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Small steps

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The past week, when I wake up my blood sugar has been in seminormal ranges. But I still have a lot of work to do. I have been falling down on my daily walks - probably haven't gone in quite a while. Exercise has been on the bottom of my todo lists - which is not where it should be. I want to be more active, I need to be - but it is just so hard.
I'm very worried right now - I took my blood sugar about 2 hours ago. It was 393. I took 85 units of insulin and an hour later it had increased to 436! I am giving it an hour to go down some before I take even more insulin. I ate some candy this evening and I am thinking that is what caused the huge high. So, cross your fingers that I don't have to take any or at least MUCH more insulin... my retest is in 20 minutes so we will see!


My new exercise video...

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Well, I got a new exercise video that my husband and I tried today. It was pretty cool. It made us realize how out of shape we are. I was able to complete the entire 1 mile we agreed to, but my husband stood there for 3 min (out of the 15 minute mile). I will admit, I got winded - but it was supposed to be walking at a "brisk pace" so I guess that is where I should have been. I actually feel better now that I did it. I feel like I have taken a huge step in loving myself. I hope to work myself up to the 5 mile walk. Because it is only 15 minutes for a mile, I may try to do it again this evening while my husband is at work. I wish sparkpeople had a feature where I could see the calories I have eaten this week as well as the total calories I have burned and project what my possible weight loss/gain should be as of this point in the week. Although, it might be easier to step on the scale, lol!


Yesterday was a wonderful day!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

So for Christmas I received a gift card to Lane Bryant. I went yesterday with my husband and got some wonderful clothing. I got a new pair of slacks - very pretty. They are gray with elastic (i wanted the ones that were button, but those were $50 compared to the ones I got that were $20). Plus, I got new underwear as well as a new red sweater, a new black sweater, and a new purple shirt. And!!! A new pair of hoop earrings. Plus, my insulin was at the pharmacy (which I have been fighting over 2 months with them for) so it was a pretty good day.

So I'm setting a goal to see how long I can go without going to Walmart. We went a little over board with Christmas so we need to take it slow on going to the store to make funds last a little further than they normally would. We have plenty of food in the house so we just need to make it and eat it. On the down side, its not exactly low carb or even healthy food.

Why does healthy food cost sooo much? I mean, it seems the longer it will last in your pantry - the cheaper it can be purchased over at the cash register. The quicker it will go bad, the more they charge you for it... its sooo frustrating! We need to get some milk to last us for a crap-load of hamburger helper and then it is off the store for as long as we can go!

Well, we are going to work on starting to take walks and stuff to get more exercise in order to feel better. I need to increase my circulation and cut down on my carbs. Today was a good day and I hope tomorrow and the rest of the week can be just as good.


Another year but do we have to call it a resolution?

Monday, January 02, 2012

So, its 2012. Another new years has come around and now everything around us screams "resolutions" "lose weight" "crazy fad diet/exercise routine". What if I don't want to call it a resolution? Can I have a "resolution" without calling a resolution? I mean, if I call it a goal - it goes into my list of goals that can be redefined as "short term" and "long term" and then it comes down to how short is "short term" and how long is "long term". Too many techinicalities - you know?

So lets see, how about we call it "a promise to love myself"?

In my promise to love myself, I want to start counting my carbohydrates and of course the calories that come with that as well as keep my body moving so I don't lose my leg or my kidneys or eye sight.

My new years reso... I mean, in my promise to love myself I am going to start counting my carbs (to allow myself to feel better by controlling my blood sugar) and exercising to move my blood around my body and boost my circulation.

My goal in this is to:
loose weight
increase my energy
feel better
increase circulation - in order to:
*allow me to keep my kidneys, eyesight, and legs & feet longer

I hope that by loving myself more this year I will lose 10.5% of my body weight.
By that I mean, as of today I weigh 288 pounds. 10.5% of that is 30 pounds. By the end of the year I want to weigh no more than 258.

If by some chance I should reach this before hand, I will continue on to another goal which will be assessed at that point in time.



Saturday, April 09, 2011

So I'm watching The Nanny reruns and deciding on what all to do with tomorrow's meals. I gotta cut some fat and calories out of my meal tomorrow. We are eating pork chops (marinated in green chili enchilada sauce), green beans, and pasta sides cheddar broccoli. I kinda want to watch a movie tonight, but David wants to play x-box tonight. Oh well, maybe tomorrow night? I just feel so defeated but maybe tomorrow will be better? emoticon


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