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Am i being sabotaged (opinions please)

Monday, August 05, 2013

I need everybody opinion on something. I had a week where their was little to know good choices in food. Mainly because I was with my sister. I love her and All but I think the might be trying to sabotage my weight loss. Other than myself no one knows how bad my impulse control is i have waxed long on the issue here but for some reason. when the food opportunity comes along it pizza. fried, B.B.Q., cookies, and anything that is unhealthy.
On the first She took us to a place that served fried okra. Not only is it one of my favorite foods but it is one I rarely get to have living in the south west. So MMe and my "wonderful" control had my plate loaded with the greasy treats and half plowed through before I realized what I did. when I just recovered from that greasy mess It was a B.B.Q. i was told I was going not asked. their was nothing healthy for my diet i halve to eat mainly protein and it was all covered in B.B.Q. sauce. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH FAT AND CALORIES IN IN THAT CRAP?! so I scraped as much off as I could ate the required amount. and had some tasty veggie Kebabs. Unfortunately though later I found out had a but load of "glaze"
This isn't the only time ether. I lost about 25 pounds last summer. and all the sudden My fridge had Italian sausage, and breaded meat and all sorts of bad in it. Not to mention constantly "treating me to they pizza factory and denny. *Side note* there is no way to make a healthy pizza buffet pizza. I honestly don't know If this is her trying to make sure I have food and all else that I need or her sabotaging.
She is a truly caring person and she does worry about my when I got home from the hospital she was a true Angel of mercy type nurse maid. She has borderline O.C.D and she set it aside so things would be easier for me. It got so bad for her i started to think she might need Valium. At times she will walk in go through all my cubbards and drawers find out what
I don't have walk out and return a little latter with coffe, dish soap cat treats pears, onions and a pretty little somthing . So I know she isn't being cruel but seriously buying oatmeal cookies and telling me to pass them out?!

Like I said I need another opinion. Cause on the 31st. I weighed 239 now I'm back up to 245. even with exercising. Is this sabotage intentional unintentional or is it just in my head

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JUSTME29 8/6/2013 1:24PM

    My hubby and I have a tough time with this. We like to eat out - whether it's to celebrate an event, or to console because one of us had a rough day, or just because it's Tuesday. It's been very hard (still is) to overcome that instinct to head out the door because it's too hot to cook or whatever. Maybe she's the same. She is taking you places thinking that she's treating you, but not even realizing that it's undermining your attempts to lose weight. I think a frank and open conversation is in order. If she wants to go out to eat, make some recommendations that have the type of foods she likes but also offer healthy choices for you. Eating before you go to a BBQ/party/food-centric event will help you take only minimal portions to be polite. I struggle to do this because I always figure if there's going to be good food there, why am I eating celery beforehand. I have to really work at it to make this happen.

As far as her showing up at your house, going through cupboards and then buying you stuff... It would make me crazy, but if you're ok with it, then let it go. If she buys junky stuff donate it to a local food bank after she leaves.

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SOPHIEDO13 8/5/2013 3:01PM

    Sorry about the weight gain. I think like Lopey make a list for her. I bough some coca cola yesterday bc it was on sale so I'm sabotaging myself and my husband !! But like everything it's moderation if its in the house.

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KACAR51 8/5/2013 12:50PM

    I agree with LOPEYP. You can tell people what you need in a nice way and you can refuse things the same way! I know that it is hard, but sometimes you just have to stick up for yourself! emoticon emoticon

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LOPEYP 8/5/2013 12:19PM

    Not sure what your sister's intent is. Is she overweight? Maybe she is jealous. I would give her a list of things that you eat and tell her that you appreciate her getting your food but next time these are the kind of things that you eat. If she's really trying to help, she'll get what's on your list.

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ERICADAWN1986 8/5/2013 12:14PM

    I think that in life you're going to be invited to social gathers, restaurants, and family events. Part of this lifestyle change (read: NOT DIET) is to learn how to cope in this situations and not let it throw you off. Is it hard? Yes! If it were easy, nobody would gain weight over the holiday season and everybody would be thin and confident. Don't put it on your sister. Own your behavior and start developing strategies for next time. Bring a dish to the BBQ, eat something light before you go so you aren't starving, DON'T order the trigger fried food, etc. Tell your sister how she can help support you but don't put blame on her for your self-control. Only YOU can take steps to change.

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PARALEGAL59 8/5/2013 11:52AM

  It could be sabotage, or it could just be your sister's way of showing love for you. The hard part about this is that the only way you will ever resolve this is if you talk with her about it. Not in an accusing "You are trying to sabotage me" kind of way. More like "You are my best friend and I need your help and support with my weight loss efforts." And then explain that you are trying very hard not to eat unhealthy foods and give her ideas of what you do want to eat. And THEN if she still does it, it's time to have a more stern conversation and ask her why she continues to expose you to foods you are trying to avoid. emoticon

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CHEETARA79 8/5/2013 11:47AM

    In my opinion, the only person who can sabotage you is you. You make the choice to put the food in your mouth, chew it and swallow it. No one is forcing you to do that.

But at the same time, I have found it best to stay away from foods I tend to overeat. For example, I don't keep cookies or chips around the house. Also if I'm going to an event where I know there will be a lot of temptation, I bring a healthy dish to share with everyone.

I don't think she's trying to sabotage you but maybe you should talk to her about your healthy goals and how she can help you achieve them.

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AAAHHHH the messes are ganging up un me!!!1

Friday, July 19, 2013

I gotta make this quick cause I forgot to set my alarm.
taking a day off walking to do some major cleaning. I can't go around in the dark to avoid looking at the mess lol.
I am putting all my neat pics on pinterest because I keep having my comp mess up. If'fn you wanna check them out and swipe I am under Alisa Wiggin for now.
I will try to write a longer blog later tonight if I am not drained.......doubt it but I will try.
I think that's it for now. gotta go bye!

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GMO_JEN 7/21/2013 12:13PM

    Good luck cleaning- I probably need to do that later today!

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Eat drinks and be merry For tomorrow the fat dies!!!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Well it is the last day till I Officially get back to losing weight. and I am a bit nervous. But I have prepared. Thanks to the surgery and the following complications I have had to call a cease fire in this little war of mine. But tomorrow......... *insert evil laugh here* . I am going to start logging all my food. All my work outs. Go to all my teams. Blog daily(ish). And do all my exercises.
I am also going to be combining my cardio and strength training. I can only do a block worth of walking so until I can do a half mile I really need to do both But don't worry. My strength training is minimal to so I won't be over working myself ether.
I am still stuck on a Uber protein diet and I absolutely hate it. when my energy runs out I can't just grab a handful of plain bread crumbs or a small starchy something to get my carbs going Nope gotta save room for yet another chicken breast or swallow down more ground sirloin. Or the ever popular can of light tuna. I swear If I never see another piece of meat again it will be to soon!!! I really wish
I could get my hands on this Atkins dude and ask what the heck was he thinking?! I miss green beans. I miss tossed salad. I miss squash. My god I miss squash! You know you miss a veggie when you start dreaming of it! but know gotta have the extra protein to close that stupid wound!AAAAAARRRRRRRRG! 95% protein diet sucks!!!!!
Any way I Have been acclimating myself to getting up at 6 Am. so I will bee rare'n to go tomorrow. I.E be grumpy as hell and not in the mood to communicate. Which means I will be really mad at my fat. As in get the hell out of here mad . I don't like mondays and I don't like mornings. But I will refuse to roll over I will NOT end up looking like my mother!
On another topic I promised you a while ago the list of foods not allowed in my home this list is only what I will not allow in m home they are not banned they are not "forbidden fruit" They are the foods that got me in this mess. Small doses are okay just not now instead of getting a big bag of chips one of those single serves will do. I won't by a tub of ice cream I will go to the ice cream parlor and enjoy the atmosphere along with the ice cream. see small doses besides I can't seem to find pistachio anywhere but the parlors. Anyway.....

And her as promised is the things not allowed in my house list.

1. Chips, Microwave popcorn, and other salty snacks
2. Soda, koolaid, sports drinks, and other sugary snacks
3. Ice cream and Ice cream novelty's
4. Hamburger, tuna, or chicken helper or any other boxed dinner meals
5. Cheese "sauce"
6. frozen pizza and pizza like stuff (party rolls pockets ect.)
7. creamy salad dressings
8. miracle whip, mayo, tarter sauce and other fatty condiments
9. canned fruit in syrup
10. white bread or white pastas
11. Waffle pancake or any sugary non complex carb breakfast mix
12. Brownies, cake, and cookies, and candies
13. hot chocolate mix
14. brownie, cake, cookies and other dessert mixes
15. mash potato mix
16. Microwave crap dinners
17. Hot Pockets, party food and other such food stuffs
18.Sugary cereal, pop tarts, toaster strudel, Eggo's and other ready made breakfast items,
19. Restaurant leftovers
20. Sausage Chirzo, ready made meat loaf and other packaged meat"ish" items
21. hot dogs corn dogs smoked sausage links and other "dog" Items
22. regular high fat cheeses
23. Sweet rolls. nutter butters and assorted hostess and little Debbie's goods
24. mixes and powders that require butter and or oil

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JUSTME29 7/14/2013 2:06PM

    Wow - that's some list

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ANd When My Feet Hit The Floor the Devils Said " Oh crap! She's mobile!"

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Since May 8th I have been told "stay in bed and rest," "Don't lift that." "Stop that!" I had to sit there all day every day doing nothing. I tried everything to keep my mind occupied but I have never Been so bored in all my life!!! You can only play vidio games so long and read so many books. watch so many movies and orginze your comics until you almost go out of your mind!

But now after all that boredom I am finailly allowed to do everything I still have a few things I have to do I think the thing that annoys me most is the diet. I am on a very high protien diet. Like 95% of my food diet. and I am not allowed to do crunches. And my wound is not completly closed. But If it was a cut I would not need stiches. Hard to believe the wond was
8 in. and 5 deep huh? it would of been deeper but the belly button got in the way. yeh they were ye'll at me for a reason.

Any whoo, I am starting today from the ground up. literilly. I am doing me leg calistinics today and walking tommorow. I can only walk a quater mile but I expect that to rapidly change.

but here is the thing I was expecting a year ago to be about 85lbs. lighter by now what happened was not just injury but a somethimes case of the slack @$$ed. But that is not going to happen anymore I got my attack the day play list II have my workout gear my waterbottles I have no excuse. All the demons that thought you won your time is nigh'

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JUSTME29 7/11/2013 6:47PM

    I'm glad you're up an about again, and using this as fuel for your motivation.

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KOFFEENUT 7/11/2013 6:23PM

    WooHoo on being able to be up and about again! You're right - being able to lounge around SOUND like a dream - right up until the time you HAVE to do it. BORING!!!! Take it slow so you don't end up with anything that unintentionally slows you down even more!

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zombie bog (chapet 2)

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Bad Idea's or How to get your self killed Quick

Well the worst of the worst happened. Zombies have over run the world. Or some natural disaster ( flood huricain tornado ect, )has happened. There are a few things you need to do to survive and more importantly NOT do If you want to live great! If'fn you don't, think of this as how to commit suicide by stupidity

Wallmart a.k.a. Suicide by Stupidity

Okay the z- apocalypse hits and you want to stock up fast. You say to your self "Who has most of what I want?" The top answer is Wallmart, target, Costco or any large dept store. Problem is your not the only person who thought this. Every body and their unprepared brother did to. So now your not only fighting the undead horde, but your fellow man is in a panic And he or she is more than willing to cap your butt for a roll of toilet paper. I can't stress how much having a stockpile of food and supplies is important.
First off it is way cheaper when people are not trying to clear the shelves in under two minutes. But you get what you want in the brand you want. If you think this is a silly thing to consider this. Remember that toilet paper you were about ready to kill for? Do you want cases of quilted soft two-ply that gets the job done. Or do you want the single ply John Wayne"? You know the kind that doesn't take "poop" from any body.

Look At What I Got

Telling people to prepare, and how to prepare for the end of the world is one thing. Showing off the nifty stuff is another. Show off your swag to everybody, and when the big Z hits and everybody will be at your door begging, pleading, and then killing your happy butt for everything you got.

I AM RAMBO!!!!! A.K.A The Mall Ninja

Buying a gun is one thing. But do you know how to use it? Do you have any martial arts training? How about first aid? Oh I see you bought and book saw a video once. I am sure you will do just fine *insert sarcasm here* Just because you have a working theory of something does not mean you can do it. You can easily shatter a breast bone of some one when giving them C.P.R. If you don't know what your doing. And as for self defence If you hit like a girl before, you still do. Take the classes. Learn PROPERLY what you need to know. If not please go out in to a field slather yourself in BIG sauce and shout "Here zombie zombie zombie!!" cause in effect that is what you working theory amounts too.

But I look Stupid!!

You got the training. You got the stockpile. and a defendable place to stay. Now you gotta go out and thin the zombies in your area. Unfortunately all you got to protect yourself is a leather jacket in hot pink that says boy toy. A girly dog collar to protect your neck and a set of BMX gear that has Bozo the clown on it. Not very tough is it. SO WHAT!!!!! You are not going out there to win a beauty pageant. Your going out there to make sure you don't wake up as a zombies midnight snack. What you wear or what you have to fight with has to be top quality not good looking. Besides after a few play dates with your undead friends and it will be covered in blood guts and other goop so who cares?

Eh I Don't Feel Like Exercising Today

Zombieland was right. Cardio, cardio,. When you run out of amo, and there is no hope but to either flee or fight, you need to be in shape! What good is swinging a hammer at one zombie skull when you'll just throw your back out. And while you have twelve more ready to devour you right behind it. Or what if you have more than you can fight, and can only run a hundred yards before you drop?
You need to be in good shape. If your over weight walk, run, do callosities anything! If a zombie has a preferred prey it is the slow and fat. it is easier to catch give them more food and ....well it's a tasty greasy nom to them. Be the food they can't catch. Don't plop on the couch eat a large bag of cheesy poufs and say you'll get to it tomorrow. because tomorrow you might be the the food.

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JUSTME29 7/9/2013 7:27PM

    Thriller - teehee

You can break bones doing CPR properly too, so that's something to be aware of and mentally prepared for if you ever have to use your training in real life.

WalMart would be my first thought - but then the second thought would be more along the lines that you're thinking. Everyone and their dog will be there, along with a million shoppers that were nearly zombies before and have now completed the transition.

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