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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Seems a couple of years have slipped by with no change but a kilo that bounces just like a yoyo. And now I have decided to give up red meat and chicken. I am having some difficulty getting enough calories so here I am again. Lest see whats going to happen.

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IMMABEAR 11/19/2013 5:15PM

    I am eating pescetarian...and I already wasnt eating very much..so now I am concerned that I am not getting enough calories..I am looking at menus to give me a better feel for how I should be eating..and am going to do my very best to eat breakfast...

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-SHAWN- 11/19/2013 4:04PM

    Tani I don't understand, you need to lose weight but you can't get enough calories?
Why would you give up chicken and beef? Are you now a vegetarian?

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Goal Accessment

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1- Look smashing in my skin ( I could do this with the right clothes)

2- Feel 20 years younger ( I am feeling about 10 years younger)

3- Actually be lighter than the horse ( ok ok I am lighter than the horse)

4- Have no more pain ( The ankle pain has definately eased)

5- Hear 'How did you do it?' ( not achieved)

6- Take up less space on the bus ( I quit using the bus)

7- Establish my own business ( Am doing it right now)

8- Go part time (done)

9- Bring the cholesterol level down ( Will need to get tested again soon)

10-Create a video ( What was I thinking? What kind of video?)

Goals are a good way to access ones lifestyle but they can be a bit disappointing so I want to work on some worthwhile achievable goals..

1- Accomplish 10 goals
2- Have 25 regular students
3- Make Spark my priority

I suppose I need a date eh??? Okay Dec 31 2011

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DEBBIE84 10/13/2011 1:08PM

    Sounds like a good plan! Good luck.

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Extreme Measures

Monday, July 04, 2011

Anything that goes against my lazy nature is an extreme measure for me. I choose to be extremely conscious of everything I eat and every movement I make.

I just HAVE to see this journey to the end...I have NO choice! I have weddings to attend, recordings to make, airplanes to jump out of, books to write, plays to act in...I just HAVE to be ideal weight in order for those experiences to be perfect!

This was true when I first posted it a year ago and truer now...

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-SHAWN- 7/4/2011 11:33AM

    Well you sure looked healthy and quite beautiful when I saw you last night.....

I was running a fever as I am this a.m. That along with body aches, sore throat, headache and tummy trouble leaves me quite muddled in the head...

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WALIDGAZALA 7/4/2011 5:19AM

    Seems You are TOO Busy, You Got to Be astrong. emoticon

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Play Family Feud

Friday, July 23, 2010

Let's Play Family Feud!

Found this on JAVALOVERSTOO's blog.

You are not allowed to use my answers ... you must use different ones!!!

Remember, you can't use the same answers as the person who sent it to you....

1. Name something you use in the shower? Pink Bubble Bath

2. Something people hate to find on their windshield? A crack

3. Name something a man might buy before a date? concert tickets

4. What is something you cook in the microwave? potatoes

5. Name a piece of furniture people need help moving? piano

6. Name a reason a younger man might like an older woman? beauty

7. Name something a dog does that embarrasses its owner? lift leg

8. Name a kind of test you cannot study for? hormone

9. Name something a boy scout gets a badge for? cooking

10. Name a phrase with the word 'home' in it? Home town

11. Name a sport where players lose teeth? boxing

12. Name something a teacher can do to ruin a good day? pop quiz

13. Name something that can brighten your day? someone lets me go home early

14. Name a bird you wouldn't want to eat? sparrow

15. Name something a person wears even if it has a hole in it? jeans

16. Name something that gets smaller the more you use it? stick of butter

Remember...NO copying!!

Let me know if you decide to play so I can check on your blog for your answers...

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HICIM705 7/29/2010 5:42AM

    Hi Tani! I read this and did it over on my blog, too!

I'll have to go over and check out JAVALOVERTOO's page also.

Hope you are doing well...I'm so busy with the 'challenge', I barely have time to check in to any of my other teams!!!

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JAVALOVERTOO 7/23/2010 1:11PM

    That's great! When I did it I drew a total blank on the microwave one of all questions!!! emoticon emoticon

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Wake Up Call

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On Oct 15 the man I have been married to for 33 years years went to his lab to have his blood tested...he came home the night before not feeling so well. He became pale and was sweating profusely so his co worker escorted him to the ER. Just as they attached the EKG he was gone...GONE! Out came the paddles and into the surgery room for an angio...

A week later my man came home with a renewed heart and feeling better than he has in years. We are both on a strict diet and soon we will begin the strenuous exercise.

This has been quite the wake up call! We are both grateful for the second chance we have been given to live better and enjoy the rest of our lives in good health!

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RENEWEDMINDCWC 7/20/2010 11:40AM

    Wow, Tanibear, glad you're both getting the help you need before it's too late! As you know, I lost my husband recently, and it's hard. So glad you were warned and can work on your health and enjoy many many more years to come -- together.

Comment edited on: 7/20/2010 11:41:48 AM

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EMMASMART 6/3/2010 3:25PM

    He is brilliant. That is exactly the best thing. If you are going to have a heart issue, do it at the hospital during the test. Best treatment possible. I am so very glad he survived this!

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SUZIE-ANNE 5/14/2010 5:02PM

    I am glad he is doing OK. What a scare. Makes you realise what are the really important things in life.

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RENE54 5/12/2010 11:05AM

    Wow quite a wake up call. I am glad he is alright. Last year my husband had a tia and found he had a 70% blockage in his coratid artery. He had the surgery and he is a renewed person as well. That is when he started becoming a more healthy and active person. Now he is doing even better than I am. Thank God for second chances!! Good luck with your new beginings!

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ALISSAB2 5/11/2010 11:55AM

    OH, Man, what a scare!!!!!! Take it easy, and help him get stronger. Then get "real" healthy, it is the re-start, of your life!! emoticon

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LEWISCANDACE 5/11/2010 10:35AM

  I am glad he is ok-you both can do this! It is easier when you have someone to share it with! I wish you all the best of luck with your journey!


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GEORGANNE39 5/11/2010 9:24AM

    Thank goodness he is better! What stress for you both! I'm glad you are making the changes for better health! emoticon

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AMANDAEA129 5/11/2010 8:49AM

    I'm glad he is okay. Together you two will succeed!

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THENEWCINDY 5/11/2010 8:34AM

    I am glad he is ok

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DALEJR_FAN_TINA 5/11/2010 3:49AM

    Glad to know he's OK and you are both going to start working out, it will help. Take it slow at first, and work your way up.

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