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Who needs fast food? Not me!

Friday, May 06, 2011

As I've said before, I L-O-V-E food! I love thinking about it, cooking it, watching other people cook it, and eating it! I think this is probably the same for a lot of us. Today I realized that I really love healthy food better than anything. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to sit down to a meal that I know is packed full of vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and all kinds of yummy stuff that my body NEEDS! It makes me wonder why I never did this sooner.

I used to blame my lack of fresh, healthy food on our budget and lack of time, but I firmly believe that's just not true. Fresh fruits and vegetables are way cheaper than packaged goods and better for you. They usually contain less sodium which is very important to me since I have high blood pressure. Things that I can't buy fresh, I buy frozen versus canned. Again, canned goods have lots of sodium and have lost more of their vital nutrients than fresh or frozen. As far as time goes, with a little planning and a little preparation, you can eat healthy everyday. I make things in advance or make large quantities if it's something I know I'll probably have a couple times that week. When I go to the grocery store, everything I buy has a purpose. I don't buy based on what I see, but I buy based on what I'm cooking over the next couple weeks.

I didn't realize how guilty I was feeling every time I sat down to eat something I knew was loaded with fat, sodium, carbs, etc. I was eating fast food at least a couple times a week. Taco Bell, McDonald's, and Church's were/are/always will be my weakness. Really, any fast food is a weakness for me. We didn't eat it when I was child and I think as an adult I've been gorging myself on fast food to make up for lost time, but no more. I am human and I'm not perfect, so I don't expect to be able to turn it down every single time, but I do expect to be able to enjoy a smaller version of what I was eating before and not feel guilty because I know that I'm eating right 95% of the time!

Today's Lunch Menu:
Tuna Cakes
Fresh chopped tomatoes (on the side)
Salad w/ broccoli, spinach, and homemade raspberry vinaigrette

Take care, Keep working hard, and Spread the SPARK!!!

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    Look at you embracing this lifestyle!!! You have really jumped right in and it is so refreshing to see someone with your direction and motivation!!!

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TURTLE_MOM 5/9/2011 9:57AM

    GOOD FOR YOU! Fast food is a weird addiction. I avoided it for SO long and was eating all my meals at home, but the habit started again. That lunch looks so good, you are doing just fab! I"m excited to get back cooking again, I'm going to make a yummy salad like that today I think!

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    Woohoo! Sounds like you're doing great at building up those healthy habits! Way to go!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ELEXEY 5/6/2011 8:27PM

    Fast food was the same for me, we didn't get it growing up so I gorged as soon as I could start buying my own. Then I became a manager (and then store manager) at McDonalds and you can only imagine what that resulted in.
The budget thing was an issue for us as well. I had to show DH that the difference was only pennies on the dollar and that the little bit of extra we spent would save thousands of dollars on doctors in the future.
Keep rocking girl, you're doing great!!!

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    MMMMMMMMM...that meal looks tasty!!!

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SHEILA376 5/6/2011 4:26PM

    That's awesome. I'm starting to get over my love of fast food too. The past couple of times I have gotten McDonald's I noticed that that stuff doesn't even taste all that good.

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HATABLOCKAZ 5/6/2011 3:33PM

    Keep going

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MIRAGE727 5/6/2011 3:31PM

    These are signs that you are living a healthy lifestyle. When you love an ice cold glass of water, tasty fruits and veggies, you are living large. Thanks for sharing.

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I think I can, I think I can...oh wait. I just did!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

My goal is to do some form of extended(at least 20 min) exercise 3-6 days a week, but today I was just not in the mood .I was on the verge of talking myself out of it. Lucky for me I found some inspiration. I had purchased The Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD (I've been doing the Last Chance Workout) and decided I would at least watch it to see how intense it's going to be. I'm so glad I did. It made me want to get up, put those workout clothes on, and start moving. So there I am with sweat pouring down my face, muscles screaming, heart rate up, and a huge smile on my face for pushing myself to do it. After this week's weigh-in (I lost 5 lbs) I knew that I owed it to myself to keep working hard so I could see more happy numbers on the scale. If I don't hold myself accountable, no one else will.

There will always be days where I'm tired, not in the mood, or a change in schedule could interfere with my workout, but I have to keep pushing forward. I set goals for myself because I have every intention of reaching them. I ate a very healthy breakfast and lunch and what better way to emphasize my new healthy habits then to complete the day with exercise. I feel so much better mentally and physically, I'm thrilled. If you ever think you can't, just remind yourself that you can. You have done it before, you just need to do it again!

Happy Cardio Y'all! emoticon

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    Doin great!!!!!!!!

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GOLDENDOMER00 5/6/2011 12:21PM

    Congratulations, Tamara! emoticon

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MOMMACASSEY 5/6/2011 11:30AM

    Awesome! Way to go! Sometimes talking ourselves into it really is the hardest part.

And now I have to go, because the Minions are staring at me with glee...

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POOKASLUAGH 5/6/2011 11:15AM

    YEAH!!! That's fantastic!! You sound so pumped. :D Congrats.

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TURTLE_MOM 5/6/2011 9:16AM

    YOU ROCK! I love your desire and motivation. I remember having that spirit :) Hopefully you can motivate me to get my butt moving again! Ha - you are awesome, love your attitude.

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MELITOD 5/5/2011 10:21PM

    That is awesome!!! YOU did it! One day at a time.. one choice at a time! You can do it! You are doing it!

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TAMARA6905 5/5/2011 10:05PM

    Glad to hear that I could inspire both of you! Let's keep up the hard work!

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ELEXEY 5/5/2011 5:39PM

    Thank you for this blog. I'm having one of those days where I just don't wanna. But your blog reminded me that I needa!!!

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JUICINGJOJO 5/5/2011 5:15PM

    Thank you for this, it really does give me added incentive to hear it. Good job pushing through it! Way to go you! And congrats on the loss this week!!! emoticon

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The scale finally changed!!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

I LOVE food. I LOVE to eat. I am definitely an EMOTIONAL eater. Before I started my weight loss challenge, I would eat and eat and eat, not paying attention to serving sizes, eating extremely unhealthy food, and drinking a lot of soda. When I decided that I was going to get healthy and I was really going to work at it, I knew that it would be hard, but I was going to give it my all.

For the first week and a half of my weight loss journey I worked out everyday and severely decreased my calorie intake, so of course I was devastated to weigh myself and not see even a 1lb decrease! I went from approx 4000 calories a day to less than 1300 calories. When I sat down to analyze why there was no change, I realized that my relationship with food is what prohibited me from losing any weight. I was sabotaging my own success. I was so scared of falling back into my old habits and not trusting myself to make good food decisions that it was easier to just stay away from food. Unfortunately, I sent my body into starvation mode.

So this last couple of weeks, I've tried to increase the number of calories I was consuming. I started eating breakfast again or at least a snack in the morning. I haven't eaten breakfast in years so I've really had to train my body to get over the nauseous feeling and accept the fuel I'm giving it. Long story short, I've lost 5 lbs!!! I'm so excited!! This small change has given me so much encouragement to keep going. I'm thrilled leg 4 of the EPIC challenge starts today, I'm so ready to do this. It couldn't have come at a better time to. I have an open schedule to really focus on my new lifestyle goals.

If anyone if struggling to keep going because they haven't seen or felt a change in their bodies, I beg you to keep going! No two bodies are the same and it may take you a little longer to notice results. Don't give up, it will happen. It took most of us years to get to this point, so we can't expect immediate results. If it was easy to lose weight and keep it off, then obesity wouldn't be an issue! If anyone needs a buddy, someone to talk to, whatever it may be, add me! We're all in this together!

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ELEXEY 5/2/2011 9:21PM

    I completely understand where you're coming from, sounds like a picture of my old life as well, I also struggled with not trusting myself with food, took a long time for me to be able to do it. But you are on an awesome road, doing a fantastic job, and you have a terrific attitude as well. Congratulations!!!

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GOLDENDOMER00 5/2/2011 1:19PM

    Congratulations! The thing that I love most about EPIC is that it makes me strive to reach SP's calorie recommendations, which are now 1450-1800, based on my weight goal, time frame, and calorie output. It really helps keep me accountable and ensures that I don't try to lower my calories to an unhealthy level. Great job and congratulations on losing those 5 pounds!

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TURTLE_MOM 5/2/2011 1:00PM

    Fantastic job - great that you didn't give up but instead you evaluated what you could be doing differently. You have a positive attitude, and I know you are going to go far! Congrats on the loss, that's amazing!

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    WOW!!!! Great job!!!!

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MJ-SHE-BEAST 5/1/2011 4:39PM

    By Jove, I think you've got it! Great blog about the realization that we NEED to love food, to eat food and to give our bodies the fuel necessary to carry us on this journey. I'm so glad you joined the EPIC challenge. You have a great attitude!

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    Congrats on the weight loss! 5 pounds is awesome!

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HEATHERALB 5/1/2011 12:51PM

    Congrats on finally seeing some change on the scale. Keeping a good attitude and taking small steps and making good choices each day will make all the difference! emoticon

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Summer is almost here!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sorry I haven't been around much. Been super busy with finals. I'm almost done, have one more on Wednesday and then my summer can officially start! I've still been eating healthy and trying to get in exervise. Thinking about maybe getting a summer job. Any ideas? It's late so I'm keeping this short! I hope everyone has had a great week and is ready for the weekend!

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TAMARA6905 4/29/2011 10:11AM

    Signed up for EPIC. This will be my first time, but I'm really excited! I got myself all psyched up about it last night. Added all my goals.... I'm so competitive, this is perfect for me. Let's do this!

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ELEXEY 4/29/2011 12:55AM

    Finals time is always such a mixture of feelings, mostly terror followed by relief, and then excitement, and disbelief it's really over! I hope yours go really well and you can find an amazing way to spend your summer!

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DWROBERGE 4/29/2011 12:28AM

    You can do it. Keep focused for success. Go for it.

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    I always think about getting a job at a book store. It sounds so nice to me. I dunno why! Good luck with finals!

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Mondays are so hard!

Monday, April 18, 2011

I was really looking forward to weighing myself this morning to see how successful my first week was, but I started my period this weekend so I'm going to assume that the change I saw on the scale is due to retaining water. Logically I know this, but I'm so disappointed. I really wanted, no needed, to see a drop in weight, even if it's just a pound to keep focused and not discouraged. I know I'm just being overly emotional because my hormones are out of control, but I could just cry. I know I'm being silly, I just can't help it, but I'm going to keep pushing forward.

Much of this weekend was spent prepping for this week. I found lots of new recipes that are healthy and still delicious. We bought lots of fresh fruits and veggies this weekend at Traders Village, so I'm excited to get cooking. As far as working out goes, my knee has been swelling after workouts and getting really stiff. I've been soaking in a hot bath afterwards and using ice and elevation at night. I remember the days when I could exercise hard, really push myself, with no repercussions! Why does it feel like I'm falling apart at 31???

Ok, I'm done being Debbie Downer. Time to prepare a healthy lunch and start thinking about which workout is going to be the least impact on my knee while still helping me to burn a lot of calories. Have a great week guys! Keep moving forward!

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TAMARA6905 4/19/2011 2:46PM

    Thanks guys for all the kind words. I feel much better today. I've even had a couple people tell me that they can see a change in my face....it's looking thinner supposedly. I'll take it!

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MEGS4148 4/19/2011 8:33AM

    I felt the same way last week about my weigh in, but it happens to most people. Your healthy life changes will definitely pay off and the scale will go in the right direction. Keep up the hard work!

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JENNIGOR 4/19/2011 5:06AM

    You are doing great, keep your chin up I suffer from knee issues too! and I know its hard but think of the goal :)

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KISSYTINA 4/18/2011 4:00PM

    Mondays ARE rough! I am sorry you are having scale woes already. Just know that we ALL experience them. And, logical or not, it really sucks to not see a loss each week. But, know that you are making good choices and you are doing something about it! So many people see a number on the scale and just give up. You are strong and determined! You are going to make a difference!

As far as the knee goes, I know your pain. I have a really screwed up knee too. What I would recommend is... Heat it for about 20 minutes before exercise, and ICE it directly after exercise. Ice reduces the swelling that will occur in response to the trauma that exercise does (I hope you know that my "trauma," I mean the basic wear and tear that all our body parts experience when we push ourselves). Ice will also help with any pain that you may experience. If this is an issue that has really been bothering you, I would invest in a knee brace. I have a good one that I don't even go for a walk without! A good brace can make such a difference. And, as far as exercises that hurt less--- Swimming is a great option, especially in the summer, though it requires access to a pool. A stationary bike can really help work you through a good range of motion without the impact of running. I also suggest working on some strength training too. Upper body strengthening can be done without working your knee, but strengthening the muscles in your legs can help stabilize your knee too. Just listen to your body. Anything that causes more pain than the usual should be stopped immediately. And, if it doesn't clear up, or the pain and swelling get severe, I would see a doctor.

YOU CAN DO THIS! Just remember how strong and determined you are!

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    It's ok to feel emotional - we have all been there. just remembe that this is not a short sprint to the finish line - this is a complete lifestyle change and it will take time, so give yourself a break. The weight will come off in time. Awesome that you found so many fresh veggies and fruits for this week - you are certainly getting the week off to a great start!

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GZELLEFRO 4/18/2011 3:37PM

    Hi saw your blog and wanted to stop by and encourage you a little (or a lot). You're doing the right thing. You're exercising, eating healthier, eating more fruits and veggies, so just give it a little time. You'll start seeing some progress. Don't give up! emoticon

We all mess up, but it's the getting up that defines us!

On the swelling thing, maybe bike riding or swimming would be the best because you won't have any weight on your knee. You could just do upper body strength training too. That'll give your knee a chance to recover. You don't want to injure it and be laid off for weeks, that's for sure!

Hope your week is good and that you see weight loss next week. God bless you! emoticon

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BLACKROSE771 4/18/2011 1:59PM

    I can understand about wanting the scale to show you lost weight... this last week my scale is stuck on 180.8 ....... But, I remember that I have done everything I needed to do.... the weight will come off.... I just need to continue what I'm doing.... eat right, drink plenty of water..... and don't let it get you down!!!! Good Luck !!

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