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A new week starts

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday I don't have to think about--roll out of bed, good breakfast, strength training, spin class, rest. Today gets planning and packing for a 5 day business trip added in, and late afternoon we're going to listen to some Cuban jazz with a local group.

Monday challenges--6am flight Oakland to Phoenix, 2 hour layover, then 4 hour flight to Charlotte. It will be 3 hrs later in Charlotte so around 6pm local time by the time I get to hotel. Planning to walk a little at Oakland airport, then more at Phoenix + find a healthy lunch option to take on next flight. Evening--need to pick up something to eat, do SparkCoach for the day, hopefully exercise a little (at least stretching) and try to get to sleep before 10.

Tuesday challenges--planning to hit the hotel gym at 6 but it depends on how well my body adapts to the 3 hr time difference. If I'm not up to the gym, will do video workout for at least 15 minutes. Need to be in office by 8 but it's just across the street. Will pick up healthy breakfast from Subway (sunrise melt, no bacon or dressing & apple slices). Taking employee out to lunch--planning a salad with lowfat dressing. Meeting a friend after work for a drink.

Wednesday challenges--6am flight from Charlotte to Chicago, 2 hr layover, then flight to Minneapolis. Will be looking for a relatively health breakfast choice at CLT. Will get in some walking at O'Hare. Will pick up lunch at French Meadow at MSP before getting on the light rail.

Thursday challenges--planning to be at hotel gym 6am and my body should be time adjusted esp since I got an hour back yesterday. Veggie omelet and fruit cup for breakfast. Taking employees to lunch--salad again.

Friday challenges--the gym at 6am again. A couple of hours in the office, then heading to airport--homeward bound. Get lunch for the plane at French Meadown at MSP. Under an hour layover in Phoenix--short walk at least.


Excuses not to Exercise

Friday, October 19, 2012

My most common excuse is that I'm too tired, often because I didn't sleep well/enough. What I struggle with is recognizing when the thought "I need sleep more" is really true. Given that I have problems sleeping at the best of times with frequent wakeups/lie awakes, what I've been trying this past week is to see if I fall back asleep quickly--if I'm still awake in10 minutes, I get up and exercise.


Two weeks into SparkCoach

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Reasons to feel good about progress and to continue
* Weight is declining
* Losing inches around waist
* Starting to feel a little more energetic


Meal ideas

Thursday, October 11, 2012

B: 1 c cooked veggies, 1/3 EB, whole grain toast, 1/2 LC wedge
L: 1/2 c grains, gardein cutlet, veggies or salad
D: ww pasta, meat sauce, salad
S: piece of fruit, 1/2 oz cheese


10 Minutes More--Day 1

Monday, October 08, 2012

So one of this week's action steps is to commit to 10 minutes of daily exercise. Since I already exercise quite a lot, for me this translates to doing 10 minutes MORE.

Already did my usual Monday morning walk on the Embarcadero (20 minutes at 20 min/mile + 15 minutes at 30 min/mile) with a ~10 pound backpack. Planning a walk to Macy's mid morning to buy my Estee Lauder compact foundation and will do some stretching.


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