

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DIVEGODDESS 3/1/2012 12:33AM

    Sounds like you have a great trainer! More carbs worked for me to gain muscle, not more protein. 150 grams sounds like overkill to me too. I had my best gains when I didn't do cardio. Keep up the good work!

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DAWNFIRE72 2/29/2012 9:48PM

    Can't wait to hear about your results. It sounds like your trainer does have your interests at heart and has moved on to give you what you need to get where you want to be.

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 2/29/2012 7:17PM

    Sounds like you got great info!
Can't wait to read about your results!

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DZSWEETIE2005 2/29/2012 3:20PM

    sounds great honestly! i love having someone personalize a program for me!

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8000 extra calories

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I just noticed that I am over budget by about 8000 calories in the last 4 weeks. My weight.... bouncing around but stable. I think the bouncing is more hydration than anything else. 8000 'extra' calories and I'm still a size 2P hovering just over the -5lb (relative to goal) mark and still not really gaining much muscle. I think. I'm doubting the numbers from my scale. I think it makes assumptions about hydration that are not true - ie, that I'm consistently hydrated. My water 'weight' is extremely stable and my muscle mass bounces all over the place. I have a feeling it's my muscle mass that is stable (although hopefully trending upwards) and my hydration that is all over the place. I may need to go back to just looking at % body fat and just looking to increase lean body mass over time (not 'muscle' specifically).

Today I meet with my trainer to talk about my muscle building goal, the various minigoals for my body, how I could change my nutrition to meet my goals, and what to do for stretching (which I don't do currently). Layered on top of those 'big' goals for the year are two short term goals. We just booked a cruise for April. Surprise! So I want to look as good as possible :-) And then we have our big cruise in July so I need to recover from April and get back in great shape for that one. I'm not really sure that the things I wish I could change can really be changed by April or by July though. I'm not sure if I need to shed fat and build muscle or just work towards those over time and give my skin time to adjust to this big loss.

I haven't had any ice cream in Lent :-) And I have remembered my supplements every day but 1. Interestingly a week back on the supplements and my weight is down 2 pounds and my percent body fat is down too. My weight is bouncing around enough that I'm not sure it's connected but the change in body fat is so dramatic, consistent, and tightly tied to starting the supplements back up that I *do* think there is something there.

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DIVEGODDESS 3/1/2012 12:38AM

    Don't go by scale weight, go by how you fit in your clothes and how you look. Scale weight can be affected by so many variables, it's just gravitational pull!! Going by body fat % is so much better. If you build muscle, your body weight will go up anyway.

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JENNYR0506 2/29/2012 9:34AM

    A cruise sounds so good right now. (It is snowing outside my window as I type this!) You deserve it for all the hard work you are doing! You already look great in that bikini!


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QUEEN_REINA 2/29/2012 7:29AM

    Sounds like you are doing your best to take care of yourself! Also, I'm glad you are looking into stretching because I didn't do it much either and that's how I got this pulled muscle. It took 3 weeks to heal!

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THINNER321 2/29/2012 7:25AM

  Have fun on your cruise!!

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