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Long time no see

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I've been away from Spark for a while, but still continuing with my weight loss journey. I'm relaxing a bit but still eating healthy and exercising. I've lost 6kg, I feel good, my clothes are looser (I can pull off my jeans without unbuttoning them!).
I had a dress fitting for the wedding last weekend and I'm really happy with the way the dress looks. It will have to be taken in a bit (yay!), and I'm really looking forward to the big day.

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FLOWER94 2/23/2007 12:05AM

    that's awesome about your clothes fitting better and that the wedding dress is too big! woo hoo! great work!

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Phew - lucky loss!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I haven't been working too hard this week and am very surprised to report a 1.2kg loss (2.6lb). I have had a bit of a health scare and have taken it easy. I had a headache for five days, and some numbness on my left side (!!!). The docs checked it out and found a "mild abnormality" of my brain (explains a lot haha). I have a dilated left ventricle. Lucky me. The docs don't know if this is something I've always had, or if it's a new condition. So they're going to do some more tests and things to check it out. Meanwhile I feel fine, I have some soreness in my neck and shoulders (which I personally think caused the headaches) and am being seen to by a physio tomorrow.
So, even though it's TTOM and even though I've been taking it easy with exercise, and even though I ate over my calories on the weekend I made a good loss. Maybe I lost some of my brain LOL
To be honest 0.3kg of the loss is a cheat - my new scales are 300 grams lighter than my old ones. So really I lost 0.9kg, which is still great.
I love the new scales, they work brilliantly, no sticky buttons or slow displays like the last set.
Back to work, busy busy. I hope all the other SP are doing great.

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FLOWER94 2/8/2007 7:52PM

    that is kind of scary about the numbness! i hope everything gets better! congratulations on the weight loss! you are doing absolutely wonderful! glad your scales are working better than the other ones!

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Shopping fun

Friday, February 02, 2007

The scales! I nearly forgot!

I took them back yesterday, the first person I spoke to at the returns desk looked at the visa statement and the scales with the stickers on the box and said Ďsure thingí and I went on my merry way to choose a replacement set, a different brand, around the same price.
The original scales were $159.95, but I only paid $89 as they were on sale. I thought that the 30% off would still apply and I found an even better set of scales for a slightly higher original price of $179.95. I thought Iíd just pay the difference.
I got back to the returns desk, scales in hand, and the lovely girl Iíd spoken to was nowhere to be seen. Another lady was in her place and she just frowned at me and said, ďsorry store policy is that you must have a receiptĒ. I explained that Iíd just been told that it would be ok. She gave a big sigh then finally agreed that I could exchange the scales, but only for the actual purchase price of $89. So I stood there with my $179.95 scales thinking Ďgreatí. She scanned the new scales to check if they were on sale andÖ.. they were priced at $59.95!!!! I couldnít believe it. She just stared at them, then looked at me and said, Ďwell, I guess you have $30 to spend in the storeí!!! So I quickly dashed around, trying to get whatever I could before she changed her mind. They were having a big sale and I scored two sets of six wine glasses (we donít have a matching set right now) for $12 each, and an egg poacher (mine broke recently) for $15. What a score! She put it all through, I payed the few dollars difference and ran out the door with armloads of new gear!!

I havenít tested the new scales yet, I need to buy a battery (totally forgot about that in my excitement). The measure in 0.05 increments and measure body fat. I just hope their not Ďheavierí than my current scales! Stay tuned to find out how they go.

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FLOWER94 2/3/2007 11:53PM

    wow! that is so cool about the scales being priced a lot lower than you thought! that definitely would have made my day if that happened to me! :o) hope these scales end up working well!

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Getting there

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Another great loss this week after a bit of a disappointing week last week. 0.8kg down (1.8lb) - I've now lost 4.7kg (10.4lb) since New Years.

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FLOWER94 2/3/2007 11:50PM

    that's fantastic! you are really doing great!

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Still here

Monday, January 29, 2007

So, Iíve been away from sparkpeople for a little while, but still sticking with my goals and slowly getting there. Iíve been on holidays from work for a week, while I just veged out, tried to relax and get ready for the new school year and give myself a break. I relaxed the exercise while on holidays, and found myself eating a little more, but still stuck with it and managed a meagre .1kg loss. I also upped my cals to 1360 a day, as recommended on the calorieking.com.au webpage. I think this didn't help with the loss, so I've reduced my basic cals to 1200 a day, but allow myself to go over that by about 100 or so if I've been exercising hard.
I bought some new scales, but will be returning them this week. They are just really crappy! I wanted some that measured body fat, which this one did, but the buttons kept getting stuck, and didnít respond to pressing. Not good for a brand new unit, so back to the shop it goes. Iíll try and get another set at a similar price, but hopefully a better brand. I havenít really researched it, I thought theyíd all be about the same. Unfortunately Iíve lost the receipt! So Iíll see how I go with just my visa statement and the price sticker on the box. Iím still using my old scales for the time being, which are a bit temperamental, but seem to be showing the numbers on a downward slide, so thatís ok.
Iím going to do some poking around the SP site now and see what Iíve missed. I find all the forums a little too hard to follow with the time that I have, but like to see how others are going.
I hope that anyone else thatís reading this and trying to lose weight is going great.

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FLOWER94 1/30/2007 11:24PM

    hey! i was wondering where you were! :o) i missed reading your blog entries! it's good to vegg out a little bit every once in awhile! i think it's required to be sane. i took friday and saturday off from exercising..it was nice to get a break, but I found that my body wanted to do something exercise wise by Saturday night...haha..i guess that's a good thing.

That is awful about your new scales! I hope you find the receipt or at least get the info from your visa statement! I need to get something that measures body fat as well.

Anyway, glad to know you are still here! :o)

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