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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Doing great on fast break--eating lots of veggies and not feeling very hungry. Weight down this morning but tomorrow (Thurs) is official weigh in day--keeping my fingers crossed. Got in weights (several supersets) and 30 min elliptical and had plenty of time to make 7:30 ferry.


A New Week

Monday, May 16, 2011

Starting the SparkDiet program over with the 28 day plan. Sleep remains elusive most nights but focusing on it just seems to make it worse. This week I'm soing to just keep getting to bed at same time, getting my exercise in and eating right. My fast break goals for week 1 of 28 day program are: 1. Reduce carbs 10% over prior week average, i.e no more than 160/day; 2. 10 minutes stretching per day, especially after walking; 3. Black decaf coffee only, no sweetener. Confidence is high--already ordered my week 1 reward--new scake/boby fat monitor. Nutrititionist says my body fat should be 35% but I clocked in at 37.7 last Thursday in her office.


Successes of past week

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nutritionist says I'm doing great on my intake, even though I know the wine has to decrease as well. Three nights in a row I had only 1 - 1/2 glasses instead of usual 2 so that's a small step. My body fat is 37.7 and while nutritionist says it should be about 35 for my age, she says it must be much improved considering how many inches I've lost.

Getting more low and no sodium foods into my diet. Adding oats to scrambled eggs to make a frittata is a great find.


Weekend start

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yesterday was very stressful--not enough sleep overnight, too tired to exercise, MyEd being difficult as usual (why did they have to switch) Mazda needs new manifold (expensive!). Too many expenses lately with unexpected taxes due (should have known better), special assessment, vacation will need airfare supplementation, now the car--what's next and where is the money coming from?

This too must pass. I am grateful my health is improving, blood pressure staying down without pills, weight creeping downward, inches of fat/bloat disappearing, arthritic joints feeling better, P seems healthy (though I'm always nervous just before his checkup that his blood levels may start deteriorating--we'll find out next Thursday).

Hope to walk on beach today but it's cool and kinda windy with threat of rain showers.



Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A better evening yesterdey--P didn't make any critical remarks or blame me for anything so I was considerably calmer. This enabled me to cut back somewhat on wine which is good. Started reading stuff on dealing with difficult people because the only thing I can change is my own reaction to him.


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