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I see you watching me....

Monday, September 26, 2011

It is weird to be one of the fit people at the gym now. I came in 2 pounds from obese and NOT at all fit mid-March of this year. That's recently enough that I remember vividly seeing the very fit people around me and wondering if I'd EVER get that fit, wondering if they'd ALWAYS been that fit and if that meant I had no chance at all of getting fit. Now I see people watching me. Sometimes I wonder if they are thinking the same things I was thinking. I wish there was a way to let them know where I was such a short time ago. I haven't done anything more magical than show up and work my hardest for 5-8 hours a week and eat right. Sometimes I wish they'd post some before and after shots at the gym just to show people that other REAL people, that they see in the gym around them, have gone from unfit and overweight to fit and trim.

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TANYAP71 9/29/2011 7:11AM

    It's a great feeling that sometimes borders on creepy LOL!

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 9/28/2011 9:09PM

    :) It's a great feeling!
Keep up the excellent work!

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More returns

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I have never returned so many purchases in my life as I have since dropping sizes! It's getting easier with every one though.

Today it was a pr of size 6P capris that got too big before I wore them, a size 4P pants that did the same, and a ls t-shirt with a tiny hole from where they put the tag through the fabric (instead of a tag). STILL did not find a pair of dress pants but I got a new racer back performance tank, a comfy red sweater with tiny cables, and a kick-butt pair of red platform heels. Oh, and a new pair of PJs. I've been slouching around in my too-big pjs since clothes I wear OUT of the house are a tad more important than what I sleep in.

All I have left to return is one more pair of shoes. My feet changed size/shape as I lost weight and sometimes I wear a 7 now but sometimes I'm still a 7 1/2. I guessed wrong on these. Sigh.

Do you find you have more returns to make as you revamp your wardrobe as you shrink? I held out and didn't buy any 10s or 8s on the way down but 12s just do NOT cut it on a size 6 body!

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5KIDS4MEJESS 10/4/2011 1:21PM

    lol I love your return stories and how they show how fast you went down in sizes. I just don't buy anything until my husband gets so sick of seeing me in the baggies that he forces me to go and then I'll only buy a couple of things. My body image is getting better, but still hasn't gotten good enough for me to be happy about shopping for clothes :-) I love your conatiner blog too! You're awesome!!

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Your hair looks great! Really?

Friday, September 23, 2011

I have had a pile of people tell me my hair looks great. I can't figure out if they are blind to the almost-50 pound weight loss or if that's their way of acknowledging all the changes without mentioning weight. I take the compliment nicely but it makes me chuckle because it sure would be nice if there was a magic hair cut that would make you look 50 pounds lighter LOL!

After a frustrating few days with my new 30C bras, I took the other (unworn) back to the store. I got a much better salesperson this time. She checked the fit of the bra and said that it was just not a bra for me. She went and grabbed petite bras I wasn't even offered last time and checked the fit of every one. Perfect fit was a full coverage 30D by b'tempted by wacoal. Now I'm on a list to be called when they get 30D bras in. I also took one of my new pr of dress pants back and exchanged them for better fitting jeans. I had no clue how hard to would be to shop for clothes after a big weight loss. I forgot how much more important fit was when I was tiny. When I was large I often didn't even try things on and when I did, things fit 'fine' but the bar was different.

I still have 3 other items to return to TJMaxxx. My size changed before It even got cool enough to wear them.


Female Body Breakthrough Check-in

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I have one workout left in the Base Phase of the female body breakthrough and I finally remembered to take some measurements.

neck - plus 1/4 of an inch
upper arm - minus 3/4 of an inch
bust - same
chest - minus 2 inches
waist - minus 1 inch
hips - minus 3/4 of an inch
thigh - minus 1/4 of an inch
calf - same
net - down 4 inches overall - mostly in the core, particularly in the upper body (thus the bra issues since my band size is now quite tiny)

weight - down 4 pounds
body fat - down 2 percent

Goal/thermometer jeans - I bought a pair of size 4P jeans. The program directs you to buy a pair of jeans that you can't button or zip but I was already in a size 4S and couldn't find size 2S (let alone 0S) jeans. I also think that a size 0 or 2 is unrealistic for me AND I really don't WANT to need a size 0 or 2. Shopping as a 4P is hard enough! The 4P jeans are a bit tight in the butt (and not in a good way) and thighs (as are ALL pants). My goal with this program is to get inches off my abdomen and thighs. I still carry quite a bit of fat (and/or excess skin) in those areas. (I also carry some of that remaining fat/skin over my triceps - which is another area of marked change over the last month. Woo!)

It has become very clear in the last month that I will need to buy petite tops AND bottoms. I have worn petite sized pants in the past (although never this small) but always found petite tops too short. No more. I'm finding that size S tops are too long in the body and the sleeves. I am starting to feel 'tiny'.


Mid-month update

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just a little check in on my goals:
1. Lose 2 pounds. .... I'm wavering between 3&4 lost. Sounds great... except see below.
2. Drop body fat from approximately 23% to approximately 22%. ... Doing great! Bouncing over and under 22%
[1a&2a. NOT drop below 131 unless it is a 'fat only' loss. ie, if I'm not GAINING lean body mass, I do NOT want to go below 131.... not so great... I am NOT gaining lean body mass.]
3. Do ALL my Base Phase workouts as scheduled in The Female Body Breakthrough.... No problem.
4. Eat a minimum of 100 g of protein every day. Aim for 130+ grams.... Haven't checked every day but my average each week is well over 100g/day.
5. Make an appointment with my trainer to get instruction on how to use the squat rack, how to do pushups, and how best to gain lean body mass.... haven't done this yet... wavering... just not sure if he's the one to give me advice on gainign lean body mass. He's warned me several times that I don't want to 'bulk up' so I sometimes think he doesn't 'get' female strength training. I'm not a man and I don't want advice for a man.

Other than that.....

Today marks 6 months at the gym for me. I have lost 37 pounds since joining the gym. I LOVE the gym. I am still amazed at both the weight loss and how great I feel about going to the gym. I hope I always love it this much.

I went to the specialty bra shop for bras. As I suspected, I am now a 30C. Options were extremely limited. I may need to try a different store. Unless I can get free returns, I'm hesitant to shop online. For now I got 2 new bras. At $44 a pop that will HAVE to do me. And I sure won't be finding this size on random clearance racks anywhere. Sigh.

And I went to Talbots for dress pants. I'm a size 4P. I tried on a LOT of pants. I ended up with 3 pairs that I really like. Finding dress pants that fit has been extremely frustrating. Even these are 'tight' through the thighs in order to have them fit at the waist but at least they stretch and look good through the thighs. The shopping experience has helped me refine my goals a bit. I think I want these size 4Ps to fit better much more than I want to get into a 2P. I do still have thigh and tummy fat. Hopefully the fat that I lose as I lose my last few pounds (6 or so?) will come from those areas.

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 9/15/2011 6:42PM

    :) You will figure it out. I too have come to peace with my body...I think. I have the eating part figured out. It's just a matter of being consistent, which I am not.
Happy almost Friday!

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