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Chocolate in the house

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

There is good dark chocolate sitting in the cupboard. I had one square Monday night and stopped. It's not calling my name as strongly as it used to.


Food means love

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sunday, DH started his holiday baking with napoleons which he kept reminding me go back to the very early days of our relationship (over 40 yrs ago). Best I could do was have a couple of bites and stop.


Home again

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Got home last night. Feeling better about the experience than usual but still could have been better. Did get in 2 good gym sessions in Charlotte and Minneapolis so have my 3 for the week. Food choices were pretty good but options weren't always great. Weight shows up over a pound this a.m. but hopefully most of that's bloat. I will be really happy if I'm around 150 at next Thursday's weigh in as it will mean a solid 5 pounds gone during October.

Today I've progressed to stage 3 of the SparkDiet--lifestyle changes. My first assignment is to think about and write down my underlying goals. This is truly easy for me--I'm 68 and I refuse to become a crippled up little old lady. I'm losing weight, eating better and working out to be healthy, fit/strong and energetic. Of course looking better is a nice perk! Had a nice NSV yesterday when the flight attendant who offered to help lift my suitcase into the overhead compartment tried and then looked around for more help, saying "This is heavy". So I grabbed it and lifted while she just guided and then she said "You're stronger than I am". Even my husband commented when he grabbed the suitcase out of my car when I got home "Either your suitcase is getting heavier or I'm getting weaker"--and he's in terrific shape with many younger friends at the gym calling him their role model.


Heading Out

Monday, October 22, 2012

It's not even 3:30am and I just finished breakfast--heading to the airport soon for a 6am flight, and it's raining, darn it. Hope I can sleep on the plane as I feel exhausted.


A new week starts

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday I don't have to think about--roll out of bed, good breakfast, strength training, spin class, rest. Today gets planning and packing for a 5 day business trip added in, and late afternoon we're going to listen to some Cuban jazz with a local group.

Monday challenges--6am flight Oakland to Phoenix, 2 hour layover, then 4 hour flight to Charlotte. It will be 3 hrs later in Charlotte so around 6pm local time by the time I get to hotel. Planning to walk a little at Oakland airport, then more at Phoenix + find a healthy lunch option to take on next flight. Evening--need to pick up something to eat, do SparkCoach for the day, hopefully exercise a little (at least stretching) and try to get to sleep before 10.

Tuesday challenges--planning to hit the hotel gym at 6 but it depends on how well my body adapts to the 3 hr time difference. If I'm not up to the gym, will do video workout for at least 15 minutes. Need to be in office by 8 but it's just across the street. Will pick up healthy breakfast from Subway (sunrise melt, no bacon or dressing & apple slices). Taking employee out to lunch--planning a salad with lowfat dressing. Meeting a friend after work for a drink.

Wednesday challenges--6am flight from Charlotte to Chicago, 2 hr layover, then flight to Minneapolis. Will be looking for a relatively health breakfast choice at CLT. Will get in some walking at O'Hare. Will pick up lunch at French Meadow at MSP before getting on the light rail.

Thursday challenges--planning to be at hotel gym 6am and my body should be time adjusted esp since I got an hour back yesterday. Veggie omelet and fruit cup for breakfast. Taking employees to lunch--salad again.

Friday challenges--the gym at 6am again. A couple of hours in the office, then heading to airport--homeward bound. Get lunch for the plane at French Meadown at MSP. Under an hour layover in Phoenix--short walk at least.


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