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Lose weight with Andrew Johnson

Monday, January 11, 2010

I just purchased 'lose weight with Andrew Johnson' for my iphone and listened to it before sleeping. He is very different from Paul McKenna. Paul McKenna provides positive suggestions and it worked for a little bit but I slowly went back to my bad habits.

Andrew Johnson's hypnotic session is a combination of negative & positive suggestions. He has a lot of 'You will STOP eating greasy sickly sweet food' 'You will STOP . . .' 'You will STOP . . .' 'You will STOP . . .' then he has 'You WILL move your body gently' 'You WILL . . . ' You WILL . . .' ect. I can't remember what he said except for the STOPs and WILLs.

I'm at lunch right now and have a BIG plate of fried rice (I would guess it's 2 cups) and after eating 1 cup, I hear Andrew Johnson's voice in my head on portion control and eating the right amounts. I'm feeling weird and I feel like throwing up if I continue to eat the entire plate. Hmmm . . . I guess his tape is working! I'm saving the rest of my lunch for tomorrow.

Wow! I feel like sending a challenge to someone on CrunchFu (LOL). The sad part is that I'm serious!

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LIFEASMRSA 1/11/2010 7:48PM

    mm I've never heard of him either...... interesting..... i might look him up.. he's on itunes is he????

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JURI62 1/11/2010 5:19PM

    I've never heard of him, put I have used other sumliminal tapes.
Thanks for the info. You're doing great!

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Things I could be doing instead of FACEBOOK

Saturday, January 09, 2010

I have been hooked into FACEBOOK's game 'bejeweled.' It was so subtle that I didn't even notice it until DH told me that he has placed a timer on the home internet access and that it would shut-down at 12 midnight! Of course, he was joking but he said this to me since I was on facebook until 3 am last night. It's 2:30am right now, but I will not go into to facebook (if I do I'll stay there for 1 hour).

Today, I wrote myself a note (using my iphone LOL!) on what I could be doing instead of staring into facebook:

Read my books (I returned a few library books unread!)
Do yoga
Do 15 minutes of cardio
Pick-up around the house before bedtime
Go to sleep at a decent hour
Clean my desk
Listen to 'Relax with Andrew"
Do more CrunchFu battles (I lost the battle, so I'm still at level 1 and the other guy is now a level 3)

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TABBYCAT8 1/11/2010 3:27PM

    I might check into cafe world! I just got bejeweled for my iphine and it links into facebook for the bejeweled blitz! I must controll myself.

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LIFEASMRSA 1/10/2010 6:21PM

    hahahhaa I was like that with Cafe World.......... hehehehhehe but I was able to control it by cooking food with long time periods hehehe

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Happy New Years!! Hope everyone is doing well. I haven't been posting on Sparkpeople. It seem that I have so much stuff to do around the house! My weight loss goals was placed on hold AGAIN! but not anymore.

DH gave me an iphone over the holidays!! Yeah! I have been asking for it for quite some time, so I was surprised when he presented it to me!

The first app that I installed was from SparkPeople where I can enter food and exercises, but the #1 app for fitness was by, so I installed it, too. I tried both apps and was much easier to use. built their website from this app vs. SparkPeople had a website and then created their app so that could explain why loseit is a better app.

I download so many apps but I find that the one I use the most are:

Comes with the phone:
stock quotes
clock (for the timer, it remembers you settings)

From App Store
Loseit (free)
Yoga Stretch (cost .99, I really like this and am considering getting Yoga Relax .99)
CrunchFu (cost .99) Fun app and I've been challenged!! I like it and plan to get PushupFu (.99)
2Do (cost 5.99 Expensive!! but easy to use. I don't know how to use the PUSH stuff)
alarm clock (free)
Relax with Andrew (free but I'm considering getting the 2.99 version)
TouchCloset (free, my kids think I'm silly but this has helped my rotate my clothes)
Gratitude (.99 allows me to journal with a password)
youtube (free, I can watch my kid play the piano anywhere!)

Loser apps which I want my money back, but don't know how to request it:
Walkmeter (4.99 The GPS doesn't work for my location!! waste of money)
The secret daily teachings (4.99 for 365 quotes from the book - I have the book! why did I get it for my iphone??)

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LIFEASMRSA 1/8/2010 11:07PM

    lol oh Tabby you're hilarious! :) I hope your iphone will help you reach your goals sooner :)

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Getting motivation from 8yr DS

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm reading 'Secrets of a Happy Family' and the first exercise is to find the family's mission. To do this, each family member over the age of 6 selects 3 family values that is most important to them. Next, you plot the values into a matrix and then you are able to figure out the family's mission statement.

My favorite 3 are 'Health', 'Home comforts' and 'Personal Growth'
DH favorite 3 are 'Health, 'Home comforts' and 'Finance'
8 yr DS favorite 3 are 'Health', 'Friends' and 'Personal Appearance'

I haven't figured out the mission statement but it looks like 'Health' is part of it.

I believe that having DS select his favorite traits has made him think about his health. He has been motivating me to take him jogging in the mornings and he's now conscience of what his is eating.

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LIFEASMRSA 10/13/2009 5:25PM

    good for your soon to be health conscious at such a young age tabby! :D you're doing great yourself!!! :D keep it up!

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Change weight goal

Thursday, October 08, 2009

My real weight goal is 145 lbs, but as I'm self-sabotaging myself when I'm near 185 lbs, I've decide to change the weight goal to something closer.

This may trick my body to think that the new weight goal is do-able. My new weight goal is 170 lbs!! This is the weight right before I had DS #1.

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LIFEASMRSA 10/9/2009 2:50PM

    whatever works for you Tabby! :D sometimes it's nice to see something that's attainable :) hehe I know the first 10 pounds are the hardest.....then once you've seen that you lost 10 pounds..... you start to think..oh well... that wasn't so bad..what's another 10 pounds? right?!? :D
keep it up!!! emoticon

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    That is what I did. I need to lose about #50, but that goal seemed so impossible. It was upsetting to to lose #2 and still have #48 to go. I felt like I was spinning my wheels. I decided to break it down into #10 chunks and I think I have a better attitude towards the goal because it seems possible now. It's using little tricks like that to keep our heads up and out bodies in motion. Best to you!!

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