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Kind of discouraged

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I worked really hard this last week and I didn't lose crap! I kept my calories between 1250-1550, I worked out Tuesday-Friday and twice on Thursday. I drank Jillian's water release drink - about 96-122 oz of water a day. Sunday we went to dinner as a family for Thaison's birthday and Monday Thaison and I went to dinner together and I ate way too much. But the rest of the week I was perfect, I was 209.7 yesterday. I don't know if that means I was 212-215 after all the eating on Sunday and Monday and that I did actually lose some weight during the week. So I will officially weigh myself on Monday and work my butt off this week and hopefully see some better results.

I also measured myself on Friday, I was pretty excited because I lost some in my waist, abs, ribs, and bust, but then I got a little depressed when I realized that my hips have been in the same spot since December. I tried on dresses in February and I tried a 14, the top fit fine, but I couldn't get the dress past my hips and my hips haven't budged since then. emoticon
I know I'm doing good and I will get there, it just gets discouraging.

This week my goals are:
Monday weigh-in
30 day shred - Mon-Fri
Gym - 40 min cardio - Tues & Thurs
Gym on Saturday - heavy lifting
Daily Calories - 1250-1350 calories
10 glasses of water daily
Blog daily with my results and feelings for the day.


30 day shred - Day 2

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I got Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred on Thursday. I couldn't find my smaller weights so I started doing the level 1 workout with 10 lb weights - OMG!!!! I made it for 6 minutes and stopped. We bought some 3 lb and 5 lb weights and I did the whole workout yesterday. Not an easy workout. Some of the things I didn't do them all, especially the jumping jacks and jump rope, they hurt my ankle, but I did keep moving the whole time. After that I did some weeding, so I burned a ton of calories yesterday.
After that I set a goal of doing the DVD everyday and then getting to the gym at least Tuesday and Thursday nights and maybe some yoga Wednesday nights.

Today I was so sore. It was so hard to move, that was going to be my excuse to not do the dvd today. I went on google and researched and tried to find something that told me it was better to not work out when you are sore, then I went on the Jillian Micheal's site and read the message boards from others that are doing the dvd and they are all doing it every day and pushing through the soreness - that motivated me, so I did it. I'm still sore, but I was fine while I was doing the work out and I did better at it than yesterday and now that I'm done, I feel great. I feel accomplished and I'm so happy that I did it.

The other thing I have been trying is intuitive eating. It's tough and it scares me. I like the idea of eating what I want when I want and not having any off limits food. The principles are common sense, but it's still hard to get out of the diet mentality and feel ok with eating pizza and not being scared that I'm going to gain and not lose like I want to. But I also think about when I'm not losing, I eat what I want, nothing is off limits and I don't gain, but I'm also not working out - so maybe adding in the working out will help me lose without giving up the food I love.
It's just so hard because I have so much that I want to lose before the wedding, and from reading the book it says that you can't have losing weight be your focus, your focus should be how you feel and how it feels to be healthy - that's great and everything, but honestly my focus is how I'm going to look in my wedding dress right now. So, I'm not sure how well it's going to work. What I'm thinking right now is that I'm going to make 95% healthy choices, but if I want something specific I will have it, I'm not going to tell myself no. Nothing is off limits, but healthy is the priority. I'm gonna see how that goes. I don't want to tell myself for the rest of my life I can never have chocolate or I can never have ice cream or whatever, so I want to be able eat what I want without feeling guilty about it and without gaining weight, I know intuitive eating is the answer for that - so now if I can just get out of my diet mentality things would be great.
I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow and then not again until April 14th. Hopefully I will be down at least 6 lbs - I would be happy with more though.


Streak 2 Day 1

Monday, January 21, 2008

I didn't do the last streak because I got sick, so now I'm starting again. I haven't been to the gym in a week, so I'm looking forward to getting back there today. I'm going to try to do couch to 5k week 1 day 1 again today and see if I can get through week 1 this week. My goals for this week are to get through Week 1 of the couch to 5 K and do the Arc trainer for 10 minutes each day, upping to 15 minutes on Sunday.

Monday - C25K - 30 min - 90 cal
Arc - 10 min - 130 cal
Bike - 20 min - 130 cal

Tuesday - Arc - 10 min - 130 cal
Strength - 25 min - 320 cal
Arc - 10 min - 130 cal
Bike - 20 min - 130 cal

Wed. - C25K - 30 min - 90 cal
Arc - 10 min - 130 cal
Bike - 20 min - 130 cal

Thrusday - Arc - 10 min - 130 cal
Strength - 25 min - 320 cal
Arc - 10 min - 130 cal
Bike - 20 min - 130 cal

Friday - C25K - 30 min - 90 cal
Arc - 10 min - 130 cal
Bike - 20 min - 130 cal

Saturday - Arc - 10 min - 130 cal
Strength - 25 min - 320 cal
Arc - 10 min - 130 cal
Bike - 20 min - 130 cal

Sunday - Arc - 15 min - 195 cal
Bike - 30 min - 195 cal


Streak #2 Day 1

Monday, January 14, 2008

This weekend I went off my streak. I'm ok with that because I did a 7 day exercise streak and a 4 day food streak. That's better than a 1 day streak. I also lost 5.1 lbs during this streak. I'm actually really excited and proud of myself. The only reason I went off the streak was because it was TOM and I had such bad cramps I didn't even get out of bed Saturday, and I went over my calories by 20 on Friday because of some ice cream and chocolate. But I did fine the rest of the weekend for food.

Today is day 1 of both exercise and food streaks. I'm very motivated because of the positive changes I am making. I can't wait till the end of this 10 day streak to see where I am at. My original goal was to be 199 by 2/14 - I don't think realistically this will happen, so my new goal is 204lbs. We will see though, you never know - if I work really hard between now and then, maybe I will still make my original goal.


Streak Update

Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm still going strong on my streak. I'm on Day 8 of the exercise streak and day 5 of the food streak. Last night I actually had to find things to eat to get up to my calories. I ended up having a glass of ff milk. I figured that was a good healthy choice.

Yesterday I think my body decidded it was exhausted from 7 days straight of working out hard. I went to the gym and was going to do my couch 2 5k program, ended up only doing 15 minutes of it and then went to the weights. I also only did 15 minutes of that and was yawning the whole way through. I felt really weak as well when I was doing the weights. I have been trying to lift heavy - so everything was making my muscles shake.
I started to think that I was probably exhausted so I stopped. I at least did get 30 minutes in. Today I'm going to just take the dogs for a walk. I figure I'm getting my cardio, but it's light and easy and not too taxing on my body and then I'll see how I feel tomorrow and see if I can hit the weights and cardio hard again. It's all about listening to how my body is feeling.

I also did jump on the scale at the gym and it said I was 218 - now I can't wait to get on my scale on Monday and see where I'm at. The gym scale is usually higher than mine, so I'm kind of excited to see. I also did measure my waist, hips and abs this morning and I'm down 1.5 in in the waist and .5 on the hips and abs. That's always a plus. :)

So, the streak is going well. I don't feel too deprived with making healthy choices instead of junk. I'm eating enough that I'm full, today I had a tall skinny carmel latte from starbucks - that was my treat for being so good this week.

Next Thursday will be my "day off" of healthy eating, I'm wondering how that will really work. I will still most likely take my lunch to work unless I have lunch out with someone, and I'm sure dinner will be healthy for the most part, so it's not like I will totally splurge, maybe we will have taco's or tostada's or something like that. Not a huge splurge but it sounds good, or maybe we will go out for chinese or something yummy. As long as I eat small portions I think it will be fine.


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