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February Goals

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February goals:
1. Finish phase 4 of the female body breakthrough and meet with Dave before the end of the month to discuss a muscle building plan.
2. Maintain in the 120-124 range (no change). I joined the Springiest Maintainers challenge and my allowed range is slightly wider than this (122 plus or minus 3%).
3. Add muscle. Don't add fat. (I don't have the numbers right in front of me but I do have numbers for each.)
4. Get each kid to prepare at least one healthy dish.
5. Finish at least one scrapbook layout.
6. Go OUT on a date with DH.

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JENNYR0506 2/1/2012 9:48AM

    WooHoo for goal #6!! It is so important to keep your relationship with DH a priority. It can be hard to make the time with house, kids, self, etc... Good for You!

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DAWNFIRE72 1/31/2012 10:49PM

    Sounds like February is going to be a good month. I am on the Springiest Maintainers too, good luck!!

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January Wrap-Up

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Not a very good month for health & fitness but I feel good about how well I've coped with all we have going on.

My goals for January were to:

1. Do phase 4 of the female body breakthrough and book a fitness assessment with Dave for February.
NO and NO. I only got *5* strength training sessions in all month. *5* I am stunned. Between my illnesses, my daughters illness, and a pile of appointments for her I had just 6 free MWF throughout the whole month. I worked with a trainer for 1 and did ST the other. I got to Centergy every week but the one DD was home sick on Centergy day. I bought a 12-pk of sessions with Dave but didn't book my goal setting/eval session because I still have half of phase 4 to finish.

2. Maintain in the 120-124 range (allow myself to lose 2 pounds).
YES. I've been as low as 120 and I was over 124 only while ill.

3. Drop body fat to consistently below 19.2 ave and keep lean mass over 99.
NO and NO. I'm not beating myself up over this one. I am bouncing over and under 19 but the bounce is a little wider than would keep me below 19.2. My cycle was normal so I feel OK with dropping this but I want to do it by gaining muscle not dropping fat. I've been shoveling protein into my body and NOT gaining any muscle. This is one of the things I'll talk to Dave about.

4. Get each kid to prepare at least one healthy meal.
YES and YES. Not healthy *meal* but they each cooked something healthy and that's good enough for me.

5. Clean and organize my scrap booking area.

As for my 2012 goals:
I am maintaining my weight under 126 and my bodyfat under 20% while continuing to log food and exercise and weight.
The family is slowly getting more active and more involved in healthy meal planning and prep.
I have returned to scrapping and knitting and rewarded myself by making it 3 months into maintenance :-)
I have made a lot of progress on the house. Taking Tuesdays off from the gym is encouraging me to focus on the house on that day because I still feel a need to be moving.

It's funny.... I'd be upset at the lack of progress fitnesswise if it wasn't for all the progress in other areas of my life. I'm maintaining the weight loss and I'm still at the gym 2-4 times a week. I'll be back there 4 times a week just as soon as my airways heal and the appointments die down. In the meantime I think I'm coping quite well with this crazy life!

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JENNYR0506 2/1/2012 9:45AM

    Sounds like you had a well-balanced, although illness ridden) January. February, here we come!!

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Crazy Shopping Week

Monday, January 30, 2012

I could NOT resist the sales this week.

Monday I bought a size 4P royal blue duchesse satin sheath cocktail dress on clearance at Talbots. Can't go smaller through the shoulders but I may have the waist taken in a bit closer to our July cruise. I also got a pair of desperately needed size 2P black dress pants.

During the week my Frederick's order arrived. Size small night gowns to replace the much too large size large ones. Super duper discounted!

Sunday DD and I hit Sports Authority. She got running shoes (which she is nuts about), a pair of lounge pants, and an awesome Adidas top marked down from $50 to $20. I got fabulous bright cerulean blue satiny cross training shoes, a coordinating top, a red sox t (April will be here soon), and a Patriots t to wear next weekend.

I also hit up the dress sale at JCpenney and bought 3 size 4 cocktail dresses for $46 total - a black one, a grey one, and a green one. If they all fit, I'll be very well dressed on the cruise! I'm still on the hunt for a great deal on a red dress. Best thing about all the dresses is that I will be able to wear a regular bra (not strapless or convertible) with all the dresses.

I better maintain through February because I already spent my February money!

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CATLADY52 1/30/2012 10:35AM

    I can't think of any better way to shop than a Sale. You will be one of the best dressed gals on the cruise. emoticon

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OBM Day 9

Friday, January 27, 2012

To date (from day 3 to now)
weight up 2.8 pounds
body fat percentage up 0.6 percent (ave)
fat up 2.1 pounds
muscle up 1.2 pounds
water up 0.3 pounds

Everything is up (and the sum is more than the total.... must be that water is part of the muscle and/or fat mass as well). I've never tracked muscle so I don't know if that is 'real' or any different from the past. Gaining muscle is the goal. Gaining fat is NOT. Gaining *this* much weight *this* fast is definitely not. Day 3 is, unfortunately, a rather unrealistic baseline. It was my lowest weight AND lowest average body fat percentage EVER. It jut happens to be the first day I recorded all the data. I'm fine with the gain so far but I do want it to stop. I am 1 pound under what I call my 'safe' weight - the weight that lets me have a splurge and not go over goal.

It is HARD to get 150g of protein a day from 'real' food while still staying in my calorie budget, even my increased calorie budget. I've found that once I hit it, I'm often well over so I may go for 150g on AVERAGE because there are many days where I just feel STUFFED bedtime from all the protein at dinner.

I also think that the 225 calorie adjustment to my calorie budget is not warranted (look at that weight gain!). AF was this week so I think I'll take it out for 2 weeks (weeks I RARELY see big drops in weight) and reevaluate. Perhaps I can put it in for 2 weeks a month and leave it out for 2 weeks a month... if it ends up being needed at all.

I am still dealing with the remnants of a cold. I feel like *crap* every morning, feel better working out and for hours after, and feel cruddy again by bedtime. It's an evolving cold that tempts me to go to the doctor but the complaints keep on changing! Right now I'm dealing with some cough variant asthma and postnasal drip. I should probably have a steroid inhaler but I don't like the side effects so I'm waiting it out.

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VADAVICTORIA 1/27/2012 7:33AM

    oh my ... water retention is on the prowl. it's affecting me too. weight is going up, up and away. hope your cold/cough/asthma blow over soon!

How do you measure body fat, btw? I'd like to start measuring mine.

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back at it!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

After a 5 day hiatus: sick kid, sick kid, snow storm, crazy day, out of town appointment... I was back at the gym today. Did the A3 workout of the final phase of The Female Body Breakthrough. There are 12 workouts and that is workout 5. It is taking me a LOT longer to get through this phase. When I set my plan DD did not have so many out of town appointments and I didn't expect me OR her to get sick. Gotta roll with it. Getting back to the gym today is NOT the kind of thing the 'old' me would have done to help cope with all this stress. Ooooh, noooo. She would have cracked open a bottle of wine or eaten a whole pizza or a bag of reeses or something. (The new me really ought to force herself to workout at home when she can't get to the gym. I need to come up with some ideas though because I don't want to do ST the day before or after a gym ST day and I'm not going to walk on my treadmill in a winter-cold basement. Maybe a yoga or pilates DVD.)

The workout was awesome. This phase is built of low, medium, and high rep sets. Each has it's benefits and I like the challenge of choosing the weight that is best for each number of reps. I finished up in an hour and burned 500 calories. Great burn for such a short time in the gym doing something I love!

I got almost 200g of protein in today. Wow! There's no way I can eat my entire calorie budget AND 500 exercise calories but I'm sure not hungry... probably because of all that protein!


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