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Vent About Life As a Poor Girl and Crockpot Chicken/ Light Cream Cheese Recipe

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


-When my gas tank goes empty shortly after I have put money on my credit card (since im too broke to pay for it in the first place) to fill it up.

-When I go to sign up for courses at my school and find out that for summer semester, there is not as much $ being offered as before :(

-When homeless people confront me outside the grocery store...well virtually every store and beg me for change. Am I the only one who walks around with only cards anymore? Also, I LOVE helping people, but I also love seeing people help themselves. Many homeless people take advantage of others by being lazy, buying beer/ciggs with money given to them, and by being harrassing.

-When an associate at work gets away with everything because the manager is intimidated by her "drammatic attitude and willingness to go off at anyone at the drop of a hat." All the while being payed pennies on the dollar to witness this on an every day basis.

ahhhhh!!! ok I am over it haha onto my recipe.....Please note pics are not by me. They came with recipe which I found on wwww.pinterest.com

Crock Pot Chicken/Light Cream Cheese Recipe
FOUND ON: thelarsonlingo.blogspot.com
Edited By:Jenny (me :)

You will need:

-1 bag frozen chicken breasts 2.5-3 lb
-8 oz block light cream cheese
-1 can of black beans (Rinsed & Drained)
-1 can of corn (drained)
-1 can of Rotem Tomatoes & Chilies
-Instant Brown rice (the box comes with usually 4 bags. Boil water/let rice sit in it for 10 mins.drain.voila)


-Put frozen chicken in crock pot
-Put8 oz cream cheese on top of chicken
-Top with Black Beans (drained)
-Top with corn (drained)
-Top with can of Rotel tomatoes & chilies

Cover and cook 6-8 hours on slow.
It took me about 4-5 hours on high.
Stir every 2 hours to break up chicken.
When done let sit in crock pot 30-45 mins.

Recipe will appear a bit soupy but once you refrigerate over night a lot of the liquid absorbs into chicken and vegetables. I made rice during the last 30 mins or so of cooking the dinner in crock pot. This was super easy and made several servings!!

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LESLIESENIOR 5/2/2012 11:40PM

    I haven't checked in on you in quite a while. I'm glad you could vent the yucky stuff and then move on to your wonderful dinner recipe.
Hang in there. Your co-worker will eventually experience "what goes around, comes around". KARMA!

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SUGARSMOM2 5/1/2012 6:47PM

  will keep this on hand . thank you ..

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JMGLEN62 5/1/2012 2:51PM

    Thanks for sharing. I'm always looking for new crock pot recipes.

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TAINTEDGIRL 5/1/2012 2:20PM

    thank you! I may have to try your version as well. How much chicken broth do you add? Your welcome to follow me. I like to cook and often post things

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    That looks and sounds yummy. We have a crock pot chicken recipe that we eat with brown rice that has chicken, cream of chicken soup, light cream cheese, onion, garlic and a little chicken broth. I think I'll try yours and see what the kids think. Thanks!

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====Easy Turkey Meatloaf====

Monday, April 23, 2012

Easy Turkey Meatloaf (Edited By Jenny) Original recipe from www.sweettreatsmore.com

What you will need:

2 pounds ground turkey
1 egg
1/2 onion chopped
1 cup 1% milk
1 1/3 cup dried bread crumbs (you CAN use italian bread crumb flavor but I used plain because there is 50 % less sodium in it!)
salt & pepper


3 tbs brown sugar
3 tbs honey mustard
1/3 cup ketchup

How to make it:

1. Preheat oven to 350*
2. In a bowl combine turkey, egg, onion, milk, bread crumbs, salt. (using your hands to mix works best! Just make sure they are clean :)
3. Put mixture into a meatloaf pan or a flat pan. Just form the meat with your hands into a meatloaf shape.
4. In a seperate bowl combine brown sugar, mustard, and ketchup. Pour over the top of the meatloaf, evenly. Sprinkle a little bit of brown sugar over sauce.
5. Make about 1 hr- 1 hr 30 mins depending on your oven. Check middle to make sure it's not pink. I'm sure there is an easier way but I literally just cut a slice out of the middle of loaf to check.

**I would recommend making an extra serving of this cause to use on meatloaf after it's cooked! The sauce really made this amazing***

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LESLIE_2B_LESS 4/23/2012 11:57AM

    Sounds delicious!

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PETESKI24 4/23/2012 11:51AM

    emoticon Great recipe

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Need Tips on NOT getting BURNED OUT. Need Advice Please!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I've always struggled with burn out. Whether it be from exercise or eating healthy. What I mean by this is that I always get SO energized and motivated after a long hiatus from being good to my body that I over do it. Anyone else do the same? I will get on the elliptical like 5 times a week, feel great, and then all of the sudden I just feel I can't do it anymore. Or, I will try a diet, record my food, and after a period of time it hits me that I am exhausted and miserable from doing both. How do YOU make this a LIFESTYLE? As opposed to a bleep in time, hobby, or experiment. What does "moderation" mean to you? What's too little and what's too much?

I have been away from sparkpeople for a while. While I was away I gained 10 pounds back which is not horrible but I am one of those people that it takes A LOT to get a few pounds off. So 10 is disheartening. I want to do this the "right" way so that I do not get burned out and want to give up. Need advice! Thank you in advance.

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DESIGNSBYM 4/21/2012 2:05PM

    I'm not sure if my advice is any account. Mainly because I feel the same way you do. I think for me what I have learned in the past is that if I got burned out. I would take a couple day break and then MAKE myself get back into rythm, even if it was doing something different as far a exercise or a change up in times of doing things. FInding new food ideas even.
I think I need to take my own advice here and remember this when I get to my burnout point. I am out for a better me as of yesterday. I have a 5 year old granddaughter to raise and want to be here for her for a long time.

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Coming Back After A Long Break...2 NEW Recipes Included with pics!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's hard to figure out why sometimes we avoid the things that are the absolute best for us! Whether it be healthy food, exercising, or this website ha! The results are always what keeps me coming back to all three of those. I have not visited sparkpeople for a few months but I'm looking forward to getting back into eating healthy, trying new recipes on here, and meeting people that are on the same journey I am.

I've continued to love to cook! Below is the last thing that I made. I took a Kraft recipe and edited it to be healthier and more tasty. You are welcome to try! There are so many different variations of Chicken salad that you can do. This is just the one that I personally like....



-2 cups cooked chicken, shredded (I used Tyson white meat CANNED.....2 cans). Just drain before adding too bowl. Use form to cut up chicken to make chunks smaller.
-Handful of chopped Grapes
-1/2 small box raisins
-1 Tablespoon lemon juice
-Salt and pepper to taste
-3/4 cup LIGHT mayonnaise
-2 hard-boiled eggs, chopped (optional! It tasted great either way)


1. Mix chicken, grapes, raisins, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

2. Add light Helmans mayonnaise, mix well.

3. Fold in chopped eggs, blending throughout.

4. Serve on bread or eat plain.

NOTE: To boil an egg boil water with some salt in it on high. Then put eggs in water for around 15 mins. To tell if they are done take out and spin. If you spin them and then stop them and they do not continue to spin they are done.

I also made a Kraft EASY Fluffy Cheesecake. The key with this is to eat it in small portions because although it has LIGHT cream cheese in it....it's still cream cheese :)


1 pkg. (8 oz.) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese 1/3 the fat, softened
1/3 plus (I added a small bit extra since Splenda was in place of sugar)
1tub (8 oz.) Light COOL WHIP Whipped Topping, thawed
1HONEY MAID Graham Pie Crust (6 oz.)

Make It

BEAT cream cheese and sugar in medium bowl with whisk until well blended. Stir in COOL WHIP. Spoon into crust.

REFRIGERATE 3 hours or until set.

Hope you enjoy these! They were REALLY GOOD!

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GOOZLEBEAR 4/18/2012 10:40PM

    I love chicken salad and cheesecake and these both look yummy! Glad to have you back on SparkPeople!!!!! Looking forward to more blogs and recipes!!!!

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Taco Chicken Chili *skinnytaste.com CROCK POT RECIPE*

Friday, November 11, 2011


PICTURE above is off of www.skinnytaste.com website. This turned out SO good. I only had to cook my Taco Chili in Crock pot about 5 hours on HIGH. I did make 5 minute rice seperately and mixed it in with chili. Added a bit of cheese on top. HEAVENLY.

Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili
Gina's Weight Watcher Recipes
Servings: 10 • Size: 1 1/4 cups • Old Points: 3 pts • Points+: 5 pts
Calories: 203.7 • Fat: 1.4 g • Carb: 33.3 g • Fiber: 10.0 g • Protein: 16.9 g

•1 onion, chopped
•1 16-oz can black beans
•1 16-oz can kidney beans
•1 8-oz can tomato sauce
•10 oz package frozen corn kernels
•2 14.5-oz cans diced tomatoes w/chilies
•1 packet taco seasoning
•1 tbsp cumin
•1 tbsp chili powder
•24 oz (3-4) boneless skinless chicken breasts
•chili peppers, chopped (optional I Ommitted)
•1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
***5 Minute Rice or Other brand of Rice to cook seperately. Mix it in with crock pot chili when it is done if desired***


1.Combine beans, onion, chili peppers, corn, tomato sauce, cumin, chili powder and taco seasoning in a slow cooker.
2.Place chicken on top and cover.
3.Cook on low for 10 hours or on high for 6 hours (mine took 5 hours on high so watch yours)
4. Half hour before serving, remove chicken and shred. Return chicken to slow cooker and stir in.
5.Top with fresh cilantro.
6.Also try it with low fat cheese and sour cream (extra points).

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MSHELLI 10/23/2012 11:04AM

    This is perfect. I can not wait to taste it tonight. It smells yummy good. I browned the onion & added minced garlic. Thank you for sharing the Skinnytaste.com website. Looks really good. I will let you know how this turns out after trying it tonight.

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MIKA016 11/12/2011 9:52AM

    Sounds delicious! I will need to try it. I always look for great crock pot recipes! YUM!


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TYGRLILY 11/12/2011 7:41AM

    ohhh that looks GOOD! and i have been searching for new crock pot recipes since starting evening zumba classes (i love love love that dinner is ready and waiting for me and my fiance when we get home from zumba and work!)

thank you very much for sharing, i will definitely be attempting it, wish luck! :)

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GOOZLEBEAR 11/11/2011 9:59PM

    I will definitely try this one, sounds yummy!

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GRUMPYSHB 11/11/2011 6:29PM

    Looks yummy and I love Skinnytaste blog!

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