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Operation Cruise Control: Turbo Fire Day 13

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wow, it's been a really long time since I've posted a blog! I've been off and on the fitness wagon but, for the past 2 weeks, I've been very on. If I had remained focused since I started in March, I can only imagine where I'd be on my journey.

The reason for my renewed motivation is that I have a vacation in November! The boyf and I are headed on our first cruise and I want to look as good as possible. I intend to wear a bathing suit, preferably a two-piece. Our trip is a little less than 90 days away and I know if I push, I can achieve my goals.

Since 2-3lbs/week is a healthy weight loss goal, I'm shooting to be down about 24-36lbs. Preferably 36 emoticon. Turbo Fire is the way I'm going to get there. I'm on Day 13 of the 20 week rotation and I'll have completed 3 months by the time we leave for the cruise. I've noticed from my SP and YT stalking, er, research that people have mentioned losing more inches than actual poundage on TF. I balked a bit at that but considering the fact that I want to LOOK good, what the scale says isn't really my main focus.

I haven't missed a workout yet but I have to say that my body is really sore. I did my first workout with the resistance bands on Thursday night and my arms and shoulders are still sore. I've been pushing through the cardio workouts and sweating like crazy.

I'm a Turbo Jam girl originally and, while TJ isn't easy, Turbo Fire is INSANE. I love me some Chalene Johnson, though. Her energy is insane and I find myself more motivated than I ever imagined. As long as I keep pressing play, I'll be great.

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TAINYC 8/13/2012 5:43PM

    Thanks! Turbo Jam is awesome and so is Turbo Fire. I don't think you can go wrong with either :)

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PCOLAGATOR 8/13/2012 5:26PM


I love Turbojam. I'm going to have to try Turbofire one of these days

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My Hips Don't Lie But the Scale Does

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I usually have trouble getting up in the morning (I'm genetically predisposed to the snooze button) but Wednesday mornings are a different story. When my alarm goes off on Wednesdays, I spring from bed like a small child on Christmas morning. I queue up my workout DVD (usually Turbo Jam) and go HAM. My punches and kicks could put Anderson "The Spider" Silva to shame; I'm trying to get the most favorable weight possible!

When I'm done "optimizing" my weight, I usually drag myself to the bathroom to square off with the scale. It's an odd relationship the scale and I have: part of me is so excited to jump on and see how I've progressed but another part of me worries that nothing has changed or, worse yet, I've gained.

This morning, however, my dread quickly turned to disbelief when it the electronic screen registered my that my I was -0.2lbs. I was only down a measly 2 ounces ?! My refusal to accept this paltry figure forced me to slightly adjust the scale's position and get back on it for a more accurate reading. The scale rewarded my efforts with a 0.6lbs increase compared to last week's weight. Since it's rumored that the third time is the charm, I weighed myself yet again...and was up an additional 0.4lbs. I had somehow gained 1.0lb in less than a minute.

After giving the scale a look I normally reserve for inconsiderate drivers, I hopped in the shower. My post-shower weight was 0.6lbs less than the first weight of the day. I decided to average today's weights and ended up gaining 0.1lb compared to last week. I should have just took the 0.2lbs loss.

A few months ago, if I saw a weight change like that, I'd have abandoned my workout regimen and enjoyed a delicious brownie sundae. Luckily, I've learned a few things from this week's debacle. First off, I need a new scale because, clearly, that foogayzie 3 year old one from CVS one ain't cuttin' it. I've already found the perfect one! Secondly, and more importantly, my attitude towards the number it displays is slowly changing. The figure displayed on the scale won't always accurately depict weight loss.

God didn't place me on this earth to be lazy or out of shape and He definitely didn't make me a quitter. So, I'm not going to. It took me longer than 2 months to put it on so it'll take me longer than 2 months to get rid of it. I'll have the body I want because I'm going to put that work in. To reach my goal, I'll be sticking to my alloted daily calories every day, not just during the week. It also means serious cardio and some light strength training.

Game on, body.

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EMELEE82 4/10/2012 1:38PM

    Way to beat down that scale! It's no boss of you! BAM! Wa-BAHmmmmMM!

Great attitude you inspire me to take averages on ym scale the next time it fritzes out!

Keep up Tai you are doing great!!! emoticon

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NUTKINNB 4/6/2012 10:22PM

    I hate when the scale changes like that! I stick reweighing myself in a row however many times it takes to get the same number 3x.

Good on ya for not letting it get you down! :)

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LABABLA 4/6/2012 9:45AM

    So does it mean you go every Wednesdays on the scale after your workout? I rarely scale..I am more into to the visual and feel (and jean test) It took me 9 month (pregnancy) to put on, so I am giving myself 6 months...I seriously started on 1st Feb and lost 7kg so far, I have 10 kg more to go pff. but the best part of it is that I see results in my strength, my cardio resistance are all going way better and THAT is the most important (for the moment). I started yesterday to look into creams for my flabby belly skin, and stretchmarks.

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CODILYNN2 4/5/2012 5:08PM

    This made me giggle... Love that you have the courage to get on there so many times.. It freightens me soo much I can barely do it once a month and I dare not get back after I saw the numbers.

Keep up the good work and you will be there in no time!

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AMC121 4/5/2012 12:10PM

    Love it! great Attitude!

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OAKTREE10 4/5/2012 8:16AM

    oh.. my... goodness! this is ME, too! i almost threw my scale out the winda, yesterday! i LOVE that you aren't letting it get you down. you are moving on! you are def an inspiration! not to mention, something IS wrong with scale! great job on the positive attitude, perseverance! YOU ARE DOING IT, GIRL!

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TAINYC 4/5/2012 3:19AM

    Thanks for your support guys! I absolutely love all my SparkFriends; y'all are so positive and encouraging!!

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DALASTIME 4/4/2012 11:06PM

    I love this blog. I belief that my scale is my #1 hater!!!! KEEP IT MOVING

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KANSASROSE67 4/4/2012 6:13PM

    I read somewhere that all the scale measures is gravity's pull on your body. No one looking at you can tell whether you're up .6 or down .2. You have the right attitude!

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CALLIKIA 4/4/2012 5:55PM

    The scale is a joke. No lie.

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    I wrote a very similar blog today. Evil scale. I would have quit too but not going to happen. Great attitude!

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ACCT1908 4/4/2012 5:18PM

    emoticon Great blog!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My fitness journey is filled with so many ups and downs, I should start charging admission for entry to the theme park! The downs are all due to my lack of motivation, though. I've never been the "fit type" and wasn't athletic in high school (I was the singer, not the sprinter). Making an active decision to make healthier choices AND *gasp* workout have me totally outside of my comfort zone. I've done Weight Watchers (who hasn't?) but I could never stick to it for more than 6-7 months or 30 pounds, whichever came first.

I'm sick of not being comfortable in my own skin and I really want to fit into a bikini this summer. You'd think that knowing that would serve as more motivation but I have my good days and bad WEEKS. My weigh in is tomorrow and, since 4 out of 7 days this week were me eating badly, I already know the scale will not be kind. I lost 4 pounds but I'm almost positive I've gained it all back with my binging. I tried power walking today (my first workout of the week) and couldn't even do 1/2 mile because of shin splints.

Suffice it to say, I'm pretty bummed out but also trying to stay on the realistic side. I didn't gain all this unsightly weight overnight so there's no way I can lose it that quickly; but isn't it nice to imagine?!

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SWEETZMIX 3/23/2012 7:49PM

    Good luck on your weigh in and you know what, this is not like the last time. Before you would just give up. But now you on here on spark, venting, getting support, making the effort. Doesn't matter how many times you start, just as long as you finish!

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OAKTREE10 3/20/2012 8:56PM

    girl, i SO know where you are coming from! i feel the same way SO often. know that you are not alone! the big thing to remember is that it is about the JOURNEY, the destination is great, but enjoy the ride there. i have learned that things that are difficult to achieve are more meaningful to me! and sometimes, the roadblocks are there to see how bad we want something. i can see by what you have written, you are a STRONG, PASSIONATE woman! you can do this! emoticon

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(yahoo im: belton_lynn)

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EMELEE82 3/14/2012 12:26AM

    Having shin splints are rough! Maybe try a hot bath and relax those legs? Or if you have pool access it's a great workout and no pressure on your body emoticon Stationary bikes are good too :) Or get a massage - yeah!

Don't worry about the scale - you are doing great! You are eating more mindfully and getting exercise in which means muscle and losing inches. Binges can get you down but just focus on stopping them as soon as possible and focusing on how great tomorrow's eating and exercise will be.

Another sparker recommended only weighing in every two weeks and keep track of your daily accomplishments and exercise on a calendar. emoticon emoticon

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