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i am being forced to watch the wiggles...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

if you have a toddler you know what i am going through. if no toddler i don't recommend you watch - lol. however, it is way better than yo gabba gabba. omg that show makes me laugh out loud it is so funny and strange.

so nothing exciting going on today. found somewhere to do yoga at a reasonable rate that may fit into my schedule. $5 for a drop in is a great rate around here. some places i were looking at wanted $15! if simon doesn't work tonight i may go. hoping he works though as he hasn't worked this week yet.

anyone else out there with a husband with completely unstable work??? sometimes he works like 14 days in a row and then nothing for the last 4 and i start panicking about money.

i'm torn if i want to track my food or not. overeating isn't an issue for me even if i am eating junk food. i seem to normally consume about the right amount of calories to maintain my weight (even when i was heavier). it is the quality of my food lately that has been going down hill. i am just lazy about cooking lately. maybe i am just in a funk.

after my half i panicked because my weight went from 127 up to 134. i started birth control too so that had something to do with it. my weight is back down to 129 today so obviously my body was just adjusting to the hormones. i have tom visiting right now. i wonder what will happen when i start my next pill pack. if i go up and down 5 lbs a month it will be frustrating though. not because of the number on the scale but those 5 lbs seem to be the difference in a size of clothes for me.

the exciting news is my sister is getting her ultrasound done right now and hopefully they can see the sex of the baby! we are hoping for pink cause she already has 2 boys.

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SARAH_VW 6/6/2008 10:52PM

    I HATE the Wiggles, but you're right it is way better than Yo Gabba Gabba. Is that show for real? I swear whoever came up with that one has a stash of really good drugs.

The weight thing must be incredibly frustrating. I bet it's the BC if this problem started around the time you went on them. It just wouldn't make sense if you're eating the right amount of calories that it would be anything else. If it's the pills that's comforting, because at least you know it's not anything you're doing wrong. Hopefully your body adjusts!

Hope your sister gets a girl. I can't imagine having three boys, but then again I can't imagine having three girls either!

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MARLIE13 6/4/2008 7:40PM

    Ugh, yes the wiggles, I'm familiar. lol! At least you didn't have to suffer through Teletubbies. lol! Oddly fascinating though. I'm on BC and my weight doesn't go up and down 5 pounds every month. Maybe 2 during TOM and then right off. BUT I wasn't watching my weight when I started them so I don't know a difference.

Cut out the junk food! loL! It's BAD for you. That was me being bossy....and a hypocrite too. lol! emoticon

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GOGIRL212 6/4/2008 4:13PM

    Your comment made me think of my sister-in-law -- she too was a victim of the wiggles . . .until she started dancing around to all the songs! She would get in 20 minutes of cardo every show and my nephew loved dancing with her! It was the thing that kick-started her losing weight and she has kept it off - even now, after my nephew has moved on to Lazy Town (also evil!)

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OUTOFCONTROL 6/4/2008 4:10PM

    Husband with unstable work? Mine works for United Airlines. Today's headline is another round of cuts.

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

June Goals

So summer is coming? Well who knows. It is going to rain here for the next week straight probably. I am pleased to report my butt is starting to feel better. Not perfect yet but getting there. I am down to going to chiro once a week now and have canceled my physio appt for tomorrow. I am looking for somewhere to do drop in yoga at a reasonably rate that actually fits my schedule. I guess that will be a miracle - lol. If i can't find anything I guess I will find a yoga dvd that is not too crunchy. Need to work on that flexibility.

these are my june goals:
weight train at least 3 times per week
run 75 miles
track what i eat 6 days a week
cardio 5 days per week (walking at work breaks doesn't count)
stretch 7 days per week at least 1 time per day

1- 5 miles lsd run (513 cals)
2-mtc circuit #4, 10 MINS ELLIPTICAL, 20 MINS SPINNING (555 cals)
3-shred level 1, 20 mins turbo jam (360 cals)
4-5 mile run+5 mins walking (520 cals)
5-oxygen home butt work out
6-45 mins spinning. 3 mile run.

*weekly totals*
miles ran: 13
strength workouts: 3
cardio minutes: 162
calories burned: 1429


*weekly totals*
miles ran:
strength workouts:
cardio minutes:
calories burned:


to my fellow canadian runners

Friday, May 30, 2008

just thought i would let you know if you live near a running room location come out on the evening of July 16th for the 20 minute challenge with your family. If you sign up, it's free, you get a free hat.

Just click on the link below to lead to the sign up.


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JUULEZ 6/4/2008 10:29PM

    Yep, just signed up, thanks for the reminder! I did it a couple years ago, and got my yellow hat, but missed the red and blue hats :(. Oh well, I like green, too :)!

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SARAH_VW 5/30/2008 10:09PM

    I got an e-mail about this from the Running Room awhile back and signed up. It's a pretty cool idea. Can't wait to get my free hat:)

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MIIMA-ME-MY 5/30/2008 5:11PM

    Man! This makes me wish I was Canadian... eh eh

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MARLIE13 5/30/2008 1:08PM

    Have you done this before? That's cool that they have different hat colors each year. Probably pretty common thing in the running world, but since it's still new to me...lol! I get a kick out of stuff like this.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So I have declared May to be Muscle Madness Month!!

After I complete my Half Marathon this Sunday I will continue running 3 days a week but I am going to do 4 days of strength training. For the past couple of months I have been in maintenance mode in strength training so it is time to step it up again.

I plan on doing MTC circuits twice per week and doing 30 day shred another 2. I plan on running a minimum of 3 days per week for a minimum of 17 miles a week.

1- walk with mommy group for 45 mins (144 calories)
*short week totals*
mile ran: 0
calories burned: 144
strength work outs: 0

4- HALF MARATHON!!!! plus 20 mins walking (1434 calories)
5- 20 mins on bike and mini upper body routine(140 calories)
7-mtc #5, 20 elliptical, 13 bike (608 calories)
8- shred level 1 and 2 back to back (320 calories)
9- mtc#6, 45 mins of spinning (614 calories)
*week one totals*
miles ran: 13.1
calories burned: 3116
strength work outs: 4

11-8.75 miles ran (875 calories)
12-20 mins of turbo jam (200 calories)
13-3.25 mile run, mtc circuits (625 calories)
14-turbo sculpt, 5.5 mile run (550 calories)
15- very slow walk with hayden
16-ab jam, short upper body work out, walk at work
17-3.25 mile run, walk on work break
*week two totals*
miles ran: 20.75
calories burned: 2897
strength work outs: 3

19-mtc circuits (light version), 30 mins jog, 10 mins walk (525 cals)
21-4 mile run (400 cals), 1/2 ab jam, upper body weights)
22- MY BIRTHDAY: turbo jam cp1 (300 calories)
23-shred level 1, 20 min walk (260 cals)
24-walk on work break
*week three totals*
miles ran: 7
calories burned: 1605
strength work outs: 3

25- 5.75 mile run (575 cals)
26- 30 mins mixed cardio, 20 mins circuits (400 calories)
28-3.5 mile run, oxygen home butt workout (360 cals)
29-shred level 2, pk&J for 30 mins (500 cals)
30-8.25 mile run (850 cals)
1-20 min walk
*week four totals*
miles ran: 18.5
calories burned: 975
strength work outs: 3

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MARLIE13 5/27/2008 7:34PM

    Ok, so WHEN did I miss that you ran a half? Where the HECK have I been?!? OMG that's so awesome! I love how you have the whole month laid out so you can see what you've accomplished. awesome!!

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i spoke to soon...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

first i have to say that i have been trying to post this for 2 days and keep getting a funny error message.

so after my massage and chiro adjustment on saturday i felt great. so i decided to do a slow 5 mile run 10 walk 1 run on sunday. i felt great the entire time i ran. i even had one mile at an 8.5 mile pace. ok, i was running that fast cause i really had to pee and the closest bathroom was a bit far away - lol. well i got home and showered and mowed the lawn and then when i rested the achiness started again. so i am keeping my physio appt to see if they can help. i have another chiro and massage in about an hour from now.

i finally broke down and have ordered a hr monitor. i ended up getting it at fitness depot due to price but no one has it in stock in the store. i tried the running room, mec and then fitness depot. sears had it but wanted $15 more for it. so it should be with me in 2-3 weeks. i got the f6.

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SARAH_VW 5/30/2008 10:15PM

    A big BOO to your reoccurring injury. Hope the massage helped you out again.

Isn't it weird about the lack of interest in hrms in Canada? I had never heard of one until I joined SP. The only store around here that has them is the Running Room. I ended up getting mine online from a company in BC because they had the best price and free shipping too! Enjoy your new toy when it comes in!

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KMKMOM 5/30/2008 2:28PM

    I hope you can get the pain issues resolved soon. It's such a bummer when you want to do things but can't because it hurts.

I love my HRM. It's very motivating to use.

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MARLIE13 5/27/2008 7:37PM

    I think I'm jealous of all these massages...but you being in pain and SUPER needing them...that's no good. You're going to love your F6!!

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OUTOFCONTROL 5/27/2008 12:06PM

    I know what you mean about speeding up to get to the bathroom! On some of my long runs I had a great pace for that reason. At one point I almost climbed a fence into a construction site because I saw a porta-potty in there!

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