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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The stress continues. The weight maintenance continues. :)

I need to find my center again (my equilibrium) before I can continue my weight loss journey. For now, I'm very happy to be holding my own.

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DUXGRL1 8/26/2012 9:15PM

    And you will! But for now, maintenance is good!

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ILOVEMALI 8/23/2012 11:24PM

  High stress is hampering my weight loss. My coping mechanism is off! Good luck, Pal! You can do this.

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FITKAT62 8/23/2012 8:36PM


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JANESLOSS 8/23/2012 11:40AM

    You are doing so great! Maintenance is such an important part of the big picture.
Keep moving forward!
Big Hugs,

Jane emoticon

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EGALITAIRE 8/23/2012 9:49AM

    Sounds like you are doing well in the face of trying circumstances - stay positive

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SABLENESS 8/23/2012 9:03AM

    Holding your own is doing very well when you're stressed. Hang in there, friend. Thanks for dropping by my gratitude blog. emoticon

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MUSOLF6 8/23/2012 7:57AM


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Looking forward to the weekend...

Friday, August 10, 2012

almost 1am - TGIF and good night all!

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DUXGRL1 8/12/2012 10:07PM

    And hope you had a good one!

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XENA47 8/11/2012 2:01AM

    Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite. emoticon

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EGALITAIRE 8/10/2012 5:24PM

    Gettin to bed early I see Tink

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ILOVEMALI 8/10/2012 1:18AM


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Quick Update...

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Recovering from GI distress this past weekend. Week but trying to stay hydrated...

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XENA47 8/10/2012 12:24AM

    Take care and get better soon. emoticon

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DUXGRL1 8/4/2012 4:13PM

    Hope you feel better soon!

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HOPEFUL2DAY! 8/1/2012 11:14PM

    :( Take care of yourself.


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FANGFACEKITTY 7/31/2012 9:49PM


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ILOVEMALI 7/31/2012 9:39PM

  Get well soon!!

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JLJOYNT 7/31/2012 9:05PM

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

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PLAYINGGAMES 7/31/2012 8:57PM

  Liked as in I am glad you are feeling better emoticon

I had the stomach flu last year and one thing that helped me recover was popsicles.

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REXTINE1 7/31/2012 8:44PM

    I always hated that. Hope you're better soon, but "weak" sounds as if it was pretty severe.

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    Oh dear! Would a probiotic help?

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SHERYLDS 7/31/2012 7:56PM

    emoticon sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. emoticon

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JUDSTERF 7/31/2012 7:31PM

    I'm so glad you're feeling better. GI distress can be so very painful!! Keep on drinking those fluids!!

Judy emoticon

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Another "no calorie, natural" sweetener has launched (again...)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Hmmm.... First - as someone who tries to follow a Paleo diet, I try to avoid processed foods and have moved away from all sweeteners (both those considered natural and artificial). Second, I'm not interested in all the marketing hype -- so Buyer, Beware.

Be SMART my fellow Spark family. If you utilize artificial sweeteners, then now you know there is a new one you may want to try. If you believe in "whole foods", and avoid processed foods, etc. - then don't be fooled by the latest claims of this being an "all natural" product. It HAS been PROCESSED because it is not a pretty powder (or crystal or whatever) form in nature...

Fruit is the perfect packaging for natural sugars because it contains the correct balance of water, fiber, and other nutrients to ensure your body can handle processing it. So if I want something sweet, I'll just continue to grab a nice ripe piece of fruit!

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DJ4HEALTH 9/24/2012 11:00PM

    You can ever slice the fruits and put them in your water to make flavored water too.

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GOOSIEMOON 8/24/2012 6:06AM


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SWIMMING_CAT 8/1/2012 9:05AM

    Yay for fruits!

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FIFIFRIZZLE 7/31/2012 3:13PM

    What sound good sense.

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2NDWIND2 7/31/2012 7:33AM

    Great advice and thanks for the reminder. I still look forward to my afternoon diet soft drink at work - but I want to change that. Thanks for the welcome :)

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KPETSCHE 7/31/2012 12:31AM

    I hate artifical sweeteners. Really scarry stuff.

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SCIFIMOM 7/30/2012 9:51PM

  Tink, I don't know about you, but ever since I ditched the artificial sweeteners months ago, everything I eat has tasted different. Plain coffee with a gernerous squirt of soy milk tastes great, without any added sweetness, something I couldn't have tolerated just months ago. If this is what food tastes like, then WHAT was I eating before?

-- Claudia

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KIRAMISU 7/30/2012 4:20PM

    I donīt like artificial sweeteners either. They scare me as well.

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ILOVEMALI 7/30/2012 3:15PM

  I don't use artificial sweeteners at all. I just count the calories in. The artificial sweeteners scare me...

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    Amen, sister!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Batman - Actually very good...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shame that so many people will not be going to see this movie due to the acts of one terrorist. I was never into the comics, but did see the TV show a few times as a kid. I really liked this movie. It did a great job setting up the future of the movie franchise should they decide to move forward with additional movies.

There was even a chance to be inspired. Overcoming physical issues. A chance to dig into the more mental side of a physical challenge. The chance to connect with what your personal goal is and what you are personally willing to do to achieve it - regardless of how hard the path may be.

As always mentioned - no real "super powers" here - just a guy with a "Spark" (ability to influence and inspire) and some really cool toys!

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FIFIFRIZZLE 7/31/2012 6:39AM

    I liked the batman too. And I think movies like this are better on a big screen.

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KPETSCHE 7/29/2012 11:22PM

    I personally haven't seen any batman movies since the first one way, way long ago. My son has seen this new one twice already and really has enjoyed it. It's nice to have a super hero with no "super" powers, just being a good person. Glad you enjoyed it. It's fun to see a movie in the theater and come away enjoying what you saw.

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TAREN584 7/29/2012 10:57PM

    I have to admit that one of the reasons I have not seen this movie yet is because of the shooting. I live in CO, and have many friends from the Aurora area. The sane part of me knows that most likely i will be able to go and enjoy the movie without having to deal with the same terror that the people in the theater that night had to deal with, but there is still a fear within me that is afraid of the copycat.

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DJ4HEALTH 7/29/2012 10:08PM

    I always wait until they come out on DVD cheaper that way.

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HOLDINGMYOWN 7/29/2012 9:28PM

    I never will understand people....

WHY? not go see Batman just because a terriost went into a movie theater and went beserk?

This must mean then....

Nobody will now go to school?
Nobody will now fly?
Nobody will go by train?
Nobody will go via bus?
Nobody going to church anymore?
Nobody will..~~~etc...etc....etc..

These crazies are all around us and can appear anywhere!! Are we to stop living our lives because of them?
If we boycot everything that terriost's attack~then we are doing exactly what they want to acheive....to scare you into having a miserable life...

Well...NOT me~~ I will LIVE despite them!~

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ILOVEMALI 7/29/2012 9:05PM

  One bad apple spoils the whole bunch. Trite but true.

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BONDMANUS2002 7/29/2012 8:49PM


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