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New Digital Scale

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I went last Monday evening and bought a new digital scale. My old one was REALLY old and worn out. I was so excited when I brought my new scale home because it has settings for 4 different users so you can track your progress on it also. It also measures your body fat and BMI.

Now the bad part. When I weighed myself, it showed my weight between 4 and 5 pounds heavier than my old scale. I'm sure the new scale is much more accurate, so it didn't make me happy to know that my weight ticker was wrong. I didn't want to change my weight ticker because then it would look like I gained weight, so I've given myself 1 week (until next Monday) to get down to 160 on my new scale. I've been working extra hard this week and as of yesterday morning I was less than 1 pound away. Hopefully I'll make it by Monday so I don't have to see that ticker go up. Looks like it's gonna be a fruit and veggie holiday weekend!

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AMAZINGDADNC 6/11/2008 9:06AM

    Hi Cindy,

thats why i am not getting a scale for the homefront,, that and that i would be reweighing myself every hour lol. I use the one at the Y, hopefully they are not messing with it lol.

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THERESAZ28 5/24/2008 6:23PM

    Congrats that you are determined to lose 4 to 5 pounds in such a short time but I've always been told its not good to lose weight so fast.
I was contemplating getting a new set of scales---now I'm wondering if I should---sometimes I eat when I get depressed!

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KAYOTIC 5/24/2008 12:17PM

    Scales can be that way! Don't worry so much about the munber though, as long as it's heading in the right direction over time, that's what matters. I have 2 scales, since I keep one at my house, and one at my boyfriends in Reno, and they are off by a couple of pounds from each other. I just make a mental note of that and try not to stress about it.

It sounds like a good scale though, can you calibrate it at all? Maybe you could adjust it a bit so it's more in line w/ your previous scale so the difference isn't so much.

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RAVON27 5/24/2008 10:18AM

    So sorry it was more. But I know you can get down to the right weight. Fruits and veggies are awesome for memorial day! Meat is over rated LOL! emoticon emoticon

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Stuck at 164!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The last few weeks have been nothing short of frustrating! The scales hit 164 and seem to be stuck there. The positive side is that I'm not gaining back any weight, but the negative side is I'm not losing either. I'm sure this is partly because I've not exercised the way I had been. The weather here has been really cruddy (especially on the weekends) for the last few weeks, so I've done almost no hiking. I did manage to get in a short hike last Sunday afternoon, even though it was cool and kind of misty outside. Hopefully this weekend will be better.

I'm more motivated than ever to continue my weight loss and getting healthy because my best friend and I have now committed to taking a trip next June (2009) that we've been talking about for years. Alyce (my friend and hiking buddy) are going to fly into Salt Lake City, rent an SVU and head out to do some backpacking trips that we have both really wanted to do for a long time. We've talked about going to these places for about 10 years, and last Sunday when we were out hiking, the subject came up again. We decided that now is the time because we're certainly not getting any younger. So, we're going next June. No excuses, no delays. This trip will include an overnight hike to see the Native American ruins at Keet Seel in Arizona, Havasu Falls in Arizona, and Buckskin Gulch in Utah. We're also hoping to get in some hiking at Zion National Park in Utah and hopefully see Wupatki National Monument in Arizona, but the first 3 are our main goals. Keet Seel and Havasu are supposed to be strenuous hikes, so this will help me to get motivated and work harder at getting in shape.

It's sure gonna feel good to strap on my backpack again and really hike, but only if I'm in good shape.

With that in mind, I will turn off my computer now and go get on my Nordic Trac and burn some calories and fat!

Following up on this, I have finally started seeing the scale move again. As of today, 4/25/08, I've lost another 3 pounds. Yippee! Now I have to keep it up by getting out and hiking more now that the weather is improving.

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BRIGHTPATH 4/29/2008 7:17AM

    Great job on breaking through that nasty plateau! That can be so discouraging but you sure did the right thing and didn't let it beat you. :)

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DDMANN 4/19/2008 11:54AM

    Wow, Cindy! You get a big WHATTAWOMAN from me on that trip and your plans to be ready for it!! As much as I've been all over the "golden circle" I've never even heard of Keet Seel or Havasu Falls. But you know I love Zion. We can do this, and lift both our butts off of these "sticking points" (mine is 168, so you've got me beat!!!).

I'll help you stay motivated about your trip. I may (emphasis on "may") be going to Indian Market this August. I need to get the last 18 #s off by then. -donna

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RAVON27 4/10/2008 8:56PM

    I think you'll lose all the weight by the time you go on your hiking trip. It sounds fantastic. Maybe you could hang pictures around your Nordic Trac of the places you want to visit to motivate you even more. I hope all else is going well with you! Have a great weekend : )

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Watch your valuables!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It is becoming a sad world when we can't go to work and feel safe in our office. I was finally feeling pretty good today after recovering from the flu, but what started out to be a good day took a serious turn for the worse.

I work in a law office during the day where there is only me and one attorney. This afternoon about 3:30, I had walked to the file room to put some files away. After being back there only a few minutes, I thought I heard the front door open. I walked back to my office in the front and saw the front door standing wide open. I stepped out on the porch and saw a woman getting in her car. I walked to her car and asked if I could help her. She appeared very nervous and was covering something in the seat. I immediately knew something wasn't right when she told me she just wanted to know what kind of law we practiced, but did not want to come in and speak with the attorney. As soon as I walked back into my office, I realized she had stolen my purse that had been up under my desk, but she drove off as I ran back out the door. I was able to get her license plate number, color and make of her car. The police officer that went and interviewed her said she denied ever being at our office and she said she was in classes all day. It appears nothing will be done to this thief.

I have spent the afternoon calling my bank and credit card companies to close all my accounts. In my purse was my cell phone, my palm pilot (that had all my massage appointments in it), my Canon elph digital camera, my checkbook and drivers license, bank cards, cash, flash drive and numerous other items.

And nothing will be done to this individual because she simply said she wasn't there!! I will, however, rest easy tonight, because I know that even though she may have gotten away with my belongings on this day, someday she will have to answer to a higher power for her crimes.

To follow up on this story, I have spent the last 2 1/2 days taking measures to protect myself and identity, opening new bank accounts and beginning the process of replacing my electronics. I have finally moved past the anger and will sleep much better tonight. I have decided that this individual stole property from me, but I will not allow her to make me lose any more sleep and I will not allow her to make me miserable by being angry and upset. I have done all that I can, and now I will move on. This is now in the hands of a higher power, and I truly believe that you reap what you sow.

Well, life is getting back to normal. After days of being angry, I'm putting this matter to rest. I have also been truly touched by how many wonderful people there are around me. There have been so many kind words of support during this time from friends, including many here on this wonderful site. I also had something happen that I never expected. One of my massage clients came to the spa where I work and brought me a Palm Pilot because she knew mine had been stolen. Then I refused to let her pay me for her massage because I felt she had already done so much to help me out, but she left a check anyway for much more than I normally charge for a massage. I was overwhelmed by her kindness and generosity. I admit that I was wrong at the beginning of this blog when I said this is a sad world. Yes, we have the few bad apples among us, but most people are honest and kind. This is a wonderful world with fantastic people. Thank you all for your kind words of support.

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RED_ALWAYZ 3/28/2008 11:15AM

    That's awful that the authorities won't do anything about that woman, but good for you, taking the high road!

That's so nice that one of your clients went out of her way to make your day special! There are some good apples left in this world...

Hope that today is going really well, and that your weekend will be great!

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FOREVERNEO 3/24/2008 12:54PM

    That completely sucks! I can't believe they are doing nothing about it? You had a description of her, her vehicle etc. How can they just leave it alone. Doesn't she need to prove that she was in these so called classes? If she was in these classes it would be pretty amazing that you had the descriptions you had. Unless of course your psychic? Hmmmmm? Are ya? :)
What comes around goes around kiddo! She will have to answer for this in one way or another. At least there is that consolation! Me personally, I would use all my resources at hand and make her very aware I knew it was her and be EVERYWHERE she is. But then, that's just me! ;)

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MOMOKEV 3/23/2008 4:32PM

    OMG!! Honey that's so awful!! I just can't believe something like that could happen. We are all just so vulnerable, aren't we?

Thanks so sharing your experience. It certainly made me think to be more careful!

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BRIGHTPATH 3/21/2008 7:57AM

    It's shocking that they "can't" do anything even when you had her car & license plate info and I'm sure you could identify her.

What a huge pain to have to cancel all your cards, and the loss of your electronics with all your data stored on them. Sometimes I wish that if people were going to steal they'd at least be considerate and return the stuff they don't want/need. LOL, I know - dream on...

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RAVON27 3/19/2008 8:50PM

    I am so sorry for what happened to you today! I wish there was something I could do for you. People are so mean sometimes. I can't believe that they couldn't do anything about it!

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Flu Shots?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Okay, so I took my doctor's advice last October and I got a flu shot to protect me from the flu. Ha! My son was diagnosed with the flu two days ago and I was so thankful that I had gotten a flu shot. So what's this going on this morning? I woke up with all the symptoms; fever (101), chills, headache, aches and cough. I immediately got on my telephone and began calling my massage clients to reschedule their appointments; after all, nobody wants to get a massage by a therapist spreading the flu. I came into work to pick up a few things I can work on at home and called my doctor's office. Oh, they explained to me that apparently the flu shot given this year is only covering about 40% of the flu viruses going around. Apparently, not the one everyone is getting here. Now I am getting ready to leave work and go by the drug store to pick up my Tamiflu prescription and go home to bed. I'll have to rethink getting a flu shot next year. Hope all of ya'll are healthy and avoiding this mess.

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KLUKER7799 3/12/2008 9:32PM

    Hope you feel better soon! That's the same flu I had last week, and my doc told me the exact same thing!

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My Doctor is Happy

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I have to go for a check-up every six months because I take synthroid every day for my thyroid and I take cholesterol medicine. Well, today was my appointment and I left the doctor's office feeling good. My blood pressure, which has at times been borderline high, was 120/80 and I was down 9 pounds from my last visit. When my doctor asked me what I was doing differently now to lose weight, I told him about SparkPeople. He had never heard of it, but seemed interested. I'm hoping he'll check it out later and let some of his other patients know about it. It has certainly helped me and I feel like this time I can really reach my goals. Thanks to all of my friends for the words of encouragement and keeping me motivated. I hope I can do the same for all of you.

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RAVON27 2/27/2008 10:48AM

    That is soooo awesome. So many times the doc has just bad news for us. It must have made you smile all day with a healthy checkup! Keep up the great work!

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