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How I use the Nutrition tracker

Thursday, May 21, 2009

First, I don't always track my food, usually when I've lost track of what I ate, or it's clear to me that my eating is out of control (I have trouble getting control back for the day in question but usually can start up again the next day. On the days I do use the tracker I pay a lot more attention to what Im eating which helps me make sure it's healthy and that I'm getting the fruits and vegetables. It allows me to track both sodium and protein which I'm supposed to limit for health reasons. Although I don't plan my meals for the day, I pretty much do plan breakfast and lunch. Dinner is more of aproblem since my husband helps make the decision and usually he wants to wait until almost dinner time to see how much time and energy we have to prepare the meal. Since some of our standard meals have more calories, protein, or sodium than others it does help me even there to try to make sure whatever dinner we choose fits in with my breakfast, lunch and snacks.


My current goals

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Other than losing about 40 pounds, my goals right now are mainly around health:
- Get my blood pressure under better control
- Be more consistent with aerobic exercise by working up to 3 times a week
- Keep food record at least 5 days a week
- Each meal eat one food more mindfully

I do have one goal that isn't related to health:
- Get involved in volunteering at least 4 hours a week