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Mid-month check in

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January goals:
1. Do phase 4 of the female body breakthrough and book a fitness assessment with Dave for February.

In progress. Due to my illness and a pile of out of town appointments on ST days I will probably only average 2 a week so I will probably not finish until mid-late February. That's fine.
My fitness assessment is actually tomorrow. The gym was offering free fitness assessments so I signed up for one.Turns out mine is with the 'nutrition manager' whatever that means. I like that it's actually not my trainer since it'll be a fresh (female) pair of eyes on my fitness regime and diet. I am hoping she will help me get a handle on what my next fitness goal is.

2. Maintain in the 120-124 range (allow myself to lose 2 pounds).

Doing it. I had dropped to 120.8 and it wasn't even the middle of the month so I've upped my calories. I'd really *like* a stable weight. 122 would be FINE.... IF my cycles were normal. They are not yet. I would not be sad if I went back up to 124 if it meant they stabilized.

3. Drop body fat to consistently below 19.2 ave and keep lean mass over 99.

No. No. I'm not consistently below 19.2 but I'm there more days than not. Lean mass is just a tad under 99.

4. Get each kid to prepare at least one healthy meal.

OK... one healthy DISH and I can call this one done. My daughter made my lean meatball recipe yesterday (enough for 2+ meals). My son made whole wheat pumpkin spice muffins last night.

5. Clean and organize my scrap booking area.

Desks are done. I can scrap. I'd still like to get the paperwork around the desks sorted through. If I can reclaim another file drawer from DH or buy another filing cabinet I might just get that done!

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5KIDS4MEJESS 1/16/2012 2:57PM

    What goes on with a fitness assessment at the gym? I've never been a member at a gym, visited on a day pass a couple of times a few years back, they didn't mention anything like that. I'd like to test my fitness :-) I hope you like the results of yours. Perhaps you can talk to her about the cycle. You don't seem like you're below the BF threshold, but everyone's body is different, maybe yours likes the % a bit higher. You look fantastic! I love your pics. The dress is awesome and the butter is inspiring :-).

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Back at it

Friday, January 13, 2012

I spent 3 unexpected days away from the gym this week.

Monday I was VERY productive and I got 30' in on the treadmill. I did NOT feel good during or after but I moved.

Tuesday I was sort of productive and got 30' good minutes in on the treadmill.

Wednesday felt like a total bust AND I got no exercise. I don't know if it's just because I spent my ONLY kid-free time grocery shopping (very short school day!) and then attended to family stuff for the rest of my waking hours or if 5 straight days away from vigorous exercise really does have that much impact on my mood. I really try NOT to go that long. Part of the reason I exercise *is* mood stabilization.

My weight has plummeted this week and I have NOT been trying to lose weight. I'm not really sure what is going on but I am now more than 5 pounds under my goal and that puts me out of 'official' maintenance range. I am eating back all my exercise calories and getting all my budgeted calories. I assume my body just needs more calories to recover. I'm going to keep eating my budget and my exercise calories and see what happens. I usually go over 2 of the 3 'weekend' days so I'll just do that as usual and maybe see things stabilize. I have no desire to load up on 'fattening' foods just because I'm struggling to maintain right now but I can enjoy a big plate of lean meatballs, tomato sauce, and barilla plus with the best of them. Maybe even some WW bread and EVOO :-)

One of my 2 scrapping desks is nice and neat now :-) I'm hoping to have the other one under control this weekend. That's one of my January goals.

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5KIDS4MEJESS 1/13/2012 3:44PM

    Yay for getting back into the exercise after your illness! I know it may not be exactly what you expect from yourself, but sometimes our expectations for ourselves are a little unrealistic. You've just gotten over a pretty intense illness, you can't expect to hop onto the treadmill and do 60 minutes on high, no one could. It is very easy to get into the habit of not exercising so I'm glad you're back at it! Very inspiring! :-) I'm also glad you're feeling better and are keeping watch on your weight so carefully. I know the illness stunk, but on the up side, now you get to enjoy a big plate of meatballs!! yay! silver lining to every cloud . . . :-)

PS - Yay for getting your scrap desk organized!! Such an easy thing to put off, easy to see why it would be a goal lol.

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JENNYR0506 1/13/2012 12:35PM

    It is amazing how quickly we can get into the "habit" of exercising and how good it makes us feel and just as amazing how quickly our bodies and minds will let us slip out of the habit. Good job for working out even though you did not feel "good." It seems like you have been feeling poorly for the whole month. I think it is wise to just keep up the routine and see if your body will respond by returning to it's "normal" state.

Hang in there, Jenny


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Reflecting on a Stomach Bug

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just as I was about to pronounce holiday recovery complete DH and I got hit by a stomach bug that is ripping through our town. My little gift from volunteering in the schools so many hours last week, I assume. Ugh.


1. It's important to feed your body when sick but you'll pay for it. I had the WORST carb binge of my life this weekend. I got my calories in, oh yes I did, because I did not want to digest any muscle as fuel! I think I was at 89% carbs on Saturday and 72% carbs on Sunday and those were NOT complex carbs... not with a stomach bug! My weight dipped a bit Saturday (the day I was sickest, barely got out of bed, ate my BMR but not much more) and rocketed skyward by 2.2 pounds Sunday as I began to really push fluids and ate 400 calories over budget. Really, I felt cheated. I got a stomach bug and GAINED weight? Really, seriously? WTH?

2. Carb calories, especially soda calories, add up FAST! I was astonished at how many calories I consumed on Saturday and Sunday given that I felt like I 'barely ate anything'. I was 400 calories over on Sunday and I really felt like I hadn't eaten 'that much'! But I was drinking regular coke (it helps my stomach... I hate it when I'm feeling normal... I think it's an emotional thing since it's what my mom gave us for upset tummies) and eating refined carbs. Those things are NOT as filling as protein and veggies! Now I see how I felt so full when I started eating clean but eating fewer calories.

3. Recovery from the carb-athon is apparently very fast. Yesterday I returned to 'clean eating' and those pounds came off in one day. It was actually pretty amazing to see that happen so quickly so I'm a tad concerned that there's even more water in my body and that I did truly lose weight while sick (and therefore probably some muscle).

4. The BRAT diet may not be very good for people who normally eat clean. I tried it and, OMG, it did what it was supposed to do to the EXTREME and I will NOT be doing that again! I was going to lay off the coffee for a few days because of my stomach and I had my coffee yesterday just to undo what the BRAT diet had done.

5. My muscles are SHOT and I don't know when they will recover. Friday I did an intense workout. It was great. I felt so strong. I dead lifted 100 pounds a dozen times a set for 3 sets. Pffft. Saturday I couldn't lift my ipad without shaking. Sunday was only a bit better. Yesterday I broke out in a cold sweat walking slowly on the treadmill (at home! I don't want to spread this) and found carrying several hard cover books while straightening my son's room 'heavy' lifting.

6..... to be continued if more interesting developments occur as I recover. Right now the plan is to do cardio on my treadmill until I don't break out in a cold sweat on it and to test out my strength using my weights here at home (which aren't nearly as heavy as I use at the gym). My fingers are crossed that I'll feel up to my centergy class on Thursday. It's the workout I look most forward to all week and I will really miss it if I have to skip it.

I hope all of you are staying healthy in the new year! This is my first illness since joining the gym in March and my first unplanned extended break from the gym. It's an exercise in learning to go with the flow and maintain APPROPRIATE healthy habits in a quest to life the HEALTHIEST life possible. Old me would have given up altogether, stopped exercising altogether, and the weight would have piled on. Old old me would have not eaten Saturday, saw a drop in weight Sunday morning, thought 'Woo-hoo, I lost weight, let's do it AGAIN!' and not eaten Sunday and then worked hard to keep any weight I lost while sick off. This me - the healthy me - is all new... and a work in progress :-)

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5KIDS4MEJESS 1/11/2012 3:36PM

    Whew, those stomach bugs do a number! Yay for volunteering at the schools!(boo for the side effect lol). To me, it seems like you worry excessively about losing muscle. Is there something I don't know? Is it super easy to lose muscle? or is it just because you have so little fat now? lol@ the BRAT diet doing what it's supposed to. I'll have to keep that in mind now that we're eating cleaner. I hope you are feeling strong as well for your class Thursday! :-)

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MOONSTORMER 1/10/2012 11:57PM

    don't stress about regaining strength - i also had an unintended break from the gym and found that when i went back to it, i was actually stronger! just take care of yourself and let your body recover - even if the bug is gone you'll probably have a few more days to get back to normal.

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I am going to take the pounds back off but......

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I have to say that I like how I look a whole lot better with the 5 pounds of (water?) weight I picked up in the last 4 days. My breasts are fuller, my skin fits better over my lower body, I look softer and more feminine in my face and upper body. I assume the weight will come back off almost as quickly as it went on because of the massive amounts of white flour, sugar, alcohol, and salt I consumed. I *hope* that over time my skin shrinks some so that I look like I look today only smaller. I like this smooth, soft, but still curvy look when well-fitting skin is draped over toned muscles!

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TANYAP71 1/4/2012 7:17AM

    Very interesting to hear that this is a well-known phenomenon. I took my measurements and they are a tiny bit bigger pretty much everywhere - about where I was a few weeks ago - even though my weight yesterday was back where I was 2 1/2 months ago. Down 1.2 pounds since yesterday morning. Definitely water.

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DIVEGODDESS 1/4/2012 4:16AM

    Fat and carbs, especially high glycemic carbs have that affect on you. It smoothes you out. We even use that to our advantage right before competition, it's called "dirty load" or "crap loading". What happened was that after body builders have been contest prepping and going on these low calorie, low carb diets and looking ripped but scrawny, they would eat tons of junk food after the show, like pizza, cake, etc that they've been deprived of for months and people began to notice that they actually looked better the next day. Their muscles filled out and the skin looked better. One trainer had one girl eat chocolate cake right before the show and she won first place!! I just watched her eat cake in envy as my trainer made me eat baked white potato with butter (boring carb load!!) .
It's nice to hear your skin is shrinking. I have a problem with lose skin even though I've only lost about 5 lbs and 2 inches from my waist. I've always wondered how people who lose 40-50 lbs can get their skin to shrink. I guess it just takes time? Hope it's not too late because I'm over 50. maybe I'll just have to buff up and gain a ton of muscle so the skin will not be loose.

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JENNYR0506 1/3/2012 6:25PM

    Losing weight can have it's down side, can't it. I have noticed that my arms although strong and well defined when I have may arms by my sides, still have that awful floppy skin underneath that waves back when I wave at someone else! But I would rather have the extra stretched skin than all the fat that used to fill it. You are young, Tanya, and your skin still has that lovely elasticity that we at 50+ can only fondly remember. I am reconciled to the fact that I may(will) never be comfortable wearing a bikini again but I am going to knock their socks off in my teeny tiny one piece this summer! Hang in there.


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TANYAP71 1/3/2012 1:27PM

    If you were here, I'd pull all that skin together so you can see what I'm left with. There is a LOT of extra skin but I've been genetically blessed with elastic skin so unless I pull at it (either the way I move or actually take it in my hands and pull at it) it's not very obvious. The water (or, god forbid) fat that I've added in the last few days have filled it to a 'fullness' I haven't had in a LONG time. I dare say I haven't had this kind of fullness since before I really started losing weight. It's giving me hope that my skin really IS shrinking because I was 40+ pounds heavier then. I've got to get this back off so that it doesn't re-stretch my shrinking skin!

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CLCINNOVA 1/3/2012 12:40PM

  I wonder about that -- when I look at your pictures, I just can't imagine how my skin is going to shrink enough to end up with a tummy like you have (although I am probably not going that far). You look awesome in the pictures I've seen! emoticon

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January Goals

Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm off to my parents' for the weekend and wanted to get this done so it's early (rather than late).

December wrap-up:
1. Manage stress to avoid emotional eating. Centergy. Relaxing time with hubby.
Did pretty good. The worst days were quiet days when I expected to spend time with hubby but he was busy doing his own thing. This seems quite common and I think I REALLY need to get back to my hobbies because it makes me feel lonely and rejected when I'm waiting around for him to have time for me.

2. Maintain in the 122-126 pound range. Maintain lean body mass over 100 pounds.
Great on the weight. Today I was 122.6. Very happy weight wise. Lean body mass is over and under 100. I'm not gaining but I'm not losing and I think a lot of it is water changes.

3. Strength train 3x a week, moving to fourth phase of Female Body Breakthrough.
I wrapped phase 3 going 3x a week but decided to start phase 4 after a bit of a break bc AF was a week late and my cycle was just weird. I'm all set to start back up.

4. Monitor BF% and work to lower it below 19.5% (average of the 2 devices). I had some mid-cycle spotting and AF was a day early in November and I'm not sure if it's connected to my body fat dipping every lower. I am going to continue to eat high protein and avoid intense cardio but I'm watching what my body is telling me too.

I am consistently under 19.5 average these days, sometimes as low as 19.0.

January goals:
1. Do phase 4 of the female body breakthrough and book a fitness assessment with Dave for February.
2. Maintain in the 120-124 range (allow myself to lose 2 pounds).
3. Drop body fat to consistently below 19.2 ave and keep lean mass over 99.
4. Get each kid to prepare at least one healthy meal.
5. Clean and organize my scrap booking area.


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