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Nice Weekend

Monday, January 23, 2012

Since my weight had dipped so low I had a whole splurge *weekend*.

Saturday DD had a basketball game and after I cooked and cooked. We had a delicious chuck roast, roasted sweet potatoes, and sauteed green beans. For dessert we had low-sugar apple crisp and low fat ice cream. I enjoyed a glass of chardonnay while I cooked and a glass of red with dinner :-)

Yesterday we went to Mass, did the grocery shopping, bought fish for DD, and came home to watch the game. I had to do a bunch of chores but I had food ready for halftime and caught the second half of the game (go Pats!). I made a low-fat version of a buffalo chicken dip that I LOOOOOVE and veggies and dip with chobani ranch dip. I enjoyed a coffee stout with the food and a chocolate bock for dessert. I don't drink beer often because it bloats my stomach and I feel icky from the bloat but these beers were gooood :-)

EVERY weekend used to be like this food wise (and then some because I kept the rest of the food under control and I do try to cut fat and sugar where I can). To be honest Friday night would be like this too. It's easy to see how I was able to stay so heavy for so long!

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MOONSTORMER 1/24/2012 4:03AM

    sounds WONDERFUL! sometimes a weekend of gluttony is the best thing

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VADAVICTORIA 1/23/2012 4:41PM

    Hey Tanya! Sounds like you had a delicious weekend - well deserved! You've reminded me that it's okay to indulge once in a while. Hope the bloat goes away soon. emoticon emoticon

what does DD stand for?

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OBM Days 6 & 7

Monday, January 23, 2012

I don't have the numbers in front of me but in short... gained some weight but am still comfortably below my 'safe weight' which is 2 pounds below goal.... didn't exercise... scale says I have more muscle than ever and I don't really believe drinking 2 beer yesterday let me gain almost a pound of muscle :P

I'll recap periodically but as I go on I think what I'm learning is that, like body fat, I need to watch for TRENDS and not focus on day to day numbers. Weekly numbers on Friday may be the best approach.

I nnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddd to get back to the gym. I really miss it and having DD get sick has refreshed for me why it took so long for me to be ABLE to make the gym a priority. She's been sick during the day and the rest of the family has needed me at night and I've let the gym habit slack :-( I had to spend today at a very long appointment with my daughter. Tonight is full of kid running. I have ST planned for W and F and Centergy for Thursday. I really think I'll just wait for Wednesday to hit the gym because I don't know what else to do tomorrow if I don't do cardio and I'm not doing cardio right now. Maybe I'll do some yoga with DD tonight here at home.


OBM Day 5 - oops

Saturday, January 21, 2012

weight 120.0 (down 2.2, down 1.6 overall)
muscle: 46.3 (down 0.9, down 0.6 overall) - this is the oops!
fat: 22.9
water: 66.2
(those sum to greater than my weight so I assume there is water in the muscle and/or fat, especially since there is also bone to consider - 4.8 pounds of it according to my scale)

came in 42 under (1815 calories)
162g protein (with whey supplement)

breakfast: coffee, splenda, half and half, 4oz FF greek yogurt, 1 1/2 T maple syrup, 1 cup frozen raspberries
lunch:3 oz deli chicken and 2 oz deli ham on a WW bulkie, 20 grape tomatoes
dinner: 8 oz scallops, 1 T olive oil, curry powder, 2 c baby spinach, 2 T craisins, 1 oz goat cheese, 30 baby carrots, 1/2 T honey, cinnamon, 5 1/2 oz white wine
snacks: 1 1/2 scoops vanilla whey, 18g PB 2 with cocoa, 1/4 pummelo, 1 RF colby jack snack stick

workout: snow shoveling (122 calories) and housekeeping (not tracked).

NOT happy to see my weight drop like that, especially given that it looks like it was a lot of muscle. I don't really know what to think of the muscle mass as I'm just starting to track and don't know what is typical variation for me. The big drop on the second morning of AF is NOT new to me. I used to looooooove seeing that every month. In maintenance, not so much. I suspect it is a loss that happens the week before AF that is masked by water retention leading into AF and then becomes apparent when the water is lost. I really think I need extra calories the week before and the week of AF. I know my program isn't set up to give me 2 weeks at 'this' calorie budget and 2 weeks at 'this+more' but I might need to manually go in and set my calorie budgets like that if I want to stay at a steady weight week-to-week. I could go in and up my calorie budget just a bit and just take some week-to-week variation in hopes of seeing month-to-month stability. I have lost 6 pounds in 3 months of maintenance so it's quite obvious that the default calculation of calorie budget is off for me and needs to be adjusted. If I look at my weight graph for the last 3 months it's a fairly consistent loss so I'm hoping I can do some simple math - 6x3500/93 - to see what my increase in calories should be. I'm going to do that bump now when my weight is 'too low' so that I have room to gain if that's really too many calories.

The math.... 225 extra calories a day. I'm going to put it in the program RIGHT NOW.

The program (loseit) explains why one may need to add an adjustment factor in. It uses something called the Milfin equation to calculate resting metabolic rate. It could be that my RMR is higher than the Milfin equation would indicate. (Perhaps because of my higher muscle mass - I do NOT enter BF% into Loseit so it's obviously not being taken into consideration.) The program also assumes a personal activity level (PAL) of sedentary to light (typical office worker). This is NOT me. I am a housewife and am on my feet much more than an office worker so this certainly accounts for some of the difference.
Sleeping - 8 hours (I actually get more like 7)
Personal care - 1 hour
Eating - 1 hour
Sitting - 8 hours (I sit less than this)
Driving - 1 hour (probably about right with all the kid running I do)
Light leisure - 3 hours (chatting, watching TV - I would guess I'm under this)
with NO HOURS for light activities like housekeeping!

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 1/21/2012 4:19PM

    It's all very interesting. I hope things start coming around for you:)

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Excited for my daughter

Friday, January 20, 2012

My daughter is going to start training at home with my trainer from the gym. I am so excited for her.

She has scoliosis and was braced 12-15 hours a day from age 2y3m until age 9y11m. The bracing was a phenomenal success. She's the 1 in 100 kid for whom bracing not only holds the curve from progressing but corrects the curve. She has been out of her brace for over 1 1/2 years now and her curve is holding steady, maybe even getting better, even as she grows rapidly. BUT the bracing left her core weak and the fast growth of the last few years has resulted in tight hamstrings. Her surgeon would like her to do pilates or yoga or join a gym.... but she's 11. I can't find a gym that will take an 11 year old or a pilates class. I found yoga but she is so NOT interested. Strengthening her core would greatly reduce the chances that her curve would progress. It goes so far beyond looking good for her. She NEEDS a strong core - for now and for life.

We've been trying to get at it with PT for 14 months now. We did a few months and quit because she had had surgery and needed jaw therapy related to that and there's just so much time in the day. We went back when school was out and even after 6 months of PT her core is not getting stronger and her hamstrings are not totally normal yet either. She just doesn't LIKE PT at all and I feel like they tell her what to do and leave her on her own and don't correct her form or count her reps or encourage her. I think it's just the wrong approach for something like core work. She doesn't even know what it means to have a strong core because she can't remember pre-bracing life (when she could be held by her ankles and curl herself right up in half - it was NUTS).

BUT she's a basketball player and wants to do well on the Presidential Physical Fitness Test. I am really hoping that having a trainer that shows her how to exercise AT HOME and how to see how her body is changing will motivate her to work at it at home between sessions. It's got to be FUN. She's got to see/feel CHANGES.

I'm also hoping... a little anyway.... that my husband and son will see what training is like and want to start exercising at home with a customized workout as well. I want us ALL to find exercise we LIKE and WANT to do.

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5KIDS4MEJESS 1/21/2012 12:03PM

    Yay! That is very exciting. I know exactly how hard it can be to get kids to want to do targeted exercises. My dd is less than interested in doing the training work I do on the Wii or Kinect, but she jumps up when I want to go for a walk lol. When I ask her about how she sees her body and how happy she is with her body, she says she's not happy with how her clothes fit the core area and I recommend the work required, only to receive a no thanks in return lol. I would love to know how it goes, how she likes it. I've considered a real live trainer(lol) for us, but not sure if it's worth it.

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OBM Day 4

Friday, January 20, 2012

weight: 122.2 (up 0.2, up 0.6 overall)
muscle: 47.2 (down 0.1, up 0.3 overall)
I probably ought to start tracking pounds of water and pounds of fat to see where the non-muscle changes in weight are.

came in 96 under (1637 calories)
158 g protein - given how low my budget was with no workout, I am delighted that I was able to do that with real food (no CLIF bars, no WHEY)

breakfast: coffee, splenda, half and half, 2 cup egg whites and 1 cup baby spinach, 2 slices fiber one WW bread, 20 strawberries, an orange
lunch:5 oz deli chicken on a WW bulkie, 20 grape tomatoes, 18 strawberries
dinner: 10 oz roasted chicken breast (no skin), 1 serving stuffing made with celery/onion/bell pepper/olive oil, 1 cup new england blend veggies, 1 very small sweet potato with cinnamon
snacks: 1/2 c nonfat milk made into a sugar-free cappucino, 1 RF colby jack snack stick, 1 PB&choc skinny cow ice cream sandwich

workout: nothing but housekeeping (not tracked). DD is sick with the stomach bug and home. Not sure when I'll get back to the gym! It may not be until Tuesday. I'm keeping active at home (shoveled snow this AM!) but it's not the same sort of burn I'm used to. Not great on the calorie front or for my need to workout. (I do have weights here and will probably do some lifting today but not my intended workout.)

AF arrived giving me a 29 day cycle. VERY happy to see that. The trainer I talked to on Monday was right. LOL! Not sure if he's right that I was so late last month because I wasn't eating enough but it's interesting to note that I was keeping my calories low in December to go into Christmas at a low weight and that I have not been restricting calories at all in the last 4 weeks.

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 1/20/2012 12:50PM

    Sounds like great news all around...except your poor hubby!
Very glad things are working out for you:)
Can't wait to see what other progress you will make!

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5KIDS4MEJESS 1/20/2012 11:27AM

    Yay!! Good news! And all real food!! Yay! You're doing so well! You've inspired me to check my own protein levels because I am also trying to build muscle(but using resistance bands right now, no weights) and I realized I also was coming in too low! Thanks for sharing all the info you do, it's really been helping me. :-) You're emoticon emoticon

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